Ukraine Import Data of Air Mesh | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Mesh

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of air mesh collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of air mesh imports.

Air Mesh Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Mesh

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of air mesh. Get Ukraine trade data of Air Mesh imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201794013000001.Mebli for sydinnya, rotating with adjustable height, m'yaki with backrest, swivel chair Art Veris Net 101SFL P51PU -5sht (with headrest, with armrests P51PU with lumbar support sinhro mechanism rehulirovka tilt, back - black mesh Runner RU-16 seat covered with fabric -Ne -NE6, base -hromovana size 680x650x1270-1430mm) chair swivel Xenon Net 111SL P59PU -40sht (with armrests P59 PU, back -sitka black String SR 16 seats covered with cloth - EVO EV-1, -chorna base with casters, size 690x660x1010-1140mm) trademark PROFIm Manufacturer PROFIm Spolka zooKrayina production PL.POLAND0UA1000708309822.174704 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor pendant" "Freshso Coffeepaket" "Vanyl and coffee 108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Vyshnyas mynd.-108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Horyachyyshokolad-108sht; Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Cappuccino-108sht, Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Natural. Coffee 108sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy meshochek "" Coffee Freshso "" Home pechene-20pcs, Flavor podvesnoymeshochek "" Coffee Freshco "" Kapuchyno- 50sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" FreshsoCoffee "" Montpensier, 4 pieces, flavoring pendant meshochek "" Freshco Coffee "" Naturalnыy coffee 30sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" Freshso Coffee "" Pynakolada-50sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Babies Bubble Gum "" bubble-noise-240sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" green tea-30sht , Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" Lime 35 pcs, Flavor podvesnoykartonnыy "" Smile "" The new machine-210sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromas chnymy means or as a bag of aromatychnymyrechovynamy intended for flavoring or deodorization salonivavtomobiley air. Without alcohol content, not in aerosol packaging. TM FRESHCOVyrobnyk company "" Freshko "" RFKrayina production (RU) "RUSSIA0UA80717037.38434.753985
28/Apr/201758109290001. Embroidery with a visible base (with mesh fabric of synthetic fibers poliamidu100%), embroidery thread which does not cover all the basics, but there is a figure in form on the surface or edges. Impregnating and coating thatobserved naked eye no: Khaimah in the package: 14,5sm, 50960,00m-65up. Khaimah in the package: 36cm, 51721,56m-66up. Applique, Embroidery (pair) Packing: 29sm, 7448 par-5up. Applique, Embroidery (pair) Packing: 34cm, 44640par-30up. Applique, Embroidery Packing: 4890 pcs, 6 pcs. Applique, Embroidery vupakovtsi: 814 pcs 1up.Krayina-production - MMTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - MINGTEX (MYANMAR) IUNDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED.MYANMAR0UA5000204957.6712394.20005
28/Apr/20178421990000"1.Chastyny ​​equipment combined for piano iltruvannya.Chastyny ​​equipment dlyafiltruvannya air into the engine (combined: cardboard, paper vmetalevyh, plastic sheath, vstanovlyuyutsya the body and zachynyayutsyakryshkoyu), consumption (combined: metal, plastic netting in plastmasovomukarkasi, vstanovlyuyutsya the body and zachynyayutsya cover), oil (combined: cardboard, paper with metal.karkasom install lyuyutsya vkorpus and zachynyayutsya cover) to the a / m purpose: art.236-1012023-A cartridge pre ochystkymasla (metal mesh copper ch bench in oplettsi ferrous metal) - 408sht; art.236-1012023-A filter element coarse oil (metal mesh midnohosplavu in oplettsi ferrous metals) - 136sht; art.236-1028180 rotor masloochysnyka- 10pc, Country of - RUTorhovelna mark - YaMVyrobnyk - PAO "" Autodiesel "". "RUSSIA0UA807200395.42388.019594
27/Apr/20178421392000"1.OBLADNANNYA filter Air filters in assembly eq. 36 F PVR G.3 / 4 '' - 2 pcs., PART vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.3 / 4 '') to clear the air with paper cartridge and cap metal mesh, a metal case, ART. CF.PVR4002; AIR FILTER pAPER eq. PVR ROTANT 000 900 - 6 pcs., PART vacuum plate rotary pump OF A input filter (5/7 micron) air purification, with paper cartridge in a metal case (grid and cap), ART. AF.PVR1001; filter in Bor eq. 84 F PVR G.1''1 / 4 - 1., Parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.1''1 / 4) air purification from paper metal mesh cartridge and cap, in the metal case, ART. CF.PVR4004; FILTER Polyester equivalents. 0532.121.861 BUSCH AIR 10 MIC - 4 pcs., parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input and filters (10 micron) To clear the air with polyester cartridge in the metal case (grid and hood), ART. AF.BU1020; Manufacturing firms - FILTER-TECHNICS SRL, country of production - IT, TRADEMARK - FILTER-TECHNICS "ITALY0UA9020503.32136.0644203
