Ukraine Import Data of Arabica | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arabica

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of arabica collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of arabica imports.

Arabica Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Arabica

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of arabica. Get Ukraine trade data of Arabica imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176029099001. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ADIANTHUM / maidenhair-35cm-40sht, AGLAO MIX / AHLAONEMA- 35cm-34sht, ASPLE ANTIQUUM / Asplenioum-30cm-24sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm-404sht, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45-120sm-50sht, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-72sht, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-20pcs, COFFEA ARABICA / coffee-35-180sm 108sht, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-140sht, CTENANTHE / KTENANTE-45-160sm-11sht, CUPRESSUS WILMA / KUPRESSUS-45-180sm-60sht , CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-26sht, DAVALIA / DAVALIYA-27cm-24sht, dRACAENA OVERIG / Dracena, 45-240sm-231sh t, ECHEVERIA / EHVYYERIYA-15cm-580sht, FIC BE MIX / Ficus benjamina-25-300sm-549sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-189sht, HEBE VARIEGATA / 24cm-Hebei-108sht, HED HE OV GROEN / HEDERA- 15-110sm-292sht, HOWEA FORST KENTIA / HOVEYA-90-300sm-5pcs, NEPHR EX GREEN LADY / NEFROLEPIS-25-70sm-66sht, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-72sht, PTERIS / PTERIS-25-70sm- 64sht, SOLEIL / 15cm-SOLEIL-50sht, TRAD GEMENGDE KAR / Tradescantia-17cm-80sht, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-24sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-295sht, Total weight is 3618sht.Chysta 1208,32kh Country of manufacturer NL no dataNETHERLANDS0UA4010101590.62637.9639562 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20176029099001. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: AGLAO MIX / Aglaonema-35cm, 6 pcs, ALOE / ALOE- 17cm-32sht, bONSAI / bonsai-25-160sm-14sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm, 6 pcs, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45-120sm-20pcs, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-18sht, CHLOROPHYTUM VARIEGA / Chlorophytum, 50cm, 10pcs, CHRYSAL LUT / areca-40-300sm-2 pcs, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-24sht, COFFEA ARABICA / coffee 35-180sm-12p, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-9sht , CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-16sht, DIEFF CAMILLA / dieffenbachia, 40-120sm-26sht, DIONAEA / DYONEYA-27cm, 12p, DRACAENA OVERIG / DR Price-45-240sm-81sht, ECHEVERIA / EHVYYERIYA-15cm-40sht, EPIPR MOSSTOK / STSYNDAPSUS-35-180sm-600sht, FIC BE MIX / Ficus benjamina-25-300sm-531sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-42sht , MARANTA FASCINATOR / arrowroot, 25cm, 10pcs, MUSA / banana-1 45-160sm 8 pieces, nOLINA (BEAUCARNEA) / nolina-45-240sm-8 pieces, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-24sht, PHILO IMP RED / philodendron -25-180sm-648sht, RHIPSALIS / RYPSALIS-10cm, 6 pcs, SANSEVIERA FUTURA / SANSEVIYERIYA-45-120sm-6 pieces, SCHEF AR COMPACTA / Sheflera-40-200sm-21sht, SCHLUMB MIX 18+ / Schlumbergera, 25cm, 10pcs, STROMANTHE / STROMANTE-45-160sm-8 pieces, SUCCULENT / succulents, 10cm, 20pcs, TRAD GEMENGDE KAR / Tradescantia-17cm, 12p, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-23sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-205sht, Total circles kist 2520sht.Chysta weight is 1639,23kh Country of manufacturer NL No dataNETHERLANDS0UA4010102156.91865.5507478
