Ukraine Import Data of Adhesive Silicon | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adhesive Silicon

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of adhesive silicon collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of adhesive silicon imports.

Adhesive Silicon Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adhesive Silicon

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of adhesive silicon. Get Ukraine trade data of Adhesive Silicon imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214101090"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that vykorysovuyutsya in the construction industry, polyurethane foam based on polyurethane (composition: izotsyonat 35-60% LPG 5-15% other additives 30-50%) in metal containers, contains no ozone-depleting substances, TM "" Akfix "": 850 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-1440 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-1440 pcs .; 960 PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-600 pcs .; 805P Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 500Ml-3840 805 pcs .; Foam 300Ml-TM 4320 pcs .; "" Hercul "": M65 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-4428 pcs .; M70 Mega Foam 850Ml-Max 2940 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-2700 pcs .; Manto PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-1440 pcs .; Pro Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 pcs .; Multi Reusabl Valve PU Foam 750Ml-1476 pcs .; STD Foam 750Ml-2976 pcs .; Midi Foam 500Ml- 2016 sht.Zamazky in plastic tyubikah without aerosol packaging, a paste sealant (silicone, akrilovyy) TM "" Akfix "": 100E Silicone 280Ml bil.-7680 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml chorn.-2400 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml proz.-23040 pcs .; 100 E Tube Silicone 50Ml proz.-9504 pcs .; 100E Tube Silicone 50Ml bil.-4752 pcs .; P645 Sealant Sousage 600Ml chorn.-180 pcs .; TM "" Hercul "": Universal Silicone 280Ml chorn.-600 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml prozor.-2640 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml bil.-5376 pcs .; Strong Acrylic Flexi Nail 280Ml-2928 pcs .; Acrylic Sealant 280Ml Mastic (mastic) bil.-1920 pcs .; High Tack 290Ml Sealant bil.-120 pcs .; Wood Adhesive 500Gr-960 sht.Vyrobnyk: AKKIM YAPI KIMYASALLARI SANAYI VE TICARET AS Country of origin: Turkey. "TURKEY0UA10001038713.3433697.99988 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201748211010001.Vyroby of paper and cardboard, printed labels, samokleyuvalni used in stores: Roll paper self-adhesive brands (42% of thermal paper, 32% silicone paper, cardboard 20%, 6% adhesive) (4080 pcs) art.075609001, Nb-1 sht.Torhovelna brand AVERY DENNISON RETAIL INFORMATVyrobnyk AVERY DENNISON RETAIL INFORMATKrayina production ES.SPAIN0UA1001102.9685.44174639
27/Apr/201732141010901. sealing butyl weight, in the form of black plastic adhesive tapes co-loru based polymers / butylene copolymers (butyl rubber, etc.) nanesenina paper substrate and rolled in a spiral, and designed to seal windows and get out skleyuvannyadahovyh: sealing grease TAPE 2X5 / 45mp-2430mpshyrynoyu 2mm, 5mm height that mistytfarbuvalnu agent / filler black first kolou (soot, etc.), inorganic filler (calcium carbonate, etc.) spolukytsynku, sulfur, silicon, iron, etc. (content of inorganic filler component including -42 , 77%).POLAND0UA20918047346.3899715
