Ukraine Import Data of Auto Radiator | Ukraine Import Statistics of Auto Radiator

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of auto radiator collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of auto radiator imports.

Auto Radiator Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Auto Radiator

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of auto radiator. Get Ukraine trade data of Auto Radiator imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group MAZDA, new art.B09251833 - mounting bumper-5pcs., Art.B33J51833 - mounting bumper-30sht., Art.B45A56115B - PROTECTION Lockers (L) - 1 pc., art.B61K56110A - ZAHYSTRADIATORA-1pc., art.B61K561Z0A - PROTECTION bottoms (R) -1sht., art.B63E50B41B -PROTEKTOR bumper-1pc., art.BBM456115C - motor protection, 1pc., art.BBM461J17 -KILTSE TUBES air conditioning, 2 pcs., art.BGV456145 - MOUNT-30sht., art.BHB6518H185 - COVER INJECTOR headlight washers (L) -1sht., art.BHN150A11 BB- stub Towing hook, 2 pcs., art.BHN950601 - Molding GLASS-2 pcs ., art.BHS250981C - Molding doors to the (R) -2sht., art.BHS250991B - Molding D ERIzadn (R) -2sht., Art.BHS250M10A - lining lane DOORS (R) -1sht., Art.BP4K504R1B -NAKLADKA wheel arches (L) -1sht., Art.BP4K51SJ3 - Sparks retainer pre-3pc., Art.D350515L0E - bumper reflectors, 2 pcs., art.DFY361B60 - control ZASLINKYOBIHRIVACHA Salon 1pc., art.EA0150037 - mounting, 20pcs., art.G22C37190A -KOVPACHOK Center-rims 2 pcs., and rt.G46G687G0A02 - lining THRESHOLD-1am. , art.G46L50131 - lining P / F (L) -2sht., art.G46L50B51 - lining RESHETKYRADYATORA, 2 pcs., 02 art.G46L68220 - resistant lining, 1pc., art.G4YL50EL1 27 -ZAHLUSHKA Towing hook (L) -2sht ., art.GHK150N50B - resistant lining, 1pc., art.GHK1561ZXD - PROTECTION bottom (L) -1sht., art.GHP9507J1C - chrome moldings RESHITKYRADIATORA (R) -2sht., Art.GHP950B41A- lining grille (R) -2sht., Art.GHP950B51A - RESHITKYRADIATORA lining (L) -2sht., Art.GHR564393 - Plugs Automatic, 2 pcs., Art. GJ2168885B75 -KRIPLENNYA UPHOLSTERY, 2 pcs., art.GJ6A68AB1 - MOUNT-120sht., art.GML650B51B -NAKLADKA Radiator lattice-2 pcs., art.GML750B51B - lining RESHETKYRADYATORA, 2 pcs., art.GS2A505A1B12 - Plugs-1pc., art.GS2A505A1B27 -ZAHLUSHKA-1pc., art.J00156741 - Plugs-50sht., art.KA0J50C22 - framework ZAHLUSHKYFARY P / T (L) -1sht., art.KA5J563H0A - PROTECTION bottom (L) -1sht., art.KD4550170 -UTRYMUVACH MARK license-3pc., art.KD45501K5A - retainer lattice-9sht., art.KD53507S0B - lining SKL OOCHYSNYKIV (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351PB1B - Moldings (R) -1sht., Art.KD5351PC1B - Moldings (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351RB0C - DVERIpered lining (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351W24 - MOUNTING -6sht., art.KD5351W50C - lining KRYLAzadn (R) -5sht., art.KD5351W60C - lining WINGS BACK (L) -5sht., art.KD5356627 -PROTEKTOR-1pc., art.KDY351771 - Logo (similar Kd5351771) - 2 pcs., art.KDY534081- protector, 10pcs., art.KF61881H5 02 - REGULATORY handle the seat, 2 pcs., art.S51S51833 - mounting bumper-50sht., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA20502035.4391591.440212 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​body, new automobiles, art.B4YA7041XA - wing back. (R) -1sht., Art.BHN1501C0B - panel radiators Center-SCOPE 2 pcs., Art.BHY05231XA -KAPOT-1pc., Art.BHY05231XA - hood, 1pc., Art.BJE150712B - RESHITKARADIATORA-5pcs., Art.BJE150712B - grille-1pc., art.BPYK5802XJ - DVERIpered (R) -1sht., art.GHP952111A - Wings before (R) -4sht., art.GHP952211A - KRYLOpered (L) -2sht., art.GHY05802XG - doors to (R) -1sht., art.GHY05802XG - DVERIpered (R) -1sht., art.GHY05902XG - doors before (L) -1sht., art.GHY05902XG - DVERIpered (L) -1sht., art.GHY17202XB - BACK DOOR (R) -1sht., art.GHY17202XB - DVERIzadn (R) -1sht., art.GHY17202XB - BACK DOORS (R) -1sht., art.GHY17302XB - BACK DOOR (L) -1sht., art.GHY17302XB - Doors BACK (L) -1sht., art.GHY17302XB - BACK DOOR (L) -1sht., art.GHY370271 - P Origami (R) -1sht., Art.KDY16202XD - Doors 5 th, 2 pcs., Art.KDY35231XA - hood, 1pc., Art.KDY35231XA - hood, 1pc., Art.KDY370600 - PANELDAHU-1pc., Art.KDY37202XE - BACK DOORS (R) -1sht., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production and - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA205020328.5525097.163986
28/Apr/201740169300901. Spare parts (parts) for automobiles: gaskets, oil seals, gaskets, washers from non-hardened vulcanized non-porous rubber: radiator gasket-1pcs. Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA. SRL (LEMA), rubber stitching - 1 pc.Manufacturer (trademark): LE.MA. SRL (LEMA).ITALY0UA4000300.19.460499205
