Ukraine Import Data of Adjuster | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adjuster

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of adjuster collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of adjuster imports.

Adjuster Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adjuster

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of adjuster. Get Ukraine trade data of Adjuster imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
25/Apr/20177318220090"1.Washers new, made of steel, non-threading, to motor vehicles, washer adjuster: art.WHT005518C-1; Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG; Brand: Volkswagen; Country of production: TR;"TURKEY0UA3052000.010.608464586 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178708409998"1. Parts of transmissions to the a / m '" HYUNDAI "". The disc brake adjuster AKPPkat.N 456833B025 -1sht .; disc brake friction Automatic / set 7sht. / Kat.N456253B402 -2sht .; clutch automatic transmission kat.N 456893B400 - 1pc .; pidshypnykavyzhymnoho Guide kat.N 4142639260 - 3pc .; piston Automatic kat.N 456133B001 - 1pc .; TrosKPP kat.N 437941R100 -1sht.Torhovelna mark "" Hyundai "". Producer: "" Hyundai Motor Company "". Country production: KR.. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10012014.5302.0260246
21/Apr/201728111980001. Product Zentech 458 AR- 715kh and product PH adjuster -25kh. soboyuvodnyy solution is a single compound and determined the chemical composition heksaftortsyrkoniyevoyi koslty linear formula: H2ZrF6, molecular weight-207,23 CAS №12021-95-3, used to protect metals from koroziyi.Torhovelna mark - NatechVyrobnyk - Natech Ltd. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA8060207401837.500048
20/Apr/201787083099981.chastyny ​​for disc brakes to avtonavantazhuvachiv.Brake Plate / spare parts braking system art.3EC3011170 / M6576-6sht. Gap Adjuster Rh / Brake Adjustment Mechanism art.3EB3051450 / M2301-1sht. Gap Adjuster Lh / Brake Adjustment Mechanism art.3EB3051430 / M6696-1sht. Liner, Lower / Fryktsyonnaya plate art.821522508071 / M7839-23sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.3EB1041220 / M7934-4sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.9132111100 / M2953-2sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.134A310211 / M2285-3sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.3EB1032320 / M9143-3sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.31280-23600-71 / M8322-2sht. .CHINA0UA50020030742.8367898
18/Apr/201773181589901.Vyroby mount new limit of tensile strength over 800MPa, material - steel., Art.52217-35180 - bolt-2 pcs. art.52217-35191 -bolt-6 pieces. art.52217-60070 - bolt-3pc. art.90105-08158 - - bolt-2 pcs. art.90105-14186 - bolt-1am. art.90105-16088 -bolt-2 pcs. art.90105-17014 - bolt-1am. art.90105-17015 - - bolt-2 pcs. art.90119-08511 - bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 -bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 - bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 - - bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 - bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 -bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 - bolt-1am. art.90119-14079 - - bolt-2 pcs. art.90119-16005 - bolt-1am. art.90119-16005 -bolt-1am. art.90119-16005 - bolt-2 pcs. art.90119-16016 - - adjusting screw-3pc. art.48409-60040 - - bolt-5pcs. art.48409-60040 - bolt-1am. art.48409-60020 -bolt-1am. art.48409-34041 - bolt-3pc. art.48409-34041 - - bolt-1am. art.48409-34041 - bolt-1am. art.48409-34041 -bolt-1am. art.48190-34010 - adjuster bolt-1am. art.48190-34010 - boltrehulyuvalnyy-3pc. art.48190-34010- adjuster bolt-1am. art.48190-34010 - adjustment - adjustment bolt, 1pc. art.48190-60040- adjuster bolt-3pc. art.48409-34041 - bolt-1am. art.48409-42030 - boltrehulyuvalnyy-1am. art.48190-60040 - adjusting screw, 2 pcs. art.48190-60040- adjuster bolt-1am. art.48190-60040 - adjustment - adjustment bolt, 2 pcs. art.90942-02049- bolt-25sht. art.90942-02049 - bolt-8sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - ToyotaVyrobnyk - Toyota Motor Europe NV / SA.JAPAN0UA12519020.428503.4701178
