Ukraine Import Data of Agro Product | Ukraine Import Statistics of Agro Product

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of agro product collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of agro product imports.

Agro Product Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Agro Product

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173105201000"1.Suhe complex mineral fertilizer with trace elements and containing three nutrients (N-20%, P205-20%, K20-20%) with a nitrogen content of more than 10 wt.% Calculated on the dry anhydrous produkt.Libro 20-20 -20 + TE - 2880 paper bags 60 pallets, Libro 10-10-43 + TE - 960 paper bags, 20 pallets, Libro 10-52-10 + TE - 960 paper bags, 20 pallets, Libro 15-15-30 + TE - 480 paper bags, 10 pallets, Libro 15-30-15 + TE - 480 paper bags, 10 palet.Data production - 03.2017r. Physical form: powder 144000 kg. in the 5760 paper bags. packaged in 25kh.Na 120 wooden pallets. Producer - "" ASTRA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CO.LTD., For Fertilizers and Agrochemicals "" AS TRACHEM "". Origin-SA.Torhovelna brand-LIBRO.. "SAUDI ARABIA0UA500030144000187799.9999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178055010001. Fresh Lemons, (Citrus limon), urozhayu2017 year, not in primary packaging vahanetto -21,500 kh.Zberihaty at t: +7 + 9S.Termin life of 35 days and bilshe.Torhova nevidoma.Vyrobnyk Brand: AGROMET YAS SEBZE MEYVE NAKLIYAT INSAAT ITH. VE IHR. DIS TIC.LTD. STI.Krayina production - TR. .TURKEY0UA1250402150011824.99994
28/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Art. FIRMA ARALDICA 25x25 -0,06m2. Art. BRIGHT P.IVORY 80x80 -51, BRIGHT P.IVORY 40x80 -3,84m2. Art. BRIGHT P.IVORY 20x80 -1,12m2. art.BRIGHT P.RAINBOW 80x80 -51,2m2. Art. BRIGHT P.RAINBOW 40x80 -15,36m2. art.BRIGHT P.RAINBOW 20x80 -3,36m2. Art. PREZ.SILVER 60x60 -8,64m2. Art. DIGI-M.CAPITEL 5x30 -0,18m2. Art. DIGI-M. BLACK 60x60 -15,84m2. Art. DIGI-M. GREY 60x60-53,28m2. Art. M.LIS.DELIC.MIX TAUPE 16x75 -1,44m2. Art. TAUPE 32x32 -9, M.LIS.DELICICATE TAUPE 32x75-3,84m2. Art. JUTE 32x75 -44,4m2. Art. AGATA AZZURRO 50x100 -18m2. Art. AGATAAZZURRO FIRMA 30x60 -0,72m2. Art. AGATA AZZURRO 60x60 -11,88m2. Art. AGATAAZZURRO 30x60 -41,04m2. Art. TANDUK OCEAN BLU 60x60 -12,96m2. Art. TANDUK OCEANBLU 20x120 -2,88m2. Art. TANDUK OCEAN BLU 60x120 -18,72m2. Art. TANDUK OCEAN BLU60x120 -7,2m2. Art. FIRMA ARALDICA NOCE 25x25 -0,06m2. Art. BRIGHT P.SNOW 40x80-24m2. Art. G.MASK OCEAN BLU 20x120 -1,44m2. and Hg. TANDUK MIX OCEAN BLU 20x60-2,88m2. Art. TANDUK CONCHGLIA 60x60 -34,56m2. Art. RIN.INTARSIO FRASS 50x50-36m2. Art. TANDUK MULTICOLOR 60x120 -38,88m2. Art. AGATA BIANCO 60x60 -34, BRIGHT P.SNOW 20x80 -7,84m2. Art. SIGN.DAMASCATO 25x100 -0,5m2. art.RIN.INT.PENTA MOG. 50x50 -0,94m2.Torhovelna brand: Gruppo Ceramiche RicchettiKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti SPA art. AMADEUS LUX PLUS 300x100-12m2.Torhovelna mark: Panariagroup Industrie CeramicheKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SPA art. LOGO PLEX DIESEL 60x80-0,48m2. Art. COUNTRY STONE 60x60-1,08m2. Art. ARMY CANVAS BLACK 10x30-0,09m2. Art. DEC.MOMENTA DIESEL 10x30-0,09m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS -27,5m2.Torhovelna mark: Divisione IrisKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: GranitiFiandre SpA Divisione Iris art. TK 201 NAT 60x60-5,4m2.Torhovelna mark: Mirage Granito CeramicoKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: Mirage Granito Ceramico SpAITALY6053UA100020141396830.551232
28/Apr/201738089315901.Herbitsyd based amides, Imperial, LCD v.r.k.diyucha Imazapir substance, 15 g / l + Imazamoks, 33h / l, post-herbicide to the complete destruction of grass and flowering species of weeds in sunflower crops which are resistant to a group imidazoline. plastic canisters on 10L - 20000l.Reyestratsiynyy number: 04387 Trade mark: IMPERIALVyrobnyk: Nantong Pesti Agrochemical Limited Company.Krayina production: CN.CHINA0UA1001102090085000.00019
