Ukraine Import Data of Adhesive Foam | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adhesive Foam

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of adhesive foam collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of adhesive foam imports.

Adhesive Foam Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Adhesive Foam

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of adhesive foam. Get Ukraine trade data of Adhesive Foam imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214101090"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that vykorysovuyutsya in the construction industry, polyurethane foam based on polyurethane (composition: izotsyonat 35-60% LPG 5-15% other additives 30-50%) in metal containers, contains no ozone-depleting substances, TM "" Akfix "": 850 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-1440 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-1440 pcs .; 960 PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-600 pcs .; 805P Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 500Ml-3840 805 pcs .; Foam 300Ml-TM 4320 pcs .; "" Hercul "": M65 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-4428 pcs .; M70 Mega Foam 850Ml-Max 2940 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-2700 pcs .; Manto PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-1440 pcs .; Pro Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 pcs .; Multi Reusabl Valve PU Foam 750Ml-1476 pcs .; STD Foam 750Ml-2976 pcs .; Midi Foam 500Ml- 2016 sht.Zamazky in plastic tyubikah without aerosol packaging, a paste sealant (silicone, akrilovyy) TM "" Akfix "": 100E Silicone 280Ml bil.-7680 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml chorn.-2400 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml proz.-23040 pcs .; 100 E Tube Silicone 50Ml proz.-9504 pcs .; 100E Tube Silicone 50Ml bil.-4752 pcs .; P645 Sealant Sousage 600Ml chorn.-180 pcs .; TM "" Hercul "": Universal Silicone 280Ml chorn.-600 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml prozor.-2640 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml bil.-5376 pcs .; Strong Acrylic Flexi Nail 280Ml-2928 pcs .; Acrylic Sealant 280Ml Mastic (mastic) bil.-1920 pcs .; High Tack 290Ml Sealant bil.-120 pcs .; Wood Adhesive 500Gr-960 sht.Vyrobnyk: AKKIM YAPI KIMYASALLARI SANAYI VE TICARET AS Country of origin: Turkey. "TURKEY0UA10001038713.3433697.99988 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739191019001.Vstavky (strip) between the skis self-adhesive, in rolls of a width of 15cm, for protection against scratches during transport skiing, rectangular, flexible, made of foam, without images, not embossed, not polished, coated with rubber nevulkanizovanohosyntetychnoho to ensure own production. .AUSTRIA0UA3052003.8592783.8456148
27/Apr/20173919101200"1. The self-adhesive tapes and rolls width not exceeding 20 cm coated zpolivin ilhlorydu: Double-sided tape 50mm * 10m private AVIORA /36art.303-005 -792rul, double-sided adhesive tape 50mm * 10m TC AVIORA /36art.303-006 -648rul; bilatera ting tape 50mm * 25m private AVIORA / 3 6art.303-007 -468rul; nadmi tsnakleyka sided tape 15mm * 3m on the basis akriloviy., sight, UV resistant, AVIORA / 36 art.3 03-013 - 252sht; nadmitsna.kle yka sided tape 19mm * 2m for Foamed DOS. d / fastened. Chern mirrors NEW / 48art.302-133 -4 32sht; Foamed sided tape 12mm * 10m Cerna ind.upak.AVIORA / 150 art.302- 012 -900rul; Dvust. in p. Tape 19mm * 10m white ind.upak.AVIORA / 90 art.302-020-630rul; Foamed sided tape 25mm * 10m white ind.upak. AVIORA /72art.302-021 -504rul; Bilateral Foamed ribbon 9mm ca * 10m white ind.upak. AVIORA / 180ar t.302-013 -1260rul; Foamed sided tape 24mm * 2m solid, nablisteri AV IORA / 180 art.302-016 -1080sht, tape etc. A tube 48mm * 10m AVIORAseraya / February 7 art.30 2-010 -144rul; Metal tapes. based on PP 50mm * 50mAVIORA / 36 art.302-01 -72rul 7; SUPER TPL tape 50mm * 10m AVI ORA Seraiah /72art.302-090 -144rul. Torhivelna Marco AVIORA.Vyrobnyk-Catic Dalian Trade Development Co., Ltd .; Hebei Huaxia Enterprise Co., Ltd .; Global Holding Group Co., Ltd .; Gua ngdong Smith Technology Co., Ltd.Krayina production-CN. "CHINA0UA100110620.985612.435817
