Ukraine Import Data of Acid Black As | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acid Black As

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of acid black as collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of acid black as imports.

Acid Black As Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acid Black As

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of acid black as. Get Ukraine trade data of Acid Black As imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173215110000"1.Farby black printing to offset printing in vyhlyadipastopodibnyh substances which contain skladiplivkoutvoryuvach (alkyd and / or phenolic resins, etc. tverdismoly derived fatty carboxylic acids (roslynnimasla etc.) aliphatic hydrocarbons (synthetic / mineral oil, etc.), dyes (organic syntetychnibarvnyky / pigments and / or inorganic pigments) and inshidobavky / impurities without protective properties: Paint black: Master 2000 SC Black HS5741 - 1000kg, Master Blog 6000 SC Black HS5724 - 2000kh; Trademark: DRUCKMASTER Manufacturer: Sun Chemical Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA10001030006267.455871 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20172703000000"1. peat substrates in the range: - Substrate for cyclamen 250L - 120 pcs., Is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 30% - 0-5 mm verhovoy light peat, 10% - 0-10 mm riding light peat, 40% - 10-20mm riding light peat, 20% - 0-20mm dark lowland peat moisture content - 40-50%, density - 260-280 g / l, acidity pH 5,4-6,0; - substrate for Puantsetiy 250L - 75 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 30% - 0-5 mm light riding peat, 10% - 0-10 mm light riding peat, 40% - 10-20mm light riding turf 20% - lowland 0-20mm dark t Russia, moisture content - 40-50%, density - 220-260 g / l, acidity pH 5,4-6,0; - peat substrate for Surfiniy 250 L - 60 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure 20% - 0-5 mm light riding peat, 30% - 5.10 mm light riding peat, 10% - 10-20mm riding light peat, 20% - 0-5mm dark lowland peat, 20% - from lowland 5-10mm dark peat moisture content - 40-50%, density - 220-260 g / l, acidity pH 5,0-5,5; - substrate Mix Pro 3a conifers 250 l - 60 pcs., is a fine fibrous mass vegetable origin, structure: 80% - 10-40 m riding light peat, 20% - 0-20 m Black lowland peat moisture content - 40-55%, density - 230-250 g / l, acidity pH 3,8-4,5; - Universal peat substrate 250L - 60 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure 60% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, 40% - 0-20 mm dark lowland peat moisture content - 40-55%, density - 180-210 g / l, acidity pH 5,5-6,5; - substrate for azaleas L 50 - 51 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 65% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, 35% - 0-20 mm black lowland peat moisture content - 40-50% density - 180-200 g / l, acidity pH 4,2-4,8; - peat Su Blueberry bstrat to 150 liters - 24 pcs., is a small mass of fibrous plant origin, structure: 95% - 0-20 mm light riding peat, pine bark 5%, moisture content - 40-50%, density - 110-150 g / l, pH acidity 4,0-4,5.VSOHO: 450 pcs. (P / o bags) .Bez impurities sand, soil, weed seeds and quarantine facilities. Designed for vykorystannnya in vegetable and sadivnytstvi.Torhivelna mark: "" DURPETA "". Producer: Joint Stock Company "" Durpeta "", LT. "LITHUANIA0UA205090222113997.980073
28/Apr/20173207100000"1.Sumishevi products which include inorganic pigments (spolukykobaltu, zinc, iron, chromium, zirconium) dispersed in non-aqueous medium (carboxylic acid ester) with the addition of other inorganic compounds. Masovachastka volatile substances is 89,9-97,4 % wt., film-forming (bonding) no matter: -Produkt KX bLUE 9286 (blue ink) -220kh, -Produkt KX REDBROWN 9288 (red-ink Neve Ćorić) -680kh.-Produkt KX yELLOW 9287 (yellow ink) - 400kg, -Produkt KX bLACK 9303 (black ink) - 340kh used to dekoruvannyakeramichnoyi plytky.Vyrobnyk - "" Zschimmer & S chwarz Espana, SA "", IspaniyaTorhivelna Brand: ZSChKrayina production: ES. "SPAIN0UA807170164018680.27599
