Ukraine Import Data of 7810a | Ukraine Import Statistics of 7810a

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7810a Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 7810a

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20177007212090"1.Avtosklo used in motor vehicles, multilayer, safe (triplex): Glass windshield lobove.Sklo 2443AGSGNHMV6T BMW 7 SERIES 09/2003 --1sht., Windshield glass 3743AGNHV1P FORD TOURNEO CONNECT 02- --2sht., Glass windshield 5363AGSMVZ MERCEDES R CLASS 2006- --1sht., windshield glass 5426ACL1C MERC SPRINT LOW 94-; WS CL 1C --1sht., windshield glass 5427AGNGN1P MERC SPRINT HIGH 00-; WS GNG --3sht., glass windshield NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 6037AGSBLMVZ1B - --2sht., windshield glass 6037AGSBLVZ NISSAN PATHFINDER / NAVARRA 05- --1sht., windshield glass 6261AGNBL1B VAUX OME SAL / EST 00-; WS GNB --3sht., windshield glass 06 8836ACCBLMVZ1R VOLVO S80 / V70 07 / XC7 - -1sht., windshield glass 8836AGSMVZ1R VOLVO S80 06- --1sht., windshield glass 3577AGAHVW FORD C MAX / GRAND C MAX MPV 2010; WS GN SO --2sht., glass windshield 4635 AGN1B DAF XF 2013; SZYBA CZO? OWA ZIELONA 1B --2sht., Windshield glass 5680AGNHM1B MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2007- --1sht., Windshield glass 6084AGACHMVZ1C NISSAN QASHQAI 5D SUV P32S (EU) in 2014, SZ --1sht., Windshield glass 6084AGAHMVZ1C NISSAN QASHHQAI 5D SUV 20 14; SZYBA CZO? OW --2sht., Windshield glass 7811AGSAVW SKODA FABIA II 2010; WS GN SOLAR ANT VIN --1sht., Windshield glass 4 8372AGAHMW1B TOYOTA RAV 2006- --2sht., Windshield glass 8378AGABLHMV1B TOYOTA LANDCRUISER V8 LHD 2008; WS GN BL --2sht., Windshield glass 8577AGAVZ6K VW TOURAN MPV 2003 / TOURAN MPV 2011; WS G --1sht., Windshield glass 8581AGSAVZ VW CADDY LHD 10/2005; WSGN SOLAR ANT VIN --1sht., Windshield glass 8596AGAGYMVWZ1P AUDI Q5 2008; WS GN SOLAR ACO GY VIN HWAR --1sht., Windshield glass 2465AGSYDMV1P BMW 3 SERIES 4D SAL / 5D EST 2011; SZYBA C --2sht., Windshield glass 7810AGSGYVZ SKODA OCTAVIA A5 / WSGSY / 04 CUA 1 --3sht., Windshield glass 8403AGAGNMV1B TOYOTA CAMRY SAL 2011; WS GN SOLAR ACO GN --1sht .; The manufacturer Pilkington Automotive Poland Sp.z oo; trademark Pilkington; Country of PL "POLAND0UA100110359.643313.091266 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20177007212090"1.Sklo multi safe (triplex): automotive glass (windscreen) Art: 8534AGNBLV-25 units; 8547AGNGYV-11 pieces; 8572AGNGYVW1B-4 pieces; 2434AGNGNV-16 units; 3004AGNBL-16 units; 8557AGNGYVZ-10 units; 3016AGNBL- 43 pc; 3022AGSBL-167 units; 