Ukraine Import Data of Alignment Tool | Ukraine Import Statistics of Alignment Tool

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of alignment tool collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of alignment tool imports.

Alignment Tool Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Alignment Tool

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20179015309000"1.Krestovoy automatic leveling laser alignment for horizontal, vertical and transverse lines on walls, ranging - 8 m horizontal angle measurement - 170, the vertical angle measurements - 140 art.62910 - 10 pcs .; Building torpedo level-leveling on a laser beam 270 mm with two puhirtsevymy vial, art.64400 - 5 pcs .; construction of mini-leveling rate by one laser beam, 220 mm puhirtsevym one vial, with mirror optics and integrated alignment height art.64500 - 10 pcs., trademark: a KWBKrayina robnytstva: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG. "CHINA0UA1251309.56330.8717177 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/201784651010001. machines for machining wood without tool change between treatments, with the lifting and movement details manually between operations: - Calibrating-polishing machine Kombi 650, 3 pcs. b /, 2016 RV Working width 620 mm Working thickness 3-125 mm, sanding belt size 650h1900, feed speed 5,5-11 m. / min., engine power 0.75 kVt.Pryznachenyy for calibration (alignment billet size in thickness) and grinding (obtaining the required surface roughness) planes blanks. The appliance is intended for personal vyrobnytstva.Vyrobnyk Melkuc.TURKEY3UA500310318033431.16651
10/Apr/20173214900090"1. Mineral suspension for strengthening the power and ground engineering works in dry and wet conditions aquifer CENTRICRETE HCS - 4500kh (225sht) .Harakterystyky: form of production - powder, color - gray density - 1.9 kg / dm3. One-component primer mineral ZENTRIFIX KMH - 20 kg (4 pieces). It is used as an active corrosion protection of steel reinforcement within concrete structures repair. Characteristics: shape manufacturing - powder, color - siryy.Dribnozernystyy filler for minor repairs of concrete surfaces: Emcefix Spachtel F extra fein mittelgrau - 100 kg (4 units). Characteristics: shape manufacturing - powder, color - gray. Two-component universal epoxy resin for industrial coating MC-DUR 1200 VK - 5kg (1pc) .Vykorystovuyetsya as a basis for mineral bases before making and applying various coatings to fill the holes and then, and pokryttya.Lehkyy leveling tool with integrated adhesive properties pit to repair normal and lightweight concrete: NAFUFILL LM - 300 kg (15sht). Characteristics: shape manufacturing - powder; color - gray cement; density - 1.29 kg / dm3 content of pigments and fillers - 0% .Vykorystovuyetsya to repair normal and lightweight concrete for exterior and interior works for local and continuous alignment in the repair of concrete facades, balconies, balconies, parapets, steps from lightweight concrete, silicate bricks for repairs. The fast way to eliminate water poverhnevohoprotikannya OMBRAN IW - 50kg (5pcs) .Harakterystyky: form of production - powder; color - gray; insoluble in water. Used for rapid elimination of surface leaks and water leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces. Not aerosol upakovtsi.Torhovelna mark - MC-Bauchemie.Vyrobnyk - MC-Bauchemie Muller GmbH & Co.KG.Krayina production - DE. "GERMANY0UA12511049752813.667757
