Ukraine Import Data of 3mm Led | Ukraine Import Statistics of 3mm Led

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 3mm led collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 3mm led imports.

3mm Led Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 3mm Led

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784329000001.Chastyny ​​seeders for agricultural equipment brands th GASPARDO vchastkovo unassembled. G16620010 Ejector sugar beet seeds 12sht.G13825091-disc coulter diam.373mm-50sht. A51801000 ploughshare peredpluzhnyka metalevyypravyy 22 30BR-5pcs. A51801010 ploughshare peredpluzhnyka metal left 22-30BR 5sht.A51703001 dump peredpluzhnyka right-5pcs metal. A51703011 Vidvalperedpluzhnyka metal-5pcs left. G20860106 fertilizer-feeder rake 30sht.G16670271 Holder fertilizer coulter disk-24sht. G99501600 sowing disc 26otv. diameter 4.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99501602 sowing disc 26 Otv. diameter 2.50 mm-8sht.G99501600 sowing disc 26 Otv. diameter 4.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99501602 sowing disc 26otv. diameter 2.50 mm, 8 pieces. G99520339 adding soffit Set to Drill MEGA 600DP-4sht.G99520339 adding soffit Set to Drill MEGA 600DP-4 pieces. G99520116 Prychipnyyprystriy SC.MARIA-1sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - MASCHIO GASPARDOVyrobnyk - MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA.ITALY0UA100110723.59210513.28151 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201748191000001.Korobky corrugated cardboard disassembled for packing and transporting electronic modules manufactured telecommunication systems for our production: Size 1178h778h430mm: Product model H1019204 Pack-0368 Shiping collective box-45sht. Size 500h403h403mm: Product model H0552722 Pack-0392 Collective box Hercules-240sht. size 799h1201h660mm: Product H1019207 model Pack-0367 C2 Shipping collective box-68sht. size 386h386h201mm: Product H0555632 model Pack-0404 UA01 Box with printing-2000sht. - size 540h500h160mm: Product H0541840 model Pack-0245 Ariston Box-1595sht. Trademark: DS Smith. Manufacturer: DS Smith Packaging Hungary Kft. Country of origin: Hungary. Origin: Hungary.HUNGARY0UA3051803247.2895946.143889
27/Apr/20178531204091"1. Liquid crystal display, which is used to display numerals on information boards in household appliances and does not contain control circuits: the art .RFC350Q-EIW-DBN (graphical type, color, with a diagonal of the screen of 3.5", active matrix Extension 320x240, LED backlight, voltage power 3V-3.3V, p-value 93.5x66.44x7.3mm) -2pcs; Manufacturer: Raystar Optronics. Production line: TW. Trademark: Raystar. Not an electronic device and an emitting device. . "TAIWAN0UA1002000.2369.28912678
27/Apr/201784295199001.Odnokivshovyy wheel loaders, new diesel engine, partially disassembled state zruchnos those for transportation of spare parts kits: - Model L956F (L056FW2115A29E1) - 4 pieces. (Ser.№VLGL956FEH0600432, №VLGL956FCH0600433, №VLGL956FTH0600434, №VLGL956FPH0600435 , n Peninsula, 2017r.v., WD10G220E23 engine, engine 162kVt potuzhnis Number (220k.s.) keruvannyakov Chaumes stick, 5000kg load capacity, performance bucket 3,6m3, vysotupidyom in bucket 4064mm, hydromechanical transmission, standard cab, axles SDLG , dvakeruyuchy's valve operating weight 17000kh, zmiry navantazhuvachadovzhyna w / width / height and 8180h302 4h3423mm.Torhivelna Brand: SDLG.Vyrobnyk: SHANDONG LINGONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production: CN..CHINA4UA10001070200178494.8597
27/Apr/20178207199000"1.Korpus PDC drill bit with chiselled lopostyamy with prosverlynymy holes for cutters and nozzles made of steel 40HNMA: PDC 215,9mm -2 pcs; PDC 295,3mm -2sht.."RUSSIA0UA2091101357540.000187
