Ukraine Import Data of Air Adjusting Valve | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Adjusting Valve

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of air adjusting valve collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of air adjusting valve imports.

Air Adjusting Valve Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Air Adjusting Valve

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of air adjusting valve. Get Ukraine trade data of Air Adjusting Valve imports with trading partners and importers name

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25/Apr/201784811005001.poz.170, reducing valves plastic / aluminum, for adjusting the air pressure, combined with a filter. Pressure 10.3 bar, type CB6-C3-F00. It is used to reduce pressure and maintain reduced pressure at a given level in the node cigarette packaging machine equipment. Labeling: WILKERSON, package labeling: Made in USA. .UNITED STATES0UA8060501.083157.6433143 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20172201101900"1.Klapan reduction type GR-1/8-B, model 151215, series H808 RSMS-57 for adjusting the air pressure in Focke packaging machines of ferrous metal and plastic (95x5 percent ratio): Valve 00599951 - 6 pcs .;"GEORGIA12996UA50011020793.69215.214056
19/Apr/201790328900001.Prylady and apparatus for automatic regulation or control: the air conditioner compressor Klapanrehulyuvalnyy art. EK0084 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK12-5100 -7sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK1309 -3sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art.EK1310 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK13-5126 -50sht.Klapan adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK20-5013 -2sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK20-5020 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK20-5021 -10sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK20-5022 -10sht. Adjusting valve compressor kondytsioneraart. EK20-7009 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK20-7010-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK20-7011 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK20-7014 -3sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK20-7015 -3sht. Valve adjustment compres esorakondytsionera art. EK20-7018 -5sht. Adjusting valve compressor kondytsioneraart. EK20-7020 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK20-7021-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK20-7022 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK20-7025 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK20-7029 -5sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK2280 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art.EK25-5002 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7001-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7002 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK25-7003 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK25-7004 -5sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK25-7005 -5sht. Adjusting valve compressor kondytsioneraart. EK25-7006 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7007-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7008 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK25-7009 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK25-7010 -5sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK25-7011 -5sht. Adjusting valve compressor kondytsioneraart. EK25-7012 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7013-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7014 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK25-7015 -3sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK25-7027 -5sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK25-7030 -5sht. Adjusting valve compressor kondytsioneraart. EK25-7033 -5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7036-5sht. Valve adjusting air conditioner compressor art. EK25-7037 -5sht. Klapanrehulyuvalnyy conditioner compressor art. EK25-7038 -5sht. Valve rehulyuvalnyykompresora conditioner art. EK25-7039 -5sht. Valve adjustment kompresorakondytsionera art. EK25-7040 -5sht. valve DCHINA0UA12511034.385009.821024
18/Apr/201784818059001.Klapany adjusting pneumatic (for process control) vantazhnyhavtomobiliv. The brake valve (SKU): K039530X50-2sht. For repair service truck andtechnical avtomobiliv.Torhovelna Brand: KNORR-BREMSEVyrobnyk: Knorr-Bremse Systeme fur Nutzf ahrzeuge GmbH.GERMANY0UA8071702.6646.154428