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: BLACK CLEAN foaming wash that absorbs, 200ml. - 300sht .; EXOTIC FRESH Gel Cream d / soul" "avocado and Jasmine", "300ml. - 24sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" avocado and Jasmine "," 515ml. - 200sht .; EXOTIC FRESH Cream-Held / soul "" figs and Sakura "," 515ml. - 140sht .; EXOTIC FRESH cream gel d / soul "" FLOWER coconut and goji "" 515ml. - 20pcs .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" lime and lemongrass "" 500ml.H - 20pcs .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul " "Manga and magnolia" "500ml.H - 200sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul" "papaya and paradise flower", "300ml. - 12p .; EXOTIC FRESH cream gel d / soul "" papaya and paradise flower "," 515ml. - 200sht .; Lift INTENSE shower gel that hydrates with hyaluronic acid and ginger, 500ml. - 140sht .; PHARMACos Facial Wash "" sponge effect "" Face 150ml . - 60sht .; shower gel PARFUM Perfumed shower Gel FLOWERS passion, 350ml. - 20pcs .; Aqua Active Active Hydrating cleansing facial wash HQ Ira face 200ml. tuba. - 105sht .; Aloe and seaweed facial wash moisturizing d / all skin types 275ml. - 324sht .; Watermelon fresh shower gel and Bath that moisturizes, 500 ml. - 20pcs .; Baby pharmacy miracle child soft foam shampoo for babies and toddlers, 250ml. - 24sht .; GEL d / soul ultra soft berries MOLODYLNA taiga lemongrass ashore. juice rejuvenating 470ml. - 28sht .; GEL d / soul ultram'yakyy Cranberry-ripe honey of wild bees on birch sap rich, 470ml. - 14sht .; Perfect figure cellulite gel scrub shower 400ml. - 18sht .; Ginger and almonds foaming wash softening d / dry and normal skin 275ml. - 108sht .; Rate deep cleansing facial wash delicate cleansing + toning, 200ml. - 90sht .; BEST RECIPES Gel anti-stress shower relaxing, 470ml. - 14sht .; BEST RECIPES Gel for daily gentle wash that exfoliates, 150 ml. - 140sht .; BEST RECIPES Body Scrub which exfoliates, 200ml. - 180sht .; Thermal line shower gel for intimate hygiene in thermal water 200ml. - 45sht .; Intensive Rejuvenation Formula rich foaming wash, 200 ml. - 75sht .; Producer ZAO "" VYTЭKS. ' "Trademark" "Vitex" ". Country of BY."BELARUS0UA125010967.071822.313453
28/Apr/20173204130000"1. Organic and synthetic dyes, Food colors: - WS-LU-01 - yellow Liguid gel 140 ml - 540 units; - WS-LU-03 - orange Liguid gel 140 ml - 180 units; - WS-LU-09 - red Liguid gel 140 ml - 720 units; - WS-LU-12 - cherry Liguid gel 140 ml - 72 units; - WS-LU-18 - violet Liguid gel 140 ml - 180 units; - WS-LU-21 - azure blue Liguid gel 140 ml - 360 units; - WS-LU-27 - green Liguid gel 140 ml - 270 units; - WS-LU-30 - brown Liguid gel 140 ml - 216 units; - WS-LU-12 - black Liguid gel 140 ml - 144 pieces; -S11 / spray silver 50 ml - 40sht; -S21 / spray gold 50 ml - 40sht; -S02 / spray pearl 50 ml - 20pcs; -S31 / spray ruby ​​50 ml - 20pcs; -S41 / spray copper 50 ml - 20pcs; Ingredients: water, dye: tartrazine E102, thickener, xanthan gum E415, preservatives: potassium sorbitol E202, pH stabilizer, citric acid E330. E415. E124 Ponceau 4R. Karmuazyn E122, AP onso 4R. E133.Vykorystovuyetsya Blue Diamond in the confectionery industry. Goods in the original packaging. Manufacturer: "" FOOD COLOURS "". Trading "" FOOD COLOURS "". PL. "POLAND0UA125250432.564227.285038
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars:" "RETINOL + MG" "correction of wrinkles Day cream SPF10 + protection profound effect photoaging, 45 ml. - 180sht .;" "RETINOL + MG '' correction of deep wrinkles day cream acts 45 ml. - 108sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction wrinkle Creams deep action, 45 ml. - 144sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction of wrinkles Lifting mask-intensive. action d / face, neck, chest 100ml. - 100 pieces .