Ukraine Import Data of Arginine Powder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arginine Powder

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of arginine powder collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of arginine powder imports.

Arginine Powder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arginine Powder

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of arginine powder. Get Ukraine trade data of Arginine Powder imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/201729252900001.Himichna containing compound iminnu functional group and aliphatic primary amino acids: L-arginine monohydrochloride (L-Arginine monohydrochloride), for Biochemistry, 50 grams of powder, art.1.01543.0050 - 1. CAS 1119-34-2, Formula C6H14N4O2 * HCl. Designed for use in biochemical research and analysis. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA. .JAPAN0UA1001100.0523.74099098 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201784818069001.Himichna containing compound iminnu functional group and aliphatic primary amino acids: L-arginine monohydrochloride (L-Arginine monohydrochloride), for Biochemistry, 50 grams of powder, art.1.01543.0050 - 1. CAS 1119-34-2, Formula C6H14N4O2 * HCl. Designed for use in biochemical research and analysis. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA. .GERMANY0UA1251000.914.44219419
21/Apr/201729371200001.Farmatsevtychna substance (powder) usklyanyh banks brown for pharmaceutical use, HLARHIN insulin (recombinant DNA), (CAS №160337-95-1, Chemical name: Insulin, (human), 21A-glycine-30Ba-L-arginine -30Bb-L-arginine-1,445kh. (1445hr). Series: BS16008580 / BF16008938..INDIA1445UA1251001.445173400.0002
19/Apr/201729252900001.Zareyestrovanyy drug ALIFAMIN / alifamin, CAS№ 1119-34-2, Khimich naformula C6H14N4O2.Hcl: -ser. / N. (Batch No.): 170,303, number-1000kg. Powder (substance) in podviynyhpolietylenovyh packages for you- robnytstva sterile and non-sterile li- karskyhform. Registration certificate: № UA / 12335/01/01 of 09.07.2012r., Valid po09.07.2017r. Composition of active substances: arginine hydrochloride chloride least no more than 98.5% and 101.0% on a dry basis. Contains in its skladizasobiv and substances in the list of narkotych- which means psyhotropnyhrechovyn and prekursoriv.Vyrobnyk: WUXI JINGHAI AMINO ACID Co., Ltd., (China) Trademark: WUXI JINGHAI. .CHINA0UA125100100032000.00007
12/Apr/20172309907000"1. Products that preserve health Ying creature that contain dairy products (lactose, vitamins, amino acids), without content Scarce draws, glucose or syropuhlyukozy, Malta dextrin or maltodextrin syrup: -Hanaminovit in powder form for oral use th . pryznachenyydlya drug use farming animals and birds to normalize the exchange substances in the body, positive impact on productivity, survival and reproductive functions. The drug is administered orally apply to drinking water and food. 1,0hpreparatu contains: active substances Vitamin A-10000; D3-1000MO vitamin, alpha-tocopherol, 10 mg, Vitamin V1-2mh; V2-4mh Vitamin, calcium pantothenate -10mh; V6-1,5mh Vitamin, Vitamin C 25 mg, Vitamin K3-1,5mh , folic acid, 500 mg, 20 mg, Nicotinamide, biotin, 15mg, DL-methionine, 50 g; L-lysine-50g, L-tryptophan-6,4mh, L-threonine-18,6mh; 13mh alanine, arginine-15 6 mg; aspartanovu -27,8mh acid, cystine-1,9mh, glutamic acid -85 mg glycine-8mh, histidine-11,8mh; leytsyn- 35,4h; isoleucine-23,6mh, Mr. fenilalani -19 mg; proline-39,2mh; 24mh-serine, valine-27,4mh; Inactive ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose. Razfasovandlya retailers. Product: Heat packed Conte ynery zalyuminiyu with internal po new coverage 1kg, art.PA2260 / UA0000-40sht (4kart.kor) .Vyrobnyk: "" Industrial Veterinaria, SA- "" INVESA "". Country of origin: ES.Torhovelna brand: no data. Torhovel nyy sign - "" INVESA "". "SPAIN0UA80717041.2390.6686991
12/Apr/20172309909610"1. The previous mixture (premix). Products that maintain animal health schomistyat vitamins, mineral compounds not containing starch, glucose or syropuhlyukozy ma ltodekstrynu syrup or maltodextrin or dairy products: -Kalfostonik in powder form for plowing tion application. pryznachenyydlya drug use pigs, cattle due to lack of macro and micronutrients, anorexia, eliminating nasledkiv poor nutrition, rickets, during recovery, and also to prevent hypo- and beriberi. Preparation apply ne orally with food. 100g preparatumistyt: active ingredients: Vitamin A-600000; Vitamin D3-200000MO; VitaminV1-100,0mh, Vitamin V2-200,0mh; V6-10,0mh Vitamin, Vitamin V12-1,1mh, alpha-tocopherol -75.0 mg Vitamin K3-25,0mh, nicotinic acid, 1.25 g; Kaltsiyupantotenat - 500 mg, choline chloride, 25,0h, DL-metionin- 10.0 g; L-lysine, 2.5 g; root hentsianu- 5,0h, L-carnitine, 3,0h, 7.5 g of sodium hlyutamat-; 25,0h-sodium, magnesium