Ukraine Import Data of 4b Acid | Ukraine Import Statistics of 4b Acid

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 4b acid collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 4b acid imports.

4b Acid Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 4b Acid

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of 4b acid. Get Ukraine trade data of 4b Acid imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201733049900001.Kosmetychni drugs without prescription, not in aerosol packaging notcontains drugs: art. 195324 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR Gel kremden / night 50ml -60sht. Art. 195327 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR Spot korektordlya face cream 15 ml 60sht. Art. 195323 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR 3in1 micellar fluid 200m. 195325 INSTA PERFECT MATT & CLEAR intensive serum corrector 50-ml-60sht. Art. 195326 matting napkin 1 set-60sht. Art. 195307 CARBO DETOX Purifying mask with activated carbon dlyakombinovanoyi 8 g -90sht skin. Art. 195386 CARBO DETOX cream matting day \ night 50ml -120sht. Art. 195362 MULTIESSENCE Multivitamin 200ml essence for kombinovanoyishkiry-96sht. Art. 195363 MULTIESSENCE multivitamin essence for dry and chutlyvoyishkiry 200 ml -96sht. Art. 195134 SEA ALGAE cream serum for tilazvolozhuyucha 200 ml -36sht. Art. 195135 SEA ALGAE cream serum for tilareheneryruyucha 200 ml -12sht. Art. 195202 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE pearl base - rozhevaosnova at 30 mA kiyazh Mr. 36sht. Art. 195203 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE BASE LYUMYER- pearl foundation makeup 30 grams -36sht. Art. 195304 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE BRONZOVABAZA - bronzuyucha foundation makeup 30g-36sht. Art. 195133 MAKE-UP ACADEMIE lock makeup FIXER 75 ml -12sht. art.50349 SKIN CLINIC PROFESSIONAL Active moisturizing tonic ANTI-AGE facial zhialuronovoyu acid 200 ml 60sht. Art. 194315 Biotechnology 7D Regenerating Day Cream SPF10 60+ -kontsentrat protyzmorschok 50 ml -36sht. Art. 194350 Biotechnology 7D Ultra-moisturizing cream imatuyuchyy day / night -24sht 50 ml. Art. 195168 SENSUAL BODY OILSTrohfazna moisturizing body oil 150 ml -24sht. Art. 195169 SENSUAL BODY OILSTrohfazna regenerating body oil 150 ml -24sht. Art. 195079 OOFM 3 DAYCOMFORT Lightweight moisturizer for a 3-day stubble -12sht 50 ml. Art. 194212ONLY FOR MEN Moisturizing Cream 50ml EXTRA ENERGY -12sht. Art. 194 210 ONLY FOR EXTRA ENERGY MENEnerhuyuchyy gel 150 ml -12sht. Art. 194 389 ONLY FOR MEN Pom`yakchuyuschyykrem of wrinkles 50 ml -12sht. Art. 195,116 COMFORT -Krem INTENSIVE dolhyad dlyaduzhe damaged skin 75 ml -60sht. Art. 195,115 COMFORT silicon mask dlyaperesushenyh hands 75 ml -48sht. Art. 195114 -kompres COMFORT Cream Moisturizer 75ml dlyaruk -48sht. Art. 195,159 COMFORT-Rozm`yahchuyuchyy compress cream for feet, 100 ml, 24sht. Art. 116161 BIKINI dvohfaznyy accelerator Tanning SPF6, 150ml, 120sht. Art. 116162 BIKINI Argan oil for tanning SPF 6 150 ml -72sht. Coconut milk art.116163 BIKINI Tanning SPF 30 200ml -120sht. Art. 116164BIKINI protective lotion with asmahy for babies and children SPF 50, 150 ml 116165 Coconut milk BIKINI Tanning SPF 20 200ml -72sht. Art. 116167BIKINI MAT LOOK Face Cream SPF 30 skin mixed / greasy effect of toning 50ml -120sht. Art. 116169 BIKINI ICE COLD Cooling After Sun Spray, 150ml -48sht. Art. 195395 BLUE DETOX mask for dry and sensitive skin 8g 195394 GOLD DETOX mask for mature skin 8g -120sht. Art. 195393 SILVERDETOX mask CombinedPOLAND0UA100110201.463339.539437 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178204110000"1.MASLA MOTOR mixes aliphatic hydrocarbons, compounds of fatty acids, free of silicone, polyglycol, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, petroleum fractions containing as a major component of more than 70%. PURPOSE: to lubricate gasoline and diesel engines. TRADEMARK ' MOBIL ', manufacturer' ExxonMobil ', country of manufacture European Union, EU (TU U 21456419.001-95) MOBIL SUPER 2000 X1 10W-40 - 96x4x4xl; MOBIL SUPER 2000 X1 DIESEL 10W-40 - 32px4k.x4l; MOBIL SUPER 3000 XE 5W-30 - 32Up.X4Kan.X4L; MOBIL ULTRA 10W-40 - 4BOX.X208L; MOBIL AGRI EXTRA 10W-40 - 8BOX. 208L; MOBIL AGRI SUPER 15W-40 - 4BOX208L; MOBIL DELVAC MX EXTRA 10W-40 - 4Box.x208L; MOB IL DELVAC MX EXTRA 10W-40 - 40kan.x20l.tar is not reversed. "RUSSIA0UA10012039.6126.0160746