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction peeling-pack for purification and rejuvenation of skin, 100ml. - 140sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction CREAM make up remover for face cleansing and skin around the eyes, 150ml. - 12p .; "" Sugar "" Children cream on natural oils with vitamins A and E, 75ml. - 340sht .; "" Sugar "" cream baby diapers Extreme . chamomile, 75ml. - 140sht .; ALOE VERA Cream skin care around the eyes and lips 30ml. -100sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person saturating juice Aloe and Shea butter night, 75ml. - 40sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / region ychchya rejuvenating aloe juice and vitam. A and E daily, 75 ml. - 120sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person that moisturizes with aloe juice and extreme. cucumber agenda 75ml. - 180sht .; ALOE VERA Cream Facial Scrub, 100 ml. - 100 pieces .; ALOE VERA Facial cleansing facial 180ml. - 12p .; ALOE VERA toner that moisturizes, 180ml. - 24sht .; CLEAN BLACK MASK film face black 75ml. - 2400sht .; BLACK CLEAN mask facial scrub that polishes, 75ml. - 1200sht .; LUX CARE BLUR-cream to restore radiance skin 50ml. - 24sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging balm, the elixir for eye and lip contour for mature skin 20ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging cream daily e / face intense formula d / mature skin 45 ml. - 72sht .; LUX CARE Precious Oil Facial Care for dry or mature skin 30ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Night Cream Complex anti-aging facial for mature skin 45 ml. - 48sht .; LUX CARE cleansing lotion with exfoliating effect, 145ml. - 36sht .; LUX CARE Express Mask indelible 3min., 75 ml. - 75sht .; Lift INTENSE Gel Eye Roller lifting of hyaluronic acid and caffeine 15ml. - 57sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream-lifting d / face daily. Pulling and SOM. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Lifting Cream d / person ROZHLAD night. and Vienna. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 300sht .; Lift INTENSE A mask / face, neck and dec resume. ELASTICITY with hialur. sour. and ginger, 100ml. - 100 pieces .; Lift INTENSE CLEAN Facial Cleanser and moisture from hialur. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 70sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream Body hydration and elasticity of hialur. sour. and ginger, 200ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Serum-concentrat. d / EXPRESS pulling faces with hialur. sour. and ginger, 20 ml. - 450sht .; Lift INTENSE toner hydration and firmness hialur with. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 250sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect BB Cream skin corrector 50ml. tuba - 600sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect skin cream Intensive Serum 4 in one 45 ml. Banks in Coro "BELARUS0UA1250103013.916883.52121
28/Apr/20173204120090"1. Acid dyes FOR PROCESSING water-soluble skin that do not come VAEROZOLNIY PACKAGING: -CARBONINO BLACK EP (5 cardboard boxes H25KH = 125KH) POWDER. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: MIXTURE BASED FORMULA TRYSAZOBARVNYKIV.MOLEKULYARNA 4-AMIHO-6 - {{4 - {{{4 - {(2,4-DIAMINOFENIL) azo} phenyl} amino} sulfonyl} phenyl} azo} -5-hydroxy-3 - {(4-nitrophenyl) azo} NAFTALEN- 2,7-disulfonic. FIRM MANUFACTURER "" CODYECOS.r.A. "" (IN). TRADEMARK "" CODYECO "".. "INDIA0UA5040701251231.510381
27/Apr/201735061000981. The product is suitable for use as a size drug used for bonding and sealing, put up for retail sale, weighing less than 1 kg., Contain no ozone-depleting substances under yemkistyu markuvannya.Art.0893573050 sealant for flat surfaces, not aerozoliniy package . Chemical composition: base - metakrylovi acid esters and / Marking: SRFSEAL-DOS-GREEN-50G - number - 3 sht.Art.0893573050 sealant for flat surfaces, not aerozoliniy package. Chemical composition: base - metakrylovi acid esters and / Marking: SRFSEAL-DOS-GREEN-50G - number - 3 sht.Art.0893243025 lock threaded connections not in aerosol packaging. Chemical composition: The osnovi- methacrylic acid esters and / Marking: CHEMSCRFXNG-DOS-MEDIUMSTRENGTH-25G - number - 30 sht.Art.0893545050 sealant for hydraulics. Chemical composition: base -esters methacrylic acid, 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol> = 0.25 - <1, cumene hydroperoxide> = 0.25 - <1 / Mark tion: HYDRSEAL-DOS- 50G - number - 20 sht.Art.0890323 sealant to the engine, not in aerosol packaging. For sealing surfaces, gaps and cracks in the joints, cylinder head, crankcase, water pump, oil pan, radiator, axles tube cylinder (motorcycle), lamp and flashers body, welds, etc. / Marking: SEAL-ENG-SIL-SPECIAL250-BLACK-70ML - number - 200 sht.Art.0890023701 adhesive for glass. It is used when replacing the windows of cars, trucks, buses, minibuses, agricultural and construction equipment. Chemical composition: 4,4 'metilendifenildiizotsianata> = 0.1 - <1 Heksametilen di izotsyanat, polymer> = 0.1 - <1 / Marking: WNDWADH- (CLASSIC PLUS) -CARTRIDGE-310ML - quantity - 72 pieces .Torhovelna WURTH brand brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production CHSWITZERLAND0UA10001052.562976.0563026
