Ukraine Import Data of Aluminium Paint | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminium Paint

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of aluminium paint collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of aluminium paint imports.

Aluminium Paint Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aluminium Paint

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of aluminium paint. Get Ukraine trade data of Aluminium Paint imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20177606122000"1. Aluminum intended for external cladding of buildings (building facades): Aluminum Composite Panel" "SARAY A2" "rectangular shape (complex multilayer panels), paint - polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) on one side and colored on the other hand, 4mm thickness consisting of two sheets of aluminum alloy (grade 3003 alloy H16), each thickness of 0.50 mm., connected by a mineral filler: - art. S1011, size: 1500mm * 5800mm - April 1992,30,00 .m. (229 pcs.) - art. S7016, size: 1500mm * 5800mm - 835.20 meters (96 pcs.) - art. S1011, size: 1500mm * 5800mm - k 1183.20 .m. (136 pcs.) Country of TR trademark - AluminiumVyrobnyk Saray - Saray Dokum ve Madeni Aksam San. Turizm AS. "TURKEY0UA50006040850105577.3324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/201776061220001.Vyroby aluminum alloy thickness exceeds 0.2 mm, for finishing fasadusplav alloy EN AW-3003, the composition of the alloy (SiFeCuMnZnAI): painted aluminum plates SARAY ALM. COMPOSITE PANEL S 865 (4 / 0,35mm) size (1250X3200-238 sheets) -952kv.m. Manufacturer SARAY DOKUM VE MADENI AKSAM SANAYI TURIZM ASKrayina production TRTorhovelna brand SARAY ALUMINIUM.TURKEY0UA100210510015931.37211
13/Apr/20178205591000"1.Ruchni painters tashtukaturiv tools for working with plaster and create decorative effects on the surface: art.031 PROFESSIONAL SPATULA-Soft Gr-12p; art.505 PUTTY TROWEL-SoftHandle-sta-12p; art.184 Plastering andCleaning Spon-70sht , art.435 NOTCHEDTROWEL-Soft H.-close-12p; art.401 NOTCHED TROWEL-SoftH.-open-12p; art.405 NOTCHED TROWEL-Soft H.-open - 12p; art.481 MARBLE TROWEL-Soft Handle -op-12p; art.523 MARBLE TROWEL-Aluminium H.-s-12p; art.533 PLASTERTROWEL-Aluminium H .-- 12p; art.226 VENETIAN PLASTERING TROWEL --12sht; art.148CURVED HANDLE SPATULA-stainl-12p , art.150 CURVED HANDLE SPATULA-stainl-24sht, art.114 STEEL HAWK 24x30 cm-12p; art.701 SPATULA-Soft Grip-Springste-12p; art.704 SPATULA-Soft Grip-Spring ste-12p; art.707 SPATULA-SoftGrip-Spring ste-12p; art.725 WALLPAPER KNIFE (DKR) -12sht, art.726 WALLPAPERSPATULA (DKR) -12sht, art.175 ENGLISH (POINTING) TROWEL --1sht, art.286 POINTINGTROWEL-Soft Handle-1am; art.465 NOTCHED TROWEL-Wooden H.-sta-1pc, art .074 SCRAPER FLOAT 25 cm-1am; art.206 TRAPEZOIDAL TROWEL-stainless-1am; art.203 EPOXY GROUTING FLOAT 25cm-1am; art.729 SCRAPER SPATULA 14cm (DKR) -1sht; art.742 PUTTY TROWEL-Soft Handle 20c-1am; "TURKEY0UA11012091.9569.6899623
13/Apr/201782079099001.Nasadky metallic paint mixers dlyaperemishuvannya: art.1510 6,7cm Aluminium Paint Mixer-12p., Art.1520 25cm Mixer 9CM.-12p.,.TURKEY0UA1101204.05621.96000985