22/Apr/20171704907500"1.Confectionery products of sugar, without the contents of cacao - candy-candy with sugar content, without filling, various flavors, colored," Confectionery "," Finished ": - Hamburger Lollipop Candy 10g * 30pcs * 24boxes - 150 cardboard boxes 24packs (30pcs per 10gp in each package) .All: 150 cardboard boxes. Ingredients: sugar, thickener, citric acid, flavor identical to natural, natural dyes, glucose syrup. Trademark: "PRESTIGE". Manufacturer: "" AYGE PRESTIGE TRANSPORT GIDA INSAAN SANAYI VE TIC.LTD.STI "", Turkey. Production area: TR.Marking in Ukrainian: product name Composition, composition, net weight, date of manufacture, time of consumption, country of manufacture, manufacturer's reservation. "TURKEY0UA40101013801876.49995
21/Apr/20178507102090"1.Akumulyatory starter, starting new type of electrolyte: acid, electrode material (plates): svynets.Art .: 12N9-4B-1 / Batteries / - 1 unit; trademark TOPLITE. Country of SI. TOPLITE company Manufacturer ( Guang Zhou) technical battery CO.. "SLOVENIA1UA1001103.213.25759713
21/Apr/20178507102090"1.Akumulyatory starter, starting new type of electrolyte: acid, electrode material (plates), lead, weight exceeding 5 kg for a / m 6 sht.Art .: MB YT14B-BS / Batteries / - 2 units; Ref .: MB YTX9-BS / Batteries / - 1 unit; Ref .: MB YTZ14S-BS / Batteries / - 1 unit; Ref .: MB YTZ14S-BS / Batteries / - 2 units; trademark LP. Country of NL. Manufacturer company Landport BV. "NETHERLANDS6UA10011023.9114.9164917
10/Apr/20173204120090"1 Synthetic organic acid dyes with additional content substances that have coloring properties (are composed sulfohruppu as sodium salt) - 4725 kg, tartrazine E102 - 1200 kg (48b.). Chemical name: trinatriyeva salt of 5-hydroxytryptamine -1- (4-sulfofenil) -4- (4-sulfofenilazo) -H-pyrazole-3-karboksilat. Chemical formula: C16H9N4Na3O9S2. Code EES - E102. CAS number 1934-21-0. appearance: fine powder color Orange , party PT2581, PTM10979; E104 quinoline yellow ws - 25 kg (1b.). Chemical name: dinatriyeva disulfo salt of 2- (2-quinolyl) indan-1,3-dione. Chemical pho rmula: C18H9NNa2O8S2, EPS code - E104, CAS number 8004-92-0. Appearance: fine yellow powder party PQYM10878; YELLOW SUNNY WEST E110 - 800 kg (32B).. Chemical name: dinatriyeva salt of 2-hydroxy-1 - (4-sulfofenilazo) -naftalin-6-sulfonate. C16H10N2Na2O7S2 chemical formula, the EPS code - E110, CAS number 2783-94-0. appearance: fine powder red party PSYM10955; ; KARMUAZIN E122 - 600 kg (24b.). Chemical name: dinatriyeva salt of 4-hydroxy-3- (4-sulfo-1-naftilazo) naphthalene-1-sulfonate. Chemical formula: C20H12N2Na2O7S2, EPS code - E122, CAS № 3567-69-9. Appearance: fine powder of red-brown, party PC2396; E124 Ponceau 4R - 1200 kg (48b.). Chemical name: trinatriyeva salt of 2-hydroxy-1- (4-sulfo-1-naftilazo) naphthalene-6,8-disulfonat. Chemical formula: C20H11N2Na3O10S3, EPS code - E124, CAS № 2611-82-7. Appearance: fine powder red party PP4RM10981; BRILLIANT BLUE FCF E133 - 300 kg (12b.). Chemical name: alpha dinatriyeva salt (4- (N-3-etil sulfobenzilamino) phenyl) -alfa- (4-N-etil 3-sulfobenzilamino) tsikloheksa-2,5-dieniliden) toluene-2-sulfonate. The chemical formula C37H34N2Na2O9S3, EPS code - E133, CAS № 3844-45-9. Appearance: fine powder, dark purple party PBBM11005; - for use in the food industry. Synthetic Dye BROWN HT - 600 kg (24b.). Chemical name: 4,4 '(2,4-dihidroksi-5-hidroksimetil fenilenbisazo 1-3) di (naphthalene-1-sulfonate) dinatriyeva salt. Chemical formula: C27H18N4Na2O9S2, CAS № 4553-89-3. Appearance: fine powder of red-brown, party PBHTM10862, - for use in the production of household chemicals and textiles. Used in food, textile industry and for the production of household chemicals, not for retail sale to the public, not in aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk: VIDHI DYESTUFFS MFG. LTD.Krayina production: IN.Torhova Brand: No data. "INDIA0UA100120472526212.99997
