Ukraine Import Data of Allen Key | Ukraine Import Statistics of Allen Key

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of allen key collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of allen key imports.

Allen Key Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Allen Key

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of allen key. Get Ukraine trade data of Allen Key imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177318159090"1. Bolts made of carbon steel strength class 8.8 without nuts and bezshayby, cylinder head and Allen Turnkey zchastkovoyu metric thread, galvanized, Size: M4h12mm; M8h20mm; bezdodatkovoho coating M5h16mm size. They are used to from connection elementivkonstruktsiy in mechanical engineering, instrumentation and other industrial sectors andrelations together with nuts and washers of appropriate size.. "TAIWAN0UA20914077.01208.9030683 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201782054000001. Hand tools, screwdrivers, of base metal contains precious and semiprecious stones. Art.071536 15 Screw steel / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-TX15X58 - number - 2 sht.Art.0613480025 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-PREC-SL-0,40X2,5X75 - number - 1 sht.Art.06134870 Screw steel / Marking : SCRDR-VDE-PH0X60 - number - 1 sht.Art.071540 03 Screw steel 6 Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-BALLHD-WS3 - number - 10 sht.Art.071540 04 Screw steel 6- Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY- INHEX-BALLHD-WS4 - number - 20 sht.Art.071531 29 Screw steel / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-LONG-14X280 - number - 2 sht.Art.071531 110 Screw steel 6 Kutno, complete - 10 pcs. / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-SET- (1,5-12) -10PCS - number - 4 sht.Art.061396325 Screw steel, complete - 5. / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-SET-PH / SL-5PCS - number - 5 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000104.73110.0847588
27/Apr/201773181569901.Vyroby carbon steel with a yield lasting 800MPa spine stretching, strength class 8.8-screw ISO 4762 internal shes tyhrannykom turnkey and cylinder head. Sruby imb. kl.8.8 ISO 4762 M5x90 made of carbon steel with tensile strength tensile 1000MPa class mitsnos 10.9.Hvynty ISO 7380 are stamped, bezhayok and washers, threaded with thread, with semi ivkruhloyu head and Allen. Sruby kl.10.9 ISO 7380 M3x20.TAIWAN0UA2091404.8526.88455127
21/Apr/20178309909000"4.Vyroby with copper plugs threaded their domestic Allen Turnkey latuniz with nickel-plated, hardened Model: CPP1NB ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU rizba1 / 2" "NPT -8sht. Model: CPP2NB ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU, IP66 / 67, thread 3 / 4 NPT -5sht.Model: CPP3NB ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU, IP66 / 67, thread 1 NPT -4sht. Designed dlyazakryvannya s introductory text of holes that are not used in junction boxes x.. "RUSSIA0UA8051801.797.84340645
21/Apr/20178204110000"1.Klyuchy to transport zasobiv.Klyuchi hand nut nerozvidni to the a / m generaldestination: KHD 11h13 TU Ts15hr.btsv. Barcode (SHTK) -15sht, KHD TUTs15hr.btsv 12h13. Barcode (SHTK) -25sht, KHD 12h14 TU Ts15hr. btsv. barcode (SHTK) -30sht; KHD13h14 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -45sht, KHD 14h17 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -20sht, KHD 16h18 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHD 19h22 TU Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -10sht, KHD 22h24 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -60sht, KHD TUTs15hr.btsv 24h27. barcode (SHTK) -35sht, KHD 5,5h7 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHD7h8 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -30sht, KHD 8h10 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -25sht , KHD 30h32 GOST Ts15hr.btsv. Barcode (SHTK) -25sht, KHD HOSTTs15hr.btsv 46h50. Barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KGC 13h13 TU Ts15hr.btsv. Barcode (SHTK) -30sht; KHK19h19 TU Ts15hr.btsv. Barcode ( SHTK) -5sht; KGC 22h22 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KGC 27x27 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KGC 30x30 TU Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -30sht; KGC 36h36 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHKU 22Ts15hr.btsv. tryhkod w (SHTK) -15sht; KHKU 24 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHKU 27Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -15sht; KHKU 30 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHKU 36Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHKU 46 Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -5sht; KHN 10h12TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -15sht; KHN 12h13 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHN 13h14 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHN 14h17 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHN 22h24 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHN 24h27 TU Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -20sht; KHN 27h30 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHN TUTs15hr.btsv 30h32. barcode (SHTK) -5sht; KHN 8h10 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHNO24 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -20sht; KHNO 30 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; KHNO 32 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -15sht; KHNO 36 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -50sht; KHNO 41 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -40sht; KHNO 46 TU Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -125sht; KHNO 50 TU Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -50sht; KHO 41 TUTs15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -20sht; Heavy tires 65-110 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; klyuchdo with internal screw. Allen Ts15hr.btsv S14. barcode (SHTK) -15sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. 