27/Apr/20173919101900"1.Strichky flat plastic self-adhesive, in rolls of a width not exceeding 20 cm coated nevulkanizovanoho natural or synthetic rubber, industrial: 00001035 Silicon (Silicon tape width 3 cm, clamp fixed to the machine for packaging film used for uniform adhesions film. used in civil industries as parts for printing equipment) -2,1m., Country of DETorhovelna Manufacturer brand Kolbus Kolbus GmbH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA1002900.247.4405161
26/Apr/201732141010901.Zamazky (compaction). Not in aerosol packaging. 1-component sylikonovyyhermetyk for insulating glass in structural ostiklenni. (Osnova napovnenyysylikonovyy polymer fillers 10%) Sikasil IG 25 70263874 (108007) blackkomp.V (20kg canister) -4sht 70,263,872 (108,006) white komp.A (barrel 260kh) -4shtVysokoefektyvnyy weatherproof sealant used to seal and sealing wherever needed long-term construction, particularly suitable for structural ostiklennya (1-comp. silicone fillings 10%, not aerozolniyupakovtsi.) 70,263,788 (107,625) Sikasil WS-605S: black (unipak 600ml) -1600sht, Adhesive and sealant for structural ostik PRINCIPLES fOR GOOD GOVERNANCE and second industrial tsiley.Pastopodibnyy. (Filled silicone polymer vachiv fill 30-45%) SikasilSG-500 70263764 (107800) black komp.V (20kg barrel) -1sht 2 komponentnyysylikonovyy adhesive Herr metyk for windows used in the con struction. Neaerozolniy package. (Osnova-filled silicone polymer fillers of 10%) 70,264,140 (421,996) Sikasil WT-480 White Component A bucket 26kh -17sht.70263710 (170,388) Sikasil WT-480 Comp.B black (bucket 20kg) -1sht.Vyrobnyk Sika Engineering Silicones srl.Krayina production - Sika brand IT.TorhivelnaITALY0UA100130299411482.24914
26/Apr/20173506100098"1. Ready adhesives rozfasovni for retail net weight not exceeding 1 kg: 4hvylyny epoxy adhesive (for 57hr. In a metal tube) ES-507 -4800sht., (In 14,2hr. In a metal tube) ES-508 - 1200sht, adhesives for threaded connections (ether dimetakrylatu -65% -25% bisphenol A, saccharin -3% -2% polyethylene, amorphous silica -1% -2% polyethylene, cumene hydroperoksyd 3% pasty mixture in 6 ml in a metal tube): blue TL-342-R -7200sht., red TL-371-R - 3600sht .; glue for mirrors (pasty mixture of 1.2 ml in a metal tube) RV-495-R - 6000sht, cold welding adhesive (paste for 57h in the layer kovom tube. Ingredients: Talc-39,954-66,59%, 2,2-bis (4- (2,3 epoksipropoksi) phenyl) propane, polymer-10-30%, GMP-800-10-30%, dolomite -3,3295-6,659% magnesium carbonate -0.6659 -3.3295% quartz-0,6659-3,3295% 2,4,6 Tris (dymetylaminometyl) 1.5675% phenol, phenol-formaldehyde polymer hlitsidilefir -1-5% iron oxide (111) -1-5%, crystalline silicon, 0.0186%, 0.0389% black, chrome 0.0124%, manganese-0,01178%, dmp-30- 0 0 825% white epoxy -1%) black AS-224-R- 5760sht., wHITE AS-224-WR - 3840sht. Trademark - "" ABRO "". Carniola origin - US.Vyrobnyk: "" Abro Industries. Inc "". "UNITED STATES0UA11019012472505.999824
26/Apr/20173919101900"1. The self-adhesive tapes, in rolls, of a width not exceeding 20 cm: transparent, not corrugated, polyimide tape with drawing from one side silicone adhesive interface (Silicon), size (thickness * width * length). The thickness of the coating 0,03mm. Strength 170MPA gap, operating temperature 260S. used for electric insulation. civil, not military-pryznachennya. 0,055mm * 20mm * 33m -200khVyrobnyk: Suzhou Kying Industrial Materials Co., LTD; trade mark: Kying. "CHINA0UA1101202005553.988175
25/Apr/201761091000001. adhesives based on polyols Kleiberit 571.1 - 260.0kh component A, in the form of white dispersion contains: a simple polyester alcohol (s) containing hard ethereal group / groups, calcium carbonate, other additives and / or additives (including including compounds containing magnesium, sulfur and silicon). It is one component of a two-component polyurethane mixture, which is designed for bonding metal parts of the filter cartridge to the vehicles. Not in aerosol packaging. Does not contain controlled substances. .CAMBODIA19UA1252308.55739.8479483
