Ukraine Import Data of Agent | Ukraine Import Statistics of Agent

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of agent collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of agent imports.

Agent Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Agent

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201730029090001.Modyfikovani immunological products including obtained from zastosuvannyambiotehnolohiy do not contain animal blood, contain in their composition kulturmikroorhanizmiv (including live pathogenic bacteria, fungi and virusivroslyn), not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors not intended to control blood sugar levels are not tests for vyznachennyavahitnosti intended for in vitro diagnostic or research diagnostic -Reahenty: Control BD (tm) Multi-Check // BD (tm) Multi-Check Control (1h2,5ml) for in vitro diagnostic use, art.: 340911-1sht. VyznachennyaCD4 human agents labeled with PE-Cy (tm) 5 // PE-Cy (tm) 5 labeled anti-human CD4 (100testiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, Art.: 555341 -2sht. Reagents for determination of human CD56 labeled ER // HUCD56, PE (100 tests) only for research (RUO), not for usein in vitro diagnostics, art.: 555516-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD69, micheniFITC // FITC labe led anti-mouse CD69 (Very Early Activation Antigen) (0.1) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 557392-1sht. Reagents CD11b / Mac-1 human micheniPE // Mouse Anti-Human CD11b / Mac-1 PE (100 tests), scientificresearch only (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 555388-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD33, labeled with FITC // FITC labeled anti-human CD33 (100testiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 555626-1sht. A set of reagents BD (tm) for vyznachennyaHLA-B27 // BD (tm) HLA-B27 kit (50 tests) for in vitro diagnostic use, art.: 340183-1nab. Reagent BD Simultest (tm) LeucoGATE (tm) for vyznachennyaSD45 / CD14 // BD Simultest (tm) LeucoGATE (tm) (CD45 / CD14) Reagent (50 tests), dlyain vitro diagnostic art.: 342408-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD83, micheniAPC // APC labeled anti-human CD83 (100 tetiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 551073-1sht. Reagents determine the CD86, labeled PerCP-Cy5.5 // HU CD86 PerCP-Cy5.5 (50 tests), only dlyanaukovyh research (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 561129-1sht. Reagents for research streptavidin-phycoerythrin (SAv-PE) // Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin PE (0.5 mg) only for research (RUO), nedlya use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 554061-1sht. 7 Aminoaktinomitsyn D (7AAD) // AAd 7 (2 mL) for research only (RUO) Not for use vin vitro diagnostics, art.: 559925-1sht. A set of reagents MitoScreen Kit (JC-1) // MitoScreen Kit (JC-1) (100 tests) only for research (RUO) Not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 551302-1sht. Reagents determine the CD22, labeled PE // PE labeled Mouse Anti-Human CD22 (100 tests) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 562859-1sht. Reagent BD Simultest (tm) for vyznachennyaCD3 / CD4 // BD Simultest (tm) CD3 / CD4 Reagent (50 tests) for in vitro diagnostics andUNITED STATES0UA1251000.20762324.997807 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby cleaning packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging (Surface - active agents: anionic and non-ionic excipients - water, phosphonates, dipropylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, hidroksyetyltselyuloza, fragrance, dyes, preservatives): Tools for treatment of crumbs - 12960sht.Torhovelna brand: no danyhVyrobnyk: NINGBO DUNHUANG IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production: China / CN. "CHINA0UA50006010841355.000045
29/Apr/201739069090001. ACUSOL (TM) 497 N POLYMER BULK CU, RMS 10,092,435, Cas 52255-49-9- is a thick clear colorless liquid with a specific smell, which consists of polyacrylamide cpivpolimeru of maleic anhydride, which is dispersed in water containing a volatile component MAC 53% and mineral content component MAS 21% - sulphates, kremnezem.Vykorystovuyetsya in the production of detergents as dispersing agent for polymers. .FRANCE0UA2092002076011288.81567
