Ukraine Import Data of Aluminum 6063 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminum 6063

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of aluminum 6063 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of aluminum 6063 imports.

Aluminum 6063 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminum 6063

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of aluminum 6063. Get Ukraine trade data of Aluminum 6063 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201776042990001.Vyroby from aluminum alloys (profiles), aluminum (rozmir1000h100mm, material T5 6063) - 379sht.Krayina vyrobnytstva- CNTorhovelna marka- ELXVyrobnyk- JIANGSU GIANTALLY IMP & EXP. CO, LTD.CHINA0UA1001102571.0313739.47859 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): extruded aluminum profile aluminum art.AYPC.150.0102-1728 mProfil extruded L = 3,3 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-3362,7 mProfil aluminum extruded L = 4,5 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-891 mprofil portal art.PRD125-56 mprofil auxiliary art.AYPC.F50 .0721-34 mprofil leveling art.AYPC.C48.0614-104 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0601-744 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0603-446,4 mprofil guide art.AYPC.1 15.0011-12 mprofil threshold art.AYPC.C48.0805-104 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0605-223,2 mprofil clip clip art.AYPC.110.0605-1711,2 mProfil clamping plates art.AYPC.F50.0601-3128 clamping mProfil mprofil lattice strips art.AYPC.F50.1612-13,6 art.AEG56-119 mprofil lattice art.AEG56-1400 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44F 20 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.C48.0612 -156 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC .VC65.0604-45,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1053 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-240 mTorhovelna mark Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY "BELARUS0UA1252207100.32522304.70329
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. Profile Aluminum alloy produced from alloyed aluminum (alloy 6063-T5), treated with seats for fastening, painted without fasteners, the length of 4.6 meters, aluminum (code HY-BGM10-04) -5019 , 24kh. (5544 pcs.), aluminum (code HY-BGM10-37) -9188,18kh. (3816 pcs.), aluminum (code HY-BGM10-38) -56469,72kh. (35700 pcs.) , aluminum (code HY-BGM10-39AP) -10435,6kh. (5616 pcs.), aluminum (code HY-BGM10-40) -6146,68kh. (5544 pcs.), aluminum (code HY-BGM10 -52) -4997,14kh. (1818 pcs.), aluminum (code HY-BGM10-53) -2003,44kh. (3000 pcs.) brand AN HUAI CO., LTD trademark no data Raina production of CN. "CHINA0UA10012094260183807
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. pressed extruded profile without anodic coating series :," "W" "," "B" "," "A" "," "Z" ", aluminum alloy, for protecting building structures. ISO B B.2.6 -3-95. Art-W3683, length 7000 mm - 54 pcs, brand 1314kh.- alloy anode without covering 6060 ,, - W3871, length 6000 mm - 28 pcs 834 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating , -A8407, length 2700 mm - 140 pieces, 548 kh.- alloy grade 6060 with anodic coating ,, - Z5352, length 6020 mm - 36 pcs, 1340 brands kh.- alloy anode without covering 6060 ,, - Z8351, 6020mm length - 35 pcs 875 kh.- alloy grade 6063 without anodic coating ,, - W0199, 6020mm length - 4 pieces, 142 mA alloy kh.- ing 6063 without anodic coating ,, - W5727, 8200mm length - 8 units, 486 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating ,, - W3532, 6000mm length - of 24, 922 kh.- alloy grade 6060 without anodic coating , Total - 329 pieces, weight -6461 kg.. "POLAND0UA125130646118246.3099
27/Apr/20177604210000"1.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): extruded aluminum profile art.AYPC.150.0110-360 mprofil castle art.KPU45 / R-60 mprofil end art.ES9x45 / eco-90 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0807-18,6 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-208 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0104-286 mprofil pins art.AYPC.F50.0204 -353.6 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44m / S-3360 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-338 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0205-286 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0205-143 mprofil rack art .AYPC.110.0301-409,2 mprofil rack art.AYPC.F50 .0101-27,2 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0102-340 mprofil rack rack art.AYPC.F50.0104-326,4 mprofil amplifier art.AYPC.C48.0706-13 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-792 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-guide 540 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-mark mTorhovelna 360 Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA1252206401.15922823.41683
27/Apr/20177608208100"1. Pipes drawn, extruded aluminum alloy" "6063" "without further processing and with additional coverage: -FI 10X1mm L 6000 -1194 pieces. Kh.marky 531" "6060" "without anodic coating; -FI 25X2mm L 6020 -209 pieces. kh.marky 496 "" 6063 "" without anode pokryttyaZahalna number: 1403 pcs., weight - 1027 kg.. "POLAND0UA12513010272829.560129