27/Apr/20173916905000"1. The monofilament of the polyurethane foam used in painting to avoid sag paint on glass, foam rollers with adhesive Bore size 7h21mmh7m 1 rul / box, art.50421 (GT500072274) - 1 rul.Vyrobnyk:" "3M United Kingdom PLC "", United Brytaniya.Krayina production - GB.Torhivelna brand: 3M.. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1251100.4911.15993019
27/Apr/20173214101090"1.Odnokomponentna polyurethane shvydkotv erdiyucha foam sealant, schovykor ystovuyetsya for sealing joints in the bu divelnyh works: pobutovaBudmonster (with tube): the 750ml-16272sht, on 500ml- 6660sht, on-12936sht 300ml, to insu tion device type pistol : Budmon ster Prime po860ml 65-17892sht; Budmonst er Prime 50 to 750ml-16272sht, adhesive foam plates dlyapinopolistyrolnyh Budmonster Prime-6300sht to 750ml, and country of production: AETorhivelna mark: Budmonster Siz bnyk: Anchor Allied Factory LTD. "UNITED ARAB EMIRATES0UA10011049615.9250296.55994
27/Apr/20176805300090"1.Abrazyvnyy material based on fiber foam -fibry for shlifuvalnyhrobit, trade name: Set 5pcs - 1 Velcro disc 125mm + adapter + 3pc kolosamokleyuschyysya" "DNIPRO" "- 22-100-2000nabir, abrasive material with foam on based on fiber -fibry for grinding work, trade name: fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 40 (10pc) -22-101-2000upak, abrasive material based on fiber foam -fibry for grinding work, Mr. AZWAI trading: fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 60 (10pc) -22-102-2000upak, abrasive ma terial based on fiber-foam brie fi for grinding work, trade called Island: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 8 0 (10pc) -22-103-2000upak; Abrasive mat erial based on spinenohovolokno -fib ry, for grinding work and trade names: Fiber adhesive " "DNIPRO" "125mm, P 10 0 (10pc) -22-104-2000upak; Abrasive mat erial based zspinenoho fiber -fib ry, for grinding work and trade names: Fibrasamokleyucha" "DNIPRO" "125mm, P 12 0 ( 10pcs) -22-105-2000upak; Ab razyvnyy mat erialna based fiber with foam -fib ry, for grinding work and trade names: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 15 0 (10pc) -22-106-1000upak; Abrasive material based on fiber foam -fib ry, for grinding work and torhovanazv: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 18 0 (10pc) -22-107-1000upak; Abrasive mat erial based fiber with foam -fib ry to shlifuvalnyhrobit, trade names as: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 24 0 (10pc) -22-109-1500upak; Abrasive mat erial based fiber with foam -fibry for grinding work and trade names: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P32 0 (10pc) -22-100-1500upak; Abrasive mat erial based foam with fiber-ri fib for grinding work and trade names: Fiber adhesive "" DNIPRO "" 125mm, P 40 0 ​​(10pc) -22-111-1000upak, Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - DNIPROVyrobnyk - NINGBO E-STAR INTERNATIONAL C O., LTD "CHINA0UA8071901372.52195.99956