2732AGSVW-5 pc; 2732AGSMVW1B-5 pc; 3565AGSVW1B-6 pieces; 3354AGNBL-35 units; 7264AGNBL-77 units; 3563AGSVW-16 units; 3568AGSMVW1P-6 pieces; 3578AGSVW-6 pieces; 3581AGSVZ- 4 pieces; 9412ACLBLAV-18 units; 3986A GNBLMV-9 unit; 4000AGNMV1B-13 units; 4133AGNBLMV1B-6 pieces; 5427AGNBL1C-38 units; 4502AGNBL1B-101 units; 5179AGSVZ-6 pieces; 6044AGSMV1P-22 units; 6277AGNBL-24 pcs, 6307 AGSVW1M-6 pieces; 7260AGSMV-9 unit; 7279AGNMV1P-9 unit; 7279AGNMV7I-8 units; 7277AGSMV-3 pcs; 7246AGSBL-51 units; 7613AGSBLVZ-11 pieces; 7812AGSGYMVZ-11 units, 7 807AGNGYVW-104 units; 7810AGSGYVZ-74 pc ; 7811AGSGYVW-40 units; 7811AGSVW-19 units, 7816 units AGSMVWZ-11; 7618AGSVW-15 units; 8341AGNGNMV-10 units; 8376AGSVW-20 pcs, 8394 AGNGNVZ-6 pc; 8400AGNMW1B- 5 items; 8403AGNBLMVZ-11 pieces, 10 pieces 8595AGSMVZ1P-; 8573AGSGYVZ-6 pieces; 8573AGSGYVZ6J-10 units; 8581AGSGYAVZ-65 units; 8584AGSGYVW-16 units, 8 584AGSGYMVW1B-15 pc; 8600AGNVZ-10 units; 8603AGSVWZ1B-17 pc; 8609AGSBLVW-6 pc; 85 98AGNMVW-6 pc; 8370AGNVW-6 pc; 8362AGSGNMVW1B-11 pc; 8339AGNBLMV-17 pc; 8377AGSGNMVZ-27 pc; 8377AGNBLVZ-17 pc; 8545ACLZ-6 pc; 8541AGNBLZ-17 pc; 8535AGN BLZ-37 pc; 8535AGNBLZ2C-15 pc; 8556AGNGYVZ-32 pc; 8558AGNGYVZ-15 pc; 8586AGSVZ1H-6 pc; automotive glass (windscreen) heated Art: 2433AGNGNHV-5 pc; 41A6AGNBLHMV-11 pc; 5661AGNBLH-11 pc; 4418AGNBLHV-11 pc; MOH AVE-L-VCPH-5 pc; 5344AGNGYHPVW6T-6 pc; 5362AGSCHPVZ1K-6 pc; 3015AGSBLHV-10 units; 7929AGNHV-19 pc; 7928AGNGNH-17 pc; 7934AGNBLHV-27 pc; 8346AGNHM6P-4 pieces; 8372AGNHVW-10 units; 8372AGNHMW1B-15 pc; 8378AGNGNHPV-12 pc; 8394AGSGNHMZ1B-10 units; FW03015-6 pieces; 8354AGNGNHMV1B-8 units; 8375AGNBLHMV-10 sht.Torhovelna mark XYG. Manufacturer XINYI AUTOMOBILE GLASS (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. Production Country CN. "CHINA0UA1001102112930848.33995
18/Apr/201770072120901.Sklo car windscreen, laminated safety glass, triplex (name, Eurocode) SKODA OCTAVIA 99- CT the wind art. 7807AGNGNVW1K -25sht.CITROEN BERLINGO 96- & 01- CT ZLHL the wind art. 2724AGSBL1P-25sht. SKODA ROOMSTER 06 MPV5D-CT the wind PLN + VIN + ART. 7811AGSVW -25sht. PEU BOXERSWB VA 06- CT ZLHL the wind VIN + + + Inc. amended the CD art. 6552AGSBLVZ-25sht. OPEL COMBO 2001-WS GN BLUE BAND art. 6292AGSBL -25sht. RENAULT TRAFIC2001- the wind PT PLN + VIN art. 7252AGSV-25sht. REN MIDLUM 99- WS GN SIT art. -25sht 7253AGN. MAZDA 6 08 - ST VETRZL + DD + UO art. 5174AGNMW1B -25sht. MV CL (W639) 2003- ST ZLHAM the wind / PLN ANT + art.5438AGSGNA -25sht. 2011 VW JETTA the wind PT PLN keep Zerka + + + VIN Inc. art. 8612AGSVZ6Z-10pc. T LANDCR 