27/Apr/20177604291000"1 of aluminum alloy rods, without anodic coating: -PL 40 x 8mm L6020 -152 pieces. Kh.marky 790" "6063" "; - PL 120 h10mm L6020 -36 pcs., 706 kh.marky" " 6063 ""; Total: 188sht., weight - 1496 kg.. "POLAND0UA12513014964114.000118
27/Apr/201776042100001.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): Rolled, extruded profile art.AER44 / S-384 mprofil reinforcing art.AEG30 / S-70 reinforcing mprofil art.AEG30 / S-70 mprofil lattice art.AEG84-245 mProfil lattice L = 5,5 m art.AEG84-495 mProfil lattice L = 4,6 m art.AEG84-506 mshyna guide art.GR70x26-36 mprofil leaf art .AYPC.100.0202-48 mprofil frame art.AYPC.100.0105-72 mprofil shtulpa art.AYPC.110.0501-6,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0806-24,8 mprofil swivel rotary frame art.AYPC.110.0807-37,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0102-49,6 m art.AYPC.110.0102-223,2 mprofil frame profile sash casement art.AYPC.110.0202-24,8 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0202-347,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0307-6,2 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC. 110.0307-80,6 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0809-12,4 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0810-24,8 mprofil frame art.AYPC.110.0104-74,4 mprofil top art.AYPC.118.0005-144 mpro fil frames art.AYPC.C48.0101-156 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0102-819 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0103-156 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0103-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48 frame. 0104-13 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0104-13 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0105-104 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0105-182 mprofil impost art.AYPC.C48.0301-39 them mprofil Final art.AYPC.C48.0302-117 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0302-39 mprofil impost impost impost art.AYPC.C48.0302-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0303-78 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C48 .0201-104 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0201-26 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.C48.0202-26 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0202-416 mprofil casement sash art.AYPC.C48.0203-546 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0203-26 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C48.0203-78 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-312 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-117 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC .C48.0619-39 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0619-39 mprofil rotary expander art.AYPC.C48.0801-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0802 -26 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0110-39 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C43.0102-39 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C43.0202-52 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0101-111,6 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0102-111,6 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0103-372 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0104-37,2 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0105-24,8 mProfil art.AYPC. 111.0105-24,8 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0107-99,2 mProfil art.AYPC.120.0401-24 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-52 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-39 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0104-78 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0202-52 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0204-26 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-26 mprofil leaf art.AYPC. W62.0204-136,5 mprofil casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0205-130 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0205-26 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0301-52 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC.W62.0301- 26 mprofil impostBELARUS0UA12522015331.26760467.39245
27/Apr/201776042990001.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): final corner art.AES30x20-180 mkutochok final art.AES30x20- 60 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-30 mprofil art.PRD19-72 mprofil portal frame art.AYPC.100.0102-48 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.100.0203-48 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0602-37,2 mprofil art.AYPC cover. 110.0603-74,4 mprofil clip art.AYPC.110.0609-24,8 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0808-64 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0808-320 mprofil rack art.AYPC.118.0001-144 mP rofil art.AYPC.118.0001-144 mprofil rack frame art.AYPC.118.0002-432 mprofil art.AYPC.118.0002-288 mprofil door frame art.AYPC.118.0003-216 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1404 mprofil glazing bead art .AYPC.C48.0603-351 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-117 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-117 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-585 mprofil w tapyka art.AYPC.C48. 