Ukraine Import Data of Ac Battery Charger | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ac Battery Charger

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ac battery charger collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ac battery charger imports.

Ac Battery Charger Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ac Battery Charger

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ac battery charger. Get Ukraine trade data of Ac Battery Charger imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178507600000"1.Kyshenkovyy charger, portable vnyy - electric Li-on battery SAI rpusi capacity of 2900mA / h at nominal 3,7V streak. Designed dlyazaryadzhannya t rymacha Electric heating tobacco: DC000032.01 P CHGR IQOS 24WHITES OPK1- 300 pcs; DC000031.01 P CHGR IQOS 24SLATES OPK1- 500 sht.Krayina production - MYTorhovelna mark - IQOS.Vyrobnyk - Technocom Systems Sdn Bhd, factory of Venture Corporation Limited.. "MALAYSIA800UA12510013627999.99985 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178467292000"1.Instrumenty hand-built electric motor that can operate without an external source of nourishment tion: Uponor Q & E ACC. Tool with heads M12 16/20/25 10 bar art.1057167-5naboriv; Each set contains: battery expansion instrument.Rozshyryuvalni head. Batteries Li-Ion 1,5A * h 12V. Charger 220-240V / 50-60Hts.Smazka.Latunni fittings. Plastic case. UPONORVyrobnyk trademark Techtronic Industries Co., LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA5UA100110161375.035106
28/Apr/201785044055001- FOR CHARGERS device of POBUTOVYHAKUMULYATORIV: CHARGER UT200 - 340SHT.CHARGER ND400 - 640SHT.ZARYADNI charging device of POBUTOVYHAKUMULYATORIV TYPE: NiCd / Ni-MH BATTERRIESAA, AAA / 9V 16,850 -30mA / 500mA input current 100-240V50 / 60HZ DC12V 1.2V - 4.2VDLYA everyday use NOT dual PRYZNACHENNYANE are marked explosion OR designedto use in potentially VYBUHONEBEZPECHNOMUSEREDOVYSCHI.TORHOVELNA mark - VIDEX.VYROBNYK: NINGBO BODAWUTONG BATTERY CO., LTD.KRAYINA Origin: CN. .CHINA980UA901010283.51723.407378
28/Apr/20178504408400"1.Hibrydnыy inverter controller with batareySOLAX of charge ON-GRID HIBRID SK-SU 5000E 5KW-48V MPPT 50A.Nominalna power 5kW., Max. DC input potuzhnist5000 Wt. Max. Voltage - 550 V. Rated voltage - amperage 36.Maksymalna - 12 / 12A. current korotkohozamykannya - 15 / 15A. number of MPP connection - 2.Maksymalna output power - 4600 Vt.Pidklyuchennyaodnofazne. Nominal current strength - 20 A.Maksymalnasyla current - 22.1. Maximum efficiency of 97.6%. Vnutrennayae charger utsroystvo : compatible battery type - lead-acid / lithium battery voltage batareya.Nominalna -4.Diapa Battery voltage circuit areas - 40 ~ 60V. Capacity Battery - 2.4kVt / hod.Maksymalnyy charge current - 50A (adjustable) .Zahyst from overcurrent / protection IP20 protection perehrivu.Klas (for home use) / Dimensions - 680 x 595 x 167 mm 35FV1157-1sht code; Manufacturer SOLAX POWER EUROPE LTD; trade mark SOLAX POWER EUROPE LTD; Country of GB;. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA100020351639.416494