18/Apr/20177318220090"1.Vyroby without threading of ferrous metals to agricultural machinery, metal washer, Art. 86624169 - 20 pcs, metal washer, art. 1340559C2 - 8 pieces, metal washer, Art. 396-31081 - 50 pieces, metal washer, art. 87324523 - 1 pc; Washer stubborn, art. 87403378 - 12 pc; Washer steel, art. 86624165 - 4 pcs; Washer steel, art. 86624166 - 10 pc; Washer metal stubborn, art. 20090100 - 2 pcs; Washer metal stubborn, art. 20090101 - 2 pcs; Washer metal stubborn, art. T103887 - 4 pieces; Ring adjusting, art. 1997958C2 - 1 pc; Washer metal, art. 140 045 - 75 pieces, kit washers adjustment (1komplekt-7sht.), art. 142398C91 - 4 pieces; metal washer, art. 495-81210 - 5 units; Ring adjuster, art. 258819A1 - 2 pcs; Washer metal, art. 1979191C1 - 5 pcs, Washer metal, art. 87393626 - 20 pc; Washer metal, art. T38017 - 30 pieces, a set of rings regulatory, art. 1277229C1 - 2 pieces ;. "UNITED STATES0UA1101608.264809.8796444
14/Apr/20173926909290"1.Zapasni components and parts for the joint-sochlenennym dumpers brand" "Bell" ": plastic products made of sheets: Set sealing plastic / KIT, ADJUSTER SLEEVE & THRUST art.223721-3sht, trademark manufacturer Bell Bell Corp.Krayina production TR. "TURKEY0UA10011014.4663.3119181
14/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni components and parts for the joint-sochlenennym dumpers brand" "Bell" ": ferrous metals: Set the adjusting plate / KIT, ADJUSTER RH art.223719-3sht, trademark manufacturer Bell Bell Corp.Krayina production TR. "TURKEY0UA1001102.16304.0391027
14/Apr/201790178090001. Hand-held instruments for measuring linear sizes: belt adjuster (ruler to measure the length belts) -2sht. Producer (brand): ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH (CONTITECH).GERMANY0UA4000302.611.29681503
12/Apr/20178409910000"1.Chastyny ​​designed for reciprocating engines with spark ignition, spare parts for maintenance tools of" "Stihl" ": Intake adjuster Lever art.4229-121-5000-2sht., Hovlovnyy adjusting screw art.4241-122-6700- 10pc., Chief adjusting screw art.4180-122-6706-5sht., carburetor art.4601-120-0600-2sht., carburetor art.4241-120-0607-4sht., carburetor C1M-S244 art.4241-120 -0605-2sht., carburetor C1Q-S154 art.4128-120-0607-50sht., carburetor C1Q-S174 art.4180-120-0611-20sht., carburetor C1Q-S216 art.4140-120-0621-2sht. carburetor C1Q-S235 art.1140-120-0604-3sht., carburetor S3R-S236 art.1135-120-0608-20sht., crankcase art.1130-020-3034-1sht., kit - carburetor parts art.4180-007-1035-2sht., Real nozzle 0.48 art.1132-121-5600-20sht., regulating membrane art.1140-121-4701- 10pc., art.4129-121-4700-50sht., regulating membrane art.4314-121-4700-100sht., regulating membrane on the MS 180 art.1130-121-4700-100sht., adjusting screw rotational speed idling art.4180-122-6805-2sht., Flange art.4180-120-2209-2sht., carburetor flange art.4314-120-2200-30sht.Vyrobnyk STIHL.Torhovelna mark STIHL.Krayina production CN "CHINA0UA10021013.0174386.738743
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Adjuster Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Adjuster Importer Sample

Date 25/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРШЕ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
02152, м. Київ, пр. Павла Тичини, 1-В. Україна
Exporter Name Porsche Hungaria Handels G.m.b.H.
Product Description
"1.Washers new, made of steel, non-threading, to m.........
HS Code 7318220090Value 0.608464586
Quantity 0Unit UA305200
Net Weight 0.01
Origin Country TURKEY

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