Ukraine Import Data of Aluminum Spindle | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminum Spindle

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of aluminum spindle collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of aluminum spindle imports.

Aluminum Spindle Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminum Spindle

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of aluminum spindle. Get Ukraine trade data of Aluminum Spindle imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172106909890"1.Diyetychna supplement ratsionuharchuvannya as additional dzherelozhyttyezdatnyh probiotic bacteria helps restore balance mikroflorykyshechnyka.Ne contains produktivtvarynnoho pohodzhennya.Diyetychna dobavkaPROBIOLOH FORTE (PROBIOLOG FORTE) kapsuly№30 in an aluminum bottle in kartonniyupakovtsi / active substances: Lactobacillusacidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis; auxiliary ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, maltodekstrym, dioxin silica, magnesium stearate; / manufacturer: "" Hr.Hansen A / C "" Denmark, for "" Lab Spendler Mayola "" mark Frantsiya.Torhova: MAYOLY SPINDLERKrayina production and: DK. "DENMARK0UA11003037.4337042.074496 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172106909890"1.Diyetychna supplement to the diet of people that do not contain ingredients of animal origin, not in aerosol packaging: Dietary Supplements PROBIOLOH (PROBIOLOG), 30kapsul, weighing 180 mg, in an aluminum bottle in a cardboard box (contents of 40% maltodextrin), dietary supplements PROBIOLOH Fort, 30kapsul weight 230mh, in an aluminum bottle in a cardboard box (contents maltodextrin 19.6%), manufacturer: "" Hr.Hansen a / C "" for Denmark, "" Laboratory Mayol Spindler "," France, Country production: Denmark;. "DENMARK0UA11003080.93315244.28098
27/Apr/201721069098901.Diyetychna diet supplement that contains more than 5 wt.% Krohmalyu.Seriya 047: PROBIOLOH Forte 30 capsules in an aluminum bottle in the carton pack -1000. Series 445: PROBIOLOH 30 capsules in an aluminum bottle in a carton pack -500. Manufacturer: Hr.Hansen A / S, DK Laboratory for Mayol Spindler, FR. .DENMARK0UA12503051.9338863.525107
18/Apr/20178467295100"1.Instrumenty Hand with built electric motor, vehicles kutoshlifuvalni: Angle Grinder Model W9-125 Quick, power consumption 900Vt diameter 125 mm dystka (complete with auxiliary accessories) art.600374010-72sht, angle grinders, model: W 12 -125 HD, power consumption 1250 watts, with aluminum flange for heavy work (cutting, polishing concrete casing CED) diameter dysku125 mm spindle M14 (complete with optional accessory) art.600408000-1sht, Angle Grinder, model WEV15- 125Quick, disk diameter 125mm, power 1550Vt (complete with operational accessories Yam) art.600468000-144sht, Angle shlifmashynka model WEV17-125Quick power consumption - 1700Vt (complete with auxiliary accessories) art.600516000-24sht, trademark METABOVyrobnyk Metabowerke GmbH Country of DE. "GERMANY241UA125200729.39815380.75966
13/Apr/20178714100000"1.Zapasni parts for motorcycles, chain tensioner" "CHAIN ​​SLIDING PIECE 03" "art.54804067000-1sht.ABS wire" "OFFROAD DONGLE" "art.60312953000-1sht.Ustanovchyy set" "GPS BRACKET CPL." "Art. 60312992044 () -1sht.Klapan ventilation "" FUEL TANK CAP ALU CPL. "" art.78107908144 (Aluminum) -1sht.Zahysnyy set "" FRAME PROTECTION sET 03 "" art.54803094000 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain '' cHAIN SLIDE GUARD "" art.7720406610004 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" cHAIN GUIDE EXC ORANGE "" art.7810407010004 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" LOWER cHAIN SLIDER CPL. "" art.7900305300004 () -1sht.Zahyst hands "" HANDGUARDS CPL. L + R ORANGE "" art.7770217900004 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" cHAIN SLIDING GUARD KIT 11-15 "" art.51504066044 () -2sht.Natyahuvach chain "" cHAIN GUIDE KIT REAR SX -F 14 "" art.77704070210 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" CHAIN ​​GUARD CPL. 11-15 "" art.77204066010 () -2sht.Natyahuvach chain "" CHAIN ​​SLIDING GUARD KIT 11-15 "" art.51504066044 () -2sht.Zcheplennya "" CLUTCH KIT 250/300 13-15 "" art.54832011110 () -1sht.Nakladka "" CLUTCH COVER 250/350 CPL. "" rt.79230994500EB and () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" cHAIN GUIDE KIT EXC 14-15 "" art.78104070010 () -1sht.Vazhil "" ROCKER ARM EXHAUST CPL. "" art.75036061144 () -2sht.Vazhil "" ROCKER ARM INLET COMPL. "" art.75036060144 () - 2sht.Vtulka "" SPACER BUSH. SPR. SUPP. IN. 06 '' art.60110014000 () -1sht.Vtulka "" SPACER BUSH. SPROCKET SUPP. 06 '' art.60110012000 () -1sht.Spoyler to Trunks "" SPOILER TOP CASE "" art.62012027020EB () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" TENSIONER RAIL 07 "" art.75036002000 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" GUIDE RAIL 07 "" art.75036001000 () -1sht.Natyahuvach chain "" cHAIN GUIDE kIT REAR 08-14 "" art.77304070310 () -2sht.Ustanovchyy set "" Mounting for GPS bracket "" art.60712992044 () - 2sht.Opora "" SIDE STAND CPL. 08 "" art.78003023044 () -2sht.Vis wheels "" WHEEL SPIN.FR. D = 26 M24x1,5 07 "" art.77309081000 () -1sht.Vis wheels "" WHEEL SPIN.FR. CPL. D = 22, 15 "" art.77709081033 () -1sht.Vazhil switch "" SHIFT LEVER CPL. 250/300 05 "" art.54834031000 () -1sht.Ventilyator "" FAN FOR EXC "" art.55135041044 () -2sht.Kriplennya "" FAN BRACKET "" art.79635943000 (mechanical fan) -4sht.Plasyna '' NUMBER PLATE CARRIER TOP "" art.78108016000 () -2sht.Tros grip "" cLUTCH CABLE 4T L = 1115MM '99 "" art.58402090000 () -1sht.Zahyst frame "" fRAME PROTECTION SET 05 "" art.54803094100 () -2sht.Probka "" SCREW PLUG "" art.77038017000 () -5sht.Probka "" EXHAUST PLUG 37-62MM "" art.7901203000004 () -1sht.Zahysne ring "" PROT. RING STEER. HEAD BEARING "" art.69001086100 () -1sht.Kronshteyn "" AXLE CLAMP L / S WITH TUBE CPL. "" Art.48601318S1 () -1sht.Kronshteyn "" AXLE CLAMP R / S WITH TUBE CPL. "" Art. 48601317S1 () -1sht.Nakladka in Faro "" HEAD LIGHT MASK 08 "" art.7650800100028 (plastic) wheel -1sht.Vis "" wHEEL SPINDLE FRONT D = 26MM 07 '' art.75009081000 () -1sht.Tsylindr "" CYLINDER + PISTON 85 SX "" art.47130038000 () -1sht.Vyrobnyk: KTM MOTORRAD AGTorhovelna brand: KTM "AUSTRIA0UA10011015.8761402.429357
10/Apr/20178302411000"1.Armature fittings, fittings and similar products made of non-precious metals, for doors made of aluminum and PVC profiles used in buildings: Presses for doors (steam), article 1021.00.310-1000p.; Push-button pushers for doors (steam) , Article 1021.00.312-100par.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1022.00.310-500p.; Knobs for pushing for doors (steam), article 1025.00.310-1000par.; Press knob for doors (steam), article 1025.00.312-500p.; Pushbutton knobs for doors (steam), article 1026.00.310-500p.; Knobs for pushing for doors (steam), article 1026.00.312-200p.; Press knobs for Doors (steam), article 1026.00.315-100par.; Press knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.310-550par.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.313-450par;; Press knobs for doors ( Pairs), article 1032.00.315-400p.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1032.00.350-100p.; Push knobs for doors (steam), article 1121.00.310-500p.; Push knobs for doors (steam) , Article at 1122.00.310-1000par.; Door loop, article 2004.00.310-1728p.; Door loop, article 2004.00.313-552p; Door loop, article 2004.00.315-984p; Door loop, article 2004.00.350 -144pcs .; door hinge, article 2006.00.310-2160p.; Door hinge, and Article 2006.00.313-1320p.; Door hinge, article 2006.00.315-1020p.; Door hinge, article 2006.00.350-60pcs .; Door lock, article 3020-200p;; Door hinge, article 2030.00.310-100pcs. ; Door hinge, article 2030.00.350-100; Door hinge, article 2031.00.310-50pcs; Fastener set for door hinge, article 2050,6-1000pcs .; Fastening set for door hinge, article 2050,95-1000pcs; ; Door hinge, article 2065.00.310-500p;; Door hinge, article 2065.00.313-600pc;; Door hinge, article 2065.00.315-400pc .; Door hinge, article 2065.00.350-100pc .; Door hinge, article 2067.00 .313-200 pieces; Door hinge, article 2104.00.310-48; Loop Is valid, the article is 2108.00.310-100pcs .; Door hinge, article 2108.00.313-120p;; Door hinge, article 2108.00.315-120p;; Door hinge, article 2108.00.350-120pcs .; Fitting set for door hinge, article 2150,6-100pcs; fastening set for door hinges, article 2150,95-60pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.3102pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.3132pcs; spindle for doors, article 3006.00.315-100s;; Spindle for doors, article 3006.00.350-100;; Spindle for doors, article 3060.00.310-200; Spinel for doors, article 3060.00.313-150;; Spindle for doors, article 3060.00. 315-150pcs .; Spyware T for doors, article 3061.00.310-200; spindle for doors, article 3061.00.3132; 200; spinball for doors, article 3061.00.315-200; spindle for doors, article 3061.00.350-100;; spindle for Doors, article 3062.00.310-100;; spindle for doors, article 3062.00.313-100;; spindle for doors, article 3063.00.313-160p;; spindle for doors, article 3063.00.315-120p; Door handles ( Steam), article 1038.00.312-5p.; Handles for doors "SERBIA0UA3051608035.182620.42831
10/Apr/201721069098901.Diyetychna diet supplement that contains more than 5 wt.% Krohmalyu.Seriya 445: PROBIOLOH (PROBIOLOG) 30 capsules in an aluminum bottle in a cardboard box - 720 up.Vyrobnyk: Hr.Hansen A / S, DK for Laboratory Spindler Maillol, FR. .DENMARK0UA12503020.882548.6488
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Aluminum Spindle Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Aluminum Spindle Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ "" Вента.ЛТД"""
Importer Address
49000,м.Дніпро,Селянський узвіз,3А
Exporter Name Laboratoires MAYOLY SPINDLER
Product Description
"1.Diyetychna supplement ratsionuharchuvannya as a.........
HS Code 2106909890Value 7042.074496
Quantity 0Unit UA110030
Net Weight 37.433
Origin Country DENMARK

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