29/Apr/20172811220000"1.Neorhanichni oxygen compounds of non-metals - silicon dioxide (SiO2), synthetic amorphous silica silicate inform opalyestsyruyuschoyi ridyny.Hel mark Ludox SK (SiO2), packed in plastic barrels for 2 249,43kh 1 pallet - as called 498,86kh.Vykorystovuyetsya adhesion agent for accurate modelnoholyttya.Harakterystyky: - the content of SiO2 - 25,2%; - pH 25C - 4,2; - specific gravity 15,5S (60F) - 1,177.Torhivelna mark: Ludox SK.Vyrobnyk: Grace GmbH & Co. KG..Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA401010498.861185.134011
29/Apr/201734054000001.Zasoby cleaning agents and impregnated chystyaschym: cleaning sticks, which consist of a polypropylene core with both sides cylindrical cotton swabs are impregnated with a mixture of water and ethanol solution th polivinilovohospy rtuyu. Each stick is packed into individ ualnu package and 30 sticks vkorob Ku: DF000034.00 CLEANER IQOS 30 CLEANING STI CKS OPK30 - 4000 sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - IQOS.Vyrobnyk - Sanyo Co. Ltd. .JAPAN0UA12510015611960.00046
29/Apr/201790183900001.Vyroby registered medical Ministry of Health, catheters and similar instruments used in medicine, surgery, catheterization is designed to naskrizshkirnoho input device in human blood vessels and through him drugs, diagnostic contrast agents, stent systems and other health adaptation during treatment and / or diagnostic procedures and during surgery. Devices for surgical endovascular interventions: 534646T - Diagnostic 6F catheter tip shape INFINITI AL-II - 40 shtuk.534647T - Diagnostic 6F catheter tip shape INFINITI AL-III - 40 shtuk.67005700 - directing device VISTA BRITE TIP diameter 6F XLL tip shape XB- 4 with holes - 5 shtuk.67004100 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP tip diameter 6F XLL AL-2 forms with holes - 24 shtuky.67008300 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP 6F XLL tip diameter forms JR-4 with holes - 25 shtuk.77805700 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP tip diameter 7F XB-4 form with holes - 5 shtuk.Na packaging products available coincidences ovidne labeling - Wed №14976 / 2015 30.06.2015. Manufacturer - Cordis catheters Corporation.Dylatatsiyni Empira: 75R15225N - dilatation catheter EMPIRA NC RX PTCA 15 mm x 2.25 MM - 3 shtuky.75R20200N - dilatation catheterUNITED STATES0UA12510016.4327139.677064
28/Apr/20173305900000"1." Aquarelle "" Lightweight ", weighing 124 gr., Includes: a bag with a powder for discoloration-13g, a bottle-applicator with an oxidizing agent -35ml, a balsam-15ml, a plastic gloves, a hat with holes, a brush With crochet, instructions for use, not in aerosol packaging - 4680 pcs. "BULGARIA0UA408150612.31043.923284
28/Apr/20171704906100"1.Kondyterski sugar products (pills) - 20 art.42005 JB ASST (DE / FR) 12-100g - 96kh. / 80 cases in 12h100hr. / 20 assorted flavors (blueberry, bubblegum, popcorn with butter, cotton candy , cantaloupe, coconut, green apple, juicy pear, lemon, licorice, peach, pina colada, pink hruypfrut, plums, strawberries). Ingredients - sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, acidity regulator, flavoring, concentrated puree peaches, mashed blueberry powder musk melon, coconut food colors (E 129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171), plum juice concentrate, lemon n D, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak) juice concentrate pear juice concentrate passion fruit concentrate juice tangerine, mashed strawberry juice concentrate watermelon juice concentrate grapefruit juice apple juice cherries, ascorbic acid, salt, dextrin Tapioca - art.42009, Tropical Mix 100g - 24kh. / 20 cases in 12h100hr.) Tropical mix - blueberries, cantaloupe, coconut, pineapple, green apple, ki tu, lemon, lime, mango, peach, pina colada, hruypfrut, strawberries , daiquiri, mandarin, banana. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, concentrated puree peaches, mashed strawberries, mashed banana, acidity regulator (malic acid, sodium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate), flavors, coconut, juice concentrate kiwi, lemon sauce, mashed mango , glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak) juice concentrate passion fruit concentrate juice tangerine, food coloring (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow "", which E129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171), juice concentrate mango, grapefruit, pineapple, musk powder melon, lime juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, dextrin tapioky.- art.42011 Sunkist Citrus mix 100g - 24kh. / 20 cases in 12h100hr.) Miks.