Ukraine Import Data of Asp | Ukraine Import Statistics of Asp

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Asp Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Asp

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176029099001. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ADIANTHUM / maidenhair-35cm-40sht, AGLAO MIX / AHLAONEMA- 35cm-34sht, ASPLE ANTIQUUM / Asplenioum-30cm-24sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm-404sht, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45-120sm-50sht, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-72sht, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-20pcs, COFFEA ARABICA / coffee-35-180sm 108sht, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-140sht, CTENANTHE / KTENANTE-45-160sm-11sht, CUPRESSUS WILMA / KUPRESSUS-45-180sm-60sht , CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-26sht, DAVALIA / DAVALIYA-27cm-24sht, dRACAENA OVERIG / Dracena, 45-240sm-231sh t, ECHEVERIA / EHVYYERIYA-15cm-580sht, FIC BE MIX / Ficus benjamina-25-300sm-549sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-189sht, HEBE VARIEGATA / 24cm-Hebei-108sht, HED HE OV GROEN / HEDERA- 15-110sm-292sht, HOWEA FORST KENTIA / HOVEYA-90-300sm-5pcs, NEPHR EX GREEN LADY / NEFROLEPIS-25-70sm-66sht, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-72sht, PTERIS / PTERIS-25-70sm- 64sht, SOLEIL / 15cm-SOLEIL-50sht, TRAD GEMENGDE KAR / Tradescantia-17cm-80sht, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-24sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-295sht, Total weight is 3618sht.Chysta 1208,32kh Country of manufacturer NL no dataNETHERLANDS0UA4010101590.62637.9639562 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20176042090001. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ALCHEMILLA / ALHEMILLA-70 cm 100 pieces, ASPARAGUS / ASPARAHUS- 70 cm 150sht, aRALIA / aralia-55 cm 30sht, CYNEREA / spirea-70 cm 24sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM-70cm-200sht, CRASPEDIA / KRASPEDIYA-60 cm 250sht, CYPERUS / tsiperus-70 cm 30sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-140sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 466sht, ERYNDIUM / ERINDIUM-70 cm 160sht, GAULTHERIA / HAULTERIYA-45 cm 25sht, HEDERA / Hedera 100 cm 20pcs, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum-70 cm 1180sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON 60-cm-150sht, LOTUS / Lotus-70 cm-10pc , MONSTERA / Monster-45 cm 80sht, MOLUCELLA / MOLUTSELA-55 cm-10pc, PANICUM / PANIKUM-70 cm 300sht, PHILODENDRON / philodendron, 65 cm 80sht, PITTOSPORUM / PITTOSPORUM-70 cm 110sht, RUSCUS HYPOPHYLLUM / ruscus -70 cm 1061sht, SCABIOSA / scabious 55-cm-210sht, SIERGRASS FOUNTAIN / SIERHRAS 65-cm-1 0sht, SKIMMIA GREEN / SKIMIYA 45-cm-20pcs, SOLIDAGO / SOLIDAHO 70-cm-450sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS-70 cm 400sht, TRAHELIUM / TRAHELIUM 65-cm-290sht, TANACETUM / TANATSETUM-70 cm 100 pieces, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra 60-cm-455sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS 60-cm-160sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 sm 529sht, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 210sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN. BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 349sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-45sht, STEELGRAS / STILHRAS 90-cm-10pc, total number 7814sht. Net weight is 596,79kh Country of manufacturer NL No dataNETHERLANDS0UA401010596.79895.1849076
30/Apr/201790189084001. Device for suctioning used in medicine. Medychnivsmoktuvalni pumps vidkachuvannyavydilen. Aspirators vacuum suction Basic medychni.Vakuumnyy 30 (Type 600.3701) -2 sht.Vykorystovuyetsya for aspiration and issues the universe of surgical fluids, tissues (including bone), gases, bodily fluids and infectious materials. .SWITZERLAND0UA125100344943.999863
29/Apr/20177092000001.OVOCHI fresh ISTIVNI: GREEN Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) IS ICE and containers (bottles) With coolant, primary package NO NO PACKING POLIATELENOVOYI -210,00KH, trademarks SANDOVyrobnyk SANDOKrayina production MX.MEXICO0UA125010210315.0000868
29/Apr/20176042090001. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: BRASS CRANE / BRASIKA 70-cm-50sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM -70sm-225sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-30sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 9sht, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum 70-cm-205sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON-60cm-80sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS 70-cm-10pc, TRAHELIUM / TRAHELIUM-65 cm-10pc, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra-60 cm 140sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS-60 cm 75sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 cm 65sht, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 25sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN . BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 160sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-15sht, Total 1099sht. Net weight is 128,92kh Country of manufacturer NL No data.NETHERLANDS0UA401010128.92193.3800007
28/Apr/201739172310001.Aspiratsiyna pipe, PVC, diameter 25 mm, wall thickness 1,8mm length 1 4m section, such as R-2518 art. AT-10-9010-5000m. Brand WAGNER Group GmbHKrayina production ITTorhovelna brand WAGNER.ITALY0UA10011010503411.80462
28/Apr/201790021100001. Objectives for cameras, projectors or enlarger or fotozmenshuvachiv 'Panasonic': - mod.H-ES12060E-lens digital still camera to a Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm f / 2.8-4 ASPH. POWER OIS, the number -4sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production of CN.CHINA4UA1001201.841916.133177
28/Apr/201790021100001. Objectives for cameras, projectors or enlarger or fotozmenshuvachiv 'Panasonic': - mod.ET-ELS02-lens projector, the number -1sht.- mod.ET-D75LE30-lens projector, the number -1sht .- mod.ET-D75LE40-lens projector, the number -1sht.- mod.ET-ELW06-lens projector, the number -1sht.- mod.ET-ACF100-Replacement filter for PT-D6000, PT -DW6300, PT-DZ6700, PT-DZ6710, number -1sht.- mod.H-HS043E-K-lens digital still camera to a Panasonic LUMIX G 42.5mm f / 1.7 ASPH. POWER OIS, the number -2sht.- mod.H-RS100400E-lens digital still camera to a Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f / 4-6.3 ASPH. POWER OIS, the number -2sht.- mod.H-X015E-K-lens digital still camera to a Panasonic LUMIX G Leica DG Summilux 15mm f / 1.7 ASPH., The number -4sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic JP CorporationKrayina production.JAPAN13UA10012019.0668402.427167
28/Apr/20179031803800"1.Chastyny ​​road construction equipment Caterpillar: -datchyk position vyhlazhuyuchoyi plate art.3694794-1sht.Krayina asphalt production - USTorhovelna mark -" "CATERPILLAR" "Brand -" "CATERPILLAR" ".."UNITED STATES0UA1002000.3716.8948532
28/Apr/201739174000901.Fitynhy plastic for aspirating smoke detectors fire: Adapter to connect pipe fitting SSK-M / F Art. AD-10-0880-1sht. Brand WAGNER Group GmbHKrayina production LTTorhovelna brand WAGNER.LITHUANIA0UA1001100.09520.83727772
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for.........
HS Code 602909900Value 637.9639562
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 1590.62
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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