Ukraine Import Data of Acetic Acid | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acetic Acid

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Acetic Acid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acetic Acid

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28/Apr/201729153200001.Vinilatsetat rectified AC brand top grade. It is an ester of acetic acid. Appearance: clear liquid that contains suspended particles. TU 6-11-0209955-1-88, changes. 1-3. Chemical formula: S4N6O2. CAS № 108-05-4. Chemical characteristics: mass fraction of vinyl acetate - 99.98%, mass fraction acetic aldehyde - 0.0004%, mass fraction crotonic aldehyde - 0% mass fraction of acids (in terms of acetic) - 0.001% mass fraction divinilatsetylenu - 0.0001 %, mass fraction of water - 0.01%, the mass fraction of hydroquinone to inhibiting - 0.00004%, mass fraction of hydroquinone after inhibition - 0.0000%, mass fraction of polyvinyl - No, POLIMERIC activity by DuPont under 0.1 MPa - 17 min., mass fraction of iron - 0.00003%, density at 20 degrees. Celsius - 0.932 g / cm3. It is used in the chemical industry to produce polyvinyl acetate, copolymers of vinyl chloride and ethylene. Not for medical purposes. Does not contain ozone-depleting substances and drugs and precursors.RUSSIA0UA7020501954019454.09993 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172916399090"1 1 Naftalinotstova acid (1-Naphthaleneacetic acid), an organic chemical compound derived aromatic monocarboxylic acid in an amount of 500 kg for organic synthesis, does not belong to the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, does not apply to military goods international transfers are subject to government control. packing - 25 kg barabani.Himichna the chemical name - 1 naftalinotstova acid. CAS 86-87-3. S12N10O2 formula. The molecular weight of 186.21. appearance - white powder. Main Content th substance 99.03% (according to the certificate of analysis of the manufacturer of 11.01.2017 number w / o). The party NX 170110. trademark NEXCONN.Vyrobnyk Shenzhen Nexconn Pharmatechs Ltd.Krayina production of CN.. "CHINA0UA1001305009200.00009
28/Apr/20173905120000"1. Dispersant II - 12 containers / 15000 kg The dye and filler agent The main ingredients: acetic acid polyvinyl derivitate - 30 - 35%, sodium hydrate - 10 - 15%, water - 50 - 60%. : Appearance - orange to brown aqueous solution, liquid. PH-values ​​of 9,5-10,5, viscosity 30-60 mPa, density - 1,3 g / cm3. Used in kaolin production to reduce viscosity. The water that breaks down the kaolin mass. The manufacturer is Polygon Chemie AG. The trademark is Polygon Chemie AG Country of origin DE. "GERMANY0UA4010101500043959.23982
28/Apr/20172915210000"1.Kysloty monokarbovani acyclic saturated. Acetic acid (Acetic Acid Glacial) - 20000kh. CAS №64-19-7. The content of the main component - 99.8% according to the certificate of analysis. Date of manufacture: 12.02.2017r. Deadline date: 11.02 .2018r. not related to narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. It is used in the chemical industry as a solvent. The manufacturer "" TIANJIN RED TRIANGLE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD "". Trademark: no data. origin CNVyvantazheno 20 bochek 1000kg of AO container MSKU7224374. "CHINA0UA500060200008600.000158
27/Apr/20172915390000"1. Standard chemicals (liquid) for drug quality control testing methods zasobivta vitro - Esters of acetic acid: art.00012086 LAVANDULYL ACETATE (100 mg) / 100 mg liquid Lavandulil acetate, himichnanazva 5-Methyl-2- (1-methylethenyl ) -4-hexen-1-ol acetate; 2-Isopropenyl-5- methyl-4-hexen-1-ol acetate; (+/-) - Lavandulol acetate, CAS № 25905-14-0-1 pack. (net 100 mg weight, weight pervynniyupakovtsi 10,1h). Free of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursoriv. Chemicals packaged in glass bottles, the weight of 1 flakonaskladaye 10h.Torhovelna mark: LGC StandardsKrayina production: USVyro nickname: ChromaDex Inc. "UNITED STATES0UA1002000.01631.1252119
27/Apr/20173302109000"1. flavors for use in food, flavors, schomistyt flavorings, salt, silica, triacetin, alpha tokoferolart. 1409906117" "Natural flavor spices" "-50kh. Flavor, schomistyt flavorings, propylene glycol, triacetin art. 1100008118 "" passionfruit Flavor "" -100kh. Flavor containing flavorings, ethanol art. 1100507145 "" Flavor, Banana, "" -100kh. Flavor that mistytaromatychni substance, propylene glycol, lactic acid, acetic acid art.1101304209 "" Blueberry Flavor "" -100kh . Flavor containing aromatychnirechovyny, propylene glycol, L-ascorbic acid art. 1101409174 "" AromatyzatorPolunytsya "" -250kh. Flavor containing flavorings, ethanol, molochnukyslotu art. 1101610217 "" Flavor "" Cherry "" "" -200kh. Flavor that mistytaromatychni substance, ethanol, demineralized water art. 1101612159 "" Flavor "" Blueberry "" "" - 100kg. Flavor containing flavorings, propylene glycol, etanolart. 