28/Apr/20177134000001. Vegetables Pulses: Lentil Red / Lens culinaris, RedFootball Lentils. Packed in big bags 1000kg. Not nasineva (industrial). GMO free. With appropriate labeling public movoyu.Torhova Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk ENTERPRISE AGROCANADA INC.Krayina production CA. .CANADA0UA5000301000011700
28/Apr/201738089190001. Plant protection products - insecticides: Kanonir Duo, SC (Arsenal Duo COP) imidacloprid 300g / l + lambda-cyhalothrin 100g / l (imidacloprid 300 g / l + lambda - tsyhalotryn 100 g / l), packed in plastic bottles of 1 liter and 10 bottles in cardboard boxes - 14280l - 1428 korobok.Vyrobnyk JIANGSU INSTITUTE oF ECOMONES CO., LTDTorhovelna mark Agrochemical manufacturing tehnolohiyiKrayina CN.CHINA0UA10008016564.8155651.9999
28/Apr/201738089313001. Plant protection products - herbicide: Promeks, SC (Promeks COP) active ingredient prometryn (prometryn) 500 g / L packaged in plastic bottles of 1 liter and 10 bottles of korobtsi- 20L - 2 korobky.Vyrobnyk SHANDONG QIAOCHANG CHEMICAL CO., LTDTorhovelna mark Agrochemical manufacturing tehnolohiyiKrayina CN.CHINA0UA10008021.261.4000296
28/Apr/20178039010001.Banany fresh herbs intended for human consumption, harvest 2017: - Green, grade Cavendish, packed in 1,026 boxes without primary packaging, clean net weight - 20007.00 kg - Green Baby (mini) packed in 88 boxes without original packaging, clean net weight - 642.80 kg trademark-DERBYVyrobnyk-CORAGROFRUT SAKrayina production-EC.ECUADOR0UA50001020649.817984.99992
27/Apr/20172710198100"1.Olyvy motor brand ORLEN OIL containing oil or petroleum products (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, more than 70% as osnovnohokomponenta: ORLEN OIL AGRO UTTO GL-4 10W-30 yemn.20l - 5pcs; ORLEN OIL AGRO UTTOGL -4 10W-30 yemn.205l - 4 pieces; ORLEN OIL MIXOL S yemn.205l - 2 pcs; ORLEN OIL MIXOL Syemn.1l - 60sht; PLATINUM CLASSIC DIESEL SEMISYNTHETIC CF 10W-40 yemn.4.5l - 120sht; PLATINUM CLASSIC GAS SEMISYNTHETIC SL 10W-40 yemn.4.5l - 120sht; PLATINUM CLASSICMINERAL SL / SJ / CF 15W-40 yemn.4.5l - 60sht; PLATINUM CLASSIC SEMISYNTHETIC SL / SJ / CF10W-40 yemn.205l - 4 pieces; PLATINUM CLASSIC SEMISYNTHETIC SL / SJ / CF 10W-40 yemn.4.5l -120sht; PLATINUM CLASSIC SEMISYNTHETIC SL / SJ / CF 10W-40 yemn.60l - 6 pieces; PLATINUMCLASSIC SYNTHETIC SL / SJ / CF 5W-40 yemn.205l - 4 pieces; PLATINUM MAXEXPERT A3 / B4SN / SM / CF 10W-40 yemn.4l - 30sht; PLATINUM MAXEXPERT C4 5W-30 yemn.4l - 6 pieces; PLATINUM MAXEXPERT XJ C2 5W-30 yemn.205l - 15sht; PLATINUM ULTOR CG-4 15W-40yemn.20l - 24sht; PLATINUM ULTOR EXTREME CI-4 / SL 10W-40 yemn.20l - 24sht; PLATINUMULTOR PLUS CI-4 / SL 15W-40 yemn.20l - 12p; PLATINUM ULTOR PLUS CI-4 / SL 15W-40yemn.205l - 4 pieces; PLATINUM ULTOR PROGRESS E7 / E6 10W-40 yemn.20l - 12p. "POLAND0UA2091809298.4318541.54685
27/Apr/201740082190001.Humova Kinyo tape and sheets for offset printing Vigo tovlennya humybahat osloynana a fabric lining, floor work ing with non porous vulkanizovanoyihumy. Kinyo Airtack J 1.05 width 1050mm (RAJ1050A) -194,07m.kv .. Kinyo Airtack M1.00 width 1050mm (RAT1050A) -41,48m.kv .. Kinyo Airtack M 1.05 width 1050mm (RAU1050A) -31,72m.kv .. Kinyo Atlas NB 1.95 width 1000mm (RNW100 0B) -30,10m.kv..Kinyo Hermes 1.95 width 2120mm (RNH2120B) -58,30m.kv .. production Dept. we KinyoshaGroupTorhovelna marka- production KinyoKrayina JP.JAPAN0UA10011065531260.38987
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АСТРАКЕМ-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
Україна,08133,Київська обл.,м.Вишневе,вул.Чорновола, буд.1.
Exporter Name """ASTRA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CO.,LTD. for Fertilizers and Agrochemicals ""ASTRACHEM"""
Product Description
"1.Suhe complex mineral fertilizer with trace elem.........
HS Code 3105201000Value 187799.9999
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 144000
Origin Country SAUDI ARABIA

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