Ukraine Import Data of Arm Machine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arm Machine

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Arm Machine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arm Machine

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784201030001. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is a roller (roller) machine for use in paper and printing promyslovostidlya coating paper (paper plastic lamination). Laminatsiyazdiysnyuyetsya paper and passing the heated film through laminuyuchoyi valy.Potuzhnist - 1400 watts. Warm-up time - 5.10 min. The temperature of the upper shaft - do60S. Shaft diameter - 110 mm. Includes: CD with drivers USBprovid, power cable, instruction manual and warranty lyst.Torhivelna Brand: MEFU.Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU MEFU CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1001103803572.050464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784368090001.Obladnannya for automatic feeding pigs on livestock farms, Feeders for piglets Mini Hopper Pan - 5 pcs. Art.22850 (unassembled) feeders for pigs Maxi Hopper Pan - 20 pcs. Art.221076-0 (unassembled ) Stern machine for rearing TR5 - 10 pcs. art.22763Torhovelna Rotecna brand Manufacturer Country of Rotecna ES.SPAIN0UA125270149.242093.014646
28/Apr/20179032810000"1. Parts of irrigation for agriculture, such as a device for automatic control hidravoichnymy Kapan: HYDRAULIC RELAY GALIT / device for automatic control of water pressure hydraulic switch" "GALIT" ". In fact - controls the opening and closing hydraulic valve water up to 16" "irrigation systems. It is no equipment or apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for joining electrical circuits or electrical circuits. According to the declaration provider - do not contain some kind of transmitting, emitting devices in hardware, machinery fire fighting and alarm contain incorporates ozone-depleting substances and gems, precious stones organogenic, semiprecious and ornamental stones, not in aerosol packaging, free of prohibited information. For agriculture.. "ISRAEL0UA5080101.6240.3156618
28/Apr/20178432291000"1.Mehanizmy Soil: trailed cultivator for pre obrobkyhruntu model" "Kompaktomat K 800 PS II / C", "new, 2017 RV, disassembled staniyakiy contains in its composition th receivers and transmitters. The serial number 2017 /0427.Komplektatsiya:robocha width of 8 meters, the main frame of the machine, with pole ripper stabbing weights category 3, side frames hidravlychnym assembly, transportation tion mistbez brakes working bodies of the springs vyravnyuyuchi harrows, rollers two rows D 400mm (front roller spiral second, rear roller crosskill), two series of howling vronnyh legs, lighting, add SD Peninsula Country Weave, catalog parts and guidelines tstvo poeksplutatsiyi.Vyrobnyk: "" Farmet as "" Trademark: "" Farmet "". vyrobyk Country: CZ.. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA125110550022429.22148
28/Apr/20178705908090"1.Motornyy first vehicle specifically use (specially designed to accommodate a variety of devices that provide the ability to perform vyznacheninetransportni function). Self-propelled agricultural sprayers, PANTERA4502 in configuration" "H" "art.ZUA00047, 1shtuka, Brand: AMAZONE; Model: PANTERA4502 appointment, for spraying agricultural fields spodarskyh, car number: PAP0000462, capacity: 2mistsya vklachayuchy driver, engine number: 11996176, engine type: diesel, new, calendar year, 2017, model year: 2017; devices that enable you konuvaty determined not transport functions: Irrigating machine equipment skladayet be with folding design, the tank dlyarobochoho solution tank clean water tank for washing ruk.Postavlyayetsya chastkovov unassembled. In completing one self-propelled sprayer Pantera 4502v configuration "" H "" (art. ZUA00047 number) includes: labels and instructions zekspluatatsiyi ma Ying (art.№947057), a standard cabin (art .№947243) standard nahidravlika (art.№ 941,820), automatic control system (art.№941824) pidviskaz height adjustment to gauge 1800-2400mm (art. №945010) koleso320 / 90R54 BKT LI155B di ametr ET 80-4sht 1948mm (art.№LE470 + 75), wing kolisshyryna 2,55m (art.№94181 4), comfort package 1 (art.