27/Apr/201739191012001.Plivky self-adhesive, in rolls of a width not exceeding 20 cm, with polivinilhloryduabo polyethylene. Film clerical self-adhesive double rolls: 10 mm * 12 yd art.580168-29kor. (4176sht) 10 * 18 mm yard art.580169-18kor. (1728sht) 10 * 38 mm yard art.770001-169kor. (8112sht) 10 * 48 mm yard art.770002-96kor. (3456sht) self-adhesive film clerical Foamed double coils: 10 * 12 yd mmart.770011-10kor. (576sht) 10 * 24 mm yard art.770010-10kor. ( 2880sht) Plivkakantselyarska Foamed double self-adhesive coils: 2 m * 18 mmart.770012-44kor. (4224sht) 2 m * 12 mm art.770013-4kor. (1008sht) 2 m * 24 mmart.770016-14kor. (1440sht) film clerical self-adhesive rolls 10 * 12mm art.770009-11kor yard. / 17280sht yard 10 * 12 mm art.580140-24kor. (7920sht) 20 * 12 mm yard art.580134-26kor. / 18720sht 25 * 12 mm yard art .770003-14kor.10080sht yard 30 * 12 mm art.580137-21kor. / 15120sht yard 10 * 18 mm art.580141-10kor. (7200sht) 20 * 18 mm yard art.580135-10kor. (4800sh t) 25 * 18 mm yard art.770004-13kor. (6240sht) 30yar f * 18mm art.580138-11kor. (5280sht) 10 * 24 mm yard art.580142-19kor. (6840sht) 20 * 24 mm yard art .580136-19kor. (6840sht) 30 * 24 yd mmart.580139-10kor. (3600sht) Trademark: LEOKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: TOP STATIONERY COMPANY LLPCHINA0UA10011027105257.409903
26/Apr/20173214900090"1.Kley for polystyrene foam and mesh (klej do styr / siatki (K) (paper bags up.po25 kg) -294 pc. Adhesive pinopol istyrolu (klej do styropianu (KS) (paper vimishky up.po 25 kg) - 294 pcs. The form of production - powdered mixture on based on cement, which when added to water used as adhesive substances and dlyavstanovlennyana walls and ceilings of build Vel pinopolisterolnyh plates and mesh, ceramic, terracotta, stone "," wooden boards talk. The content of fillers, cement 50% sand, 35%, modifying applications 15% ZAPRAWA (ZK) KLINKIER (SZARA) - Mulyars kyyrozchyn for clinker ZK (paper bags pack. 25 kg) gray y- 210 pieces. This is a dry mixture of cement, 60%, 25% mineral filler, pihmetivneorhanichnyh 1% hydrophobic applications 4% mo dyfikuyuchyh application settings to work iprychepnist b mineral basis - 10%. It is used for the construction of internal izovnish nih walls with clinker bricks and t.zv.lytso ing a single ibahatopoverhovyh wake nkah.. "POLAND0UA209110199503211.147096
26/Apr/201739191019001. Sealing adhesive tape with foam (Foamed poliuritan), coated with rubber nevulkanizovanohosintetychnoho, for airtight montazhudyfuzora, roll width 1cm length 2,5m.Postachayetsya complete with two bolts pryzhymnymy 100sht.Krayina-production-grade DE.Torhovelna TROX . Manufacturer TROX GmbH. .GERMANY0UA1252704.4222.0335424
24/Apr/20178544300098"1. Fasteners made of plastic for furniture used in shops, in sections and coils: LCH-DBR39X1005TP Planck price LC-DBR 39 with 9mm foamed adhesive tape, length 1005mm, width 39mm, color: transparent, material: plastic - 300шт.LC-DBR26X1000TPT Plank price DBR 26 with 12mm transparent adhesive tape, length: 1000мм, height: 26mm, color: transparent, material: PVC - 300шт.W-FOL39O The tab to the price plate, width 39 mm, length in the rope 100м, Orange color RAL2008, PVC material - 13 skeletons.W-FOL39B Insert to price plate, width 39 mm, length in a screw 100 m, color blacks T-shirt RAL5005, PVC material - 5 threads. W-FOL39R The tab to the price plate, width 39 mm, length in the screw 100 m, color red RAL3027, PVC material - 3 rods. Manufacturer: "KRJ Display Sp. Z oo", PL Trademark: No data. "BELGIUM0UA2040100.605138.1263004
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Adhesive Foam Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Adhesive Foam Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДРАФТ-КОМПАНІ"""
Importer Address
03150, м.Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська, буд. 139, оф. 337
Product Description
"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that .........
HS Code 3214101090Value 33697.99988
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 38713.34
Origin Country TURKEY

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