10/Apr/20173822000000"1. Laboratory prepared reagents on the substrate for determining antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms, used in microbiological laboratories in the food and pharmaceutical industry: AK30 AMIKACIN (5x50 disks), art.CT0107B-3, AMC30 AMOXY / CLAV.ACID (5x50 discs) , Art.CT0223B-4p.; AMP10 AMPICILLIN (5x50 discs), art.CT0003B-4up;; CTX30 CEFOTAXIME (5x50 discs); art.CT0166B-2up; FOX30 CEFOXITIN (5x50 discs); Art .CT0119B-3p.; CXM30 CEFUROXIME (5x50 discs), art.CT0127B-2pc; C30 CHLORANPHENICOL (5x50 discs), art.CT0013B-2up; DA2 CLINDAMYCIN (5x50 discs), art.CT0064B -4up; CIP5 CIPROFLOXACIN (package 5x50 discs), art.CT0425B-2up; E15 ERYTHROMYCIN (5x50 CDs), art.CT0020B-3up, CN10 GENTAMICIN (5x50 CDs), art.CT0024B-4up, LEV5 LEVOFLOXACIN (5x50 CDs), art.CT1587B-1up, MXF5 MOXIFLOXACIN ( 5x50 discs), art.CT1633B-1pc; NOR10 NORFLOXACIN (5x50 discs), art.CT0434B-4p.; P10 PENICILLIN G (5x50 discs included), art.CT0043B-3up.Manufacturer: "Oxoid Ltd". Country of production GB. Oxoid trademark. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1251002.394466.3165393
07/Apr/20172002109000"1.Tomaty preserved without adding vinegar or acetic acid: minced tomato juice atnomu misrepresented" "Chopped Tomatoes" "Subway Art. 321473-72kor. (At 24b. -1728b.) 400 g, ma sa staple 240g, the term impart ness to consume 08/2019 .; chopped tomatoes in tomato juice "" chopped Tomatoe s "" Metro-art.331381-144kor. (at 12b. - 1728b.) 800g weight staple 460 g terminprydatnosti to eat. 01/2019 p .; chopped tomatoes in tomato juice "" Cho ppedTomatoes "" Metro-art.348830-200kor. (in 6b., 1200b). 2500h, weight 1500g core product shelf life consumed to yvannya 12 / 2018r .; cherry tomatoes vtomatno st juice "" Cherry Tomatoes "" Me w art. 348 831-72kor. (at 24b. -1728b.) 400g weight staple 240g, the term STI suitable for consumption 12/2019 r.Chysta weight 5764.8kh. Whirlpool-to Franzese Spa. Comm. Mark Fine Life , ARO.Krayina production IT.. "ITALY0UA1001205764.84265.513633
07/Apr/20172002101000"1.Tomaty preserved without adding vinegar or acetic acid, tin cans: Objectives peeled tomatoes in tomato juice" "Pe eled Tomatoes" ", Metro art.348829-144kor. (In 12b.-1728b.) 800g weight primary 400g prod ucts, expiration date Reference consumed 01/2019 Objectives .; peeled tomatoes in it matnomusoku "" peeled tomatoes "", Metro t.348232-144kor al. (in 24b., 3456b). 400g, 240g masaosnovnoho product, datnosti period during consumption to 01/2019 .; Tsiliochyscheni tomatoes in tomato juice "" Peeled tomatoes "", Metro art.348833-300kor. (po6b., 1800b). 2500h weight that primary productivity 1530h shelf life dospozhyvan tion 01 / 2019. Ingredients: these Lee peeled tomatoes, tomato juice, rehulyatorkyslotnosti- lifes Onna acid. Net weight 7264.8kh. Manuf Franzese Spa.Torh nickname. Mark Fine Life, ARO.Krayina production IT.. "ITALY0UA1001207264.84972.938702
07/Apr/20172005510000"1.Kvasolya canned, shelled, adds tion without vinegar or acetic acid canned red beans ana" "Red Kidney Beans" "Metro-art.381663-288kor. (Po24b. - 6912 b.) 400g weight staple 240g, dospozhyv shelf life. 03/2020 .; Canned red beans "" Red Kidney beans "" Metro-art.381664-144kor. (to be 24b.-3456.) 400g weight 240g main product shelf life to eat. 03 / 2020. (composition: red beans, water, zu correspondent, salt, antioxidant - askorbinovaky slot). Net weight 4147.2kh. Prospect nickname Franzese Spa. Comm. mark Fine Life, ARO.Krayina production IT.. "ITALY0UA1001204147.23733.139225
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4b Acid Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

4b Acid Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""ОКСАМИТ 2013"""
Importer Address
02140, м. Київ, вул. Вишняківська, буд. 13, Україна
Exporter Name BIELENDA Kosmetyki Naturalne Sp. z o.o. spolka Komandytowo-Akcyjna
Product Description
1.Kosmetychni drugs without prescription, not in a.........
HS Code 3304990000Value 3339.539437
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 201.46
Origin Country POLAND

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