Ukraine Import Data of Automotive Light | Ukraine Import Statistics of Automotive Light

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of automotive light collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of automotive light imports.

Automotive Light Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Automotive Light

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of automotive light. Get Ukraine trade data of Automotive Light imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178539213090"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mototsyklivabo cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): holovnohosvitla automobile lamps, voltage 12V, 35W, ground floor PX43t, type lamp HS1: N459-01B 35 / 35W 12VPX43T 10XBLI1 NEOLX art .A60478615DC, EAN: 4052899270657 - 50sht .; avtomobilnilampy head light, voltage 12V 55Vt, PX26d cap, lamp type H7: N499 55W 12V PX26D 10XBD10X1 BR NEOLX art.AA70076 08DC, EAN: 4008321765789 - 500sht .; automotive lamp head light, Off Ruga 12V 55Vt, PX26d cap, lamp type H7: (set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for the implementation) N499EL 55W 12V PX26D 10X2 NEOLX art.AA4124600DC, EAN: 400832176581 9 - 20pcs .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V, 35W power, ground floor PGJ19-1, ES E category H8: N708 35W 12V PGJ19-1 10X10X1 NEOLX art.AB4917300DC, EAN: 4052 899 451 674 - 200sht .; Country of origin: CN; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: NEOLUX.. "CHINA770UA12523015.47786.065079 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178539213090"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mototsyklivabo cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): automotive lamp, voltage 12V, 55V power, luminous flux 1350Lm, PGJ19-2 cap, ECE category H11: 64211-01B 55W 12V PGJ19-2 10XBLI13COSRAMart.A4905712702, EAN: 4008321171252 -100sht .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V, 100W power, luminous flux 2300Lm, cap PKY22s (H), ECE categories I H3: 64153SB 100W 12V PKY22S 10X10X1 OSRAM art.A2980930013, EAN: 405030022283 7 - 20pcs .; automotive lamp head light, 12V voltage, power 65Vt, 2100Lm light output, light temperature 3200K, base PGJ19-5, ECE category H9: 64213 65W 12V PGJ19-5 10X10X1 1A OSRAM art.AA678390602, EAN: 4 050 300 524 368 - 100 pieces .; automotive lamp, 12V voltage, power 21Vt, luminous flux 600Lm, BAY9s cap, metal landing place (H21W): 64136 21W 12V BAY9S 5XFS10 1A OSRAM art.AA674890902, EAN: 4008321095190 - 50 pcs .; Country of origin: DE; Firma- manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "GERMANY270UA1252306.6891002.14026
28/Apr/20178539213090"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mototsyklivabo cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): automotive lamp dopomizhnohosvitlo (habaryni and parking lights, light room) voltage of 12V, 5W power, luminous flux 50Lm, cap W2. 1x9.5d, ECE category W5W: 2825HCBI 5W 12V W21X95D5XFS101AOSOSRAM art.AA320250702, EAN: 4008321650849 - 1000pcs .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V power 55Vt, cap P14.5S: (set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for the implementation) 64150CBI-HCB 55W 12VP145S10X2BOX4MOSRAM art.A7275281913, EAN: 4052899412880 - 400sht .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V p tuzhnis Number 55Vt, cap P14.5S: (set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for sale) 6415 0CBI-HCB 55W 12VP145S10X2BOX4MOSRAM art. A7275281913, EAN: 4052899412880 - 600sht., automobile lamp head light napruhoyudlya 12V power 55Vt light flux 1550Lm tion illuminated temperature of 3200K, base P14.5s: 64150 55W 12V P14 5S 10X10X1 1A OSRAM art.A3759085313, EAN: 40 50300001487 - 1000pcs .; automotive and lamp voltage of 24V, 70Vt, cap P14,5s (P1): 64155 70W 24V P145S 10X10X1 1A OS RAM art.A43483C2113, EAN: 4050300016498 - 500sht .; automotive lamp 12 V, power 27Vt, 3200Lm light output, light temperature of 450K, basement b PGJ13: 881 27W 12V PGJ13 10XBD10X1 1A OSRAM art.A70942103B2, EAN: 400832154300 4 - 100 pieces .; automobile lamp voltage of 12V, base P14.5s (H1), light atura temp 3200K, the luminous flux 1550 lm: 64150ALS 55W 12V P145S 10X10X1 1A OSRAM art.A43491E0413, EAN: 4050300504544 - 50sht .; automobile lamp voltage 12V :( set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for the implementation) 64150ALS 55W 12V P145S 10X2 -AS OSRAM art.A3206760913, EAN: 4008321168733 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "GERMANY3670UA12523070.2954870.215954