1109202226 "" Peach Flavor "" -50kh. Flavor containing aromatychnirechovyny, propylene glycol, lactic acid, triacetin art. 1118403260 "" Pineapple Flavor "" -100kh. Flavor containing flavorings, ethanol, demineralized water art. 1101504199 "" natural flavors "" apricot "" "" -100kh. Flavor containing flavorings art. 1101202101 "" Flavor, Muscat "" -34kh. Flavor containing flavorings art.1101202101 "" Flavor, Muscat "" -16kh. Flavor containing aromatychnirechovyny, vegetable oil, benzyl alcohol, coloring: paprika extract, alpha-tocopherol art. 1101206123 "" flavor, spice mix "" -1000kh.Aromatyzator containing flavorings, vegetable oil art. 1100702123 "" Flavor "" oil "" "" -10kh. Flavor containing flavorings, propylene glycol, triacetin, lactic acid art. 1100605211 "" Flavor, Banana, "" -40kh.Torhovelna Brand: SilesiaKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG "GERMANY0UA100080225027731.94437
27/Apr/20172905149000"1.Orhanichni chemicals monospyrty saturated butanoly.Spyrt isobutyl technical (monospyrt acyclic saturated) GOST 9536-2013 (S4N10) Quality High, used in organic synthesis and as a solvent in chemical promyslovosti.Masova share components: the mass fraction of alcohol yzobutylovoho ,% 99,76-99,77; mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid,% 0,0020-0,0021, bromine number, h.bromu / 100 h.spyrtu: 0,000; the mass fraction of carbonyl compounds in terms oil aldehyde,% 0,0026-0,0033, the mass fraction of non-volatile residue,%: 0.0009, mass fraction of water,% 0,020- 0,040 density at 20 ° C, g / cm3: 0,802.Tovar not drugs (precursor) .Torhovelna Brand: No, Manufacturer: AO "" Sibur-Khimprom "," Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA0UA11001011349273315.8299
27/Apr/20173808949000"1. Desinfectants from tertiary amines, packaged for retail trade: Product" "Wood Protector for structural wood imprehnant concentrate", "which is a solution containing concentrate under card features a manufacturer of components: N- (3- aminopropil) -N-dodetsylpropan-1,3-dyamin <2.5% (active ingredient - a tertiary amine, disinfection), lactic acid <2% (excipient), N-oxide kokoalkil-N, N-dimethylamine <1, 6% (excipient - South Africa), diethylene glycol <1.6% propikonazol (ISO) <1.6% (active ingredient - fungicide), (2 metoksimetyletoks ) Propanol <1.5% (diluent) etofenoproks <0.15% (active ingredient insecticide pyrethroid). The product "" Dekosin skl.A + B 20 kg '', which is ready to use two-component tool designed for disinfection of surface treatment of wood for its discoloration by removing the mildew blue, causing the appearance of stains on wood: component A - solution containing accordance card specification manufacturer hypochlorite Mr. atrium <15% (inorganic active substance - antiseptic, disinfectant) and component B - solution containing, according to the card manufacturer specifications Acetic acid <3% (organic active ingredient - antiseptic, preservative); components A and B always sold together as a single agent. Products do not come in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091806301039.880362
27/Apr/20172103909000"1. Products which are used as flavorings, processing industry vharchoviy content's taste additives, flavorings substances mistytaromatychni, salt, monosodium glutamate, maltodekstrin, smoked foods, gum arabic, vegetable oil, alpha-tocopherol, extracts containing tocopherol art.1401009126 "" flavors, spices for cooked saus-25kg. Flavor containing flavorings, sugar, maltodekstrin, salt, gum arabic, inozynat / huanilat sodium, vegetable oil, citric acid, smoked products, alpha-tocopherol art. 1401111246 "" Flavor, Flesh "" -50kh.Aromatyzator containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin, salt, kopcheniprodukty vegetable oil, acetic acid, gum arabic, triacetin, coloring: paprika extract, alpha-tocopherol art. 1400302137 "" Flavor Salami "" -350kh.Torhovelna brand: SilesiaKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG. "GERMANY0UA1000804255846.273081
27/Apr/20173808941000"1. Disinfection products based on quaternary ammonium salts put up for retail sale: The product" "Dekosit WP-S 20 kg" "imprehnant for fresh cut wood, which is a solution containing concentrate under card features a manufacturer of components: didetsyldimetylamoniy chloride <15% (active ingredient - disinfectant refers to quaternary ammonium salts), 2 oktyloizotiazol-3 (2H) -one <5% (active ingredient - biocides), acetic acid <3% (organic active ingredient - antiseptic, preservative ), designed to protect timber of fresh roses pylovky sons of fungi and molds that impair the physical and chemical properties of wood. Goods do not come in aerosol packaging.. "POLAND0UA20918022162.1681939
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПМП ""Конкорд"""
Importer Address
Україна, 93400, м.Сєвєродонецьк, вул. Гагаріна, буд. 96-а, кв. 37
Exporter Name "АО ""Невинномысский Азот"","
Product Description
1.Vinilatsetat rectified AC brand top grade. It i.........
HS Code 2915320000Value 19454.09993
Quantity 0Unit UA702050
Net Weight 19540
Origin Country RUSSIA

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