carbonate 5,0h; manganese carbonate 1.0 g, Zin Ku 1.0 g sulfate, iron sulfate 2.0 g; Copper sulfate 500,0mh; Carbonate sulfate 500,0mh; Kaliyuyodyt-180,0mh; Calcium carbonate 443,856h; Calcium phosphate 300,0h; Natriyuselenit-80,0mh; Auxiliary proprietary yny: aromatic filler. Razfasovan dlyarozdribnoyi trade. Product: Aluminum bags with ext ishnimpolietylenovym surface: -on 1kg, art.PA2748 / UA0000- 195sht (13kart.kor) - to 25kg, art.PA2747 / UA0000- 10pcs (10kart. Boxes) - Chyktonik in the form of a solution for oral administration. The drug is intended dlyazastosuvannya reproductive birds, young birds, broylerov, laying hens dlyanormalizatsiyi metabolism in the body of an positive impact on productivity, survival and reproductive functions sviy- tion birds. The drug zastosuyutperoralno drinking water. 1000 mL preparation contains: active ingredients: Vitamin-2500000; Vitamin D3-500000MO; Alpha tokoferol- 3,75h; V1-3,5h Vitamin, Vitamin V2-4,0h; Vitamin V6-2,0mh; Vitamin V12-10,0mh; Vitamin K3-250,0mh, sodium pantothenate - 15,0h; choline chloride, 400,0mh; DL-methionine, 5,0h, L-lysine, 2.5 g; L-triptych fan 75,0mh; L-threonine-500,0mh; inozytol- 2.5 mg; 490,0mh-arginine; valine, 1.1 g; serine-680,0mh; aspartic acid, 1.45 g glutamic acid-1,16h; proline - 510,0mh; glycine-575,0mh; 975,0mh alanine, cystine-150,0mh; leucine, 1.5 g; isoleucine - 125,0mh; 810,0mh-phenylalanine; tyrosine 340,0mh; histidine-900,0mh; biotin-2,0mh; Excipients: polysorbate 80, methyl parahidroksybenzoat, propilparahidroksy- benzoate, propylene glycol, vodaochyschena. Razfasovan for retailers. Product: Plastic bottles: -on 1L, art.PA2263 / UA0000 -300sht (30kart. Boxes); - by 25l, art.PA2616 / UA0000 -24sht (24kart.korobok) - B complex in the form of a solution for perora lnoho zastosuvannya.Preparat pryznachenyydlya use of agricultural animals and poultry for nervous disorders, myopathies, insufficient amounts of vitamin B group matches, chaslikuvannya during maintenance therapy with antibiotics and koktsydiostaty kami, increase productivity tvarynta birds. Drug apply paragraph "SPAIN0UA8071701422.455490.690879
12/Apr/20172925290000"1.Produktsiya chemical industry, imines and their derivatives; salts of these compounds, others: L-arginine - the substance in the form of crystalline powder white -825kh / net, for use in pharmaceutical industries as dopomizhnoyirechovyny. Series 161 023 = 700kg, 161 225 = 125khVyrobnyk - CJ Haide (Ningbo) Biotech CO LTD., Kytay.Krayina production: CN. contains precursors, narcotics, psyhotropnyhrechovyn.. "CHINA0UA10001082519139.99982
06/Apr/201729252900001. The drug (pharmaceutical substance / powder): L-ARGININE monohydrochloride (L-ARGININE MONOHYDROCHLORIDE) L-2-amino-5-guanidine monohydrochloride valer`yanovoyi acids, total - 1050 kg. (Serial number 160513, on January 6th term diyido 2020) number CAS: 1119-34-2.Aminokysloty not contain in the skladirechovyn included in Perelikunarkotychnyh drugs, psychotropic substances and prekursoriv.Torhivelna mark - KYOWA.Vyrobnyk: Kyowa Hakko Bio Co. Ltd., Japan, 1-6-1, Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8185, Japan.Krayina production - JP. Packaging - in double plastic bags on wooden pallets kartonnyhbochkah with label information on products and danyhreyetratsiynoho certificate on Kara Lee tool. .JAPAN0UA100110105038120.4598
05/Apr/201729252900001. Pharmaceutical Substance L-ARGININE Powder (substance) in dual polyethylene packages for pharmaceutical use-1600 kg / net. Series162012 = 1000kg, 162061 = 600kg. Producer - Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd., Japan. Production area: JP. Does not contain precursors, narcotic, psychotropic substances. .JAPAN0UA1000101600136000.0001
03/Apr/201729252900001.Iminy IX and derivatives L-arginine (L-ARGININE) - substance as a white crystalline powder. No. CAS 74-79-3, Formula H2NC (= NH) NH (CH2) 3CH (NH2) CO2, the amount of 75kg (3 barrels with a capacity of 25 kg) batch 16110301, expiry date 02.11.2018roku used for the manufacture of veterinary drugs. Not for retailers. Free of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Not military. Trademark VEGA.Firma manufacturer HANGZHOU VEGA CO., LTD.Krayina made in China. CN. .CHINA0UA401020751172.273663
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Arginine Powder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Arginine Powder Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АДВАНСТЕХ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
02081, м.Київ, вул.Урлівська,11/44, кв.166
Exporter Name MERCK KGaA
Product Description
1.Himichna containing compound iminnu functional g.........
HS Code 2925290000Value 23.74099098
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 0.05
Origin Country JAPAN

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