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18/Apr/201784778093001. Components of RV / 400/1000 AC equipment for mixing PVC for further processing in extrusion lines for the production of PVC profiles by processing powder mixtures of unplasticized and plasticized PVC, new, 2008 release. Delivered in a disassembled form for transportation. A turbomixer of hot mixing type 'TRM-400 / FV' - 1 pc., Serial number 25322808, new, 2008 release. The mixing process begins with the automatic feeding of PVC powder. Mixing is carried out by homogenizing the components that were loaded on it. Duration and mixing temperature are pre-set by programming. Specifications: maximum mixer volume 400 liters, useful mixer volume 340 liters, material in contact with mixing products - AISI304 stainless steel, class of precision of the inside surface of the mixer - 300 emery, maximum loading of hard PVC (density 0.5kg / Dm3) - 170kg., Production automatic output 5-6 lots / g units.120 degrees C, production semiautomatic output (with withdrawal) - 4 batches / hour. 120 deg. C, production output with manual control of 3 batches / hour. 120 degrees C. The maximum time for switching from automation to manual control is 0.5 minutes, the power of the AC motor is 90 kW, the number of stages of processing - 4 stages, the maximum circular speed of the working tool - 3.2 / 32mt / sec, the maximum air pressure Compressor - 7 bar, maximum compressed air consumption - 160 NI / h. Highly effective horizontal mixer of cooling type 'HEC-1000' - 1 pc., Serial number 09222908, new, 2008 release. The mixture formed in the mixing process in 'TRM-400 / FV' and has a working temperature is transferred to the 'HEC-1000' cooler. During cooling the mixture is homogeneous due to the mixer in the middle of the tank. After the end of the working cycle, the mixture is finally unloaded through the special openings of the cooler and it is ready for further use. Technical characteristics: maximum mixer volume - 1000 liters, useful mixer volume - 680 liters, material in contact with mixing products - AISI304 stainless steel, class of precision of the inner surface of the mixer - 300 emery, maximum allowable pressure of circulating cooling water at the outlet - 0.5 bar, temperature of cooled rigid PVC mixture - 45 ° C, maximum temperature of cooled cooling water - 15 ° C, cooling water consumption 9m3 / h, maximum air compressor pressure - 6/7 bar, maximum consumption of compressed area I am 25000 NI / h, the power of the alternating current motor (6 poles) is 90kW. Delivered in disassembled for transport purposes. Components: hot mixing mixer of the type 'TRM-400 / FV' - 1 pc., High-performance horizontal mixer type cooling ' HEC-1000 '- 1 pc., A device for loading color additives (a conveyor belt mounted on the cover of a hot mixing mixer type' TRM-400 / FV 'and moves weighed bags with additives and / or dyes in a mixing vesselN/A2.00UA2040104,698.00105,856.19 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178517620000"1. Devices for switching and routing in IP networks that do not contain transmissions of x radios emitted by devices and are not intended to be secretly received information. Included with the software on a CD, the user's manual: ADAM-4051-BE are intended for input, output and input - output of discrete electrical signals, processing, and data exchange withcomputer along the lines of the serial dual-wire interface RS-485 (USB) .16 input channels with galvanic isolation, input voltage up to 50 VDC, isolation voltage 2500 Vdc MA, LED indication of the status of input channels, support for ModBus / RTU-2pcs ADAM-4520-EE Galvanically isolated RS-232 signal transducer in RS-422/485 signals. Automatic control data transfer direction via RS-485 interface; Galvanic isolation 3000 V post-current; Protection from Voltage jumps on the line of data transmission via the interface RS-485; transmission rate up to 115.2 Kbit / sec; the length of the communication segment up to 1200m; free space for the junction resistors;Indication of power states and data transmission for finding and troubleshooting; Power supply range from +10 to +30 V DC; Easy installation on DIN rail or in panel or tiered. - 10pcs EKI-7626C-AE unmanaged 18-port gigabitethernet switch. Ports: 16x10 / 100Base-TX (RJ-45), 2xCombo 10/100 / 1000Base-TX / SFP (mini-GBIC), Power Supply 12 to 48VDC. Protecting ports from electrostatic discharge to 4 kV, Protection of over-voltage supply circuits up to 3 kV, LED status indicators, DIN rail or panel mounting, Protection class IP30, Operating temperature range from -10 to + 60C (for EKI -7626C). Includes driver disc, user manual, power connector (8 cm in length) - 5 pcs. Producer Advantech Co., Ltd. Advantech brand name Origin TW "TAIWAN0.00UA1251006.562,069.51 *****
11/Apr/20179106100000"1.Aparatura registration time, time recorders: TF1700 terminal with electronic clockwork (device with integrated fingerprint readers and proximity cards EM, which carries out the construction of network access control. Preferences controller provides programming readers, putting people based access levels monitoring and generating reports. komp.interfeys device has USB, Ethernet to transfer logins, events in kompyutor. specifications: number of cards 10000.Kilkist records 2000.Kilkist pr ytkiv 8000. Number 30000. Event Interfaces TCP / IP, RS 485, RS 232. Sensor ZK Optical. Interfaces elektron.zamok access, reed switch, exit button, syrena.Wiegand input output. Operating temperature -10 to +45. 12V. Dimensions 212h159h45 mm) -5sht.; IN01 / ID terminal with electronic clockwork (a device which comprises a central processing unit information screen and keyboard in a single housing with recording function acts fingerprint, geo measuring face membrane of the eye. The device has computer interfaces Usb, Ethernet transmission to log events in the computer. Specifications: The number of codes stored-3000; Number of prints stored-3000; Number of records stored 100,000; Interfaces TCP / IP, USB- host / client; Fingerprint Sensor ZK optical sensor; Screen 3 inch TFT; Operating temperature 0-45; 5V DC; Dimensions 210h157h50 mm) -11sht., H628 TS / ID terminal of working hours fingerprint H628 TS / ID (H628 Biometric TS / ID - automatic device which comprises a central processing unit of the electronic information clockwork, fingerprint reader, and light and sound indication of a single korpusi.Pryntsyp: user pre-registers a device fingerprint. Once registered, a user puts a finger on the biometric sensor, a successful recognition is accompanied by light and sound display, and volatile and memory device recorded the event. The device has computer interfaces Usb, Ethernet transmission to log events on kompyuter.Tehnichni characteristics: number of prints stored-3000 Number of records stored-100000 Interface TCP / IP, USB- host sensor ZK optical sensor fingerprint Case Metal operating temperature - 0-45 5V DC Dimensions 190h142h35 mm) -11sht.; Do not contain radio equipment in its production skladi.Krayina CNTorhovelna mark ZKTECO INCVyrobnyk ZKTECO INC "CHINA27.00UA10020024.354,141.15 *****
08/Apr/20178708409998"1.Partners of mechanical and automatic KPPode a / m, new, lever switchTransfers: art.1K0711046T-1; trosselktora AKPP: art.6R0711265B-1; bar; gearshift: art.0AM311562L-1;;: art.0AM311562L-1; Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG; Brand: Volkswagen; Country of production: CZ; "CZECH REPUBLIC0.00UA3052001.66101.72 *****
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