28/Apr/20178703229030"1. The car that was in use: -Marka accordance with the guide - SKODA; -Model accordance with the guide - OCTAVIA; -Nomer body (VIN) - TMBHM61Z3C2154766; -Nomer chassis - H / B; -Nomer engine - H / B; -With an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and crank - crank mechanism (petrol) - engine cylinder capacity - 1197 cm3; -Potuzhnist 77 kW -Total number of seats, including the driver - 5; -Pryznachennya - to transport people; -Kolisna formula - 4x2, -Kalendarnyy year - 2012 - vyhotovlennnya Model year - 2012 - body type - Universal l -The presence of damage: damaged rear left door, left rear arch, bonnet, front left fender, front panel, bumper, usylyuvach bumper, radiator, air conditioning and engine cooling, front Langeron right and left, left headlight, building the air filter reschitka , not belt-robochiy. trademark - "" SKODA "" .- Producer - "" SKODA AUTO AS "" .- Country of origin - CZ, Czech Republic.. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA50063012803917.160014
28/Apr/20173923509000"1.Zapasni parts for automobiles, products of plasmasy: cover - 6sht.Art.: 10220001 / cover oil filler plug / - 1 unit; Ref.: 99901211 / radiator cap / - 1 unit; Ref.: 99901211 / radiator cap / - 4 pieces, trademark SWAG. Country of SK. Manufacturer company SWAG Autoteile GmbH.. "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA1001100.1966.990201252
28/Apr/20178708299000"1.Chastyny ​​plastic bodies for vehicles heading 8703.Oblytsyuvannya radiator (lattice grille). Radiator tissues Resh VAZ 2107 / Grid Sports / / chrome / -16sht, Resh Radiator tissues VAZ 2110-12 / Grid // Sports NEKRASH ./- 64sht, Resh tissues KALYNA Radiator / Grid sports / /NEKRASh./-16sht; Reshetkaradyatora PRIOR "" TRIO LINES "" /NEKRASh./-5sht, lattices Radiator PRIOR "" TRIOLINES "" / chrome / -5sht ; Brыzhovyky SPARCO BOLSHYE / Black / / KT 4 pieces ./- 15sht; Brыzhovyky SPARCO MALЫE / white / / KT 4 pieces ./- 40sht; Brыzhovyky SPARCO MALЫE / Black / / KT 4 pieces ./- 40sht, TM AZARDVyrobnyk company "" Partner AUTO "," swirl RFKrayina bnytstva (RU). "RUSSIA0UA80717086.005406.745725
28/Apr/201784149000001. Spare parts (parts) for cars: parts of fans: fan hub (flyanets radiator fan) -1sht. Producer (brand): AUGER Autotechnik GMBH (AUGER).GERMANY0UA4000301.6628.05383193
28/Apr/201787042199001.VANTAZHNYY AVTOMOBILMARKA -RENAULT, MODEL - KANGOO, second-hand intended for transportation of goods on public roads, body type - vans NUMBER body - VF1FW16BG51790591, VYHOTOVLENNYA- calendar year 2014, model year 2014, ENGINE ROOM - N / V, seats 3, vessel at MOTOR - 1461 CM. Cubic meters., Power DVYHUNA- 81 KV., Engine type - diesel, weight under the maximum load - 1,950 tons capacity - 0,500 tons axle configuration - 4x2, made not on the basis of passenger AVTOMOBILYA.VIDSUTNI AVAILABLE space to install seats and safety devices , signs of comfort in the rear of the body. No windows in the sidebar rear of the body. Damaged by the accident and transported on automobile platforms damage: the front and rear bumpers, power bumpers, radiators, frame radiator, front left and right headlight, hood, left spar, headlights, left spar, windshield, left front fender, left front doors, left QCS OVYNA, lacquer and paint coatings, pollution and frayed upholstery and seats, traces of leaks oil for engines, worn BEZPEKY.VYROBNYK PILLOW - RENAULT.KRAYINA manufacturers - FRANCE FR.FRANCE1UA20606014503501.505925
27/Apr/201784719000001.Obladnannya to automatic data processing machines for access control, contactless cards reader / Cardreader art. CR-01E -3sht.Chastyny ​​videodostupu systems for non-nale zhat to special equipment nehlasnohootrymannya information and encryption technology. It is not military products. Contains line is connected to the wireless, electronic means and Radiators-lnyh devices that can be used in Ukraine in the bands of common use. .CHINA3UA1251003207.9001008
27/Apr/20173926300090"1. Accessories and similar plastic products with them, used in automobile a / m" "HYUNDAI Accent" ". The interior upholstery side wall of the luggage compartment, manufacturer, company" "NVH RUS" ": art.N 85730M0000TRY-1pc., Art .N 85740M0000TRY- 1pc., Liv. art.N 857304L000RY, 2 pcs., human. art.N 857404L500RY-1pc., human. art.N857404L000RY-3pc., front right inner door panel art.N823024L000RY-1pc., producer: signature "" NVH RUS ""; Protective guard radiator plastykart.N 291354L000-15sht., manufacturer, company "" Duvon Rus' "; cover (frame) povitryanohofiltra (plastic) art.N 976174L000- 30sht., producer: OOO" "Duvon Rus'"; Kryshkyzahysni radiator, plastic, pla nickname: OOO "" Duvon Rus' ": art.N 253214L000-5sht., art.N 253214L100-7sht.Torhovelna mark:" "Hyundai" ". Country of origin: RU.."RUSSIA0UA10012030565.1374658
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Auto Radiator Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, пр.Московський, 22А
Product Description
1.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prosp.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 1591.440212
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 35.439
Origin Country JAPAN

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