28/Apr/20178517120000"Connected 1.Radiotelefony of cellular standard GSM 900/1800, UMTS, CDMA2000 1x and CDMA2000 EV-DO radio zobladnannyam (IEEE 802.11 and data interface Bluetooth) and GPS-receiver, produced under the trademark" "Meizu" " indyvidualnoy in packaging for retail. New. Model: M5. Meizu M5 / 2 + 16Gb.Black - 360sht.M5. Meizu M5 / 2 + 16Gb.Blue - 360sht.Diahonal screen: 5.2 inches, distribution zdatnyst: 1280x720 pixels, the processor : MediaTek MT6750 + GPU Mali T86 (8-core) RAM - 2GB, built-in memory - 16Hb.Komplektnist delivery of the product specified by the manufacturer, cordless - 1 pieces Charger - 1 piece, battery - 1 piece, mikrotelefonna headset - 1 item, USB-cable - 1 piece, warranty card - 1 piece, manual (instruction) user -1shtuka.. "CHINA720UA100210296.462640.00013
27/Apr/20178507600000"1.Universalnyy charger, external battery (battery for portable tablets and smartphones) with USB and lightning, battery type lithium ion capacity of 10,000 mAh: LI-107 - 2000sht; LI-97 - 2000sht, storage capacity 7500 mAh: LI-113 - 2000sht, storage capacity of 20,000 mAh: LI-118 - 1000pcs, battery type lithium polymer, capacity 5000 mAh: LP-95 - 2000sht; Trademark: DIGIVyrobnyk: HONG KONG QWAY GROUP CO., LTDNa factory: Shenzhen Joway Power Supply Co., LtdKrayina production: CN. "CHINA9000UA1000102686.2779749.99319
26/Apr/201785366990901.Elektrychna equipment for connection to circuits for voltage of 12 V, is a docking station for data collection terminal without charging device is composed of radio transmitters or receivers, -Kredl MC2100 4-Slot Battery Charger without PWRS- 14000-148R, art -SYM-SAC21004000CR, Nb-1pc. - Cradle MC2100 4-Slot Battery Charger without PWRS-14000-148R, art -SYM-SAC21004000CR, Nb, 1pc., trademark SymbolVyrobnyk Zebra TechnologiesKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001300.82286.2153832
26/Apr/20178525803000"1.Nova household digital camera FUJIFILM bezdzerkalna system of video recording and sound Package: Li-ion battery NP-W126S, charger BC-W126, shoulder strap with metal clips and instrument installation, cover the lens cap, protective cover, instructions korystuvacha.Matrytsya: 23,6 * 15,6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS III with primary color filter, cleaning system matrix -ultrazvukova vibration, the number of pixels, 24.3 Mpix, storage: memory Cards SD (-2GB) / memory Cards SDHC (-32GB) / memory Cards SDXC (-256GB) UHS-1 file format: photo JPEG ( Exif version 2,3, 14 bit RAW (original RAF format), video MOD (MPEG-4 AVC / H, 264, interval shooting: a flash, pop-up flash, videoshukach videoshukach 0.39 inch color OLED, LCD, 3,0- inch, 4: 3 video: (4K (3840h2160)) 29.97 g / 25r / 24p / 23,98r 100 Mbit / s, Full HD (1920x1080) / 59,94r / 50r / 29 97r / 25r / 24p / 23,98r 36 Mbit / s, HD (1280x720) 59,94r / 50r / 29,97r / 25r / 24p / 23.98 p 18 Mbit / s mode yekrana touch: touch AF, focus area , wireless transmitter, standards IEEE802.11b / g / n (standard wireless protocol) encryption WEP / WPA / WPA2 mixed mode, the wireless function, geotagging, wireless second connectivity (send photos), remote control shooting function PC AUTOSAVE, interface, digital interface connector USB 2.0 high-speed / micro-USB, micro-HDMI connector (type D), mini stereoroz'yem. size 118,4mm (W) mm H82,8 (B) h41,4mm (T), the minimum thickness of 31,9mm radio equipment with Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b / g / n, wireless communications protocol standard): model FUJIFILM X-T20 black EE art.16542555-8sht., model FUJIFILM X-T20 black complete with lens XF18-55mm Kit EE art.16542816-3sht., trademark FujifilmVyrobnyk Fujifilm corporationKrayina production CN "CHINA11UA10029013.1995859.789894