№941815) Armat cheers upravlinnyaTG (art.№936535) AMAPAD control unit (art.№100250), stickers and instruktsiyiz using the device manufacture ruvannya (art.№945589) rod SUPER-L2 36m (art.№101186) ISOBUS wiring package for Pantera (art.№941937) UV Protective takozh (art.№947352), hydraulics package Profi 2 (art.№928148) headlight lighting on cabine niXenon (art.№941517), suction hose 3 "," 230 8m (art .№941957), filter and check valve, hose 3 "" 8m (art.№ 941,958) centralized lubricating system (art.№941 959) LED-backlight cable each sunky odds for bars Super-L (art.№945604) LED-lighting S + LEAN UX / PAN for SUPER-S (art.№948305), the system of external co ntrolyu (art.№ 941038), nozzles AirMix110-02 -72sht (art.№ZF1050) nozzle AirMix 110-03 -72sht (art.№ZF1052) forsunkyAir Mix 110-05 -72sht (art.№ZF1054) sticker "" 40 "" (art.№941534) systemaDistance-Cont rol plus ISOBUS for UX / Pantera with Super-L (art.№101413) servisnaknyzhka, instructions manual Exposure Pantera, cranes shorten ting the last section (art.№947226), with AMADRIVE array management, supply line 36m (art.№928419), remote control (art .№941934) Protective caps on the wheels (art.№104066) divider oslynnoyi weight (art.№104050) .Vyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: AMAZONE "GERMANY1UA10011011200238219.8221
28/Apr/201785371099901.Tsyfrovi keruvannyadlya devices that neprohramuyutsya for farm machinery, sprayer control unit 78-08075 art.SG9999990-1sht.Vyrobnyk - KUHN SATorhovelna mark - KUHNKrayina production - FR.FRANCE0UA1250206.8392083.78722
28/Apr/20174011920000"1.Shyny and pneumatic tires humovinovi: nasilskohospodarskyh to use machines: 11L-15 (8-sloynist, type of tread-I1 TL) -26sht; 12.5L-15 (sloynist-12, type of tread-I1 TL) -23sht, 9.5 L-15 (8-sloynist, type of tread-I1 TL) -30sht, trademark ARMOUR.Vyrobnyk Xuzhou Armour Rubber Company LTD.Krayina production of CN. "CHINA79UA1000101256.33473.850869
28/Apr/20178204110000"1. Hand Tools, nerozvidni of base metal: keys (Kt Keys L-shaped, 9 subjects: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27 Armored Car, T30, T40, T45, T50), art.: GAAL0914 - 5 shtklyuch torque 1/2 "" x500mm (L), time 20-200Nm, art.: ANAM1620 - 1 shtTorhovelna mark TOPTULVyrobnyk ROTAR MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., TW LTDKrayina production. "TAIWAN0UA4000303.6272.19529568
28/Apr/20174011940000"1.Shyny and pneumatic tires humovinovi, tread type" "Kliushke" ": touse at construction abopromyslovyh rozvantazhuvalnyhtransportnyh cargo vehicles and machines that mayutposadochnyy diameter rim over a 61cm: 16.9-28 (sloynist-14, type of tread-TI200) -4sht; 23.5-25 (sloynist-20, type of tread-NE3 TL) -31sht, trademark ARMOUR.Vyrobnyk Xuzhou Armour Rubber Company LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA35UA1000106841.2514969.4124
28/Apr/20174011930000"1.Shyny and pneumatic tires humovinovi, tread type" "Kliushke" ": touse at construction abopromyslovyh rozvantazhuvalnyhtransportnyh cargo vehicles and machines that mayutposadochnyy rim diameter of less than 61cm, with tread type" "Kliushke" ": 10-16.5sloynist -10, type of tread-RG400) -26sht; 12-16.5 (sloynist-12, type of tread-RG400) -30sht; 12.5 / 80-18 (sloynist-12, type of tread-TI200) -14sht; 16.9-24 (sloynist -14, type of tread-TI200) -4sht; 23 * 9.10 (sloynist-20, type of tread-PLT 328) -6sht; 28 * 9-15 (sloynist-14, type of tread-L6) -12sht; 5.00- 8 (10 sloynist, type of tread-L6) -26sht, 6.00-9 (sloynist-12; t Mr tread-L6) -26sht; 6.50-10 (sloynist-10, type of tread-L6) -26sht; 7.00-12 (sloynist-14, type of tread-L6) -20sht; 7.50-15 (sloynist-14, type tread -L6) -10sht; 10-16.5 (sloynist-12, type of tread-L4B) -26sht; 12-16.5 (sloynist-14, type of tread-L4B) -16sht, trademark ARMOURVyrobnyk Xuzhou Armour Rubber Company LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA242UA1000105737.5814802.44596
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЙВА ГРУП"""
Importer Address
04053, м. Київ, вул. Обсерваторна буд. 12-Б
Product Description
1. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is.........
HS Code 8420103000Value 3572.050464
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 380
Origin Country CHINA

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