Ukraine Import Data of Baby Feeding | Ukraine Import Statistics of Baby Feeding

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of baby feeding collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of baby feeding imports.

Baby Feeding Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Baby Feeding

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of baby feeding. Get Ukraine trade data of Baby Feeding imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739241000001.Posud electrical kitchen or dining with platmasy in stock, household, baby bottle for feeding -271kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: No danyh.Krayina production: China (CN).CHINA0UA500090271520.3199237 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739241000001.Posud electrical kitchen or dining with platmasy in stock, household, bottle for baby feeding accessories to sushi (sushi maker) -739kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: No danyh.Krayina production: China ( CN).CHINA0UA5000907391418.880164
24/Apr/20173819000090"1.Vyroby for furniture, which is in form of a thin mattress on poliyetelenu syntytychnym filler, and has a shape that matches the size and configuration of baby feeding chair or stool kolyasky.Vykorystovuyetsya protection of abokolyasky zabrudnenya.Artykula: - IKAC0010 - JM50ZP46 Mattresses the chair and stroller sht.Vyrobnyk 20: "" Peg Perego SpA ""; trademark: "" Peg Perego ""; Country of origin: EU;. "GERMANY0UA10011023.455161.5264106
18/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children varied in sets or kits in stock (notcontains radio electronic devices and emitters spetsialnohopryznachennya): - art. 105730934 Steffi and Evi Dolls" "pediatrician" "Doll 29 cm, 12 cm Evie zakses .. - 720 pieces . - art. 105732608 doll set Steffi '' doctor '' doll 29 cm with white hair TA2, and kids 7 cm, table, bath, scales. - 600 pcs. - art. 105 733 040 doll collection Steffi and Evi "" Veterinary clinic "" 29 smlyalka 12 cm Evie, 2 dog, 1 rabbit and akses .. - 480 pcs. - art. 105 733 043 Doll collection Evie "" African Animals "" 12 cm Evie, 4.5 smpanda and giraffe with akses .. - 768 pcs. - Art. 105733048 Steffi doll and baby panda doll of 29 cm to 7 cm panda, plyashka- 480 pcs. - Art. 105733067 Steffi doll and cradle the baby 2 species in the set: doll 29sm, with white hair, 7cm baby stroller 12 akses. - 960 pcs. - art. 105 733 072 doll collection Evie "" nursery for puppies "" 12 cm Evie with vahitnoyusobakoyu and 3 puppies and carrying a bottle. - 1440 pcs. - art. 105733075 Evi Doll set "" Happy Farm "" Evie with 12 cm malymytvarynkamy (sheep, rabbit, chicken) and akses .. - 720 pcs. - art. 105733094 Evi Doll and set for bathing dog with zminykoloru function in the set: 12 cm Eve, bathroom with the function of supplying water, a towel, a sponge, 6 smpesyk with changing colors. - 540 pcs. - art. 105733450 Steffi Doll set "" Miss elegance "" Doll 29 cm with 3 anaryadamy 1 scarf hangers 3, 2 glasses, 2 pairs of shoes, white hair, 2 kinds -240 pieces. - art. 105734000 Steffi doll, doll 29 cm pregnant, pregnant with a blanket and akses dlyamalyuka. - 2160 pcs. - art. 105734162 doll Steffi "" The Little Mermaid "," 2 kids 2 kinds of doll 29 cm vodyazi mermaid with second kids 7 cm, with plastic tails, hair brush, in 2 colors apparel, green / purple, 2 -x kolorahvolossya: pink / purple. - 720 pcs. - art. 105736350 Steffi Doll set with and akses. Doll 29 cm, with bilymvolossyam, third children: 7 cm and 10 cm, with a chair for feeding, bed, dviynoyukolyaskoyu, bicycles, carrying and akses. - 960 pcs. - art. 105736646 Evi Doll set "" Romantic crew "" Two 12cm doll zkaretoyu horse 11 cm white hair - 720 sht..Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - SIMBA TOYS HONG KONG LIMITED.Torhivelna mark - SIMBA. "CHINA0UA1000203769.461823.38558