24h27 L380 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -45sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. 27h30 L390 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -25sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. 27h32 L420 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -35sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. 32h38 L500 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -10sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. S32h33 L400 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -24sht; klyuchtorts. sterzh. Direct dvubichn. S38 with kv.22 L420 Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -5sht, key end. trubch. dvubichn. 50h62 Ts15hr.btsv.shtryhkod (SHTK) -25sht; torts.trubch key. unilater. (SHTK) -45sht; Key end. trubch. odnobichn.S110Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -15sht; Key end. trubch. unilater. L150 S55 spets.Ts15hr.btsv. barcode (SHTK) -35sht; Producer: Ltd. "" KZSM "" trademark-KZSM "" Country of-RU "RUSSIA0UA807200632.2953509.671621
20/Apr/201773181569901. incomplete metric screw thread, without nut without a washer made zvuhletsevoyi strength steel grade 10.9, without additional coating of potaynymyholovkamy and Allen Turnkey M3h8mm size. Applyin manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors together with washers, nuts, bushings and other openings with the appropriate thread size, with riznomanitnyhz'yednannyah fixtures and structural elements of metal. .TAIWAN0UA2091401.3213.52069628
19/Apr/201782055980901. ALLEN KEY T 2,5mm / 2,5mm hex key., Catalog. AT099-011-00 number - 7 pcs. Do not contain incorporates devices transmit / receive syhnaliv.Vyrobnyk: BIMHKE ABEEKrayina production: HretsiyaTorhovelna mark: BIMHKE ABEE.GREECE0UA1000100.2812.4105237
18/Apr/201782054000001. Hand tools, screwdrivers, of base metal contains precious and semiprecious stones. Art.071536 27 Screwdriver L-shaped corner / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-TX27X70 - number - 1 sht.Art.061313204 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-THNDL-INHEX-4X150 - number - 1 sht.Art.071540 03 Screw Steel 6 Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-BALLHD-WS3 - number - 10 sht.Art.0613631055 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-SL-1X5,5X125 - number - 1 sht.Art.06132621 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-PH1X300 - number - 1 sht.Art.071531 19 Screw steel / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-LONG-3X130 - number - 10 sht.Art.061313304 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-THNDL-INHEX-4X200 - number - 2 sht.Art .061313304 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-THNDL-INHEX-4X 200 - number - 3 sht.Art.061325105 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-SL-KNIRPS-1X5,5X25 - number - 5 sht.Art.0613631035 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-SL-0,6X3,5X100 - number - 5 sht.Art.06132522 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-PH-KNIRPS-PH2X25 - number - 5 sht.Art.06136322 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-PH2X100 - number - 2 sht.Art.06136321 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-PH1X80 - number - 5 sht.Art.071531 47 Screw steel 6- Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-SHORT-12X124 - number - 2 sht.Art.06139036 Screw steel, complete - 6 pieces . / Marking: SCRDR-SET-TX-3K-6PCS - number - 1 sht.Art.061313108 steel hexagonal screwdriver / Marking: SCRDR-THNDL-INHEX-BALHD-8X200 - number - 3 sht.Art.071531 38 Screw steel / Marking : ALLENKEY-INHEX-SHORT-3X65 - number - 100 sht.Art.06132012 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-PH2X100-3K - number - 5 sht.Art.061363608 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-EXHEX-WS8X125 - number - 10 sht.Art.061363610 Screw steel / Marking: SCRDR-VDE-EXHEX-WS10X125 - number - 10 sht.Art.071531 51 Screw steel 6- Kutno / Marking: ALLENKEY-INHEX-SHORT-22X200 - quantity - 2 pcs. Art.061391306 Screw steel, complete - 6 pieces. / Marking: SCRDR-THNDL-SET-INHEX-6PCS - number - 10 100 sht.Art.071531 Screw Steel 6 Kutno, complete - 9 pcs. / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-SET- (1,5-10) -9PCS - number - 20 sht.Art.071531 54 Screw Steel 6- Kutno, set - 14 pieces. / Marking: ANGLSCRDR-SET-14PCS - number - 3 Brand WURTH brand sht.Torhovelna ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DEGERMANY0UA10001021.607402.6326513
11/Apr/20178204110000"1.Ruchni wrenches (nerozvidni): to ratchet screwdriver and socket head 1/4" "105 mm 10 pieces, hex key Torx T20, CrV 6 pieces, hex key Torx T25, CrV 4 pieces, hex key Torx T27, CrV 6 pieces, hex key Torx T45, CrV of 5, allen key Torx T55, CrV 4 pieces, trademark NEOKrayina production CNVyrobnyk Grupa Topex Sp. z oo Sp.k.. "CHINA0UA1001102.5945.71005769
11/Apr/201773181590901. Bolts made of carbon steel strength class 8.8 without nuts and bezshayby, cylinder head and Allen Turnkey zchastkovoyu metric threaded galvanized size M3h20mm. Dlyaz'yednannya structural elements are used in mechanical engineering, instrumentation and inshyhpromyslovyh and industrial sectors together with nuts and washers vidpovidnyhrozmiriv. .PHILIPPINES0UA2091400.624.376747678
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Allen Key Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Allen Key Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""УМП"""
Importer Address
79069 м.Львів, вул.Шевченка,313/606 Україна
Exporter Name """ARGIP"" Sp. z o.o."
Product Description
"1. Bolts made of carbon steel strength class 8.8 .........
HS Code 7318159090Value 208.9030683
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 77.01
Origin Country TAIWAN

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