Ukraine Import Data of Air Filter Assembly | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Filter Assembly

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of air filter assembly collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of air filter assembly imports.

Air Filter Assembly Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Filter Assembly

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784145920981.Povitryani axial fans without the filter does not contain RECs and RIP, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles not for civil aviation: -Ventylyator RJH8038B2 model, size 80x80x38mm, AC voltage 230V, 3000rpm speed, air flow 40.1cfm, pidshypnyk- two ball bearings, wire length 300mm: -840sht, which are axial fans that have built-drive motor and designed to supply a large amount of colder outside air in the cabinet of electrical equipment. Trademark: X FAN.Vyrobnyk: XINRUILIAN ELECTRONICS (ZHAOQING) CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA840UA807170151.25510.629494 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784213100001-intake filters and clean air to internal combustion engines designed for cars, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles: Model EAF00018M air filter. Air filters, engine 5shtartykul EAF00023M air filter. Air filters, engine 5shtartykul EAF00084M ELEMENT-AIR CLEANER Filter engine air-10shtartykul EAF00115T air filter. Air filters, engine 60shtartykul MAF041 AIR FILTER Air filters, engine 5shtartykul MAF086 AIR FILTER Air filters, engine 5shtTorhovelna mark: MANDO + Manufacturer: HALLA HOLDINGS CORPORATION LTDKrayina production: Korea (South). Origin: Korea (South.).KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA30516035.25182.0612228
28/Apr/201784213920001 cabin air filters (interior) of vehicles without power, designed for cars, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles: Model ECF00015M cabin filter. Cabin air filter, 7shtartykul ECF00018M cabin filter. Air filters salon-3shtartykul ECF00069M FILTER ASSY-AIR Air filters salon-5shtartykul ECF00070M FILTER ASSY-AIR Air filters salon-5shtartykul MCF011 CABIN FILTER Air filters salon-5shtTorhovelna mark: MANDO + Manufacturer: HALLA HOLDINGS CORPORATION LTDKrayina production: Korea (South). origin: Korea (South.).KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA3051603.4355.51259285
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - SUBARU model - WRX 2.5L ZhidnoVysnovoku expert №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r. Brand, modifications -SubaruWRX STi number body / VIN - JF1VA2V64G9802221 number of the engine - no data typdvyhuna - petrol engine power - 221kVt, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, working on the "" volume cylinder - 2457 cm3, number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2015; rikvyhotovlennya model - 2016, axle 4x4. Color - red. Products for zova - sedan.KTZ damaged. According to expert opinion №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r., Poshkodzhenita be replaced: front bumper, front bumper grating, napravlyayuchabampera left and right, cover the left and right front bumper, kronshteynvnutrishniy left and right front bumper, bracket front bumper, front bumper lower bracket, front bumper damper assemblies ґratkaradiato Dr. bracket lattice radiator, front bumper protection, hood, hood and right sharnirlivyy, insulation of the engine compartment, hood lock, lock lord ikapota, flexible thrust forward, seal the top lattice radiator uschilnyuvachkapota, facing wing front left and right, hood air intake, air channel central, lamp left and right wing of the front left and right wing front left bottom, cover the upper wing left, pidkrylok perednoholivoho and right wings, facing left front wing, power paneliperedu, front panel assembly, wheel arch left and right, locking panelkolisnoyi arches front left and right, front beam left and right collection, cover spar front left and right panel fairing left, windscreen washer assembly panel front door front left, extension porohalivoho sensor airbags front left and right, airbag vodiyata knees of the driver, the control unit airbags, airbag systems, pasbezpeky left and right, front left drive wheels, radiator cooling vzbori of mounted parts, expansion tank, shroud, krylchatkaventylyatora, engine fan, facing the engine crankshaft pulley shaft wedge belt generator casing toothed belt assembly element povitryanohofiltra, block the front and rear air filter, rubber cushion left andlegal engine, lower engine protection, curtain front engine compartment, zahysnyykozhuh top front, Bank, facing the battery, the alarm high tanyzkoho tone fuse box. Skewed front spars, broken otvirperednoyi left door. In the area of ​​possible damage to hidden defects. Povnyyperelik spare parts, repair work and painting are given in Appendix №1 to conclusion №t490 / 17.Torhovelna Brand: SUBARU.Vyrobnyk: Fuji Heavy Industries.Krayina production: JP. Unloaded from container CAIU8295872. "JAPAN1UA8071901632.938329.999869
27/Apr/20178421392000"1.OBLADNANNYA filter Air filters in assembly eq. 36 F PVR G.3 / 4 '' - 2 pcs., PART vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.3 / 4 '') to clear the air with paper cartridge and cap metal mesh, a metal case, ART. CF.PVR4002; AIR FILTER pAPER eq. PVR ROTANT 000 900 - 6 pcs., PART vacuum plate rotary pump OF A input filter (5/7 micron) air purification, with paper cartridge in a metal case (grid and cap), ART. AF.PVR1001; filter in Bor eq. 84 F PVR G.1''1 / 4 - 1., Parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.1''1 / 4) air purification from paper metal mesh cartridge and cap, in the metal case, ART. CF.PVR4004; FILTER Polyester equivalents. 0532.121.861 BUSCH AIR 10 MIC - 4 pcs., parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input and filters (10 micron) To clear the air with polyester cartridge in the metal case (grid and hood), ART. AF.BU1020; Manufacturing firms - FILTER-TECHNICS SRL, country of production - IT, TRADEMARK - FILTER-TECHNICS "ITALY0UA9020503.32136.0644203
