Ukraine Import Data of Asm | Ukraine Import Statistics of Asm

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of asm collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of asm imports.

Asm Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Asm

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of asm. Get Ukraine trade data of Asm imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784733080001.Chastyny ​​for PPC firm ASUS: Housing bottom X540SA-1A BOTTOM CASE SUB ASSY, 90NB0B31-R7D010 - 1pc., Lid hinges UX510UW-1A HINGE CAP ASSY, 13NB0CB1AP0311 -1sht., Cover display X541UV-1A LCD COVER ASSY, 90NB0CG1- R7A000 - 1pc., Kryshkapetli UX303LN-8A HINGE cOVER, 13NB04R2P02021 - 1 pc., battery cover ZC520TL-4HBATT cOVER, 90AX0086-R7A010 - 1pc., cover display X555LD-7K LCD cOVER ASM (S), 90NB0628-R7A000 - 1pc., battery cover ZE551ML-6A BATT-cOVER ASSY, 90AZ00A1-R7A100 - 1pc., Corpus bottom X541UV-1A BTM CASE WO ODD ASSY, 90NB0CG1-R7D000 - 4pcs., cover display X541UV-1A LCD cOVER ASSY, 90NB0CG1-R7A000- 3pc. , Country of production - CNTorhovelna mark - ASUSVyrobnyk - ASUSTeK Computer INC.CHINA0UA1002300.89945.91989749 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178483908990"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, gears, and other elementyperedach: Gear ASM-IDLE GEAR 23422-117-001art.0455258, -1sht, Brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris, Country of TW."TAIWAN0UA1001200.0916.86310727
28/Apr/20178708939098"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, clutch in drafting and yihchastyny: V-Belt ASM-DRIVE CLUTCH BASIC31MM art.1323068, -1sht, Brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris, Country of US."UNITED STATES0UA1001204294.3149665
28/Apr/20178708509998"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, the presenter of mostyv or neveduchih: semi-axis ASM-HALFSHAFT REAR 60art.1333081, -1sht, Brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris, Country of CN."CHINA0UA1001205.99158.7220104
28/Apr/20178512200090"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, electrical equipment, inshiprylady Lighting: Headlamp rear ASM-STOP TAIL TURN ECE RHart.2412696, -1sht, headlight rear ASM-STOP TAIL TURN ECE LHart.2412695, -1sht, light-bulb-LOW INDICATOR FUELOUTLAW 110 art.0455202, -1sht, brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris, Country of TW. "TAIWAN0UA1001200.8186.95042038
27/Apr/201733049900001.Kosmetychni drugs without prescription, not in aerosol packaging notcontains drugs: art. 195324 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR Gel kremden / night 50ml -60sht. Art. 195327 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR Spot korektordlya face cream 15 ml 60sht. Art. 195323 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR 3in1 micellar fluid 200m. 195325 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR intensive serum corrector 50-ml-60sht. Art. 195326 matting napkin 1 set-60sht. Art. 195307 CARBO DETOX Purifying mask with activated carbon dlyakombinovanoyi 8 g -90sht skin. Art. 195386 CARBO DETOX cream matting day \ night 50ml -120sht. Art. 195362 MULTIESSENCE Multivitamin 200ml essence for kombinovanoyishkiry-96sht. Art. 195363 MULTIESSENCE multivitamin essence for dry and chutlyvoyishkiry 200 ml -96sht. Art. 195134 SEA ALGAE cream serum for tilazvolozhuyucha 200 ml -36sht. Art. 195135 SEA ALGAE cream serum for tilareheneryruyucha 200 ml -12sht. Art. 195202 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE pearl base - rozhevaosnova at 30 mA kiyazh Mr. 36sht. Art. 195203 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE BASE LYUMYER- pearl foundation makeup 30 grams -36sht. Art. 195304 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE BRONZOVABAZA - bronzuyucha foundation makeup 30g-36sht. Art. 195133 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE lock makeup FIXER 75 ml -12sht. art.50349 SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Active moisturizing tonic ANTI-AGE facial zhialuronovoyu acid 200 ml 60sht. Art. 194315 Biotechnology 7D Regenerating Day Cream SPF10 60+ -kontsentrat protyzmorschok 50 ml -36sht. Art. 194350 Biotechnology 7D Ultra-moisturizing cream imatuyuchyy day / night -24sht 50 ml. Art. 195168 SENSUAL BODY OILSTrohfazna moisturizing body oil 150 ml -24sht. Art. 195169 SENSUAL BODY OILSTrohfazna regenerating body oil 150 ml -24sht. Art. 195079 OOFM 3 DAYCOMFORT Lightweight moisturizer for a 3-day stubble -12sht 50 ml. Art. 194212ONLY FOR MEN Moisturizing Cream 50ml EXTRA ENERGY -12sht. Art. 194 210 ONLY FOR EXTRA ENERGY MENEnerhuyuchyy gel 150 ml -12sht. Art. 194 389 ONLY FOR MEN Pom`yakchuyuschyykrem of wrinkles 50 ml -12sht. Art. 195,116 COMFORT -Krem INTENSIVE