06/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Tone cream Easy Series Color Trend, Light Medium, 30 ml art.F0194400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream ease series ColorTrend , MEDIUM, 30 ml art.F0201800-270sht. (1 Cor.), multi dennyykrem Full face SPF 20 series updates AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F0367700-800sht. (20kor.) anti-aging face cream Rozkishnezvolozhennya series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F0579500-120sht. (3kor.) Omolodzhuvalnyykrem luxurious moisturizing facial series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F0677600-252sht. (2 Cor.) facial cream is the charge nerhiyi. Doskonalist.Mittyeve alignment. series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-990sht. (10kor.) Toning and nourishing cream for face and body Rosehip series AVON Care, 400ml, art.F1036300-1012sht. (46kor .) Recovery night cream series AVON TrueNutra Effects, 50 ml art.F1670700-660sht. (11kor.) matting day cream SPF15 dlyaoblychchya Active moisture. Does not contain oils. series AVON True NutraEffects, 50 ml art.F2362000-300sht. (5kor.) Night cream Zaryadenerhiyi. Perfection. Series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362500-200sht. (5kor.) System Eye Updates SPF25, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F2522900-324sht. (3kor.) A set of tools skin care oblychchyaOnovlennya. Micellar water for face cleaning Secret 3-in-1 50 ml kremdlya Day Face 15ml, night cream 15 ml. The system for the skin around ocheykrem balm 15 ml art.F2647400-32sht. (1 Cor.) Night cream SyayvoSPF 20 series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2699700-720sht. (12kor.) Recovery Night Cream Radiance series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2762400-300sht. (5kor.) Recovery Cream Eye, seriyiAVON True Nutra Effects, 15 ml art.F2806700-126sht. (1 Cor.) Remedy 3-in-1 protychornyh points with white clay and 2 salicylic acid series AVON Clearskin, 75ml, art.F3054400-140sht. (2 Cor.) Night Moisturizing Gel Cream moisturizing oblychchyaAktyvne series AVON True Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F3510300-600sht. (10kor.) Gommazh Mask Facial with Dead Sea minerals ideal cleaning series Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F3511800-120sht. (1 Cor.) Matuyuschyy tonal kremSpokiyne Lights AVON True Colour, CREAM, 30 ml art.F3540700-90sht. (1 Cor.) Matuyuschyy creams Quiet Lights AVON True Colour, IVORY, 30 ml art.F3590100-90sht. (1 Cor.) Facial creams Quiet Lights AVON TrueColour, Ivory, sample 1 ml art.F3803200-792sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream dlyaoblychchya ease Series Color Trend, LIGHT, 30 ml art.F4185100-270sht. (1 Cor.) Pomyakshuvalnyy and refreshing body lotion with green tea extract zelenohochaya series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F5389100-200sht. (10kor.) Toning Cream dlyaoblychchya explosive energy. Perfection SPF 20 UVAUVB series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F6105900-396sht. (4kor.) Ultra Facial Cream zhyvlennya.Nasychenyy Care, 50 ml art.F6373800-400sht. (10kor.) Moisturizing k "POLAND0UA1002104803.6917310.03256
03/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): anti-aging face cream luxurious moisturizing series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F0677600-378sht. (3kor.) Intensive moisturizer for body -sufle royal zbdzholynym milk and vitiminom E series AVON Care, 200 ml art.F0750000-33sht. (1 Cor.), facial cream energy. Doskonalist.Mittyeve alignment. series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-986sht. (10kor .) Toning and nourishing cream for face and body Rosehip series AVON Care, 400ml, art.F1036300-2244sht. (102kor.) Night cream updates, seriyiAnew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F1384500-378sht. (3kor.) Day Cream SPF25 oblychchyaOnovlennya, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F1385000-323sht. (3kor.) Night Cream Anew Platinum, 15 ml art.F1602600-378sht . (3kor.) SPA face mask plivkadlya with effect shimmer with the scent of wood iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVONPlanet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-125sht. (2 Cor.) Coupling cooling tonic dlyaochyschennya pores with eriyi Clearskin, 100 ml , art.F2221600-1296sht. (18kor.) Matuyuchyydennyy cream SPF15 Active moisture. Does