Ukraine Import Data of Abrasive Sand | Ukraine Import Statistics of Abrasive Sand

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of abrasive sand collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of abrasive sand imports.

Abrasive Sand Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Abrasive Sand

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201768053000901.Strichka sanding based on non-woven grinding skis, coated with glue artificial abrasive for their own production. .GERMANY0UA3052004.2268.4779624 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20176804300000"1.Kameni Grinding and polishing by hand (sand bar made of fused on based on the normal mark 14A (aluminum oxide). Suitable dlyapravky and sharpening of cutting edges etc. strumentu. Bar Abrasive 150 mmart. 76415-250sht. Bar Abrasive, 230 mm," " Shuttle "" art. 76425 -700sht.Torhovelna brand: SYBRTEHKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. "CHINA0UA100130199.71233.6601216
27/Apr/20176805100010"1.Abrasive material on a woven textile basis, for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10 pieces) -21-272-100compile; Abrasive material on fabric textiles, for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10pcs) -21-276-150comp; Abrasive material On woven textile and base, for dry grinding: ribbon is infinite (10 pcs.) -21-277-150 comp.; Abrasive material on woven textile fabric; for dry grinding: ribbon infinite (10 pcs) -21-281-100 comp.; Abrasive material on woven Textile materials and, for dry grinding: non-white ribbon (10pcs) -21-285-150Comp; Abrasive material on a woven textile base, for dry grinding: colloidal and rye-21-262-8000pcs; Abrasive material on woven textileboth, for dry grinding: a circle of petal end face-21-2 63-5000pcs; Abrasive material on a woven textile basis, for dry grinding: a circular end face-21-264-4000; Abrasive material on woven textiles on its basis, for dry grinding: a circle of petal end-21-265-1800; Abrasive material on a woven textile base, for dry grinding: spear-end face-21-267-800; Abrasive material on a woven textile fabric, for ear-grinding: a circle of petal endesses e-21-268-800; Abrasive material on a ton of textile basis, for dry sanding: circular end face-21-269- 800;Abrasive material on fabric textile base, for dry grinding: circle of petal end face-21-270-800pcs; Country of production - CNTorval brand - ORION Producer - NINGBO E-STAR INTERNATIONAL C O., LTD "CHINA0UA8071901972.252663.050142
26/Apr/201768051000901.Poroshok abrasive applied to woven textile fabrics, laminated plastic (sandpaper), not for dry grinding (emulsion) art.KK511F in the form of a ring connected to the ends, width 10mm, length 900mm range, caliber 600 - 500 pcs Trademark: VSM. Manufacturer: VSM AG.Krayina production: Germany, DE. Origin: Germany, DE. .GERMANY0UA3051601.9482.7358577
26/Apr/20176805300090"1.Zerno abrasive based polymer materials: Pillows grinding 125h100h12mm, up.3 pieces., sanding sponge abrasive 120h90h25mm R40, R180 sanding sponge abrasive 120h90h25mm -24sht .art.1000-240180, Country of CNTorhovelna mark KAEMVyrobnyk KAEM Sp.z oo. "CHINA0UA1000102.2829.8954274
26/Apr/20176805200090"1.Poroshok or abrasive grains, artificial attached called" "yazuvalnymy substances izsyntetychnyh resin or glue on a paper basis, cut, grinding, riznoyizernystosti, sizes in mm. Sanding paper-based vdzhamborulonah.."GERMANY0UA20914037151.5483426
25/Apr/20178501101000"1. Sanding Superfinish ceramic bars called" "yaztsi: 54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 400 -46 V83 T3- 10sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 89A 100 400 -46 V83 T3- 12sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 5sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok8 X 60 X 75 89A 800 -56 V83 T3- 12sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok6 X 50 X 75 89A 400 -46 V83 T3- 3sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok6 X 50 X 75 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 10sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok14.50 X 12 X 50 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 400sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok11,7 X 12 X 100 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 86sht.54SCH Superfinish timber K12 X 12 X 100 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 16sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok15 X 12 X 55 89A 800 -26 V83 T3- 100sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok10 X 60 X 100 89A 600 -56 V83 T3- 7sht.54SCH Superfinish brusok14. 