Ukraine Import Data of B81 | Ukraine Import Statistics of B81

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B81 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of B81

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20179403500000"1 bedroom furniture MDF type: Art.: - B81BQ-3D bed (1.53 * 2.03) (production material: MDF, paper) - 3pc.; - B81BK-3D bed (1.83 * 2.03 ) (manufacturing material: MDF, paper) - 3pc.; - TB155NE-G bedside cupboard (material production: MDF, paper) - 8 pieces.; - TB155DE-G Chest (material production: MDF, paper) - 2sht.Torhovelna brand PERFECT LINEVyrobnyk ZHONGSHAN PERFECT LINE FURNITURE CO., LTD.Krayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA1001201155.422626.000061 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/201783024200901. Products that are used in the manufacture of furniture (base metal): furniture handles, designed for installation on the front panel door and drawers (not contain in the structure transmitters and receivers), art. A308192 (color MP10) - 60 pcs. Art. A310160 (color MP66) - 100 pieces. Art. A321128 (color MP02) - 60 pcs. Art. A325096 (color MP14) - 50 A325160 (color MP14) - 100 A326160 (color MP66) - 60 pcs. Art. B156160 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B156192 (color MP02, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B156192 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B156224 (color MP02, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B156224 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B156320 (color MP02, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. A161160 (color MP05) - 100 pieces. Art. A161160 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A186160 (color MP05) - 100 pieces. Art. B190192 (color MP02) - 100 B227160 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B227192 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B227224 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. B227320 (color MP05, insert PL05) - 100 pieces. Art. A247160 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A247160 (color MP10) - 60 pcs. Art. A247192 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A253160 (color MP08) - 100 A256192 (color MP05) - 100 pieces. Art. A256192 (color MP08) - 200 pcs. Art. A267160 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A267160 (color PC02) - 100 pieces. Art. A269160 (color MP02) - 100 pieces. Art. A274192 (color MP05) - 100 pieces. Art. A284096 (color MP08) - 200 pcs. Art. A466032 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A466032 (color MP02) - 100 pieces. Art. A468032 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. A469025 (color MP02) - 100 pieces. Art. A469025 (color PC01) - 100 pieces. Art. A469025 (color PC02) - 100 pieces. Art. A470025 (color MP02) - 100 pieces. Art. A470025 (color MP17) - 100 pieces. Art. A475032 (color MP08, insert ST01) - 100 pieces. Art. A475032 (color MP08, insert ST09) - 50 pcs. Art. A475032 (color MP02, insert ST01) - 200 pcs. Art. B819032 (color MP05, insert PL16) - 100 pieces. Art. B827320 (color MP08) - 100 B833160 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. B833192 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. B852160 (color MP08) - 100 pieces. Art. B883160 (color MP02) - 100 B883160 (color MP08) - 100 B888224 (color MP02) - 100 pieces. Country of TRTorhovelna mark - CEBI Manufacturer - CEBI KILIT VE MOBILYA AKSESUARLARI SAN. ve TIC. ASTURKEY0UA5000607024366.24246
07/Apr/201784249000001.Chastyny ​​automatic irrigation system gardening: Nozzle-series babler PCT PCT-05 art X73005 -40sht, nozzle-series babler PCT PCT-10 art X73010 -100sht, Nozzles for canals 5000PL NOZZLE TREE, 5004 Art Series Y04500 -400sht, Pulse irrigation EWHD 85-series 85 EWHD art A23654 -1sht, rotary irrigation 3504-PC-SAM series 3504 Y34500 -20sht art, 212150 Repair kit to rotary sprinkler series Eagle art 212,150 -20sht, rotary irrigation Eagle 950E-28 series 950 Eagle art GRE561828 -8sht, retractable sprinklers US-410HE, series 4 UniSpray US-art P40010 -300sht, rotary irrigation 8005, series 8005 B8120018 -36sht art, retractable sprinklers US-412HE, series Uni Spray US-P40012 4 -500sht art, retractable sprinklers US-415HE, Series 4 UniSpray US-art P40015 -500sht, rotary irrigation 5004-PL-PC, 5004 Art Series Y4510030 -200sht, rotary irrigation 5004-E-PC, Series 5004 art Y5410730 -400sht, rotary irrigation RS-3504 series 3504 art Y34000 -800sht, trademarks BirdVyrobnyk Rain Rain Bird Corp oration Country of MXMEXICO0UA100070507.459944.671883
04/Apr/20177202920000"1. own production needs. Ferovanadiy FeV - 10000kh. (Weight in pure vanadium alloy - 8013kh). - Lot №661410020. The content in pure vanadium alloy 79.3%, the net weight of vanadium - 1387.75kh. Chemical composition: V- 79,3%; C-0,14%; Si-0,7%; Al-1,3%; P-0,04%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,18% .- Lot number 661410164. pure vanadium content in the alloy 80.2%, the net weight of vanadium - 1403.5kh. Chemical composition: V-80,2%; C-0,18%; Si-0,7%; Al-1,3%; P-0,05%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,21% .- Lot №661410048. pure vanadium content in the alloy of 80.5% pure vanadium weight - 1408.75kh. Chemical composition: V-80, 5%; C-0,19%; Si-0,5%; Al-0,8%; P-0,02%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,15% .- Lot №661410114. pure vanadium content in an alloy of 80% pure vanadium weight - 800 kg . Chemical composition: V-80%; C-0,15%; Si-0,6%; Al-0,9%; P-0,03%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,15% .- Lot №661410165. pure vanadium content of 80.3% in the alloy, the weight of pure vanadium - 1405.25kh. Chemical composition: V-80.3%; C-0,16%; Si-0,9%; Al-0,7%; P-0,05%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,17% .- Lot №B8160273. The content in pure vanadium alloy 80.4%, or weight stacks vanadium - 1608kh. Chemical composition: V-80.4%; C-0,12%; Si-1,1%; Al-1,2%; P-0,06%; S-0,02%, Mn-0,7%. Designed for use in steel production for crystalline structure of steel, increasing its toughness and resilience. "CHINA0UA11018010000207026.2504
03/Apr/201738029000101.Produktsiya natural mineral assets in: activated bleaching clay Pure-Flo Supreme B81-24000kh. It is an aluminosilicate mineral products in form of powder (clay Ana assets). bleaching adsorbent filtration and activated kyslotoyudlya adsorbatsiyi vegetable oils for use in food tafarmatsevtychniy industries. .UNITED STATES0UA2091802400011495.99998
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B81 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

B81 Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КОМПАНІЯ ТМ ДИЗАЙН"""
Importer Address
08140 Київська обл., К-Святошинськ. р-н, Білогородка, вул.Щорса,98
Exporter Name "ООО ""АСТОРИЯ"""
Product Description
"1 bedroom furniture MDF type: Art.: - B81BQ-3D be.........
HS Code 9403500000Value 2626.000061
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 1155.42
Origin Country CHINA

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