10/Apr/20173214101090"1.Budivelni sealant installation scope, budyvnytstvo.Dlyamontazhu, hermetyzatsyyi joints, cracks filled in plastic tubes pastopodibnoyiformy: Basis Silicon 80% napovnivach: Calcium 20% tryatsytoksysilan <5% tryodytilen <0,1-2 5%: Universal silicone SOUDAL UNIVERSAL sILICONE GREY vtubah 300 mL: gray -1500sht. Universal silicone UNIV.SILICONE bLACK vtubah 300 ml: black -1500sht. Universal silicone PROFIL bialy in po280 ml tubes: white -600sht. Sanitary silicone in 60 g blisters, transparent 1200sht. Sanitary silicone SANITARY sILICONE wHITE in tubes of 300 ml, white-1500sht. orderly ny silicone in blisters of 60 g, white-600sht. Silicone Adhesive Sealant Mirror MIROBOND in tubes of 310 ml 1500sht. Neutral silicone: Modifikovannyy Silicon 70% napovnivach kaltsid 25% tryatsyt oksysilan <5%: Neutral Sealant SILIRUB 2 szary aluminium in tubes po310 ml: metallic -600sht. Neutral Sealant 2 SILIRUB in tubes of 310 ml, black-150sht. Neutral Sealant 2 SILIRUB in tubes of 310 ml, white-300sht. Neutral Sealant SILIRUB 2 in n / ethylene 600 ml packaging: transparent-1584sht. Neutral Sealant aquarium Silirub Aquarium Transp in tubes of 310ml, transparent -1500sht. Sanitary neutral silicone SANIITARY SILICONE NEUTRALCLEAR in tubes of 300 ml, transparent 1500sht. Based Acryl 60% filler kaltsid 35%, 5% water, Hermetykakrylovyy painting ACRIL PAINTABLE SEALANT WHITE in tubes of 300 ml, white-6000sht. Acrylic sealant in tubes of 300 ml, gray -600sht. Sealing akrylovyyv tubes of 300 ml: black -900sht. Sealing Parquet Parq. sea ​​EE oak (kit doparkietu dab 300 ml) in 300 ml tubes oak-1500sht. Sealing tape samoskleyucha, in rolls zavshyrky not more than 20cm, used for the installation of plastic windows: Belt hermetykvikonnyy self-adhesive on acrylic base SOUDABAND ACRYL 15h3h15 mm 8 rolls of tape -960m.Hermetyzuyucha samoskleyucha, in rolls zavshyrky not more than 20cm, used to installation of plastic windows: Belt samokleynyyhermetyk, two-way, based on acrylic inner width of 70 mm to 25 m rulonahpo -30sht. Sealing tape samoskleyucha, in rolls zavshyrky no more yak20sm: used for the installation of plastic windows: Belt samokleynyyhermetyk, bilateral, acrylic-based, external width 100 mm rulonahpo 25m -60sht. Based poliurytanu 60% filler ksilol, kaltsid <40%: Polyurethane Sealants CARBOND 940 in tubes of 310 ml: black -300sht. Hermetykpoliuretanovyy SOUDAFLEX 40 FC in n / ethylene pack 600 ml, gray-1584sht. Polyurethane Sealants SOUDAFLEX 40 FC in n / ethylene 600 ml package: white-1584sht. Adhesive and sealant for galvanizing COLOZINC in tubes of 290ml, gray silicone -300sht.Hybrydnyy: Modifikovanyy silykon 70% napovnivach kaltsid 25% tryatsytoksysilan <5%: Adhesive and sealant hybrid FIXALL CRYSTAL in blisters of 80 ml, crystal -600sht. Adhesive and sealant hybrid Fix All HT Wihite in tubes of 290 ml, white -1440sht. Adhesive and sealant hybrid Fix All Classick white "BELGIUM0UA1000101541465002.30833
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Aluminium Paint Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Aluminium Paint Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Address
49098, Дніпропетровська обл., м.Дніпро, вул. МАРШАЛА МАЛИНОВСЬКОГО, буд. 2, БАШТА А7 - 7, ПОВ.6 НОМ.7
Exporter Name Saray Dokum ve Madeni Aksam Sanayi Turizm A.S.
Product Description
"1. Aluminum intended for external cladding of bui.........
HS Code 7606122000Value 105577.3324
Quantity 0Unit UA500060
Net Weight 40850
Origin Country TURKEY

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