Ukraine Import Data of Auxiliary | Ukraine Import Statistics of Auxiliary

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of auxiliary collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of auxiliary imports.

Auxiliary Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Auxiliary

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176812930090"1 of asbestos dust-free cloth (450 ° C), in rolls. Dimensions: 1.5 mm * 1200mm * 30m, 3,0mm * 1200mm * 15m. Asbestos content: 70% CaCO3 content of 30%. Zasostosovuyetsya as insulation material boilers, piping and auxiliary air by power plants, factories, buildings and structures.. "CHINA0UA12522059087552.008924 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201784122981001. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar CENTAUR 40: -art.186159-37 ACTUATOR ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC engine auxiliary hydraulic power 3 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna mark - SolarVyrobnyk - Solar Turbines Inc. .UNITED STATES0UA2092007.4846380.17965
29/Apr/20179609909000"1.Olivets-chalk for drawing markuvannya.Vykorystovuyetsya as an auxiliary footage at montuvannikabelnoyi called '' bandages. Art.999000414 white pencil - 480sht.."POLAND0UA40303024.483877.85708
28/Apr/20173402209000"1.Myyni tools and cleaning brands BMW, not put up for retailtrade in aerosol packaging materials free of ozonoruynuyuyuchyh: Omyvachvikon summer, anionaktyvni surface-active substances, auxiliary components: kokosalkil-dimethyl, abrasive powders -0%, pack 1000ml, art. 83122288904-72sht, cleaner-primer "" R1 "" packaged 100ml (rechovynyheptan surfactants, auxiliary components, isomers, abrasive powders, 0%), art.83192211217-30sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Producer - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY0UA10021075.09446.6456225
28/Apr/20173824906500"1 - Auxiliary products for foundry production: foundry exothermic powder brand" "FERRUX 707/5 6 / PT + PE" ", for profit ingot region that is filled at the end of the casting process and is the protective layer which does not transmit oxygen from the air . Defaults: Al -27,0%.. "GERMANY0UA70001020103081.289751
28/Apr/20172106909890"1.Diyetychna supplement ratsionuharchuvannya as additional dzherelozhyttyezdatnyh probiotic bacteria helps restore balance mikroflorykyshechnyka.Ne contains produktivtvarynnoho pohodzhennya.Diyetychna dobavkaPROBIOLOH FORTE (PROBIOLOG FORTE) kapsuly№30 in an aluminum bottle in kartonniyupakovtsi / active substances: Lactobacillusacidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis; auxiliary ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, maltodekstrym, dioxin silica, magnesium stearate; / manufacturer: "" Hr.Hansen A / C "" Denmark, for "" Lab Spendler Mayola "" mark Frantsiya.Torhova: MAYOLY SPINDLERKrayina production and: DK. "DENMARK0UA11003037.4337042.074496
28/Apr/20173808942000"1. Disinfectant" "Soliklor" "(SOLIKLOOR) tablets in barrels for 50kh.-84sht., Containing in its composition the sodium salt dyhlorizotsianurovoyi Dairy you (halogen compound active ingredient), adipic acid and sodium carbonate (auxiliary components ). It is used for disinfection and dosterylizatsiynohoochyschennya medical devices and surfaces in various industriesproduction facilities and services. not aerozo lniy package. Whirlpool-to: "" BALTIACHEMI OU "" Trademark BALTIACHEMIKrayina production - EE. "ESTONIA0UA12512042007312.03185
28/Apr/20178539293090"1.Lampy incandescent electric, dlyamototsykliv or cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): dopomizhnohosvitla lamps for automobiles, voltage 24V, 5W type lampyC5W: N242 5W 24V SV85-8 5XFS10 BR NEOLXart.A41179E3172, EAN: 4008321769169 -100sht. ; dopomizhnohosvitla lamps for automobiles, voltage 24V, 5W type lampyC5W: N242 5W 24V SV85-8 5XFS10 BR NEOLX art.A41179E3172, EAN: 4008321769169 - 100 pieces .; automobile auxiliary lamp with Wheatley, a voltage of 24V, 5W type lamp C5W: N242 5W 24V SV85-8 5XFS10 NEOLX art.A41 179E2372, EAN: 4008321769169 - 100 pieces .; automobile auxiliary lamp light district apruhoyu 12V, 10W: N264 10W 12V SV85-8 5XFS10 NEOLX art.A41167B537 2, EAN: 40 083 21770684 - 100 pieces .; automobile auxiliary lamp light, voltage 12V, 10W: N264 10W 12V SV85-8 5XFS10 NEOLX art. A41167B5372, EAN: 4008321770684 - 100 pieces., Country of origin: IT; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH ; trade mark: NEOLUX.. "ITALY500UA1252302.35655.28623989
28/Apr/201738249065001. Auxiliary products for foundry production, which serve as non-stick coating for coating cores and molds in casting ingots, steel, cast iron or non-ferrous alloys, non-stick paint from magnesite, is a liquid consisting of emulsion (without the addition of emulsifiers) magnesite in an organic environment from isopropyl alcohol containing mineral component of at least 60 wt.%, not containing ethyl ether (precursors) Thermocoat. Thermocoat AMG (based on magnesite mineral component content 65-73mas.%) To 200 gallons 25kg-5000kg. .SLOVENIA0UA11011050008704.800073
28/Apr/201785369085001.Inshi devices used for switching, for a voltage not exceeding yak1000V for expansion of the switching units of measure ment unit sylyelektrychnoho current 18A, 100A, 225 A, 400A are additional devices for same / davtomatyky rolling stock / transport: Contact module 100A switching blokudo -120sht. Support module to the switching unit 100A -360sht. Kontaktnyymodul switching unit 225A to -4sht. Auxiliary switching module 225A blokudo -12sht. The contact module switching unit 400A to -6sht. Dopomizhnyymodul switching unit 400A to -18sht. Manual control unit 100A komutatsiynohobloku to -108sht. Switching unit 18A for electrical circuit voltage do110V / -60sht. The control voltage switching unit 18A to 110V / -60sht.Blok bases switching unit 18A with voltage up to 110V / -60sht.Torhovelna Brand: NEW TRADING STARKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: New Trading Star Co., LTD.CHINA0UA100110299.514981.24378
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name Сідорко Наталія Валеріївнапаспорт ЕК 318577, виданий Попаснянським РВУМВС України в Луганській обл., 12 грудня 1996р.
Importer Address
Луганська обл., Попаснянський р-н, с.Лисичанський, вул. Степова, 20, 93314
Product Description
"1 of asbestos dust-free cloth (450 ° C), in roll.........
HS Code 6812930090Value 7552.008924
Quantity 0Unit UA125220
Net Weight 5908
Origin Country CHINA

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