not contain oils. Series AVONTrue Nutra Effects, 50 ml art.F2362000-960sht. (16kor.) A set of tools with dohlyaduza skin update. Micellar water for face cleaning Secret 3-in-1 50ml, day cream 15ml Night cream 15 ml. The system dlyashkiry eye cream and balm 15 ml art.F2647400-32sht. (1 Cor.) Mitselyarnavoda iOchyschennyai for all skin types, series AVON True Nutra Effects, 200 ml art.F2696800-525sht. (15kor.) Professional daily scrub clean the face Clearskin series, 125 ml art.F2873300-68sht. (1 Cor.) Perfumed spray tilaseriyi Perceive, 100 ml art.F3215100-960sht. (16kor.) Night cream oblychchyaOmolodzhennya. Multi-Care series AVON Anew, 15 ml art.F3354000-504sht. (4kor.) Day Cream Facial Rejuvenation. Multi-Care SPF 25 series AVON Anew, 50ml, art.F3437300-120sht. (3kor.) Perfumed Body Spray, a series AVONCherish, 100 ml art.F5965900-900sht. (15kor.) Tonal means Zaryadsvizhosti Face SPF 15NUDE, 30ml, art.F6520700-112sht. (1 Cor.) Examination lotion dlyatila Myake zvolozhennyadlya whole family with oats and chamomile extract, series AVONCare, 400 ml art.F6645500-160sht. (8kor.) Examination cream and moisturizing tilaMyake with oats and chamomile extract, series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F6690500-3014sht. (137kor.) Lotion Spray Body iAromatna vanilla isandalove tree series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F8509700-900sht. (15kor.) Spray Body flicker effect Sparkling cherry blossoms series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F8583200-1260sht. (21kor.) Night Mask Protection andrestoration series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F8745300-40sht. (1 Cor.) Schodennyyochyschuvalnyy tonic for problem skin, Clearskin series, 100 ml art.F8775800-1890sht. (30kor.) Solntsezahysnyy moisturizing body lotion oblychchyata Gentle Protection SPF 50. The high degree of protection, 50 ml art.F9066300-350sht. (5kor.) Balm"POLAND0UA1002104819.3414447.23166
03/Apr/201794032080001.Vyroby medical devices. Furniture shall dychni surgical Metal. Art. 40835Robochyy table with drawer, 60x140x91 cm 7sht (made of stainless steel for laboratory, operating iohlyadovy's offices, upper countertop with a border, 3 boxes, 4 anchor leg, ensuring uyut alignment table onBased, Gaba dig (W x D x B ): 600h1400h910mm), art. 40,831 desktop, 60x140x85 cm 2 pcs (you hotovlyayetsya znerzhaviyuchoyi steel grade 3 April to meet the needs of users for laboratory, operating and observation ka binetiv upper countertop with a border, 4 ankernyhnizhky providing vyrivnyuv Reference table based, mechanical configure ykavysoty, dimensions ( W x L x B): 600x1 400x910 mm), art. 40575 Stand for containers, double, mobile-10pc (lyayetsya produce stainless steel grade 304 Given the needs of users for operas atsiynyh, clinics and laboratories, removable and bath volume of 8 liters, twin, three-mach handle for ease of use, and specialized rack with 4 wheels, body rozbyr be ayet), art. Truck and tools for medychnohoobladnannya -20sht (made of stainless steel grade 304z urahuvan yum user requirements for operating and viewing rooms, dvipolytsi 4 count ECA, two of which installed brake dimensions (W x D x B): 560x910x850 mm). Trademark: UZUMCUVyrobnyk: UZUMCU Tibbi Cihaz ve Medikal Gaz Sistemleri San. ve Ticaret ASKrayina production: TRTURKEY0UA1000108139292.673364
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Alignment Tool Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Alignment Tool Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ханс Айнхель Україна"""
Importer Address
08130, Київська обл., Києво-Святошинський район, с. Чайки, вул. Валентини Чайки, буд. 16
Exporter Name KWB Germany GmbH
Product Description
"1.Krestovoy automatic leveling laser alignment fo.........
HS Code 9015309000Value 330.8717177
Quantity 0Unit UA125130
Net Weight 9.56
Origin Country CHINA

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