14/Apr/20171901100000"1.Produkty baby food packaged for retail sale: Mixture suhamolochna Baby food" "Bellakt" "in a carton pack, 400g - 3150sht.Sumish Dry milk for baby food" "Bellakt 0-12 plus" "in kartonniypachtsi, 400g -3150sht. a mixture of dry milk for baby food "" Bellakt 1 "," vkartonniy pack, 400g -9450sht. a mixture of dry milk for baby food "" Bellakt 2 "" in a carton pack, 400g -6090sht. a mixture of dry milk for dytyachohoharchuvannya "" Bellakt 3 '' in a carton pack, 400g -5670sht. a mixture of dry milk dlyadytyachoho food "" Beef Bellakt Ido 1 '' in a carton pack, 400g -1890sht. Sumishsuha milk for baby food "" Bellakt Bifido 2 "" in a carton pack, 400g-1890sht. The mixture is dried lactose milk for infant nutrition from birth to 12 months '' Bellakt BC " "in a carton pack, 350g - 630sht. The mixture suhahipoalerhenna baby food" "Bellakt HA '' in a carton pack, 350g -777sht. An instant porridge, dried dairy-free meals for children from 6 months, gr echana enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200h- 660sht. An instant Kashasuha dairy-free meals for children from 6 months, wheat and apple zabrykosom enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200g-1800sht. An instant porridge, dried milk-free food for children from 6 tymisyatsiv, oats enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200g-600sht. Porridge Dry milk porridge with banana An instant food for children S6 months, enriched with vitamins, minerals, the carton pack, 200g -1200sht. Porridge oats An instant dry milk food for children from 6 tymisyatsiv enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200g -600sht. Kashasuha An instant rice milk for nutrition of children from 6 months, enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200g -600sht. Porridge suhamolochna five cereals An instant food for children from 6 months, enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200g - 1200sht. An instant porridge suhamolochna corn for feeding children from 6 months, enriched with vitamins, minerals, in a carton pack, 200h- 600sht. Dry milk porridge corn-oat with pear An instant dlyaharchuvannya children 6 months enriched with vitamins, minerals, kartonniypachtsi, 200g -600sht. Dry milk porridge Pumpkin-An instant rice dlyaharchuvannya children 6 months enriched with vitamins, minerals, kartonniypachtsi, 200g-600sht. Net weight without primary packaging: 14700,45kh.Torhova mark "" Bellakt "". Production of Volkovysk JSC "" Bellakt "". Country of origin: BY. "BELARUS0UA50006014700.4546009.514
13/Apr/20179401790000"1.Mebli sitting on a metal frame, baby: - ​​art.CT3149 / 3Sixti Circle Hapi Apples 2 (chair for feeding 3Sixti Circle Hapi Apples 2) - 2 pcs. - art.CT3040 / Noodle Supa Monster Mash 2 (chair for feeding Noodle Supa Monster Mash 2) - 1pc. - art.CT3280 / Noodle Supa Magic Unicorns (chair for feeding Noodle Supa Magic Unicorns) - 3pc. - art.CT3311 / Noodle Supa Rev Up (chair for feeding Noodle Supa Rev Up) - 1sht.Tovar comes partially unassembled for convenience transportuvannya.Vyrobnyk: Cosatto Limited.Torhivelna brand: Cosatto.Krayina vyronytstva: CN.. "CHINA0UA10002068.6721.5537056