4 X 50 X 70 89A 1000 -26 V83 T3- 300sht.Superfinishni bars designed for supe rfinishnoyi processing paths tapered bearings rolykiv.Harakterystyka Superfinish bruskaUmovne marked: 54SCH-BxHxL B - width mmH - height, mmL - length, mm alumina material- white. Tverdist- average. Ceramic-type connections. Size zerna- very fine granularity. Struktura- Vidkryta.Superfinishna treatment - a type of machining (conical rollers) using abrasive tools, cutting tools abrasives are micropowder. Tapered roller roughness after grinding processing - Ra 0,10-0,16.Rizhuchym tool for processing tapered rollers on the machine is Superfinish Superfinish brusky.Shyryna bar Superfinish selected depending on the diameter rolyka.Superfinishni bars consist of grains of abrasive materials connected between a binding material (binder). The hardness of abrasives considerably higher hardness zakalenyh parts (tapered rollers). Superfinish bars made of artificial abrasive materialiv.V quality abrasives used only crystalline coverings synthetic materials manufacturing. Used - corundum (aluminum oxide) and silicon carbide. Superfinish bars are not in use. Packed in a cardboard box and placed on trees "" yanyy tray. Vyrobnyk- Tyrolit AG (subsidiary company Tyrolit CEE ksv Austria), AT. Year 2017. A trademark issue is TYROLIT. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF7UA1251004.576263.6496171
25/Apr/20176805100090"1.Shtuchnyy abrasive material on a textile base, (emery tape): - sanding belt, 5 pieces 533h76 mm K100, art.P-37203, kilk.-15k-ing, Country of origin - ITTorhovelna mark - MAKITAVyrobnyk - Annovi Reverberi SpA ".ITALY0UA1001102.2543.5567668
25/Apr/20176804223000"1. Sanding Superfinish ceramic bars called" "yaztsi: 01_500x200x305_5D5F25A602006VHY -2sht (article 66253458243) 01_500x200x305_5F10A609906VHY -2sht (article 66253458242) 01_600x80x305_5F10A6099P7VHY -2sht (article 66253458184) 01_600x80x305_5F10A6099P7VHY -2sht (article 66253458185) is a Abrasive tool designed for grinding machining parts bearing rings (bead surface) .Elektrokorundr AL2O3 containing not more than 99% of its alumina .Otrymuyut, it has high hardness, high termostiykistyuYu hrupkistyu and high cutting capacity-homogeneous part, provides high performance roughness wipe ymuyut high precision machined parts. Synthetic materials comprising the fused have high and stable properties provide conditions of speed / quality bezopikovoho shlifuvannya.Zaznacheni chemical and mineral components provide tools hardness samozatochuvanist, kromkostiykist.Kruhy not reinforced. Goods were not in use . First you pusku- 2016.Vyrobnyk: Saint-Gobain HPM Polska zp.zoo- subsidiary of Saint-Gobain HPM Polska Sp.zoo, ES. Trade mark: Saint-Gobain. Packaged in a tree "" yanyy box. "POLAND0UA2050903841208.25021
25/Apr/20176804225000"1.Shlifuvalni products from synthetic abrasives (corundum synthetic) on organic called" "yaztsi: art blades. 5-8697-9010-22_T-5pcs. Grinding disc art. 5-8697-9010-23_T-5pcs. Washer grinding circle art. 5-8697-9010-26_T-1am. The disc art for purification. 5-8697-9010-27_T-3pc. art. 5-8697-9010-28_T-3pc. Sanding head art. 5-8697-9010- 29_T-3pc. The manufacturer SIEMENS AGKrayina production DETorhovelna SIEMENS brand. "GERMANY0UA1002005.06113.6362912
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Abrasive Sand Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Abrasive Sand Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "УАП ТОВ ""Фішер-Мукачево"""
Importer Address
м.Мукачево, вул.Індустріальна, 16
Exporter Name Fischer Sports GmbH
Product Description
1.Strichka sanding based on non-woven grinding ski.........
HS Code 6805300090Value 268.4779624
Quantity 0Unit UA305200
Net Weight 4.2
Origin Country GERMANY

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