Ukraine Import Data of Acer Nut | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acer Nut

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of acer nut collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of acer nut imports.

Acer Nut Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Acer Nut

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of acer nut. Get Ukraine trade data of Acer Nut imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176029049001.Dekoratyvni trees, shrubs and chaharnykyv hoschykah of torfohruntom or komomtorfohruntu for open ground, Fir / Abies koreana Brillant C11 h 30-35sm - 4 pieces. Fir / Abies lasiocarpaCompacta C35 h 300-350 cm - 2sht.Klen / Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' h 350-375sm - 1pc. Maple / Acer platanoides'Drummondii 'h 160-180 cm - 6sht.Klen / Acer platanoides' Drummondii' h180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Maple / Acer platanoides'Drummondii 'h 180-200 cm - 4 pieces. Birch / Acer platanoides 'Globosum' h 140-160 sm 6 pcs. Birch / Acer platanoides 'Royal Red' h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Chestnut / Aesculushippocastanum 'Baumannii' h 180-200 cm - 6 pieces. Amelansher / Amelanchier lamarckii h300-350 cm - 2 pcs. Barberry / Berberis thunbergii Concorde C3 h 20-30 cm - 30sht.Barbarys / Berberis thunbergii Golden Dream C3 h 30-40 cm - 30sht.Barbarys / Berberis thunbergii Red Rocket C3 h 30-40 cm - 30sht. Birch / Betulacostata C240 ​​h 200-250 cm - 1 pc. Birch / Betula jacquemontii h 300-350 sm 1am. Birch / Betula nigra C51 h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Boxwood / Buxus h 550-600 cm -1sht. Sam Shyt / Buxus h 600-700 cm - 3pc. Hornbeam / Carpinus betulus h 200-250 cm - 2sht.Kyparysovyk / Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Filifera Aurea' C5 h 50-75 cm - 2sht.Deren / Cornus alba Sibirica Variegata C3 h 40-60 cm - 100 pieces. Deren / Cornus kousaMilky Way C25 h 100-125 cm - 2 pcs. Deren / Cornus Kousa Schmetterling C18 h 80-100sm - 2 pcs. Hazel / Corylus Syrena C15 h 140-160 cm - 10pc. Euonymus / Euonymusallatus h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Beech / Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Gold C240 ​​h 300-350 cm -2sht. Beech / Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea' h 50-60 cm - 4 pieces. Hydrangea / Hydrangeapetiolaris C5 h 120 cm - 5pcs. Juniper / Juniperus horizontalis Golden Carpet C2 h25 cm - 20pcs. Juniper / Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii C7,5 h 30-40 cm - 30sht.Yalivets / Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet C3 h 30-40 cm - 50sht. Larch / Larixdecidua Pendula h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Larch / Larix kaempferi C10 h 50 cm - 4sht.Modryna / Larix kaempferi Diana C12 h 120 cm - 2 pcs. Lihvidanbar / Liquidambarstyraciflua h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Liriodendron / Liriodendron tulipifera h 140-160sm - 2 pcs. Malus / Malus coronaria Coccinella C10 h 80-100 cm - 4 pieces. Malus / MalusProfusion C10 h 60-80 cm - 4 pieces. Spruce / Picea abies Acrocona C65 h 700-800 cm -1sht. Spruce / Picea abies Baryi h 400-500 cm - 6 pieces. Spruce / Picea glauca Conica C3 h40-60 cm - 10pc. Spruce / Picea omorika Zuckerhut h 200-225 cm - 3pc. Spruce / Piceapungens Edith h 100-125 cm - 5pcs. Spruce / Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' h 80-100sm - 2 pcs. Spruce / Picea pungens Iseli Fastigiata h 100-120 cm - 5pcs. Pine / Pinusmugo pumilio h 70-80 cm - 4 pieces. Pine / Pinus mugo h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Pine / Pinusmugo Carsten`s Wintergold C12 h 35-45 cm - 4 pieces. Pine / Pinus mugo 'Mops' h 60-70sm- 6 pcs. Pine / Pinus mugo Wintergold h 125-150 cm - 1 pc. Pine / Pinus nigra'Pyramidalis' h 125-150 cm - 2 pcs. Pine / Pinus sylvestris Watereri h 400-500 cm -2sht. Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Crimson Point C60 h 125-150 cm - 2sht.Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Nigra C18 h 120 cm - 6 pieces. Prunus / Prunus serrulata RoyalBurgundy C10 h 120 cm - 6 pieces. Oak / Quercus rubra h 180-200 cm - 2sht.Horobyna / Sorbus DodongPOLAND0UA100010181403986.145692 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Insert mounting bumper art.51111944540 -10sht, insert mounting pads, art.51131928778 -10sht, front panel, art.51487067242 -2sht, Box, art.51718186501 -10sht, insert-nut, art.07147122912 -20sht, insert-nut, art.07147201307 -30sht, Box-latch art.51717066229 -30sht; Vtrymuvach wiring sensors art.34521518166 -1sht, push the plastic nut, art.51711947419 -20sht; emblem "" BMW "", art.51148132375 -30sht, Cap Towing loop art.51112990204-1sht, Cap door panel, art.51419167014 -1sht; clip door handles, art.51419150340 -1sht; clip , art.51417325082 -3sht; For ipka, art.№: -5sht 34356794949; 11128514463 -1sht; -20sht 51337052945; 51417046415 -20sht; -50sht 51418224781; 51718184574 -40sht; 33181182957 -1sht; Splicing Unit tubes washer, art.61668374372 -1sht, dust ring, art.11281730532 -1sht; Kovpachokzatyskacha mirror art.51167698437 -2sht, roller cap protective art.12311713143 -10sht; Fixing pin, art .07147296886 -20sht; kriplennyabampera, KT, art.51122411407-1k-t; The lid of the luggage compartment art.41127003126 -1sht; Cover hnizdaprykuryuvacha, art.61346904008 -1sht; Cover rear-view mirror, art.51167078359 -1sht; The hood lining rack art.51439180572 -4sht; Ocisharniru protective cover, art.33177674694 -1sht; Cover the bottom of the panel, art.51757162322-2sht; Cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51118048679 -1sht; Moldings roof art.51137410312 -1sht; Rip Rope lock art.51217325297 -2sht, Rip Rope lock art.51217325298 -2sht; Spacers during spring, art.83302364829 -1sht; Rearview mirror frame, art. 51168029243 -1sht; frame glass mirror art.51167266032 -1sht; Holder emergency sign art.51497383584 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA1002103.0671099.756813
25/Apr/20178711209800"1. A mixture of vegetable oils for food production, cocoa butter replacer" "AKOPOL NH 53" "in the solid state, is made from palm oil, shea nut oil and palm kernel oil. No hydrogenated vegetable oil, which does not require tempering. In no part of the mix: butterfat and other animal fats and nutrients Texturizer, vitamins, bleaches, dyes, emulsifiers.. "CHINA1UA110160117270.0000679
25/Apr/20178509400000"1. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings mark SCHUCO. Profiles structural aluminum alloy brand AlMgS0,5, hollow, for windows and doors of public buildings and housing systems SCHUCO: Art .122660, Distant spacer sleeve, size ,, 15h15X3000mm number -3 m art.302590, outer bowl 98 mm (6500 mm) size ,, quantity 15h98h6500mm -13 m art.448180, inner leaf bowl TipTronic size 38h50h6000mm, , the amount of -156 m art.448250, Exterior doors cup 15.6 mm, swing 20h21,5h6000mm ,, number -156 m art.122660, Distant spacer sleeve, size ,, 15h15X3000mm number -3 m art.189660 decorative shprosa size ,, quantity 6,7h28h6000mm -12 m art.199520, safety PROFILE size ,, quantity 26h84h5500mm -77 m art.322280, Stand 105 mm size ,, quantity 50h121h6000mm -24 m art.327840, receiver gutter size 21h55h6500mm ,, number -19.5 m art.333240, BH UTR.CHASHA size 47h65h6000mm ,, number -120 m art.345120, Inner cup 44 mm, size ,, quantity 24h44h6000mm -12 m art.345150, Inner cup 34 mm size 24h34h6000mm ,, number -672 m art.346280, VNUTR.CHASHA 66 36h66h6000mm size ,, quantity -7 14 m art.351980, false profiles. Size ,, quantity 45h120h6000mm -60 m art.359820, 52.5 mm average cup size ,, quantity 47h60h6000mm -48 m art.359830, Door guide rail, size 25h20h6000mm ,, number -24 m art.345210, outer bowl 76 76h16h6000mm size ,, quantity -6 m art.345280, VNUTR.CHASHA 26 24h26h6000mm size ,, quantity -6 m art.345280, VNUTR.CHASHA 26 size ,, quantity 24h26h6000mm -6 m art.357420, outer cup 66.5 mm frame size 16,5h66,5h6000mm ,, number -6 m art.357590, Inner bowl leaf 50/17 mm size 40h50h6000mm, , the number -6 mVyrobnyk "" Schuco International KG "" trademark production SCHUCOKrayina EU "CHINA10UA1002103955470.700218
25/Apr/201784212900001.Obladnannya for filtering liquids: Spiral Ultrafiltration Module 7533-M183-LPF art.700772 -3sht, which is a special variable filter unit used in the installation ultrafiltration UF-8-12 / 14-1 firm KOCH-ABKOR, located in paint shop PAT ZAZ. The installation consists of 12 modules ultrafiltration 7533-M183-LPF with appropriate instruments and cleansing the system and is designed for the distribution of dissolved, dispersed or colloidal substances by filtering the liquid (ultrafiltrate) and pasty faction. Ultrafiltrate containing water, a small amount of free amine solvents and salts used for washing bodies after electrodeposition of particles adhering soil and allows the soil to return to zones washing the bathroom cataphoresis. Structurally module is a cylindrical package, which consists of perforated tubes, which spiral (in a roll) wound membrane element with mesh separator mounted rigid shell of fla ntsevym uschilnennyam.Tehnichni Specifications: Design: Spiral item from samopidzhymnoyu uschilnyuvalnoyuhumovoyu prokladkoyu.Nominalnyy external diameter: 190mm.Nominalna length 998mm.Zovnishniy diameter tubes to drain filtrate: 42mm.Vnutrishniy diameter tube to drain leachate, membrane 33mm.Material and: PVDF polivinilidenftoryd.Material padding: poliester.Material case: PVC seals polivinilhloryd.Trymalne: ABS plastyk.Uschilnennya spacers: EPDM ethylene propylenovyy kauchuk.Robocha membrane area, approx. 21.4 m2.Prokladka supply channel - brace (Type L) 0,8 mm / 31 mil.Akumulyuyuchyy volume approx. 17 l.Ekspluatatsiyni data: Flow module, approx. 12 m3 / ch.Maks. inlet pressure (module) 5.5 bar.Maks. pressure output (module) 1.0 bar.Maks. 2.1 bar.Maks pressure drop. 0.3 bar.Maks filtrate pressure. operating pressure 5.5 bar.Maks. operating temperature 52 ° S.Maks. temperature treatment (at pH 6) 52 ° SDiapazon pH at 52 ° C continuous 2.0 - 10.0, intermittent 1.5 - 10.5.Vyrobnyk no data. Country of origin US.UNITED STATES0UA112080548866.30451
24/Apr/201784249000001.Plytka facing glazed ceramic thickness of less than 15mm, with fine ceramics for vnutrshnoho wall, Vries: INS. OLIMPIA (10h14sm) -0,73m2., ZOCALO OLIMPIA (20h25sm) -3,50m2., CristacerVyrobnyk trade mark CRISTAL CERAMICAS production SAKrayina EU.GERMANY0UA100110203.216020.627484
20/Apr/20174016930090"1.Komplekt gaskets top -zapchastyny ​​dvyhunivvnutrishnoho for diesel combustion technology used ukar'yerniy kilkist- 1; Prokladkabokovyh lyuchkiv- dyzelnyhdvyhuniv spare parts for internal combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 20; -zapchastyny ​​pump gasket for diesel combustion dvyhunivvnutrishnoho applied career in engineering kilkist- 10; Gasket spacers pompy- parts for diesel engines internalcombustion used in engineering career kilkist- 3, Construction kryshokpiddonu - parts for diesel internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 5, Seals - parts dlyadyzelnyh internal combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 