2003- the wind PT PLN + VIN art. 8341AGNV -5sht. REN MEGANE II / 2002-ST ZLHAM the wind art. 7260AGSMV1R-10pc. DAEWOO / CHEVR. LACETTI 2004- the wind CT art. 3016AGNBLA -10sht. FORD FOCUSHBK / UN / ST SED 2004- the wind art. 3566AGSVW1R -5sht. NIS X-TRAIL 2007- ST ZLart the wind. -5sht 6047AGN. RENAULT KANGOO II 2007 PT PLN + the wind VIN art. 7274AGSV -10sht.CITR C1 2005- ST ZLHAM the wind art. 2734AGS -10sht. VW POLO 3D + 5D HB 01-ST VETRZL Inc. + VIN + Art. 8573AGSVZ-5pcs. KIA SPORTAGE 94- CT ZLHL the wind art. 4402AGNBL -3sht. MAZDA 323 98- CT VETRZL art. -3sht 5155AGN. MV CL (W639) 2003- ST ZLHAM the wind / PLN art. 5438AGSGNAM1B-5pcs. PEUG 207 + 2006- ST ZLHAM the wind Inc. + VIN + Art. 6548AGSVZ -3sht. VW PASSAT B62006- the wind ZLHAM CT + VIN + UO art. 8584AGSVW1H -2sht. SER SED BMW 3 (E90) + UN (E91) 2005- the wind CT art. 2447AGNGNV -2sht. VW GOLFIV / VENTO97-CT BET ZLSR Inc. + + + VIN DDart. 8558AGNGYMVZ-1am. HYUND ACCENT 2006- the wind PT PLN / GL VIN + Art. 4134AGNBLV -10sht. SEATALTEA / TOLEDO 2004- ST ZLHAM the wind / GL art. 7612AGSBLVZ -2sht. VW POLO 3D + 5D HBK2001- art. 8573AGSVZ6J -3sht. SKODA OCTAVIA A5 04-PT PLN the wind DD VIN Inc. art.7810AGSMVZ1P -5sht. HONDA CIVIC 4D CT SD 96 ZLZL the wind art. 3957AGNGN -4sht.TOYOTA AVENSIS SD + CB + 02 UN / 98ST the wind art. 8305AGNBL -3sht. FORD FUSION 11/2005-ST ZLHAM the wind art. 3563AGSMVW1B -2sht. MITSUBISHI COLT 3D 05- PT PLN GL ZPart the wind. 5676AGNBL -5sht. BMW MINI 2000 PT TINT the wind W art. 2440AGSGNV -2sht.MITSUBISHI L200 CLUB CAB 06- PT PLN + the wind DD Art. 5679AGSM1B -10sht. OPEL KADETT E83-91 the wind CT ZLHL art. 6247AGNBL-5pcs. MAZDA BT50 PICK-UP 2007- the wind PT PLN art. -1sht 5172AGN. KIA PRO-CEE'D HBK2007- the wind PT PLN + VIN art. 4433AGNV -3sht. MAZDA 626 HB 92- PT PLN art.5142AGN the wind, 2 pcs. VW FOX LHD 2005- ST ZLHAM the wind ANT + + UO art. 8585AGSAW -2sht. MR CL 2006- STVETR ZLHAM DD + + + VIN Inc. art. 5363AGSMVZ -2sht. KIA PRO-CEE'D RHD 07-WS-GN + SEN-CBOSS + SP art. 4433AGNMV1P-2 pcs. CITROEN C4 5D HBK 2010- the wind PT PLN + acoustic + DD + VIN + ART. 2746AGAMVW1B-2 pcs. KIA PRO-CEE'D HB 2007- the wind PT PLN + VIN art. 4433AGNV2P -3sht. VOLKSWAGENTOUAREG 2002 the wind ZLSR + CT + DD Inc. art. 8576AGSGYMVZ2B -5sht. TOYOTA VERSO 2012- STVETR PLN + UO art. 8399AGNW -2sht. MITSUBISHI CANTER FE 6 / DOUBLE CAB 96- VETRZL CT + UO art. -2sht 5653AGN. NISSAN JUKE SUV 06 / 2010- ST the wind PLN + VIN + UO art.6069AGSV -5sht. NISSAN X-TRAIL LHD 2007- the wind PT PLN + VIN + Inc. art. 6047AGNM2B -3sht.COROLLA 4D SAL LHD 2013- the wind CT cereals Inc. + Art. 8409AGAZ6Z -5sht. TRANSITPOLAND0UA1000109744.524543.62064
