Ukraine Import Data of 7750 | Ukraine Import Statistics of 7750

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 7750 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 7750 imports.

7750 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 7750

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172701110000"1.Vuhillya grade, size lumps 0-25 mm.Vaha- 275,100 kh.Pokaznyky quality: total weight fraction of moisture,%, Value: 7.9 -roboche-, analytical - 1.7. Ash,% value : -roboche- 5,0; 5,3-analytical, dry-5,4.Vyhid volatiles,% value: -2.3 -Operating, analytical and 2.5; -2.5 dry, dry bezzolne- 2,7Vmist total sulfur,%, meaning: -Operating, 0.31, 0.33, analytical, dry, 0.34; dry ashless-0,35.Vischa heat of combustion, kcal / kg, value: -Operating-7135 ; analytical-7617, 7750-dried, ashless dry-stone 8195.Vuhillya * yane anthracite grade A is in the form of lumps the size of 0-25 mm. Extreme content of volatile substances ( on dry bezmineralnu basis) not exceeding 10% for the production .Pryznachene termoantratsytu by high production obrobky.Krayina - Russian FederatsiyaVyrobnyk, Ltd. "" Section East "" / Pechora Hearne company. ".RUSSIA0UA11208027510033424.64987 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20172701121000"1. Coal mark SSOMSSH 0-50 (69,90tonn) neahlomerovane, bituminous, coking, chemical analysis (%) 7.0 moisture, ash 7.4, sulfur 0.21; out of volatiles on a dry basis Vdaf 20.3 bezmineralnu , limiting calorific value Qsaf in terms of wet bezmineralnyy state 7750; kcal / kg, intended for use in technology PCI. Trademarks: no data. Manufacturer Filial "" UK '' Kuzbassrazrezugol "" Bachatskyy uholnыy razrez "", RU. ".RUSSIA0UA1120706990012442.20016
18/Apr/201762019300001.Kurtky textile synthetic or artificial fibers for men and boys, jackets people. 0449-7750-5300M LRN JCKT, eclipse, M -2 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7750-5400M LRN JCKT, eclipse, L -3 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7750-5500M LRN JCKT, eclipse, XL -3 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7750-5600M LRN JCKT, eclipse, XXL -3 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7592-5200M LRN JCKT, parrot green, S -2 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7592-5300M LRN JCKT, parrot green, M -3 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7592-5400M LRN JCKT, parrot green, L -3 sht.Kurtka people. 0449-7592-5500M LRN JCKT, parrot green, XL brand -3sht.Torhovelna VaudeVyrobnyk VaudeSportKrayina production MM.MYANMAR22UA12511010.56100.5398392
18/Apr/201762019300001.Kurtky textile synthetic or artificial fibers for men and boys, jackets people. 4040-7457-5200M KFL LW JCKT, apple, S -2 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7457-5300M KFL LW JCKT, apple, M -2 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7457-5400M KFL LW JCKT, apple, L -2 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7457-5500M KFL LW JCKT, apple, XL -2 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7750-5200M KFL LW JCKT, eclipse, S -4 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7750-5300M KFL LW JCKT, eclipse, M -4 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7750-5400M KFL LW JCKT, eclipse, L -5 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7750-5500M KFL LW JCKT, eclipse, XL -4 sht.Kurtka people. 4040-7844-5200M KFL LW JCKT, iron, S -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-7844-5300M KFL LW JCKT, iron, M -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-7844-5400M KFL LW JCKT, iron, L -5 units. Jacket person. 4040-7844-5500M KFL LW JCKT, iron, XL -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-4466-5200M ZBR UL 3L JCKT, pistachio, S -3 pieces. Jacket person. 4040-4466-5300M ZBR UL 3L JCKT, pistachio, M -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-4466-5400M ZBR UL 3L JCKT, pistachio, L -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-4466-5500M ZBR UL 3L JCKT, p istachio, XL -3 pieces. Jacket person. 4040-5652-5200M CRZ 3L JCKT II, ​​dark indian red, S -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-5652-5300M CRZ 3L JCKT II, ​​dark indian red, M -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-5652-5400M CRZ 3L JCKT II, ​​dark indian red, L -4 units. Jacket person. 