27/Apr/201784213920001. Air filters designed to clean the outside and recycled air in ventilation systems, not cars, not containing electrical parts: Cartridge filter size: 352h 241h660 mm filter material - cellulose from the area of ​​filtration, protective mesh on both sides, top and nyz- open 65 shtFiltr cartridge 135h80h90 mm filter material - polyester filter area 2.7 m2 stainless steel 4 shtFiltr cartridge 184h157h1210 mm filter material - polyester filter area 3.6 m2 201 mA shtTorhovelna Country GWIVyrobnyk GREAT WALL INDUSTRIAL QINGDAO COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA10011011299891.367352
27/Apr/20178421392000"1.Obladnannya filter Air filter Mesh 0.8mm metal, art.6-3180156094-1sht; Purpose: Spare parts for technological obladnannyaavtomatyzovany's lines for bottling and packaging viscous food production TetraPak.Krayina - GBTorhovelna mark - Spirax Sarco LtdVyrobnyk - Spirax Sarco Ltd. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002002.5683.51951395
27/Apr/20178421392000"1.Zapasni parts for compressors: -Filtr for cleaning compressed air dryer. Designed for spilnohozahystu and removing fluids. Made of mesh filter element (synthetic fiber) and plastic housing. Part.nomer: 1635316600 -1sht.-set of oil filters and air compressors for type "" GA "" part.nomer: 2901086501 -1sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - ATLAS COPCOVyrobnyk - ATLAS COPCO AIRPOWER NV. "GERMANY0UA1251801.03116.8672944
27/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchova supplement, not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch or containing less than 1.5 wt.% Milk fat, less than 5 wt.% Sucrose or isoglucose, less than 5 wt.% Glucose starch contains etylovyyspyrt: - Dietary supplement "" Bangshil "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (390mh / tab. composition tablets: mummy - 60 mg, gum komifory - 40 mg ferrous sulfate - 30 mg, Ceylon cinnamon - 12 mg, cinnamon Malabar - 12 mg, -12 mg baliospermum mountain root turpety - 12 mg, cardamom - 9 mg bamboo - 6 mg, white sandalovederevo - 3 mg sodium hydrochloride - 3 mg chloride Atri - 3 mg, 3 mg natriyu- carbonate, potassium carbonate - 3 mg, 3 mg long- pepper, black pepper - 3 mg, 3 mg imbyr-, tinospora cordata - 3 mg embeliya sour - 3 mg medicinal stsyndapsus - 3 mg, pepper Csaba - 3 mg, Indian gooseberry - 3 mg, Terminalia chebula -3 mg Terminalia belerika - 3 mg svynchatka Ceylon - 3 mg, long pepper - 3 mg, turmeric long - 3 mg, barberry bearded - 3 mg, cedar himalays kyy - 3 mg Sit round - 3 mg svertiya - 3 mg AIR usual - 3 mg turmeric white - 3 mg Lone cirrus - 3 mg, sarsaparilla - 3 mg, cucumber - 3 mg, bark kratevy - 3 mg , bombacoideae Malabar - 3 g orange pepper - 3 mg sweet goal - 3 mg elefantopus - 3 mg, 3 mg Kubeba- pepper, creeping yakirtsi - 3 mg, white eklipta - 3 mg, moringa oil - 3 mg Excipients: 1 mg humiarabik- , sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg starch and sodium tetraborate - 86.6 mg) - 1600 pack. party 257 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, 02.22 eligibility date - Dietary Supplements "" Fortege "" Tab-100 `s 100 tab. pack (400 mg / tab. composition tablets: leptadeniya mesh - 56.5 mg breyniya - 56 mg, 30 mg pekucha- Makoun, sage - 15 mg hinandropsys - 30 mg, Indian ginseng - 15 mg, cloves - 7 5 mg, peppers long - 7,5mh, AIR usual - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg chornyy- pepper, ginger - 7.5 mg cubeb - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg romashka- Roman, Santali Language white - 7.5 mg, nutmeg scented - 7.5 mg dopomizhnirechovyny starch - 10 mg magnesium carbonate - 32 mg sodium benzoate - 16 mg, aluminum silicate - 16 mg, acacia - 14 mg methyl - 4 mg natriyutetraborat - 38 mg) - 2400 pack. party 262 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, datapry atnosti 02.20 - Dietary Supplements "" Aloes Compound "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (430mh / tab. composition tablets: Aloe - 70 mg, 70 mg mirra-, madder sertselysta- 35 mg harmala usual - 35 mg Iron Oxide - 30 mg, -30 mesh leptadeniya mg breyniya - 30 mg. Excipients: oxidized starch - 20 mg mahniyukarbonat - 98.8 mg sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg, sodium tetraborate aluminosilicate - 10 mg) - 800up., Party 243 / 16-17, manufacturing date 02.17, 01.22 eligibility date - Dietary supplement "" Leptaden "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (330mh / tab. composition tablets: Leptadeniya mesh - 150 mg Breyniya - 150 mg Dopomizhnirechovyny: magnesium carbonate - 6 mg aluminum silicate - 4.2 mg acacia - 15 mg sodium benzoate - 0.9 mg, starch and sodium tetraborate - 3.9 mg) - 400up., Party 252 / 16-17, date 'INDIA0UA12510032213735.99997
27/Apr/20178421392000"1. Equipment for filtering or purifying air: Air filters Art. 93578342 - 1pc., With a cylindrical metal mesh inside filtering paper. Designed to clean the air entering the compressor compression unit. Use only with compressors Ingersoll Rand. For civil vykorystannya.Torhivelna mark - "" Ingersoll Rand "". Producer - Ingersoll Rand.Krayina production - DE.. "GERMANY0UA5002100.567.0310396
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Air Mesh Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Air Mesh Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""ОФІС ПЛЕННІНГ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name PROFIm Spolka z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Mebli for sydinnya, rotating with adjustable hei.........
HS Code 9401300000Value 9822.174704
Quantity 0Unit UA100070
Net Weight 830
Origin Country POLAND

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