dolhyad dlyaduzhe damaged skin 75 ml -60sht. Art. 195,115 COMFORT silicon mask dlyaperesushenyh hands 75 ml -48sht. Art. 195114 -kompres COMFORT Cream Moisturizer 75ml dlyaruk -48sht. Art. 195,159 COMFORT-Rozm`yahchuyuchyy compress cream for feet, 100 ml, 24sht. Art. 116161 BIKINI dvohfaznyy accelerator Tanning SPF6, 150ml, 120sht. Art. 116162 BIKINI Argan oil for tanning SPF 6 150 ml -72sht. Coconut milk art.116163 BIKINI Tanning SPF 30 200ml -120sht. Art. 116164BIKINI protective lotion with asmahy for babies and children SPF 50, 150 ml 116165 Coconut milk BIKINI Tanning SPF 20 200ml -72sht. Art. 116167BIKINI MAT LOOK Face Cream SPF 30 skin mixed / greasy effect of toning 50ml -120sht. Art. 116169 BIKINI ICE COLD Cooling After Sun Spray, 150ml -48sht. Art. 195395 BLUE DETOX mask for dry and sensitive skin 8g 195394 GOLD DETOX mask for mature skin 8g -120sht. Art. 195393 SILVERDETOX mask CombinedPOLAND0UA100110201.463339.539437
27/Apr/20178716393090"1.Prychepy and trailers, and other self-propelled vehicles, their parts: trailers for transportation: Trailer for boats, tryosovyy: new: a partially unassembled for easy transport brand 'EZ Loader' model # KHGAHTZ3215500 17-TIEZ102B 29-31 15500 ELE-HYD D3X - 1am: serial number: 1ZEAHT5Z8HA010591. 7030kh Load length 10,5m. Year of 2017. lineup 2017. complete with mounting LDGD ASM 12 'BUNK HD art. # 300-024592-10 - 1am, spare wheel LT235 / 85R16G G614 art. # 300-031923-10 - 1am, spare wheel ASM 3X6 "" 8H art. # 300-035117-10 - 1pc. trade mark 'EZ Loader'. Producer 'EZ LOADER Adjustable Boat Trailers Sales Corporation, Inc. ', the US. Country of origin US.. "UNITED STATES1UA110160215017186.05029
25/Apr/201784229090001. Spare parts to automatic machines: art. 39189298, COVER DUST FLEXIBLE (OEM CA) dustproof flexible rubber product (Pylnyk) dust rails between the moving parts mounted on the line ASMA753, internal order F7P-4502997128 - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: ACMAVyrobnyk: Azionaria Costruzioni Macchine Automatiche, ACMASpAKrayina production: IT.ITALY0UA1002000.457198.0085475
25/Apr/20178473302000"1.Chastyny ​​computers and components (electronic modules, blocks): Video for PC chipset -Radeon RX 550 ASUS Radeon RX 550 4GBDDR5 art.-RX550-4G, -30sht. Video for PC chipset -Radeon RX 480 RX 480 ASUS 8GB DDR5 STRIXGAMING RGB Lighting Backplate art.-STRIX-RX480-8G-GAMING, -310sht. Video for PC chipset - Radeon RX 570 ASUS Radeon RX 570 4GB DDR5GAMING OC-STRIX- art. RX570-O4G-GAMING, -40sht. Motherboard computer without CPU, chipset - Z270 ASUS PRIME_Z270-Ps1151 Z270 s1151 Z270 4DDR4 HDMI-DVI ATX art.-PRIME_Z270-P, -500sht. Motherboard computer without processor, chipset - B250 ASUS PRIME_B250M-As1151, B250 4DDR4 HDMI-DVI-VGA M.2 Socket3, mATX art.-PRIME_B250M-A, -60sht. maternal ca pay for the computer without CPU, chipset - B250 ASUS PRIME_B250M-Ks1151, B250 2DDR4 DVI-VGA M.2 Socket3, mATX art.-PRIME_B250M-K, -100sht. Motherboard computer processor ASUS J1900I-C CPU Celeron J1900 (Dual Core), 2xDDR3 SO-DIMM, VGA-HDMI, LPT / Com, mIT art.-J1900I-C, -200sht. Motherboard for a computer without a processor, chipset - B250 ASUS PRIME_B250M-Ks1151, B250 2DDR4 DVI-VGA M.2 Socket3, mATX art.-PRIME_B250M-K, -200sht. Motherboard for a computer without a processor, chipset - H270 ASUSPRIME_H270-PLUS s1151, H270 4DDR4 HDMI-DVI-VGA M.2 Socket3, ATX art.-PRIME_H270-PLUS, -300sht. Server Motherboard for ASUS P10S-X s1151, C232, 4xDDR4, VGA, LPT, ATX art.-P10S-X, -10sht. Server Motherboard for ASUS Z10PE-D16 2xs2011 -v3, C612, 16xDDR4, ASMB8-iKVM, E-ATX art.-Z10PE-D16, -2sht. Fee controller ASUS TPM-M-R2.0 art.-TPM-M-R2.0, -20sht. Fee controller ASUS ASMB8-IKVM art.-ASMB8-IKVM, -5sht. Brand-ASUSTeK Computer INC; Trademark-Asus; vyrobnytstva- Country CN; "CHINA0UA1000201699.788195104.0536
25/Apr/20173923210000"1.One-time packing aseptic bags of ethylene polymers, metallized. Total wall thickness 94 microns, thickness of metallized coating 12 microns - 9000 pieces of art, 3DY57267SG, 290x290 mm, M-1 / T-0, ASMZ200, laboratory bag - form of product DIRECTOR; - type of product; DEPTH BIRD; - product capacity of 3 L; - TAP cover. For packaging of food aseptic products: Country of production: Germany (DE) Manufacturer: Rapak GmbH Trademark: DS SmithPlastics30 cartons of 300 bags.GERMANY0UA4010104757981.657361
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ф1 ПРОДАКШН"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, б-р І. Лепсе буд.8, корп.12, Україна
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​for PPC firm ASUS: Housing bottom.........
HS Code 8473308000Value 45.91989749
Quantity 0Unit UA100230
Net Weight 0.899
Origin Country CHINA

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