Ukraine Import Data of Aggregates | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aggregates

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of aggregates collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of aggregates imports.

Aggregates Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Aggregates

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of aggregates. Get Ukraine trade data of Aggregates imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20172517101000"1. Aggregates for terrariums, packed in plastic bags of 680 grams - 600 sht.Vyrobleno company" "Tetra" ", CN. Country of China. The trade mark" "8in1", "."CHINA0UA205010406243.5998512 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178802120000"1. MI-2 serial number 513925015, with takeoff weight 2380kh, that was in operating air ambulance Poland, Registration number SP-WXT - Represents Rotorcraft, in which the need for flight and thrust force created by one rotor powered by two turbine engines dvyhuniv.Osnaschenyy two type GTD-350 and GTD DW2 371644138 350 371 644 099 DW2, air blades WT50404001; WT50404002; WT50404003, tail blades 54165 and 54166 and gear VR-2 - 484223041.Rik release: 1975; former to use, requires performance com sous improvements, repairs of aggregates and airframe life extension and main technical parameters ahrehativ.Za and special not modified for military use and military industry and does not apply to dual-use goods that can be used to create weapons or military tehniky.Vyrobnyk: WSK "" PZL Swidnik "" Country of origin: Poland / PLTorhivelna brand: No information Only 1 thing. "POLAND1UA403030238024826.17204
27/Apr/201740021100001. Latexes brands: LATEX LBSK 7048. Goods is an aqueous dispersion styrol- butadiyen- carboxyl copolymer in which styrene monomer content of about 76%. Goods used as a component putty, plaster, aggregates, admixtures for grouting and others. Looks like liquid white. Comes in 2 layer. containers, weighing 2000 kg. Company manufacturer: SYNTHOS DWORY 7 spolka z organiczona odpowiedzialnoscia spolka jawna. Brand: LBSK. Country of origin: PL. .POLAND0UA10011020003112.829215
24/Apr/20175603129000"1.HVYNTY FREE threaded head, carved out of rods with rods 8mm thick 5,25MMTA made of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel, designed for mounting FIREPROOFING isolation (module with ceramic fiber) on SHPILKU worn modules with already inserted into it anchoring and then fixed on threaded nuts and washers, threaded studs DRS.6-090 (40) -310- 3200 pieces. DIAMETER 5,25mm, length 90mm length threaded 40mm material: STAL310 (corresponding to 1.4845) pin out carving DRS.6-090 (40) -304 - 870 pieces. DIAMETR5,25mm length 90mm, the thread 40mm Material: Steel 304 (VIDPOVIDAYE1.4301) .; threaded pins DRR.8-265 (50) -310-250 pieces. DIAMETER 8mm DOVZhYNA265mm, the thread of 50mm. Material: Steel 310 (1.4845 MAKES Replies) .VYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA AT lining thermal aggregates OBJECTS steel, IES AMICHNOYI, chemical industries and other fields spine. KERAMICHNOHOKILTS PROVIDED WITHOUT am. "TURKEY0UA80717010671.425611.35991
21/Apr/201787019020301. Tractors for agricultural work, wheeled, new: tractor 'BELARUS-422.1' with ZІP-1шт, new, year of issue 2017, brand 'BELARUS', model 'BELARUS-422.1', head №04600573, №72424661, The engine mark LDW 2204, the type of engine-diesel, with a capacity of 36.6 kW, volume d.2199 cc, body number is not provided. Does not contain transmitters or transmitters and receivers of radio signals.Manufacturer of OJSC 'Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Aggregates', Belarus Trade Brand' BELARUS'Krain of production BY.BELARUS1UA102190209010812.95684
21/Apr/201784212300901. Part of agricultural aggregates, new.- Fuel filter art.70277540 - 1 pc. - Hydraulic filter art.509278D1 - 1 pc. - Fuel filter art. 378981M1 - 1 pc., - Oil filter art.72501532 - 1 pc. - Fuel filter art.72501531 - 1 pc. AGCO BrandGroducer Made by US.UNITED STATES0UA1251002.49189.7499897
21/Apr/201787019020301. Tractors for agricultural work, wheeled, new: tractor 'BELARUS-320.4' with ZIP-1 st., New, year of issue 2017, without pneumatic actuator, with tow bar and crossbar, brand 'BELARUS', model 'BELARUS-320.4', Head №31111091, №№.7424580, engine type-diesel, engine model LDW 1603 / B3, capacity 26,5 kW, volume 16649 cubic centimeters, body number not provided. Does not contain transmitters or transmitters and receivers of radio signals. Manufacturer of OJSC 'Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Aggregates', Belarus Trade Brand' BELARUS'Krain of production BY.BELARUS1UA10219016908582.821431
21/Apr/20179033000000"1. Part of automatic control devices of passenger car aggregates-primary sensors, do not contain radio-electronic devices, radio receivers and transmissions packed for retail trade:-ABS sensor (Article: 89546) - 2 pc-Oxygen sensor (Article: 89465, 89467) - 3 pc-Body position sensor (Article: 89452) - 1 pc. Toyota / Lexus. Manufacturer - "TOYOTA Motor Corporation." Country of production - JP. "JAPAN0UA5000100.5735.97001039
20/Apr/201732141090901.Dvohkomponentna mixture used for internal and external protection of concrete, brick and masonry Kamienna (not aerosol packaging) SikaTop Seal-107art.471347 komp.A (5kg canister) -50sht art.465111 komp.V (20 kg bag) -50sht , komp.V 35-55% mixture of cement, aggregates and additives 37-60% Manufacturer - Sika CZ, sroKrayina production - CZ.Torhovelna mark - Sika. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001301250854.9981395
19/Apr/20172523900000"1 Hydraulic cements based on a mixture of alumina, silica and MgO, designed for lining stalerozlyvochnyh bucket, volume 30tn, 60tn, 90tn and 100tn in metallurgical production, mass Runcast: BSNK1M-60, BSNK1M-90, BSNK1M-100, BSNK1M-30 is nyzkotsementnyy alumina cement, fireclay base are made in clay. Chemical composition and characteristics: Al2O3-55,00%, CaO-2,10%, Fe2O3-0,69%, SiO2-39,80%; apparent density - 2 4 g / cm3, fire resistance - 1400 hrad.S.Pryznachenyy ceramic linings for performing various thermal units. Weight Runcast: BMAL / M55M-30, BMAL / M55M-100, BMAL / M55M-90 is H yzkotsementnyy korundoshpinelnyy concrete-based sintered corundum, spinel and Synthetic. Chemical composition and characteristics: Al2O3-92,50%, CaO-1,50%, Fe2O3-0,10%, MgO-5,60%; content of fractions <0,063mm - 31.4%, 31.8%, 33.6%, humidity - 0.2% granulometry - 0-10mm, fire resistance - 1680 Celsius degrees Concrete mixture intended for ramming vibrouschilnyuvalnym by semi bulky and linings of heat aggregates and masonry stalerozlyvochnoho bottom of the bucket, and those areas on REDD lining electric furnaces that operate at temperatures vysokoy. "POLAND0UA7000102560032322.20433
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Aggregates Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Aggregates Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""ДА-РУСЯ"""
Importer Address
46003, Тернопільська обл., м. Тернопіль, вул. Полковника Д. Нечая, буд. 25Б, Україна
Exporter Name PIOTR MIARKA
Product Description
"1. MI-2 serial number 513925015, with takeoff wei.........
HS Code 8802120000Value 24826.17204
Quantity 1Unit UA403030
Net Weight 2380
Origin Country POLAND

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