28/Apr/2017901110090"1.Coffee unprocessed with caffeine: Green grain" "Vivaldi blend" "(Mixture Vivaldi) -132ml-3961kg, 100% Arabica Ref 2017/0219, LOT 17/101 -3 / 311/0016 + 00 18, Dateproduction : 03/21/2017 Total net weight: 3961kg Content of caffeine: 1,5% Manufacturer: "SANDALJ ​​TRADING COMPANY Spa" "Country of production: IT: Marking on the product in Ukrainian:" "Coffee green" "WIVALDI blend. Weight net: 3 0kg (+/- 0,01 kg) Ingredients: coffee beans 100% Arabica. The content of caffeine is not higher than 1,5%. The value of 100 mg per hectolitre: 15 kg. Value of life per 100 g of product: 0.7 kg of protein; fats: 0,2 g; carbohydrates: 2,2 g. Without GMO. Date of production: 03/2017, Deadline for implementation: 03/2019. Validity of 24 months. Party Portfolio: LOT 17 / 101. Keep out of sunshine in a cool place. Producer: "Sandalidge Company Company, Inc., Rossini, 14.3413 2 Trieste, Italy. Importer: LLC "ALTA PLYuS" "Ukraine, 69057, Zaporizhzhya street Antenna a, 11 Phone: 0612330423" "."COLOMBIA0UA112080396118818.26166
28/Apr/20179011100101.KAVA NESMAZHENA (GREEN) beans with caffeine for industrial processing of coffee, natural, roasted, beans and ground (by means of separation, roasting, grinding, packaging, etc.), country of production - Mexico (MX): - Arabica species (100%), SHG.MEXICO0UA20918020708374.570687
28/Apr/20179011100101.Kava natural nesmazhena (green) with caffeine beans for industrial production of roasted coffee beans and ground (through its roasting, grinding, packaging, etc.): Ethiopia Arabica Coffee Djimmah grade 5 (grade 5) - 19200 kh.Vyrobnyk: ALMAZ SEYOUM BEYENE.Krayina production: ET.Torhivelna mark - no data.ETHIOPIA0UA1251901920050695.2305
28/Apr/20179011100901. Coffee not roasted, caffeine from beans in bags: Variety Robusta Ugandascr. 18, with caffei ne, not fried, in beg 59,93 kg / Arabica CAA nda mailbox 18 zkofeyinom not roast in a bag on 59,93kh s. Net Weight - 1798h.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: Not available. Country of origin: UG.UGANDA0UA12511017984647.291807
28/Apr/20179011100901. Coffee not roasted, caffeine from beans in bags: Grade Arabica ColombiaSupremo 17/18 Mede llin, with caffeine, not fried. in beg 68,70 / Grade 8 ArabikaKolumbiya accompanied 17/1 Medellin, caffeinated not roast in a bag on 68,70kh.Vaha s net - 2748kh.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: Not available. Country of origin: CO.COLOMBIA0UA125110274810831.49159
28/Apr/20179011100901. Coffee not roasted, caffeine from beans in bags: Grade Arabica Kenya ATop Thirikwa, wi th caffeine, not fried. in beg 60,00 kg / Arabica Kenya A TopTyrykva, caffeinated not fried in bags of 60,00kh. Net Weight - 610kh.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: Not available. Country of origin: KE.KENYA0UA1251106004427.849203
28/Apr/20179011100901. Coffee not roasted, caffeine from beans in bags: Grade Arabica NicaraguaSHG Jinotega, wit h caffeine, not fried, in beg 68,76 kg / A rabika Nicaragua SShZhDzhynoteha with caffeine Ohm fried in bags of 68,76kh . (Date of harvest 2016) .Vaha net - 1719kh.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: Not available. Country of origin: NI.NICARAGUA0UA12511017197098.697762
28/Apr/20179011100901. Green coffee is not fried, with beef caffeine, in sacks: Arabica IndiaPlantation AA, with c affeine, not fried. In beg 58,80 kg / Arabic IndiaPlantess AA, with caffeine not sm azhena in bags of 58,80kg. (Harvest date2016). Net Weight - 2352kg. Trademark: No data. Manufacturer: No data. Country of origin: IN.INDIA0UA12511023529791.932291
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Arabica Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Arabica Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for.........
HS Code 602909900Value 637.9639562
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 1590.62
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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