18/Apr/20178481805900"1.Klapany adjusting pneumatic (for process control) vantazhnyhavtomobiliv. The brake valve (SKU): K111131N00-2sht .; K111131N00-5sht., I87823-10sht. Valve floor level (artykul№): I94616-5sht. Povitryarozpodilyuvach (artykul№ ): AS3000A-4 pieces. For repair and maintenance vantazhnyhavtomobiliv.Torhovelna brand: KNORR-BREMSEVyrobnyk: Knorr-Bremse Fekrendszerek Kft. "HUNGARY0UA80717018.111107.480075
14/Apr/20178481806300"1. Valve HERMYK do D-700 * 700-2 * f- ЭMP220-CH-C-0 -1sht. Valves (with chornyhmetaliv) Warm air, adjusting to control the process for industrial ventilation system.Torhivelna mark ( trademark) "" ​​VEZA "". Country of origin: RU.Vyrobnyk Ltd. "" VEZA "" Russia.. "RUSSIA0UA8071702555.75410763
11/Apr/20178481109900"1. Reduction valve for adjusting the air pressure for installation in a cigarette machine Protos, model 10, from aluminum, galvanized steel and brass (percentage ratio 80х15х5), with rubber seal: Pressure relief valve 0112/1486 8481709-000-01 - 1 pc .; "UNITED STATES0UA1021800.65306.1607031
10/Apr/20178481805900"1.Chastyna repair kit to the pump art.CS-137-1345-00: valve - 2 pcs, size 1 x 3 cm. It is a hydraulic valve for adjusting nasosa.Material: stal.Krayina production - US.Vyrobnyk -" " lincoln "". Trademark - "" Parts International, Inc. "". Use utehnolohichniy production line of aluminum cans.. "UNITED STATES0UA1251900.0268.15972198
05/Apr/20178708309998"1.Chastyny ​​not brake for disc brakes to the a / m generaldestination. Not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles: 100-3514009-10 Clutch brake valves (100-3514008, -11) (to skladuvhodyat: valve, ring valve springs , rivets, plate springs, bushings, element urivn., protective shell) -15sht, 100-3519100 enerhoakkumulyator KAMAZ20 / 20 with a cover-60sht, 100-3519200 enerhoakkumulyator type 24/24 ZIL, MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZz folio 30sht 100 -3519210 cam brakes ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ-type 24peredn. 13sht, 100-3519310 brake chamber diaphragm (type №30), with a cover-5pcs, 100-35 21110-10 head with "" yednuvalna KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, URAL, KrAZ-2 pcs, 100-3531008povitryarozpodilyuvach ZIL, MAZ, KAMAZ braking p / and. -5sht, 100-3533010 rehulyatorhalmivnyh forces (16.3533010) -30sht, 100-3533110 -10 element elastic forces rehulyatorahalmivnyh l = 320mm, 2 pcs, 100-3536010 fuse antifreeze ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural-11sht, 100-3570110 pneumatic 30h25-5sht, 25-3519160enerhoakumulyator ZIL-5301, 3250-2sht, 5301- 3502050 piston rod halmivnohotsylindra -2sht, 5301-3502117 head adjusting screw brake, 2 pcs, 5301-3519010 camera dvosmuzhna air-1pc, 100-3519209 remkomplektenerhoakkumulyatora 24/24 KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ () Full . with pruzh.) (enerhoakk.: rings, membrane, sealers, bag, hose) -10sht, 100-3514009-10 remkomplekthalmivnoho tap (100-3514008, -11) (composed of: valve, ring valve springs, rivets, plate springs, bushings, element urivn., obolochkazahysna) -10sht, 100-3519100 enerhoakkumulyator KAMAZ 20/20 with a cover-40sht, 100-3519200 enerhoakkumulyator type 24/24 ZIL, MAZ, KamAZ, KrAZ with a cover-20pcs, 100-3519210 Cam brakes ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ-type 24 peredn. 7sht, 100-3519310 brake chamber diaphragm (type №30), with a cover-5pcs, 100-3521110-10holovka from "" yednuvalna KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, URAL, KrAZ-1pc, 100-3533010 rehulyatorhal ivnyh forces (16.3533010) -10sht, 100-3533110-10 element elastic forces rehulyatorahalmivnyh l = 320mm, 2 pcs, 100-3536010 fuse antifreeze ZIL, KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural-5pcs, 100-3570110 30h25-10sht pneumatic cylinder, 25- 3519160enerhoakumulyator ZIL-5301, 3250-1sht, 5301-3502050 piston rod halmivnohotsylindra -20sht, 5301-3502117 head adjusting screw brake, 2 pcs, 100-3519209 Clutch enerhoakkumulyatora 24/24 KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ (full. with pruzh.) (enerhoakk.: rings, membrane, sealers, bag, hose) -5sht, Manufacturer: LLC "" Smolenskye avtoagregatny'j zavodы "" trademark-ZIL, krayinavyrobnytstva-RU. "RUSSIA0UA8072001743.46412062.78281
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Air Adjusting Valve Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Air Adjusting Valve Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name FOCKE & CO (GmbH & CO.KG)
Product Description
1.poz.170, reducing valves plastic / aluminum, for.........
HS Code 8481100500Value 157.6433143
Quantity 0Unit UA806050
Net Weight 1.083
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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