Ukraine Import Data of Adi | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adi

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Adi Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adi

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176029099001. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ADIANTHUM / maidenhair-35cm-40sht, AGLAO MIX / AHLAONEMA- 35cm-34sht, ASPLE ANTIQUUM / Asplenioum-30cm-24sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm-404sht, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45-120sm-50sht, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-72sht, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-20pcs, COFFEA ARABICA / coffee-35-180sm 108sht, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-140sht, CTENANTHE / KTENANTE-45-160sm-11sht, CUPRESSUS WILMA / KUPRESSUS-45-180sm-60sht , CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-26sht, DAVALIA / DAVALIYA-27cm-24sht, dRACAENA OVERIG / Dracena, 45-240sm-231sh t, ECHEVERIA / EHVYYERIYA-15cm-580sht, FIC BE MIX / Ficus benjamina-25-300sm-549sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-189sht, HEBE VARIEGATA / 24cm-Hebei-108sht, HED HE OV GROEN / HEDERA- 15-110sm-292sht, HOWEA FORST KENTIA / HOVEYA-90-300sm-5pcs, NEPHR EX GREEN LADY / NEFROLEPIS-25-70sm-66sht, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-72sht, PTERIS / PTERIS-25-70sm- 64sht, SOLEIL / 15cm-SOLEIL-50sht, TRAD GEMENGDE KAR / Tradescantia-17cm-80sht, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-24sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-295sht, Total weight is 3618sht.Chysta 1208,32kh Country of manufacturer NL no dataNETHERLANDS0UA4010101590.62637.9639562 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20176029099001.Zhyvi pot plants for greenhouses, not flowering, no bud, decorative room in n / o, glass and ceramic horschikah with decorative elements in assortment, Latin name / number, unit: Cycl / 16 / Adian / 12 / Aechmea / 7 / Aloc / 12 / Bougan / 7 / Cactus / 90 / Callisten / 3 / Codium / 16 / Coffea / 10 / Cord / 8 / Cycas / 9 / Dieff / 32 / Dra / 94 / Echino / 12 / Epipremum / 6 / Ficus / 86 / Impatiens / 12 / Lewista / 7 / Maranta / 10 / Pass / 2 / Peperomia / 8 / Selaginela / 18 / Sinningia / 12 / Steph / 12 / Stepto / 8 / Vriesea / 12 / Yucca / 18 / Zamioculcas / 59 / Citrof / 9 / Schef / 6 / Total: 613sht.Torhova mark there danyhVyrobnyk: nevidomyyKrayina production: NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA125220498.21189.3564921
28/Apr/20174009310000"1.Shlanhy of vulcanized rubber nezatverdiloyi reinforced with textile materials, without fittings, for cars: nipple crankcase ventilation (ROSTECO) 2108-1014056-20sht. KT radiator sockets 2112 arr. 2004.. (ROSTECO) 2112-1303010 / 25 / 93 / 80-10sht. nipple clamps with the upper radiator (ROSTECO) 2123-1303025 -10sht.Patrubok radiator with upper clamps (ROSTECO) 21082-1303025 / 08-1300080-20sht. radiator nipple clamps on the bottom (ROSTECO) 21082-1303010 / 08-1300080-10sht. Pipes upper radiator (ROSTECO) 2108-1303025 / 10/92/80 -10sht. Patrubkyradiatora top (ROSTECO) 21082-1303010 / 25/93/80 -20sht. KT sockets radiatora2110 arr. 2004.. (ROSTECO) 2110-1303010 / 25/93/80 -10sht. Patras Bock ivodyanoho pump thermostat 2123-1303074-01 -5sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" RUBYLAYN "" Nizhniy radiator nipple clamps with (ROSTECO) 2123-1303010 -10sht. 96553267-10sht the upper radiator nipple. Set patrubkov radiator (ROSTECO) 21073i 21073 -10sht. Patrubokr adiatora top (ROSTECO) 2170-1303025 -12sht. Set patrubkov radiatora2170 (t-9 child) 2170-1303025 / 10/93 -12sht. Manifold kit 2170-8101208vidvodyaschyy lead-2170-8101208 2170-8101200 and / -10sht 00. Business opalyuvacha3302 nipple clamps on 2705-8101021 / 22 -10sht. KT radiator sockets with dvyh406 3302 (ROSTECO) 3302-1303025 / 35/10 -10sht. Parovidvodyaschyy