25/Apr/201732100090001) Druk.farba FLEXOCURE FORCE TRANSPARENT WHITE = 8 cans packing 5kg art. UFO0-0061-408N, UV paint white content (10-25%-acrylate, Akrylerad oligomer, 10-25%) for rotary offset fleksodruku.Druk.lak PRIME COAT HIGH RESISTANT = 60 cans packing 5kg art. UPF0-0006-405N UV-resistant lacquer otverzhdaemyy dlyaharyachoho foil stamping and thermal transfer printing methods for NW-flexo printable paper inevbyrayuchyh materials has good properties of solidification, fluidity and printing properties diakrilat-eksametylen contains 35-50% epoksiakrilat, 35-50%, 5-10%, tertiariamin .Druk.adhezyv UV FLEXO LAMINATING ADHESIVE LV VARNISH = 20 cans packing 5kg art. UVH0-1001-405N, used as a UV stating adhesive for cold stamping, laminating for direct, not aerosol upakovtsi.Druk.adhezyv FOILBOND TC GREEN TINT ADHESIVE = 2 cans packing 5kg art. UVH0-0007-408N-UV otverzhdaemyy (radykalnohotverdinnya) adhesive for cold foil directly on eksomashynah vial contains: etoksylyrovannyy trymetylpropan triacrylate, 20-25%, (1-methyl-1,2-etanedyl) bis (oxy (mety- 2.1 etanedyl)) dyakrylat-10-25%, the adhesive designed to capture images from the foil to zapechatuyemomu the material has a high degree of hardening and good adhesion to a wide range of materials, delivered with optimal viscosity for printing, not aerosol packaging .Druk.lak UV FLEXO PRIMER = 2 cans packing 5kg art. UVT0-0096-405NDruk.lak UV FLEXO PRIMER = 2 cans packing 5kg art. UVT0-0096-405N, is, matting, contains no silicone, UV varnish confirming content (epoxy acrylate oligomer, 35-50% Heksametylen dyakrylat, 10-20%, 10-20%, Dypropylenhykoldyakrylat)) for printing on paper and nevpytuyuchyh materials, not in aerosol packaging.SWEDEN0UA1100504704733.655406
25/Apr/20173214101090"1.Hermetyky compaction and zkleyuvannya: adhesive and sealant Maxi-BondSeal (0,29l) in Dreams of silane-modified polymer, no solvents of istyt tanapovnyuvachiv, Tiksi tropic form, designed for bonding and hermetyzatsiyibud kind of building ma preliminaries, color: Gra-24sht.; Ek-12p.; Lgra-12p.; Brun-12p.; Svart-12p.; Rod-12p. Sealant "" AcrylPower Flex "" (0,3l) odnok mponetnyy, acrylic, pasty on the water on it, izzvukoizolyatsiynymy styamy characteristic that is designed to hermetyzatsiyinav range dvereyvseredyni premises, warehouse, not an organic filler 58% copolymer he and lovohoef py acrylic acid ester and 27%, water 15% -300sht .; sealant "" Silicon Wetroom "" (0,3l), the form-making tikstotropna made on Mr. and polisiloksanu (silicone rubber), amorphous silica filler designed for sealing shvivna any hnyah Returning composition: 55% polisiloksan 20% for amorphous varts (filler), 10% tryatsetoksimetylsyl an 15% tryatsetoksyetylsilan, color: clear-240plastykovyh tubes, white-240plastykovy tyubykiv.Torhivelna's brand: "" BOSTIK "" Manufacturer: BOSTIK ABKrayina production: SE "SWEDEN0UA807170390.51499.274735
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Adhesive Silicon Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Adhesive Silicon Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДРАФТ-КОМПАНІ"""
Importer Address
03150, м.Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська, буд. 139, оф. 337
Product Description
"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that .........
HS Code 3214101090Value 33697.99988
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 38713.34
Origin Country TURKEY

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