11/Apr/20177007212090"1.Sklo laminated safety, size and format that you can use it in vehicles, windshield glass for a / m.Art.: AGE 7810AGSVZ / glass windshield / - 1 unit; trademark XYG. Country of origin CN. Manufacturer company Xinyi Automobile (Shenzhen) Co.. "CHINA0UA1001101033.53291199
11/Apr/201770072120901.Sklo car windscreen, laminated safety glass, triplex (name, article, Eurocode) SKODA OCTAVIA II (NEW) 2004- GLASS VITROVEZL + VIN + Inc. 7810AGSVZ art. 6960258 -23sht. VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER / MULTIVAN (T5) 2003- GLASS wind ZLSR + VIN + Inc. 8579AGSGYVZ1B art. 6960970 -23sht. VOLKSWAGENTRANSPORTER / MULTIVAN (T5) 2003- GLASS evil wind SW ANT + + + VIN Inc. 8579AGSGYAVZ1Bart. 6960972 -23sht. MERCEDES V CL (W638) 1996-2003 GLASS wind ZLHL 5428AGNBLart. 6961051 -30sht. MAN TG STAND KB 2000- WIDE BODY GLASS wind PLN 4912AGN art.6961070 -56sht. MAN TG SLEEPER KB 2000- GLASS wind ZLZL 4913AGNGN art. 6961073-15sht. 5 SCANIA SERIE 2004- GLASS wind PLN 7507AGN art. 6961500 -24sht. FORDGALAXY II 2006- GLASS wind PLN + VIN + UO 3567AGSVW art. 6961778 -3sht. OPELINSIGNIA 2008- GLASS wind TEPLOTR KAM + DD + VIN + + + + to Inc. Inc. 6293ACCCMVWZ2R art.6961884 -3sht. DAF XF 2006- GLASS wind PLN 4635AGN art. 6962187 -73sht.VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN MINES 2003 GLASS wind ZLSR DD + + + VIN Inc. 8577AGSGYMVZ6T art.6962877 -3sht. DAF F95 1987-1997 GLASS wind PLN 4624AGN art. 6963461 -26sht.SCANIA 4 SERIE 1996-2004 GLASS wind PLN 7506AGN art. 6963505 -12sht. VOLKSWAGENTRANSPORTER / CARAVELLE (T4) 1990-2003 GLASS wind ZLHL ANT + 8537AGNBLA1B art.6963717 -21sht. RENAULT PREMIUM 1996- GLASS wind PLN / VOLVO FE 2007- GLASS VITROVEZL 7242AGN art. 6963767 -39sht. SK RAPID 4D HBK 2012- / Seat Toledo HBK 2012- SKLOVITROVE PLN + VIN + TO 7815AGSVW art. 6965070 -20sht. 2009 BMW X1 GLASS VITROVEZLSR + VIN 2460AGSGYV art. 6965074-4sht. 2009 BMW X1 GLASS wind PLN + DD + VIN 2460AGSMV1B art. 6965075 -4sht. BMW 5SER 10 GLASS wind ZLSR + DD + VIN 2459ACCGYMV art. 6965111 -2sht. BMW 5 SER10-WS-CC / GY + CAM + RS + VIN-CHG SP 2459ACCGYCMV1B art. 6965117 -2sht. VOLKSWAGENTOURAN MINES 2003 GLASS wind ZLAKUST DD + + + VIN Inc. 8577AGAMVZ95 art. 6965226 -2sht.VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 2010- GLASS wind PLN + DD + VIN + TO + 8606AGSMVWZ1B Inc. art.6965258 -19sht. 2010 AUDI A6 GLASS wind ZLAKUST KAM + + + + to DD Inc. 8611AGACMVWZ6Bart. 6965590 -3sht. 2009 AUDI A5 GLASS wind AKSR DD + + + VIN Inc. 8592AGAGYMVZ1P art.6965624 -3sht. VOLKSWAGEN JETTA 2011 GLASS Wind cereals DD + + + VIN Inc. (EU) 8612AGAMVZ1B art. 6965633 -5sht. 2011 TOYOTA YARIS H5-GLASS wind PLN 8400AGNart. 