- art.42010 Citrus Cocktail Classics 100g- 24kh. - a classic cocktail (Margarita, Mojito, Peach Bellini, pina colada, pomegranate cosmo, strawberry daiquiri) - / 20 cases in 12h100hr. / Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, mashed strawberries, acidity regulator, flavor, coconut concentrate lime juice, pomegranate juice concentrate, peach puree concentrate, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak), food coloring, dextrin tapioky- art.42008 Frut mix 100g - 24kh. (20 cases in 12h100hr.) - art.79981 Smoothie Blend 50g. -24 kg. (10 cases in 48h50hr.) - a mixture of the band (cherry, passion fruit, orange, mango, mix fruit, pineapple, pear, strawberry, banana) Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, mashed orange flavors, mashed banana, concentrate juice passion fruit, acidity regulator (sodium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate), food colorings (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow "", which E129, E133, E171, indihotyn) juice concentrate pear puree blueberries, glazing agents (beeswax , carnauba wax, shellak) - art.79979 Sours 50g - -24 kg. (10 cases in 48h50hr.) - art.42395 Hello kitti 6 Flavours Pouch Bag 90g - 32 "THAILAND0UA100040285.364632.041041
28/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky presented in sets: Set toy series" "LPS-Small Pet Shop", "a platter. Art.A8229-440sht, set for creativity with clay" "Magazinchik art.B0307-60sht cookies, play set: 1 set Modulus : thrifty fighter series "" nerf "" art.B1534-20sht; toy set: Modulus set 2: Special agent series "" nerf "" art.B1535-20sht, toy set, "" Little doll and fashion accessories '' series "" Disney Princess "," a platter. art.B5327-56sht, toy set, "" Accessories Modulus "" Series "" nerf "" art.B6321-40sht; set toy series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6555 -200sht; toy set series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6563-21sht; toy set "" Pony with festive hairstyles "," series "" MLP-My little Pony "" a platter. art.B8809-42sht; Set toy '' Pony girlfriend '' series '' MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8924-180sht; toy set "" Pony purse "," series "," MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8952-60sht, Producer "" Hasbro SA "(the factory" Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) It rhovelna brand HASBRO, Country of origin CN;"CHINA0UA100120126.914429.375296
28/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packaging in plast.vidra on 23kh = 88sht content filler-sand (granulated) 62-54% water-solvent 26-28% acrylic latex (binder liquid) 9.9 -10.2% scope - for bonding insulating polystyrene panels to mineral bases and create a basic layer of plaster in buildings, mold manufacturing - pasty composition; - PRIMAX, primer, packing in 14 kg plast.vidra = 13sht based on water 65-52% acrylic latex (called "" liquid adhesion agent) 25-15% pigment 5-0,15% to 10% modifiers, applicabl uyetsya to improve traction in buildings (including painted and glazed polystyrene plates and fasteners), form vyhotolennya - opaque liquid mixture; PRM LYMESTONE PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 for packaging in plast.vidra 24.72kh = 60sht based on sand capsulated 63-67% akrilovyy latex (binder liquid) 8,5-10,2% titanium dioxide 1-4%, 12-15% water (solvent) form you hotolennya-pasty composition, scope-for creating external and internal base layer of plaster in buildings. - COLOR PRIME S PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 primer for packaging in plast.vidrah 17.36kh = 10pcs content: water 40-41% 17-18% acrylic polymer, propylene glycol 1.4-1.5% titanium dioxide 0 5-9,9% calcium carbonate filler 16-23% production form - opaque liquid mixture used for coating surfaces in buildings under acrylic and hranitopodobni shtukaturky.Z filler content, Portland cement 20-30% quartz sand 50-60 % 0-14% lime and polymer binder rechovyna- 1-2%: DRYCOAT rozfas.v bags of 25kg = 48sht, form-making powdered mixture scope - for cos Rennes base layer of plaster in buildings, not refractory, not in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091805062.84652.799604
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""БіоЛайн Україна"" Україна"
Importer Address
01033 Київ вул. Гайдара 50 юр/а
Exporter Name BECTON DICKINSON Distribution Center NV
Product Description
1.Modyfikovani immunological products including o.........
HS Code 3002909000Value 2324.997807
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 0.2076
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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