Ukraine Import Data of Aqueous Coating | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aqueous Coating

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of aqueous coating collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of aqueous coating imports.

Aqueous Coating Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aqueous Coating

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173208209090"1. The products on the basis of acrylic polymers in non-aqueous medium rozchyneni, notin aerosol packaging contain no drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursory listed determined by the CMU 770 from 06.05.2010r N .: Emalbazova VK-8000 (structure, type of polymer - acrylic copolymer, 63%-solvents (toluene 0.1%), pigment - 1%, fillers - no): chёrnaya VK-8000 (3,5l) - 72 pieces; korychnevaya VK-8010 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Krasnodon korychnevaya VK-8011 (1 liter) - 12 pieces; kashtanovaya VK-8012 (1 liter) - 12 pieces, belaya VK-8020 (3,5l) - 12 pcs, crystal-belayaVK 8021 (1 liter) - 18 pcs, Krasnaya VK-8030 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; dark Krasnaya VK-8031 (1L) -6 pieces; Zé lёnaya VK-8051 (1 liter) - 12 units; Silver-melkoe Average grain VK-8104 (1 liter) - 18 pieces; zernystaya Silver light-VK-8106 (1 liter) - 18 pieces; serebryanayastandartnaya light-VK-8107 (3,5l ) - 12 pieces, golden Silver VK-8108 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Silver odnorodnaya VK-8109 (3,5l) - 6 pieces; blue pearl VK-8206 (1L) - 18sht; zelёnыy pearl VK-8207 (1L) - 6 pieces; fyoletovыy pearl VK-821 1 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Red platinum ottenka VK-8301 (1L) - pcs 6; Enamel Acrylic VK-7000 (structure, type of polymer -akrylovyy copolymer, -67% solvents (toluene 0.1%) 1% pigments, fillers -vidsutni): brown-zhёltaya VK-7010 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Belaya VK-7020 (3,5l) - 12 pieces; Krasnaya VK-7030 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; red-oranzhevayaVK-1L 7031) - 18 pieces; Krasnaya pink-VK-7033 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Krasnaya nasыschennayaVK-7034 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; zheltaya bright-VK-7045 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; zelenaya VK-7051 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; red-purple VK-7072 (1 liter) - 6 pieces; Acrylic Enamel nyzkokontsentrovanaVK 9000 (composition: copolymer -akrylovyy type polymer, solvents -57.5% (toluol0,2%) -1.5% pigments, fillers -vidsutni): Belaya VK-9003 (1 liter) - 6 pcs. Trademark: VIKAVyrobnyk: Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBAKrayina production: BE "BELGIUM0UA1001306153599.335223 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20173208209090"1. Paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soil additives) in the plivkoutvoryuvacha include acrylic / vinyl polymers in non-aqueous environments solvent <50% fillers and pigments> 50%. DX62 B1LT 2K HS PRODUCTIVE art.1250049775-420 LTR; DX61 B1LT 1K PRIMER- art.1250062809-18 LTR; Country of DE. Trademark Axalta. brand "" Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA "".. "GERMANY0UA100080588.242203.793941
26/Apr/20173208209090"1. Paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soil additives) in the plivkoutvoryuvacha include acrylic / vinyl polymers in non-aqueous environments solvent <50% fillers and pigments> 50%. 3050S B5LT CHROMACLEAR art.1250036193-15 LTR; AB150 B18LT CENTARI 600 BC art.1250051670-18 LTR; AB 150 B3.5LT CENTARI 600 art.1250085539-105 LTR; AU170 B20LT POLYURETHANE art.1250003471-100 LTR; DX9172B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054989-12 LTR; DX5304 B1LT DUXONE BASECT art.1250061834-6 LTR; DX9166 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250066927-12 LTR; DX9100 B3.5LT DUXONE art.1250066926-42 LTR; DX5149B1LT DUXONE art.1250064445-30 LTR; DX9127B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054976-12 LTR; DX44 B1LT 2K FAST CLEAR art.1250038266-6 LTR; DX9131 B3.5LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054977-105 LTR; DX9171 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054988-6 LTR; DX9187 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054993-12 LTR; DX9173 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250066928-18 LTR; DX9188 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054994-6 LTR; DX9189 B1LT DUXONE 2K TOPCT art.1250054995-30 LTR; DX5110B1LT DUXONE art.1250070702-30 LTR; DX9142 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054978-6 LTR; DX10B1LT FLATTENING art.1250060947-60 LTR; DX9146 B1LT DUXONE 2K TOPCT art.1250054982-6 LTR; DX5181 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054943-12 LTR; DX9163 B1LT DUXONE 2K TC art.1250066929 -12 LTR; DX9111 B3.5LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054975-105 LTR; DX40 B1LT DUXONE 2K CLEAR art.1250042743-300 LTR; Country of BE. Trademark Axalta. Brand "" Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA "". "BELGIUM0UA1000801065.24710295.27297
26/Apr/201732129000901.Kontsentrovani colors, packaged in packs for retail sale in non-aqueous dispersion medium in liquid form, not aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting substances pigment content of 20%: gold patina of natural art. vm1604s40.01 - 6kg (6 pieces in 1 kg,). Used for coating the wooden surface. .ITALY0UA1251306.7292.17465776