27/Apr/201784213100001.Filtry air for combustion engine cars endo- shnoho collected: art. 1118.1109010 air filter assembly -2sht. Art. 2112.1109011 Filtrpovitryanyy assembly -4sht. Art. 2112.1109011-10 air filter assembly 212141109010 air filter assembly -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: LADAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO Avtovaz.RUSSIA0UA80717015.27560.2383493
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts Co. Ltd.-metal cuffs. Pos. From 8701 to 8705: Fenders art.546262B000, 1pc., Fenders art.817383J000, 4pcs., Art.563803W000FFF damping clutch, 2 pcs., Art.338202A010 nozzle ring, 10pc., Napravlyucha caliper art.582214D500, 1pc., reliance shock art.546110U000, 2 pcs., nipple art.281724A420 intercooler, 1pc., air filter art.281304D400 nipple, 2 pcs., Seal bearing front shock absorber art.5462731600,2sht engine pillow art .; .219102F700, 1pc .; art.2544226100 Construction, Construction art.1751212000 .; 1pc, 2 pcs .; valve cover gasket art.2244125002, 1pc .; valve cover gasket art.224412A102, 2 pcs .; gasket at the pump yvy art.282472A100, 1pc .; art.282852F100 Construction of turbines, turbine 1pc .; Lining art.282482F000, 2 pcs .; art.282862F000 Construction of turbines, turbine 1pc .; Lining art.282862A100, 1pc .; Lining turbine art.282424A000, 1pc .; Lining turbine art.282852A100, 2 pcs .; Saylenblok lever art.545513X000, silent blocks art.552803E100 .; 10pc, 10pc .; silent blocks back his arm art.552274D000, 1pc .; Silent blocks the rear lever art.552174D000, 8 pieces .; Silent blocks the rear transverse arm art.552562G000, 4pcs .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552532S000, 10pcs .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552533W100, 15sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.54551C5000, 3pc .; Sayletblok lever front art.54584A6000, 15sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.545842E000, 5pcs .; Sayletblok lever front art.545512H000, 20pcs .; Sayletblok rear beam art.551601E000, 2 pcs .; Sayletblok art.552743W000 longitudinal traction, 10pcs .; Sayletblok longitudinal traction art.551162E001, 2 pcs .; Sayletblok art.552752S800 longitudinal traction, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552742P200 longitudinal traction, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552752P200 longitudinal traction, 1pc .; Sayletblok art.5511617000 longitudinal traction, 24sht .; Seal art.214403A501, 1pc .; Seal art.4956538700, 1pc .; Seal art.495653E700, 1pc .; Seal art.4735239300, 5pcs .; Seal art.5305039100, 1pc .; Seal art.4311939050, 3pc .; Seal art.4330024300, 1pc .; Seal art.535503E150, 1pc .; Seal art.581133E000, 1pc .; Seal art.431434A001, 1pc .; Seal art.582321H000, 4pcs .; Seal art.535503E100, 4pcs .; Seal art.452453B710, 10pcs .; Seal art.2144302501, 1pc .; Seal art.4311939020, 4pcs .; Seal art.214212B030, 3pc .; Tube radiator oil art.254201M900QQK, 1pc .; Thrust art.555803E000AS, 2 pcs .; The hose assembly art.310361Y100QQK, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552742S800 longitudinal traction, 1pc .; Construction of the water pump art.251242E000, 1pc .; Seal art.4312602500, 1pc .; Seal art.4613136002, 1pc .; Art.587322B010 brake tube, 2 pcs .; Construction art.54623A5000 springs, 9sht .; Art.587322T600 nipple, 1pc .; Reliance shock art.546102P500, 11sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.54584A2100, 2 pcs .; Reliance shock art.546110U000, 2 pcs .; KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011075.6192163.528086
26/Apr/20178421310000"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, filters for air intake for diesel internal combustion engines, engine air filter assembly art. 87682985 - 10 pcs .;."UNITED KINGDOM0UA1101609.6292.765566
26/Apr/201784811005001. FRL unit, filter assembly, filter regulator Compressed air is a combination of two devices: the air filter and pressure regulator for lowering the pressure of compressed air and maintaining it at a given level, pressure 1Mpa range adjustment - 0,05- 0.85 MPa, installed in pneumatic system scales to the farm, 752-9000-1012574 article, the number 1sht.Dlya own production needs. .JAPAN0UA1252601.36318.289031
26/Apr/20178421310000"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, filters for air intake for diesel internal combustion engines, engine air filter assembly art. 87517154 - 8 pcs., Engine air filter assembly art. 87517154 - 5 pcs., Engine air filter in collecting art. 87517154 - 20 pcs .;. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA11016075.9331961.649127
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Air Filter Assembly Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Air Filter Assembly Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НВП ТЕКО ЛТД"""
Importer Address
61177,м.Харків,вул.Залютинська,буд.10. Україна.
Exporter Name X TECH CO., LTD
Product Description
1.Povitryani axial fans without the filter does no.........
HS Code 8414592098Value 5510.629494
Quantity 840Unit UA807170
Net Weight 151.2
Origin Country CHINA

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