4040-5652-5500M CRZ 3L JCKT II, ​​dark indian red, XL -4 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4750-1160KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​eclipse, 110/116 -1 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4750-1280KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​eclipse, 122/128 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4750-1400KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​eclipse, 134/140 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4750-1520KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​eclipse, 146/152 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4750-1640KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​eclipse, 156/164 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4795-1160KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​salsa, 110/116 -1 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4795-1280KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​salsa, 122/128 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4795-1400KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​salsa, 134/142 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4795-1520KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​salsa, 146/152 -2 units. Jacket CIO. 0563-4795-1640KDS RNDN JCKT II, ​​salsa, 158/164 -2 sht.Torhovelna mark VaudeVyrobnyk VaudeSportKrayina manufacture CNCHINA90UA12511031.36298.5470194
18/Apr/20178413308000"1.Palyvni pumps for low pressure fuel systems for a / m-40 sht.Art.: 770007A / fuel pump / - 1 unit; Ref.: 770045A / fuel pump / - 3 pcs, Art.: 770051A / fuel pump / - 2 pcs; Art.: 770161A / fuel pump / - 27 pcs, Art.: 770162A / fuel pump / - 3 pcs, Art.: 775048A / fuel pump / - 3 pcs, Art.: 775242A / fuel pump / - 1 pc; trademark ERA. Country of origin CN. Manufacturer company ERA SpA. "CHINA40UA10011015.84595.9699177
18/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for print, copy machines, not mistyatelektrychnyh and electronic components do not contain radio: Blade cleaning Printer XEROX CLEANINGBLADE REPAIR art. FC8-2281-0000000, -1sht; nozzle on the printhead for prynteraCanon SLIDER, PAD IPR1110 art. FL2-7750-000000, - 2 pcs; printer Care (filter) Canon fILTER, DUST IRAC9280 art. FL3-4101-000000, - 2 pcs; print Head printer CANON pRINT HEAD art. QY6-0080-000000, - 1pc, brand - Canon Inc; trade mark - Canon, Country of origin - JP;. "JAPAN0UA1000200.71101.5166385
18/Apr/20173924100000"1.Stakany plastic single-use beverage without lids, cups PL200ML A25 LIGHT 2.3 g PROZRACHNЫY art. 77502530-132000sht, glass PL 500MLMR153LIGHT see. 6g art. 77515337-33600sht, Country RUVyrobnyk production company" "Huhtamaky S.N.H . "" Trademark HUHTAMAKI. "RUSSIA0UA125110505.21435.993089
13/Apr/20178421392000"1. The filter article 775032 in the amount of 2 pieces. It is a paperovyyfiltr air. Designed to filter the air in the vacuum system vakuumnohokuttera Swopper SW-550-S. Material: plastic, paper. Method of production: stamping, assembly. The manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (IT) Italy. ".ITALY0UA1002000.029.985983234
13/Apr/2017801110000"1.M'yakot coconut varieties" "FINE", "dried and crushed (chips) not treated in any way, without sugar and other substances for use in food, packaged in bags of 25kg net, net weight 7750kh . Vrozhay- 2016, the date pakuvannya- January 2017. Expiration-1 year. The manufacturer: "" S & P INDUSTRIES SDN BND "". Country of-Malaysia. Trademark no data. ".MALAYSIA0UA500070775013949.99998
12/Apr/20177324100090"1.Rakovyny and stainless sinks (kroziynostiykoyi) steel (complete with mount and drain trap). Sinks of metal. Art.5848-E-200sht, art.8060-BE-126sht, art.7749-BE-140sht, art .7749-BD-70sht; art.9550B-E-70sht, art.8060-RE-130sht, art.8060-LE-10pc, art.6745-D-120sht, art.7750-E-24sht, art.8050 -LE-60sht, art.8050-RE-50sht, art.6350-D-270sht, art.6350-E-200sht, art.5848-D-200sht, art.5060-E-75sht, art.4947-D -60sht; art.510-D-120sht, art.5050-E-105sht; art.8060R-E-160sht; art.8060L-E-80sht, art.4848-E-225sht, art.5050-E-100 pieces ; trade mark: FALANCO; Producer: "" HADI KITCHENWARE GROUP LIMITED ""; Country of origin: CN. "CHINA0UA1001106473.9611005.73013
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7750 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

7750 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Публічне акціонерне товариство ""Український графіт"""
Importer Address
69600, Запорізька область, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Північне шосе, 20, Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""Печорська горна компанія"""
Product Description
"1.Vuhillya grade, size lumps 0-25 mm.Vaha- 275,10.........
HS Code 2701110000Value 33424.64987
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 275100
Origin Country RUSSIA

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