Ukraine Import Data of Atun | Ukraine Import Statistics of Atun

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of atun collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of atun imports.

Atun Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Atun

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of atun. Get Ukraine trade data of Atun imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
05/Apr/201784833080901. bearings to transport asobiv. Bearings to shafts and / mzahalnoho purpose: art.01-3584 STD liners shatunnye (trade markaGlyco) -10komp. art.01-4127 / 4 STD liners shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -1komp. art.01-4142 / 4 STD liners shatunnye (trademark Glyco) / 4 earbuds 0.30MM shatunnye (t orhovelna mark Glyco) 152/4 STD liners shatunnye ( brand Glyco) / 4 STD in kladyshi shatunnye (trademark Glyco) / 4 earbuds 0.50MM shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -1komp .art.71-3174 / 4 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -1komp. art.71-3174 / 4 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye (flax trade mark Glyco) -1komp. art.71-4066 / 40.25MM liners shatunnye (trade mar ka Glyco) -10komp. art.71-4066 / 4 STDvkl adyshi shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -6komp. art.71-4151 / 4 STD liners or rod (trademark Glyco) .71-4234 0.25MM liners shatunnye (Mall Elnya grade Glyco) / 4 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye ( trade mar ka Glyco) / 5 STD liner and shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -2ko mP. art.H1002 / 5STD shatunnye inserts (that rhovelna mark Glyco) -1komp. art.H1013 / 5 0.25MMvkladyshi shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -1komp. art.H1018 / 5 STD adyshishatunni Inc. (trademark Glyco) -7komp. art.H1049 / 5 STD liners shatunnye (trademark Glyco) 079/5 0.50MM liners shatunnye (torhovel to mark Glyco) / 5 0.50 MM liners shatunnye (trademark G lyco) / 5 STD liners w atunni (trademark Glyco) -2komp. art.H853 / 5STD liners shatunnye (flax trade mark Glyco) -4komp. art.H982 / 5 0.2 5MMvkladyshi shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -2komp. art.H997 / 5 STD liners shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -3komp. art.H997 / 6 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye (auction ovelna mark Glyco) -1komp. art.H997 / 6 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye (trade mar ka Glyco) -1komp. art.H1090 / 7 STD Contributions radical shi (trademark Glyco) -1k WMD. art.71-4215 / 6 earbuds 0.25MM crank or (trademark Glyco) -1komp. Art .01-4183 / 4 earbuds 0.25MM shatunnye (trademark Glyco) -1komp. art.71-4215 / 6 STD liners shatunnye (ca torhovelnamar Glyco) -4komp. art.71-4214 / 6 STD vkla dyshi shatunnye (trade markaGlyco) - 1komp.Krayina production - BEVyrobnyk- Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket EMEA, BVBASOUTH AFRICA0UA80720034.7771344.960478 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
05/Apr/201739174000901.Fitynhy for pipes made zpolimeriv propylene and with polimerivpropilenu with brass designed dlyaz'yednannya plastic pipes and hoses vpobutovyh water systems: art.16202 cross-PN 20 20-50sht., Art.20102-triangles 45hr 20-800sht. , art.20103-triangles 25-400sht 45hr., art.20202-triangles 20-3200sht 90hr., art.20203-triangles 25-1000sht 90hr., art.20204-triangles 32-400sht 90hr., art.20205-triangles 40-200sht 90hr., art.20206-triangles 50-240sht 90hr., art.20208-triangles 75-40sht 90hr., art.20209-triangles 90-16sht 90hr., art.20210-triangles 110-15sht 90hr., art.30222-tee 20-800sht., art.30333-tee 25-400sht., art.30444-tee 32-200sht., art.30555-tee 40-100sht., art.30666-tee 50-40sht., art.30777-tee 63-40sht., art.30888-tee 75-20sht., art.31110-tee 110-10sht., art.35323 tee-transition 25-20-25-400sht., art.35434 tee-transition 32-25-32-100sht., art.35767 tee-transition 63-50-63-40sht., art.40102-sleeve 20-800sht., art.40103-sleeve 25-400sht., art.40104-clutch 32-40 0sht., art.40105-sleeve 40-200sht., art.40106-sleeve 50-200sht., art.40107- clutch 63-160sht., art.40108-sleeve 75-40sht., art.40109-sleeve 90-16sht., art.40225-sleeve transition ext. / zovnish.20-40-50sht., art.40235-coupling transition ext. / zovnish.25-40-50sht., art.40246-sleeve transition ext. / zovnish.32-50-40sht., art.40268-sleeve internal transition g. / zovnish.50-75-20sht., art.40289-sleeve transition ext. / zovnish.75-90-20sht., art.94248-sleeve transition ext. / zovnish.75-110-20sht., art. 40378-sleeve transition 63-75-20sht., art.77213-angle 90 gr of brass external thread mSv 20--1 / 2-1200sht., art.77713-coupling with brass external thread mSv 20--1 / 2- 1200sht., art.77735-coupling with brass external thread 32-1-200sht mSv., art.77835-coupling with brass external thread mSv 32-1 OK-240sht., art.77857-coupling with brass external thread 50 mSv 6/4 OK-80sht., art.88213-angle of 90 g threaded brass vnutreshnim MZD 20--1 / 2-1000sht., art.88513-nastennyy angle with l atunnoyi vnutreshnim thread MZD 20--1 / 2-400sht., art.88713-coupling with brass thread MZD 20--1 / 2-1000sht., art.88868-coupling with brass thread MZD 63-2 OK-20pcs ., art.94134-hub flange when 75-28sht., art.94191-sleeve 75-32-18sht. Total - 16333sht.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA500130860.766403.262324
03/Apr/20178483908100"1.Stalevi spare parts for undercarriages, hand power tools, rods, art.325002-00-2sht., Atun art.487234-00-25sht., Art.494724-00-1sht .; shesterni stamped art.374832-1sht .; of gear mechanisms - spindle: art.579773-00-4sht., art.584422-00-4sht., art.N076105-5sht.Torhovelna brand Black & DeckerVyrobnyk Stanley Black & Decker CZ GmbhKrayina production. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1251007.125263.1695325
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Atun Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Atun Importer Sample

Date 05/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""ТПК ""Омега-Автопоставка"""
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл.,Харк.р-н, с.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name Federal-Mogul Global Aftermarket EMEA, BVBA
Product Description
1. bearings to transport asobiv. Bearings to shaf.........
HS Code 8483308090Value 1344.960478
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 34.777
Origin Country SOUTH AFRICA

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