Ukraine Import Data of Ash Lumber | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ash Lumber

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ash lumber collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ash lumber imports.

Ash Lumber Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ash Lumber

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ash lumber. Get Ukraine trade data of Ash Lumber imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
14/Apr/201744111390001.DVP (HDF) board flooring with decorative protective coating that is resistant to wear film reinforced with a layer of paper. The product has on all sides of the groove, and groove (laminate): Natural Pore H2716 Cortina Oak-119,60m2. (OR716) Authentic H1014 Robin Wood light-119,60m2. (1,019,089) Grand Canyon H1027 Scarlett Oak-23,92m2. ( 1,018,574) Oiled H1076 Heartwood Ash-114,33m2. (1019020) Oiled H1076 Heartwood Ash-76,22m2. (1019020) Rustic H6102 Ash Dakar-71,25m2. (1018810) Natural Pore H2350 Northland Oak light-239,20m2. ( 1,019,088) Barrique H1003 Valley Oak mocca-17,73m2. (1018765) Rustic H2703 Zermatt Oak sand-239,20m2. (1018526) Natural Pore H1055 Bardolino Oak-239,20m2. (1018530) Barrique H1051 Verdon Oak white-202,64m2 . (1,018,764) Authentic H1014 Robin Wood light-119,60m2. (1019089) Oiled H1059 Oak Trilogy cappuccino-4,96m2. (1019139) Rustic H1008 Oak planked honey-54,57m2. (1019143) Authentic H1098 Lumber Jack-17 73m2. (1018766) Oiled H1082 Sahara Pine-14,88m2. (1019136) Heritage H1087 Toscolano Oak light-595,35m2. (OR810) Siz bnyk-EGGER Retail Products GmbH & Co.KGTorhivelna Marco EGGER.Krayin and production-DE.GERMANY18159UA12513016539.5214551.01507 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20174411139000"1.DVP (HDF) floor board produced on a" "dry mode" "with decorative protective coating that is resistant to wear film reinforced with a layer of paper. The product has on all sides of the groove, and groove. Board Size 396 -1488 * 156-396 * 6-9mm (laminate): LA028M Wineo 500 medium, Coastal Oak -47,46m2., LA068CH Wineo500 medium, White high gloss -11,30m2., LA038M Wineo500 medium, Husky Oak -13,56m2 ., LA024SV4 Wineo500 small, Traditional Oak brown -25,87m2., LA055LV2 Wineo500 large, American Pecan -19,04m2., LA050MV2 Wineo500 medium, Awashed Oak -27,12m2., LA018MV2 Wineo500 medium, Ascona Pine grey -11,30m2 ., LA050LV2 Wineo500 large, Washed Oak -13,60m2., LA017MV2 Wineo500 medium, Lumber white -22,60m2.Torhivelna mark - Wineo.Vyrobnyk - Windmoller Flooring Products GmbHKrayi and production - DE.. "GERMANY12UA10004013641145.344547
02/Apr/20176029099001. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ARAUCARIA / monkey-50-180sm-78sht, ARECA / Areca -40-300sm-58sht, aSPARAGUS / asparagus-40cm-30sht, ASPLE ANTIQUUM / Asplenioum-30cm-30sht, bONSAI / bonsai-25-160sm-28sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm-232sht, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45- 120cm-12p, CALLISIA / KALLIZIYA-20cm-8 pieces, CAST AUST CASTANO'S / KASHTANOSPERMUM-50-110sm-5pcs, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-112sht, CHLOROPHYTUM VARIEGA / Chlorophytum, 50cm-132sht, CHRYSAL LUT / areca -40-300sm-43sht, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-134sht, COFFEA ARABICA / KOF NL-35-180sm-30sht, CORD FR MIX / KORDELINA-55-120sm-40sht, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-4 pieces, CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-16sht, DIEFF CAMILLA / dieffenbachia, 40-120sm- 148sht, dRACAENA OVERIG / Dracena, 45-240sm-704sht, EPIPR MOSSTOK / 80cm STSYNDAPSUS-35-1-80sht, EUPHORBIA / EUFORBIYA-45-180sm-24sht, FATSIA / FATSIYA-40-120sm-6 pieces, FIC BE MIX / ficus Benjamin-25-300sm-467sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-272sht, GYMNOCALYCIUM / HIMNOKALITSYUM-15cm, 20pcs, HEBE VARIEGATA / Hebei-24cm, 10pcs, HED HE OV GROEN / Hedera-15-110sm-123sht, JUNCUS SPIRALIS / YUNKUS-30cm, 10pcs, LIVISTONA / LIVISTONA-45-160sm-3pc, MANDEVILLA / Mandeville-45cm-7sht, MARANTA FASCINATOR / arrowroot, 25cm, 100 pieces, MYRTUS COMMUNIS / myrtle-20-90sm-8 pieces, NEPHR EX GREEN LADY / NEFROLEPIS-25-70sm-68sht, NERIUM / OLEAND -45-160sm-31sht, NOLINA (BEAUCARNEA) / nolina-45-240sm-14sht, OLEA / OLEYA-30-200sm-17sht, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-16sht, PHILO IMP RED / philodendron, 25-180sm -150sht, PTERIS / PTERIS-25-70sm-20pcs, RHIPSALIS / RYPSALIS-10cm-36sht, SANSEVIERA FUTURA / SANSEVIYERIYA-45-120sm-5pcs, SCHEF AR COMPACTA / Sheflera-40-200sm-44sht, SCHLUMB MIX 18+ / Schlumbergera -25sm-220sht, SOLEIL / 15cm-SOLEIL-32sht, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-32sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-416sht, 4075sht.Chysta Total weight is 1696,79kh NL Country of manufacturer no dataNETHERLANDS0UA4010102232.62893.3829398
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Ash Lumber Importer Sample

Date 14/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВІТЕКС УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
04209 м.Київ, вул.Богатирська,11
Exporter Name EGGER Retail Products GmbH & Co.KG
Product Description
1.DVP (HDF) board flooring with decorative protect.........
HS Code 4411139000Value 14551.01507
Quantity 18159Unit UA125130
Net Weight 16539.52
Origin Country GERMANY

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