radiatora96351848 -20sht nipple. Nipple crankcase ventilation 96461003-10sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" VPT "" nipple crankcase ventilation (ROSTECO) 2112-1014056 -10sht.Patrubok crankcase ventilation 96489813-10sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO KAChESTVAKrayina production technology: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" STK "" nipple rozshyritelnoho tank 2170-1303080 -10sht.Torhovelna mark: ROSTECO technology KAChESTVAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" business priorities "" "RUSSIA0UA807170111.4741.4396493
28/Apr/20173808942000"1. Disinfectant" "Soliklor" "(SOLIKLOOR) tablets in barrels for 50kh.-84sht., Containing in its composition the sodium salt dyhlorizotsianurovoyi Dairy you (halogen compound active ingredient), adipic acid and sodium carbonate (auxiliary components ). It is used for disinfection and dosterylizatsiynohoochyschennya medical devices and surfaces in various industriesproduction facilities and services. not aerozo lniy package. Whirlpool-to: "" BALTIACHEMI OU "" Trademark BALTIACHEMIKrayina production - EE. "ESTONIA0UA12512042007312.03185
28/Apr/2017804300000"1.Ananasy fresh (Ananas comosus), a sort of" "Sweet Gold" "7 gauge, commercial grade I, packaged in boxes on 11.5kh, art.41515 001001-260yasch .; caliber 10, commercial grade, packaged in boxes on 10.5 kg, art. 39216001001-208yasch. that do not contain loduta containers (bottles) of cooling ynoyu family. Vintage 2017., packing date 04/2017., the deadline applicable. 05/2017 g. Net weight 5174kh. you are VALENCIATR nickname ADING OFFICE, SL Comm. brand Royal Coast.Krayina production CR.. "COSTA RICA0UA12520051745685.518981
28/Apr/201729171200001.Spoluky adipic acid whichused as plastyfikatorupry plastics: ERGOPLAST ADO art.WC-PO-AD-0000 - 7120khTorhivelna Brand: ERGOPLASTVyrobnyk: Boryszew Spolka Akcyjna oddzialBoryszew ERG w SochaczewieKrayina production PL Poland.POLAND0UA125220712010458.81707
27/Apr/20176104620090"1. knitted shorts, of cotton, for zhi- NOC or girls: -art. CF1075 shorts female. (Materials: Cotton 98% elastane 2%, dimensions: 30" ") - 12p., Country of origin - KHTorhovelna mark - REEBOKVyrobnyk - Concern Adidas AG. "CAMBODIA12UA1000503.12281.0190246
27/Apr/20176105201000"1. shirts, polo shirts for men and hlop- ant, fleece, synthetic fibers: -art. S97788 Polo pers. (Material: Polyester 100% size: L) -1sht. - Art. S97924 Polo pers. (Materials : Polyester 100% size: 2XL) -2sht. - art. S97925 Polo pers. (material: Polyester 100% size: M..2XL) -7sht. - art. S97926 Polo pers. (material: Polyester 100 % size: L) -1sht., Country of origin - VNTorhovelna mark - ADIDASVyrobnyk - Concern Adidas AG. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF11UA1000501.98272.3593882
27/Apr/20176104620010"1. pants knitted, for women or div- chat, cotton, -art. S97110 trousers female. (Material: Polyester 23% Cotton 77% size: XS..XL) -41sht. - Art. S97111 female trousers . (material: Polyester 23% Cotton 77% size: M..XL) -11sht. - art. S97160 trousers female. (material: Polyester 23% Cotton 77% size: 2XS..XS) -7sht .; Country of origin - VNTorhovelna mark - ADIDASVyrobnyk - Concern Adidas AG. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF59UA10005015.34818.8040743
27/Apr/20176110209100"1. Men (and for guys) pullovers, vests, sweaters knitted cotton: -art. BK1081 Jumper people. (Material: Polyester 37% Cotton 63% size: M) -2sht., Country of origin - VNTorhovelna mark - REEBOKVyrobnyk - Concern Adidas AG. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF2UA1000500.561.9435737
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for.........
HS Code 602909900Value 637.9639562
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 1590.62
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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