26/Apr/20172843290000"1. A solution of silver component '' S '' - 152 in 1 liter cans. The drug in the form of clear liquid light blue color containing silver ions, nitrate ions (silver nitrate -> 20%) and ammonium ions in aqueous solution (ammonia 25% solution - 20%), also contains dye blue Color. Solubility in water about 70% by weight. Excess ammonia in this solution is a necessary addition to preservation, ie stabilizing the complex compound of silver that ammonia silver is relatively unstable chemical complex compounds. Under this component "" S "" is painted aqueous ami ku silver with the addition of excess ammonia. Designed for mixing with component "" R "" resulting is reaction of metallic silver, which leads to coating the inner surface of the glass vessel with a layer of metallic silver. It is used for coating glass Christmas toys. Manufacturer "" PRZEDSIEBIORSTWO PRODUKCYJNO- HANDLOWE EUGENIUSZ GASKA "" Poland. PL. Trademark no data. ".POLAND0UA40303017011605.14568
26/Apr/20173208201090"1. Paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soil additives) in the plivkoutvoryuvacha include acrylic / vinyl polymers in non-aqueous media, solvent> 50% fillers and pigments <50%. DX1060B1LT1K PLASTIC art.1250070426-120 production LTRKrayina DE . Axalta trademark. The manufacturer "" Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA "".. "GERMANY0UA100080105.6713.5783975
26/Apr/20173208201090"1. Paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soil additives) in the plivkoutvoryuvacha include acrylic / vinyl polymers in non-aqueous media, solvent> 50% fillers and pigments <50%. DX9181 B1LT DUXONE 2K art.1250054990-24 LTR ; DX5281 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054974-6 LTR; DX5111 B3.5LT DUXONE art.1250054921-472,5 LTR; DX5227 B1LT DUXONE BC art.1250086841-6 LTR; DX5214B1LT DUXONE art.1250054953-6 LTR; DX5122B1LT DUXONE art.1250054923 -6 LTR; DX5281 B1LT DUXONEart.1250054974-6 LTR; DX5123B1LT DUXONE art.1250054924-30 LTR; DX5212B1LT DUXONE art.1250054951-12 LTR; DX5243 V1LT DUXONE art.1250054963-18 LTR; DX5223 B3.5LT DUXONE BASECT art.1250054957 -94,5 LTR; DX5241 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054961-12 LTR; DX5121 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054922-6 LTR; DX5188 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054948-30 LTR; DX5185 B1LT DUXON E art.1250054946-24 LTR; DX5187 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054947-30 LTR; DX5189B1LT DUXONE art.1250054949-24 LTR; DX5134B1LT DUXONE art.1250054927-24 LTR; DX5211 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054950-24 LTR; DX5271 B1LT D UXONE art.1250054973-42 LTR; DX5213 B3.5LT DUXONE art.1250054952-52,5 LTR; DX5146B1LT DUXONE art.1250054932-72 LTR; DX5221 B1LT DUXONE BASECT art.1250054956-60 LTR; DX5163 B1LT DUXONE BASECT art.1250054936-12 LTR; DX5224 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054958-6 LTR; DX5166B1LT DUXONE art.1250054937-6 LTR; DX5231 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054959-6 LTR; DX5171 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054940-6 LTR; DX5242 B1LT DUXONE BASECT art.1250054962-6 LTR; DX5172 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054941-12 LTR; DX5251 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054965-18 LTR; DX5182 B1LT DUXONE art.1250054944-72 LTR; DX5145B1LT DUXONE art.1250054931-42 LTR; Country of BE. Trademark Axalta. Brand "" Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA "". "BELGIUM0UA1000801202.73311832.02605
25/Apr/201790321089001.Hrunty and varnishes (including enamels and lacquers) based on acrylic polymers, dispersed or dissolved in non-aqueous media -in the form of a liquid, aerosol packaging is not packaged in metal cans with a capacity 25l: Soil art.31115 transparent acrylic IRIDUR IR-158 FONDO MT -500 l / 20 cans of 25 liters / art.43898 transparent acrylic varnish IRIDUR IR-2001/2 MATE PROFUNDO -2000 l / 80 cans of 25 liters / art.44901 transparent acrylic varnish IRIDUR IR-2020 MATE PROFUNDO -150 l / 6 cans of 25 liters / .Vykorystovuyutsya for coating wood surfaces as wood promyslovosti.Torhovelna mark -IRIS. Manufacturer -INDUSTRIAS QUIMICAS IRIS SA Espana. Country of -ES. .GERMANY3UA12518091304.568692
24/Apr/20174011930000"1.Lakofarbova products based dispersions of synthetic polymers in non-aqueous media, is not intended to create a fire-proof coatings, in neaerozolnomu package designed for painting wood, metal, concrete, plaster and drywall surfaces inside and in stock: Nail protective and decorative coating brands of wood "" VIDARON BEJCA do drewna "" color produced as a liquid placed in its original packaging manufacturer, is the dispersion of polyester (37% phthalic resins), pigments -up to 10% and llyannoyi adding oil to 7% (auxiliaries, thickener, koalastsenty, dispersants) -bl.5% in an organic solvent (a mixture of hydrocarbons, light destylyaty) - bl.40% .Upakovanyy in metal cans range in color - 2354 pcs.. "CHINA212UA1251802537.788932.133882
24/Apr/20173926909790"1.Farby based acrylic polymer dispersed in an aqueous medium in neaerozolnomu package is not intended to create a fire-proof coatings, in the range: Stamps" "SNIEZKA BETON POSADZKA" "intended for coloring concrete bases inside the premises, acrylic polymer dispersion is 45 % to 12% water, pigments and fillers containing 35% saturated hydrocarbons (esters of glycols) 4% 4% additives, packed in polypropylene buckets in color asortymenti- 22 pieces.. "RUSSIA0UA1001200.013.083854354
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Aqueous Coating Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Aqueous Coating Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Барви Швидкості"""
Importer Address
04176, м.Київ, вул.Електриків, 26
Exporter Name Индивидуальный предприниматель Моисеенко Александр Николаевич
Product Description
"1. The products on the basis of acrylic polymers .........
HS Code 3208209090Value 3599.335223
Quantity 0Unit UA100130
Net Weight 615
Origin Country BELGIUM

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