Ukraine Import Data of Alu Alu | Ukraine Import Statistics of Alu Alu

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of alu alu collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of alu alu imports.

Alu Alu Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Alu Alu

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30/Apr/201727011210001.Vuhillya anthracite (coal concentrate) bituminous, coking coal (hard 50-hard coal) (in powder and hard black lumps.) Ash content Ad, -7,35%, moisture content Wdaf-8,18%, sulfur Sd-0,43%, calorific value limit Qri-29965kJ / kg.-7151,551kkal. / kh.vmist volatiles on a dry basis bezmineralnu Vdaf-25,75% .Navalom. .POLAND0UA1100101891700333454.1206 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20178483502000"1. steel pulleys to c / d tractors: 240-1005131-V-pulleys KOLINCHASTOHOBALU 10sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO" "FM," "MMW". "Trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417033329.8452254
30/Apr/20176029049001 Plants for open ground decorative live without for meat fruit trees and bushes rooted shrubs, deciduous and shpilkovyh rocks, torfohrunti, plastic horshykah of torfosumishshyu.vikom over 2years not intended for forestry Fir-ABIES LASIOCARPA (ARIZONICA] ARGENTEA CO. 180200 / 250-3sht height from 200cm to 250sm.Pihta-ABIES LASIOCARPA COMPACTA CLT. 180-1sht 180sm.Pihta high-ABIES NORDM. PYRAMIDALIS CONT 175 / 200-3sht height from 175cm to 200sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 200 / 250-5sht height from 200cm to 250sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 250 / 300-2sht height from 250sm to 300sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 300 / 350-1sht height from 300sm to 350sm.Klen -ACER [ROSSI] PALM.DISS.ATROPURPUREUM CLT. 55 100/125 MEZ-2 pcs height from 100cm to 125sm.Klen-ACER CAMPESTRE NANUM CLT. 110 16/18 ALTO FUSTO-3pc 110sm.Klen high-ACER PALM. SANGO KAKU [SENKAKI] CLT. 30,125 / 150-1sht 150sm.Bereza high-BETULA UTILIS DOOR. [JACQUEMONTII] CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FUS-5pcs 160-180sm.Hrab high-CARPINUS B ET.PYRAMIDALIS CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-1pc height from 180cm to 200sm.Katalpa-CATALPA BUNGEI [BIGNONIOIDES NANA] CLT. 25 10/12 ALTO FU-10pcs height from 100cm to 120sm.Kordolina- CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS ATROPURPUREA CLT. 15-2sht 150sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CLT. 30 10/12 ALTO FU-3pc 120sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FU-5pcs 180sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CONT 8/10 ALTO FUSTO-5pcs 100sm.Beresklet high-EUONYMUS JAP. ELEGANT. AUREUS LVQ 18 SPALLIERA-10pcs 180sm.Beresklet high-EUONYMUS JAPONICUS LVQ 18 SPALLIERA-6 pieces 180sm.Buk high-FAGUS SYLVATICA PURPUREA PENDULA CLT. 230 450/500 RAMIFI-1pc 500sm.Hinho high-GINKGO BILOBA FASTIGIATA BLAGON [R] CLT. 180 18/20 ALTO-1pc 200sm.Hinho high-GINKGO BILOBA HORIZONTALIS CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcs 180sm.Mahnoliya high-MAGNOLIA ACUMINATA YELLOW BIRD CLT. 55 12/14 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcs height from 120cm to 140sm.Mahnoliya-MAGNOLIA HEAVENT SCENT CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FUSTO-1pc 160sm.Mahnoliya high-MAGNOLIA STELLATA CLT. 90 14/16 ALTO FUSTO-4sht height from 140 cm to 160sm.Mahnoliya-MAGNOLIA YULAN [DENUDATA] CLT. 130 20/25 ALTO FUSTO-1pc 130sm.Oliandr high-NERIUM OLEANDER ROSA CLT. 15 80 / 100-1sht 100sm.Yalyna high-PICEA GLAUCA ALBERTA GLOBE CLT. 10-10sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS BREVIFOLIA CLT. 45 10/12 ALTO FUSTO-3pc 120sm.Sosna high-PINUS BREVIFOLIA CLT. 55 80 / 100-6sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS MUGO MUGHUS CLT. 10-20sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA AUSTRIACA CONT 125 / 150-3sht 150sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA AUSTRIACA CONT 250 / 300-3sht 300sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA PIERRICK BREGEON [R] CLT. 10-10sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS PINEA CLT. 30 175/200 12/14 ALTO FUSTO-4 pieces 140sm.Sosna high-PINUS STROBUS NANA [RADIATA] CLT. 35 MEZZO FUSTO-4 pieces 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS STROBUS NANA [RADIATA] CLT. 45 70 / 80-7sht 80sm.Sosna high-PINUS SYLVESTRIS CONT-2 pcs 100sm.Dub high-QUERCUS PALUSTRIS GREEN DWARF CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcsITALY0UA3051601440620693.65017
30/Apr/201727011210001.Vuhillya anthracite (coal concentrate) bituminous, coking coal (hard 50-hard coal) (in powder and hard black lumps.) Ash content Ad, -7,35%, moisture content Wdaf-8,18%, sulfur Sd-0,43%, calorific value limit Qri-29965kJ / kg.-7151,551kkal. / kh.vmist volatiles on a dry basis bezmineralnu Vdaf-25,75% .Navalom. .POLAND0UA11001019490034355.45166
30/Apr/20179031809100"1.Kontrolno measuring device for monitoring the geometrical parameters in the production of windows and doors: template mechanical connector Impost MD, aluminum, art.13580621001, count, 2 pcs .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin : DE.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "GERMANY0UA1001101.69190.5450986
30/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloys (AlMgSi): threshold VT86, aluminum, art.13560301002, count-6m .; Producer:" "REHAU" ". Country of origin: DE.Torhivelna mark:" "REHAU" ".. "GERMANY0UA1001104.9891.33142747
30/Apr/20172804300000"1.Azot liquefied cooled, technical, purity at least 99,999% (corresponding to GOST 9293-74), a tanker truck - a 27,280m3 state liquefaction / 18905,04m3 in a gaseous state (22000kh). It is used in equipment for cutting metalu.Vyrobnyk : "" Air Liquide Polska "" Sp. z oo, PL.Torhovelna brand: no data. ".POLAND1890504UA205040220001669.977534
30/Apr/20177318158190"1. ferrous metal from nanesenoyurizboyu, bolts, hex head, with a limit of tensile strength 450MPa, with steel nekoroziynostiykoy not forindustrial assembly to s / htraktoriv: 240-1002047-01 25sht bolts. Bolt 50-1005054 crankshaft-10pc. KOLINCHASTOHOVALU 245-1005054 bolt-11sht. 245-1005054-B-bolt crankshaft 1am. 50-1005127-A-flywheel Bolts 171sht. 245-1005127 Bolts flywheel-120sht. A bolt-D18-051 TURNING Angles-40sht. 36-1104787-01 bolt-fitting 20pcs. 240-1104787 bolt-fitting 50sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO " "VHF" "MMP" "Trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417029.035334.7406261
30/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloys (AlMgSi) for windows and doors, not walling elements: Reinforcement frame for HST SYNEGO, aluminum, art.13983051111, count-13,6m .; Producer:" "REHAU" " .Krayina production: AT.Torhivelna mark: "" REHAU "".. "AUSTRIA0UA10011032.912116.5863499
30/Apr/20172701121000"1.Vuhillya stone bituminous, coking, neahlomerovane: coal concentrate HZHO mark in the form of particles and irregularly shaped pieces of black-moisture content of 9.9% -8.0% ash content, volatile matter content in terms of bezmineralnu dry basis, 35.2%, maximum heat value (calculated on the basis of the moisture bezmineralnu) Qsaf -8004-cal. / kg., sulfur-0.52%.. "RUSSIA0UA110010691006219.000143
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Address
49064,м.Дніпро,вул.Маяковського,будинок 3, Україна
Exporter Name """EAST-POL Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia,Spolka komandytowa"""
Product Description
1.Vuhillya anthracite (coal concentrate) bituminou.........
HS Code 2701121000Value 333454.1206
Quantity 0Unit UA110010
Net Weight 1891700
Origin Country POLAND

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