6965751 -10sht. MERCEDES E-CLASS CPE W207 2013- STEKLO VETROVOE ZELENOE + SHUMOYZOLYATSYYA -MESTO FOR KAMERЫ NOCHNOHO Vision Sensor (LIGHT and / or rain) -VINOKNO-encapsulation + Changes 5370AGACMVZ2B silk-screen printing art. 6965903 -2sht. SKODAOCTAVIA 2013 GLASS wind PLN + DD + VIN + TO + Eun 7816AGSMVWZ art. 6966091-20sht. BMW F10 5 SER 2012 GLASS wind PLN + DD + VIN 2459AGSMV6P art. 6966369 -2sht.SKODA FABIA III 2014- GLASS wind PLN + VIN + Inc. 7818AGSVZ1V art. 6966440-6sht. KIA SPORTAGE LHD 2015 GLASS wind ZLHL + AK + QAM + DD + SV + VIN + DO4447AGABLCIMOVW art. 6967822 -1sht. HYUNDAI TUCSON 2015- GLASS VITROVEZLHL SV + + + VIN TO 4159AGABLOVW art. 6967834 -4sht. HYUNDAI TUCSON 2015- SKLOVITROVE ZLHL KAM + + + VIN + SV TO 4159AGABLCOVW art. 6967839 -2sht. Total: 485sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPLINTEXKrayina production: CZVyrobnyk: AGC Automotive Europe SACZECH REPUBLIC0UA1000109793.5521835.71186
03/Apr/20177007212090"1.Sklo safety laminated (Triplex), windscreen (windshield) for transportnyhzasobiv (material, product): 3016AGNBL DAE NUBIRA 4S 03-09 WS GN-64sht 3016AGNBLADAE LACE 5H 04-09 WS GN B-46sht; 3354AGS FIA DOBLO VA 01 -10 WS GN-116sht; 4130AGSBLV HYU SONATA 4S 05-10 WSGN-46sht; 4148AGNBLV HYU ACCEN 5H 11- WS GN BL-55sht; 6037AGSBLMVZ1B NIS PATHFI / NAVARA 05- WS-110sht; 7807AGNGYVW1K SKO OCTAVI 5H 97-04 WS GN -115sht; 7810AGSGYVZ SKO OCTAVI 5H 04-13 WS GN-100 pieces; 7811AGSVW SKO ROOMST / FABIA 06-15 WS-37sht; 7811AGSGYVW SKO ROOMST / FABIA 06-15 WS-57sht; 8581AGSGYVZ VW CADDY FV 04-15 WS GN G- 101sht; 8595AGSVZ VW TIGUAN S5 07-16 WS GN-38sht; 8595AGSMVZ1P VW TIGUAN S5 07-16WS GN-57sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Saint-Gobain Sekurit "" trademark: "" SEKURIT "". Country of origin: EE.. "ESTONIA0UA10021012288.7944244.10563
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7810a Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

7810a Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТОСКЛО ГРУП"""
Importer Address
02140, м.Київ, прт.М.Бажана,10-А
Exporter Name Pilkington Automotive Poland Sp.z o.o
Product Description
"1.Avtosklo used in motor vehicles, multilayer, sa.........
HS Code 7007212090Value 3313.091266
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 359.64
Origin Country POLAND

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