26/Apr/20178517120000"1.Radiotelefon of cellular GSM 900/1800 and UMTS radio access zobladnannyam (including data chysliinterfeysom Bluetooth), radio frequency identification device (RFID), complete with charger prystroyemta mikrotelefonnoyuharnituroyu: -Stilnykovyy telefonPrestigio MUZE D3 5.3 HD IPS Dual SIM Android 5.0 Quad-Core 3GHz 1 720 1280 * 8GB ROM 1GB RAM 5.0 + 13.0Mpx withflash lights; 2500mAh Black, art. PSP3530DUOBLACK-83sht; -Stilnykovyy phone PRESTIGIO Wize L3 PSP3403DUO Dual sim 4.0 WVGA (480 x800) TN display 1.3GHz Quad Core processor Android 5.1 Lollipop 512MB RAM + 4GBeMMC 0.3MP + 5.0MP rear camera with flash light 1450mAh battery, art.PSP3403DUOYELLOW-178sht; -Stilnykovyy phone Prestigo WIZE PX3 5.0 FWVGA IPS 2.5D Dual SIM And roid6.0 Quad Core 2GHz 1 854 * 480 8GB eMMC 1GB RAM 2.0 + 8.0Mpx with LED flash 2000mAh Gold, Art. PSP3528DUOGOLD-1360sht; -Stilnykovyy phone PRESTIGIO Wize NK3 PSP3527DUO Dual sim 5.0 FWVGA (480x854) TN display 1.2GHz Quad Core Android 6.0 512MB RAM + 4GB eMMC 0.3MPFF + 5.0MP FF with LED flash 2000 mAh battery, art. PSP3527DUOGOLD-200sht; -Stilnykovyy phone PRESTIGIO GRACE Q55.0 HD (1280 * 720) On-cell Quad Core 1.3GHZ 1GB + 8GB 5MP + 8MP camera with flash lights 3200Mah battery with NTC Android 5.1, art. PSP5506DUOGREY-654sht; -Stilnykovyy phone Prestigio GRACE Z5 5.26 HD IPS 2.5D Dual SIM Android 6.0 Quad-Core 3GHz 1 720 1 280 * 8 GB eMMC 1 GB RAM 8.0 Selfie Mode + 13.0Mpx with triple flash 2600mAh Gold, Art. PSP5530DUOGOLD-1000pcs; -Stilnykovyy phone PRESTIGIO GRACE Q5 5.0 HD (1280 * 720) On-cell QuadCore 1.3GHZ 1GB + 8GB 5MP + 8MP camera with flash lights 3200Mah battery with NTC Android 5.1, art. PSP5506DUOGREY-146sht; -Stilnykovyy phone Prestigio GRACE Q5 5.0 HD On-cell Dual SIM Android 5.1 Quad Core 3GHz 1 1280 * 720 8GB ROM 1GB RAM 5.0 + 8.0Mpx with flash lights 3200 mAh with NTC Gold, Art. PSP5506DUO GOLD-800sht; Trademark: Prestigio; Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technologies Co. Ltd, CN. "CHINA4421UA2050901356.45260150.87
26/Apr/201790318034001.Prylady electronic measuring or monitoring the geometrical parameters: Electronic dispenser (dropper) designed to surround the dosage and bioliquids vymiryuvannyaob'yemu samples and reagents with high accuracy using vzakladah chemical, pharmaceutical, microbiological industry (with using disposable nakintsevnykiv). Fills 25 ml pipette less than 4sekundy, safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double penetration zahystvid liquid. Range: plastic or glass pipette of 0.1 do100ml-3200300 Accupetta, elektronic pipet aid PU = 1 PU = 250h1-5sht. (A PC. 2xakumulyatorna with battery, charger adapter) .Vyrobnyk, Ratiolab GmbHKrayina production: DETorhovelna Brand: Ratiolab.GERMANY0UA1001104.5565.9509267
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Ac Battery Charger Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ac Battery Charger Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Філіп Морріс Сейлз енд Дистриб'юшн"""
Importer Address
вул. Електротехнічна 45, 02660, м. Київ, Україна.
Exporter Name Technocom Systems Sdn Bhd, factory of Venture Corporation Limited.
Product Description
"1.Kyshenkovyy charger, portable vnyy - electric L.........
HS Code 8507600000Value 27999.99985
Quantity 800Unit UA125100
Net Weight 136
Origin Country MALAYSIA

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