18; kilkist- 15; kilkist- 3, Construction GBTS - parts of internal dlyadyzelnyh combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 21; Uschilnennya- parts for diesel engines internalcombustion used in Carrier rniy for kilkist- 120; -zapchastyny ​​seals for diesel engines of internal th combustion technology used ukar'yerniy kilkist- 30, O-ring - dvyhunivvnutrishnoho parts for diesel combustion technology used in career kilkist- 20; Seals - parts for diesel internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 12 ; O-ring - parts dlyadyzelnyh internal combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 7; kilkist- 12; kilkist- 10; Lining - dyzelnyhdvyhuniv spare parts for internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 6; kilkist- 30; kilkist- 10; kilkist- 10, exhaust manifold Gasket-parts for diesel internal combustion engines used for ukar'yerniy kilkist- 30, Laying GBTS - dyzelnyhdvyhuniv spare parts for internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 4; Gasket spacers under GBTS - spare parts internalcombustion diesel engines used in engineering career kilkist- 4; Lining - zapchastynydlya diesel internal combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 48, crankshaft seals at the shaft - parts for diesel dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combustion technology used in career kilkist- 2; Seals - parts for diesel internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 4; kilkist- 16; kilkist- 2; Sealing sleeves - parts for diesel internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 16, O-ring - parts dlyadyzelnyh internal combustion engines used in career tehnitsikilkist- 16, O-ring sleeve - spare parts internalcombustion diesel engines used in engineering career kilkist- 16; Uschilnennyakolinchastoho shaft - parts for diesel internal combustion engines used in engineering career kilkist- 2, O-ring - parts dlyadyze "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10001025.862138.459874
19/Apr/20178409990000"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in car engines: Repair nozzles (injectors nut) Clutch .; nozzles (spacers) .; Clutch nozzles (bearing springs) .; trade mark: DELPHI.Vyrobnyk:" "Delphi Diesel Systems" ". Country of origin Germany.. "GERMANY0UA10011026.431796.713118
19/Apr/201796138000991.KOMPLEKT inflammatory ELECTRODES HAZOVOHOKOTLA (complete brackets, spacers, nuts) to the boiler GB162- ... art.7736700560-10sht.Torhovelna mark BUDERUSVyrobnyk Bosch Thermotechnik production GMBHKrayina NL.NETHERLANDS0UA1251102.58289.8026404
18/Apr/20173105209000"1.Complex mineral fertilizer withcontent of three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: nitrogen-phosphoric-potassium fertilizer (NPK) grade 6-16-35-3 (S). Composition: mass fraction of total nitrogen: 6% (+ / - 1%), phosphates: 16% (+/- 1%), potassium per K2O: 35% (+/- 1%), sulfates in the count: 3%. Packed in 260 "racers" "500 kg (+/- 2.5 kg) TU RB 400069905.022-2003 Trade mark: Gomel Chemical Plant OJSC Manufacturer: Gomel Chemical Plant OJSC Country of production: BY."BELARUS0UA10220013000035100.00016
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Acer Nut Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Acer Nut Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ФЛОРА СІТІ"""
Importer Address
м.Київ,вул.Вербова,6-Б,кв.4.3-й пов
Exporter Name Szkolka Drzew i Krzewow Ozdobnych Jacek Grabczewski
Product Description
1.Dekoratyvni trees, shrubs and chaharnykyv hoschy.........
HS Code 602904900Value 3986.145692
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 18140
Origin Country POLAND

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