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Tone cream ease Series Color Trend, LIGHT, 30 ml art.F0141200-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream ease series ColorTrend, Light Medium, 30 ml art.F0194400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream dlyaoblychchya ease Series Color Trend, Tan, 30 ml art.F0201900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Double elixir facial rejuvenation. The advantage serum and oil AVONAnew Series, 40 ml art.F0270200-375sht. (10kor.) SPA hand Recovery cream argan oil zmarokkanskoyu desert Treasures series AVON Planet Spa, 30 ml art.F0630800-130sht. (1 Cor.) cream A body, face and hands with an extract nasinnyachia velvet softness and moisture series AVON Nutra Effects, 400 ml art.F0677100-286sht. (13kor.) Toning mousse for feet with a cooling effect zsokom aloe series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml, art .F1159600-48sht. (1 Cor.) dlyashkiry cream under the eyes Echinacea and white tea series Naturals, 25 ml art.F1209200-130sht. (1 Cor.) Toning Perfection BB Cream SPF 15, AVON TrueNutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1674200-297sht. (3kor.) Toning matuyuchyykrem BB SPF 15 Perfection series AVON True Nutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1688600-495sht. (5kor.) SPA mask film for the face with flickering effect zaromatom tree iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVON Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-170sht. (1 Cor.) Day Cream series Anew Platinum SPF 25, 50 ml art.F2237600-600sht. (15kor.) Day cream SPF25 UVAUVB charge enerhiyi.Doskonalist series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362800-800sht. (20kor.) Syvoratka corrective facial tone and strengthen the Equal series AVON Anew, like, 2 ml art.F2489800-2376sht. (3kor.) Night cream update series Anew Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522700-1193sht. (30kor.) Day Cream SPF25 dlyaoblychchya updates, series Anew Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522800-1000sht. (25kor.) Water Cleansing Facial Cleansing 3-in-1 series Anew, 50 ml art.F2620500-900sht. (5kor.) Velvet Facial tone series ColorTrend, Nearly Nude, 30 ml art.F2749900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Velvet tone for oblychchyaseriyi ColorTrend, Natural, 30 ml art.F2751400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Zvolozhuvalnyykrem Toning effect of Radiance series AVON True, 75 ml art.F2791300-170sht. (1 Cor.) Professional daily scrub clean the face Clearskin series, 125 ml, art.F2873300-68sht. (1 Cor.) Intensively moisturizing lotion for face Itil oats and chamomile series AVON Car, 750 ml art.F2940200-300sht. (25kor.) Zasib3-to-1 against the black dots with white clay and 2 salicylic acid series AVONClearskin, 75 ml art.F3061200-280sht. (4kor.) Thermo-active antytselyulitnyyhel of L-carnitine complex series AVON Solutions, 150 ml art.F3278200-54sht. (1 Cor.) Day Cream for the face rejuvenation. Multi-Care SPF 25 series AVONAnew, 50 ml art.F3437300-1600sht. (40kor.) Moisturizer for znyattyamakiyazhu series Avon Colour, 150 ml art.F3473900-3168sht. (72kor.) Hommazhdlya face mask with Dead Sea minerals ideal cleaning series "POLAND0UA1002103661.7322109.46375
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Acid Black As Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Acid Black As Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВІП СИСТЕМИ"""
Importer Address
02002, м. Київ, вул. Ованеса Туманяна, буд. 15-А, сек. Б, оф. 613
Exporter Name Druckmaster GmbH
Product Description
"1.Farby black printing to offset printing in vyhl.........
HS Code 3215110000Value 6267.455871
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 3000
Origin Country GERMANY

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