28/Apr/201785366990901.Elektrychna apparatus for komutatsiyielektrychnyh circuits, for a voltage not exceeding yak1000V that do not contain radio inits structure: adapter, USB charger cigarette lighter vavtomobilnyy art.AW06-13WVsoho 180sht art.AW06-14B Total 100shtrozhaluzhuvach automotive prykuryuvachaart.AW07-12 Total 60shtadapter- USB charger in the car cigarette lighter art.AW06-12B Total 360shtTorhivelna brand: AUTO WELLEKrayina production: CN China.CHINA0UA10007030.04983.2934567
28/Apr/201785041080911. Block automotive xenon lamps for lighting: Starlite Ballast Slim -4635 sht.Torhovelna Brand: FantomVyrobnyk: Bat Group International LimitedKrayina production: CN.CHINA4635UA1001301081.52920.049987
27/Apr/201785392930901.Lamps incandescent 12 V., new, for installation in light equipmentautomotives., Art.7703097171 - Incandescent lamp-2pcs. 7.711427944 - Incandescent lamp-1pc. Origin of origin - GermanyContainer production - DE Trade mark - RenaultProducer - Renault SAS.GERMANY3UA1251900.1718.35466832
27/Apr/20172710124512"1.Benzyn automotive unleaded A-95" "Premium" "with oxygen to 2.7% by weight class C1 (motor) LST EN 228: 2013.Identyfikovano a transparent liquid light yellow with the smell of oil products, which in chemical composition is a mixture of aliphatic vuhlevoniv aromatic hydrocarbons (content is 26.18 vol.%), oxygen-containing compounds (the content is 13.74 vol.%). sulfur content of 3 mg / kg (0,0003mas.%) detonation resistance: for research octane number. by 95.1, volume fraction of benzene 0,90ob.% volume fraction of MTBE 13,11ob.% isobutanol volume fraction of 0.02 vol.% volume fraction rubs -pentanolu 0.28 vol.% methanol volume fraction of 0.14 vol.% ethanol volume fraction 0,07ob.% volume fraction of tert-butanol 0,10ob.%, the volume fraction of isopropanol 0,01ob.% volume fraction DIPEA 0,01ob.%. density at 15 hrad.S- 738kh / m3 -469.696 15 ° C. 1000lpry. "LITHUANIA469696UA903030346636194428.4072
27/Apr/20178526912090"1.Radionavihatsiyni devices, automotive GPS receivers. Lighthouses mark StarLine: -M17 GPS-GLONASS - 70sht. - M15 ECO - 70sht. Options under pasporta.Vyrobnyk: OOO" "NPO" "Starline" "RFTorhivelna Brand: StarLineKrayina production : RU. "RUSSIA140UA80717035.657742.698488
21/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts for trucks and other plastic vyrobyz (bushings, rings, caps vantazhnyhavtomobiliv elements, etc.), art. 01-02-00-0465 Sump fuel separator MBAct. Axor, Ate. = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark ArcekVyrobnyk Arcek Automotiveart. 01-02-00-0500 cover fuel filter MB Ate., MAN TGA / X = 1 02-01-09-0259 oil pan MB Act.OM501LA czujnik z boku = 1 pc. Trademark UGR Manufacturer Uygur Otomotiv Sanayi Ic ve Ds Tic. Ltd. 02-01-09-0044 grease tray RVI Pre. DXI9,11, VO.D9,11 05r = 1 pc. Art. 15-07-06-0663 cover curtain lights MAN TGX / P / = 1 pc. Trademark MEGA Brand Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowo Uslugowo Produkcyjne Opoltrans Janusz Wiszczuk Country of TR.TURKEY0UA10012027.27195.2387014
20/Apr/20178539213090"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mototsyklivabo cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): Car lamp 12V voltage, power 51Vt, 1095Lm light output, color temperature 3050K, base P20d, ECE category HB4A: 9006XS 51W 12V P22D10XBD10X1 OSIOSRAM art.A31127F04F1, EAN: 4008321554284 - 20pcs .; avtomobilnilampy, 12V voltage, power 51Vt, 1095Lm light output, light temperature 3050K tour, cap P22d: 9006-01B 51W 12V P22D 10XBLI1DK 3C OSRAM art.A46397F0 9F1, EAN: 4008321171238 - 50sht .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V, Number 42Vt powerful, luminous flux 850Lm, lighting and the temperature of 3200K, base PY20d (H10): 9145 42W 12V PY20D 10X10X1 1A OSIOSRAM art.AB3903101F1, EAN: 8622 405 289 934 - 100 pieces .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V, 100W power, light temperature 3500K, base P22d: 69005SBP 100W 12V P20D 10XBD10X1 OSRAM and rt.AA5733001F1, EAN: 4008321888174 - 20pcs .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V, power 80W, 3500K color temperature, ground floor P22d: 69006SBP 80W 12V P2 2D 10XBD10X1 OSRAM art.AA5733101F1, EAN: 4008321888228 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: US; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "UNITED STATES210UA1252306.255468.4250416
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Automotive Light Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Automotive Light Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство зі 100% іноземною інвестицією ""ЛЕДВАНС"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Ділова, 5
Exporter Name OSRAM GmbH
Product Description
"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mot.........
HS Code 8539213090Value 786.065079
Quantity 770Unit UA125230
Net Weight 15.47
Origin Country CHINA

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