0605-468 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0607-234 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0608-585 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0608-117 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0611-624 mprofil tide low tide art .AYPC.C48.0611-156 mprofil shelves art.AYPC.C48.0615-78 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0626-52 mProfi l contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0627-26 mProfil contiguity door glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0628-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0606-1989 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0606-117 mprofil glazing bead art. AYPC.C48.0606-234 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0602-819 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0602-234 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0629-52 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48. 0630-52 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0501-992 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0502-124 mProfil extruded aluminum cover art.AYPC.111.0601-8,4 mprofil art.AYPC.111.0605-173,6 mprofil frame art. AYPC.111.0114-49,6 mProfil aluminum EXTE udovanyy art.AYPC.111.0116-74,4 mProfil decorative cover decorative cover art.AYPC.F50.0503-408 mProfil art.AYPC.F50.0503-272 mProfil art.AYPC.F50.0504-544 cover decorative cover decorative art mProfil .AYPC.F50.0504-408 mProfil cover decorative glazing bead art.AYPC.F50.0504-136 mprofil art.AYPC.VC65.0604-104 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.SL160.0101-19,5 mProfil art. AYPC.SL160.0802-6,5 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.SL160.0804-13 mProfil art.AYPC.SL160.0805-6,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-481 mprofil draft art. AYPC.C48.0612-2496 mprofi b shtapika art.AYPC.C48.0602-13 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.W62.0601-140 mProfil cover decorative facade art.AYPC.F50.0503-95,2 mshyna art.SB-I / FR / 17m-18 mprofil art.PRD45-28 mprofil portal portal art.PRD123-20,4 mBELARUS0UA1252204367.60917550.97621
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. Profile Aluminum alloy produced zlehovanoho aluminum (alloy 6063-T5), treated with seats for fastening, painted without kripylnyhelementiv length of 3-6 meters, aluminum (code XGJB-1018) -456.84 kg. (417sht .), aluminum (code LXD-1630 529.22 kg. (225 pcs.), aluminum (code LXD-1627P 1144.92 kg. (495 pcs.), aluminum (code LXD-1628 2090.56 kg. (835 pcs.) , aluminum (code XGX-210 869.50 kg. (316 pcs.), aluminum (code XGX-211 452.14 kg. (240 pcs.), aluminum (code XGX-208 574.34 kg. (220 pcs.) Aluminum profile (code XGX-209 994.52 kg. (408 pcs.), aluminum ( from XGJB-052L 4500.00 kg. (2725 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-052L 787.72 kg. (516 pcs.), aluminum (code XSEK-1016 2595.00 kg. (1450 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB -148P 2659.00 kg. (1608 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-148P 181.42 kg. (117 pcs.), aluminum (code XBE3701 227.48 kg. (96 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-150P 133.48 kg . (106 pcs.) Aluminum (code XGJB-149AP 160.74 kg. (85 pcs.), Aluminum (code XGJB-1136P 48.88 kg. (52 pcs.), Aluminum (code ZJB-737 37.60 kg. (49 pcs.) Aluminum Profile (LXD-3254 code 1634.66 kg. (702 pcs.), aluminum (code 165-2338 603.48 kg. (298 pcs.), aluminum (code 2286 665.52 kg. (221 pcs.), aluminum (code LXD- 3040 474.70 kg. (278 pcs.), aluminum (code LXD-3039 59.00 kg. (100 pcs.), aluminum (code 2289 242.52 kg. (199 pcs.), aluminum (code 2290 450.26 kg. (152 pcs.), aluminum (code 2291 449.32 kg. (500 pcs.), aluminum (code LXD-1972 394.80 kg. (186 pcs.) Aluminum profile b (code ZY-088 195.52 kg. (150 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-952 171.08 kg. (139 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-953 344.98 kg. (148 pcs.), aluminum ( code XGJB-954 400.00 kg. (442 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-951 176.72 kg. (58 pcs.), aluminum (code XGY-590P 236.88 kg. (95 pcs.); Aluminum (code XBX7707 164.50 kg. (96 pcs.), Aluminum (code XYL15X15 23.50 kg. (100 pcs.), Aluminum (code XBX7701D 409.46 kg. (180 pcs.), Aluminum (code ZY-088 254.74 kg. (184 pcs.), aluminum (code XSEK-122 185.18 kg. (60 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-150P 80.84 kg. (60 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-1136P 62.98 kg. (60 pcs.), aluminum (code XGJB-149AP 125.00 kg. (60 pcs.) brand AN HUAI CO., LTD Trademark no data Country of CN "CHINA0UA1001202624951185.56008
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Aluminum 6063 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Aluminum 6063 Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІК ЕЛЕКТРОЛЮКС"""
Importer Address
02099, м.Київ, вул.Бориспільська,9, корп.57/Літ.57/ Україна
Product Description
1.Vyroby from aluminum alloys (profiles), aluminum.........
HS Code 7604299000Value 13739.47859
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 2571.03
Origin Country CHINA

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