11/Apr/20173924100000"1.Posud feeding children, made of plastic: plastic cup art.34119 -72 pc., Plastic cup art.34120 -36 pc., Plastic cup art.34121 -24 pc., Plastic cup-doll art.34131 - 672 pcs., plastic forks and spoons art.34336 -72 nab.Torhovelna mark BABY-NOVA company Novatex manufacturer GmbHKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA5000101161165.74649
10/Apr/20179401710000"1.Mebli sitting on metalevymkarkasom: baby chair hoduvannyanemovlya (+ metal frame, plastic seat upholstered polimernymmaterialom) trade names: art.1010005-Chairs for 1719 HODUVANNYAPRIMO BEIGE OWL-6 pcs., Art.1010005 1720 Chairs for HODUVANNYAPRIMO GREY PYRAMID ANIMALS-5pcs., 1722 art.1010005 chairs HODUVANNYAPRIMO GREEN & WHITE FRIENDS-5pcs., 1701-art.1010006 highchair BRAVO MULTICOLOR BALLOON-15sht., 1703-art.1010006 highchair BRAVO BEIGE & ROSE PRINCESS-15sht., art .1010006 1717-highchair BRAVO YELLOW DAISY BEARS-15sht., 1718-art.1010006 highchair BRAVO BLUE HELLO BEAR-15sht., 1705 art.1010017-STILCHY Feeding YAM YAM GREEN & GREY SNAIL-10pc., 1712-art.1010017 highchair YAM YAM DARK BLUE FRIENDS-10pc., 1714-art.1010017 highchair YAM YAM GREEN CAR-10pc., Art.1010017-Chairs for 1715 fEEDING YAM YAM BEIGE ADVENTURE-10pc., 1702-art.1010021 highchair CANDY BEIGE BUHO-60sht., art. 1010021 1706-highchair CANDY GREY RABBIT-60sht., 1709-art.1010021 highchair CANDY GREEN HEDGEHOG-60sht., 1710 art.1010021 highchair CANDY WHITE BABY OWLS-55sht., 1716 art.1010021-Chairs feeding CANDY PINK SNAIL-60sht., 1701-art.1010025 highchair OLIVER MULTICOLOR BALLOON-15sht., 1703-art.1010025 highchair OLIVER BEIGE & ROSE PRINCESS-15sht., 1717-art.1010025 highchair OLIVER YELLOW DAISY BEARS-15sht., 1633-art.1010026 highchair TUTTI FRUTTI GREEN PANDA-5pcs., 1635-art.1010026 highchair TUTTI FRUTTI BEIGE KITTEN-15sht., 1701 art.1011002 Chaise-TOP RELAX MULTICOLOR BALLOON-3pc. , art.1011002 1702 Chaise-TOP RELAX BEIGE BUHO-8 pieces., art.1011002 1 703 Chaise-TOP RELAX BEIGE & ROSE PRINCESS-3pc., 1704-art.1011002 Chaise TOP RELAX GREEN & GREY FRIENDS-5pcs., 1706 art.1011002 Chaise-TOP RELAX GREY RABBIT-3pc., 1708 art.1011006 Chaise DREAM TIME GREEN & GREY SNAIL- 8pcs., 1711 art.1011006 Chaise-DREAM TIME BEIGE LION-8 pieces., 1712 art.1011006 Chaise-DREAM TIME DARK BLUE FRIENDS-8 pieces., 1713 art.1011006 Chaise-DREAM TIME BEIGE FASHION GIRL-8 pieces. Total - 530sht. Trademark - "" Lorelli "". Country of origin - China, CN. Manufacturer - DIDIS LTD production area; Infant & Child Articles Co., Ltd (China). "CHINA0UA5001304432.611622.54571
07/Apr/20173924100000"1.Stolove and plastic utensils for feeding ditey'PHILIPS-AVENT ': Feeding Baby`s bib children: art.SCF736 / 00-8sht, trademark:' PHILIPS-AVENT'vyrobnyk:" "Philips Electronics UK Limited" "Country production: China (CN). "CHINA0UA1001200.8420.47982744
07/Apr/201739249000901. Silicone Baby Feeding children: 7030 silicone nipples po12 in container units - 264 nab.Torhivelna mark KurnosykyVyrobnyk WONDERSTAR CO., LTDKrayina production TH. .THAILAND0UA12525048.84468.5851381
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Baby Feeding Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Baby Feeding Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СМАРТВIН"""
Importer Address
03164, м.Київ, Святошинський р-н, вул Підлісна, буд. 1, оф.9
Product Description
1.Posud electrical kitchen or dining with platmasy.........
HS Code 3924100000Value 520.3199237
Quantity 0Unit UA500090
Net Weight 271
Origin Country CHINA

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