26/Apr/20178541401000"1.Svitlovyprominyuvalni diodes, LED green diameter 13,3mm, art.589-705-10sht, LED yellow diameter 13,3mm, art.589-626-3sht, Country of origin - TNVyrobnyk - ArcolectricTorhovelna mark - Arcolectric. "TUNISIA0UA1002900.0447.96403041
26/Apr/201739199000121.Inshi flat shapes of plastic self-adhesive, -310337, Sealed sticker diameter 15mm gray (set 1000pcs.) - 2komplekta.-340313, Sealed sticker diameter 21mm / diameter 3mm x 3mm black (set 1000pcs.) - 1 komplekt.Torhivelna brand: Dansensor.Vyrobnyk: Dansensor A / S.Krayina production: DK. .DENMARK0UA1002900.6224.8760055
26/Apr/201776061220001. Aluminum composite panels of rectangular shape with two sheets of aluminum alloy (aluminum with impurities of iron, zinc alloy marhanets.Marka: AA1100PN18) taprosharkom from recycled polyethylene. Upper alyuminievyy letter painted tavkrytyy anticorrosion coating, lower-coated corrosion-resistant coating. Goods used in construction dlyadekoratyvnyh purposes. The thickness of each aluminum sheet of 0,21mm: AlupromRAL 1015 3mm polyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -170 sheets (1190.00 sq ft) Aluprom RAL1015G 3mm polyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -50 sheets (350.00 m) Aluprom YT-M0073mm polyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -400 sheets (2800.00 sq ft) Aluprom YT-M007 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1500 * 5600mm -60 sheets (504.00 m) Aluprom YT-007G 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -50 sheets (350.00 sq. m) Aluprom RAL 3004 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -50 sheets (350.00 m) Aluprom RAL 9023 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -179 sheets (1253.00 sq ft) Aluprom RAL 9023 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -51 letter (357 .00 m) Aluprom RAL 8017 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -150 sheets (1050.00 sq ft) Aluprom RAL 2004 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -50 sheets (350.00 m) Aluprom YT-015 3mmpolyester 0.21 1250 mm * 5600mm -50 sheets (350.00 m) Aluprom YT-015 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1500 * 5600mm -50 sheets (420.00 m) Aluprom RAL 7024 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -150 sheets (1050.00 sq ft) Aluprom RAL 6005 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -250 sheets (1750.00 sq ft) Aluprom YT-024 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -130 sheets (910.00 m) Aluprom YT-024G 3mmpolyester 0.21mm 1250 * 5600mm -80 sheets (560.00 m) Trademark - Aluprom, Brand: Yaret Industrial Group Co., LTDKrayina production-CN.CHINA0UA5000305225097043.58791
26/Apr/20171006309600"1.Rys completely hulled, polished glazed, not steamed, long grain length 6,1-6,3mm width 3,0mm. With foam infor width and length 2,03-2,1- 22000kh., Indica variety .Urozhay 2016roku. pyvovarniypromyslovo hone used for the production pyva.Vyrobnyk: "" SP Spa "". Trademark: no danyhKrayina production: IT.. "ITALY0UA8071702200036287.72253
25/Apr/20173923900000"1.Nabir products from polymeric materials for storage and transportation during the clinical trial ER2735. D5881C00004- Laboratory study protocol set by invoice CR / 2735 / UKR / 469, which contains: -plastykova VACUTAINER test tube with 6 ml EDTA lavender color of cork-10pc ; -plastykova VACUTAINER SST tube with 5 ml of cork-20pcs golden color; -plastykova K2 EDTA tube 3 mL of cork "" lavender "" color -10sht; -plastykova 2 ml vial stopper with gray-10pc; -plastykova tube to transport 2 5 ml with glass stopper 75h13mm -10sh ; -plastykova NUNC tube 3,6ml gray stopper -10sht; -plastykova NUNC tube 3,6ml yellow stopper -10sht; -plastykova NUNC tube 3,6ml with a red stopper -10sht; -plastykovyy holder VACUTAINER needles from needle VACUTAINER -10sht; -plastykova pipette-40sht; -plastykova packaging 8h10 -10sht; -plastykovyy set Q (3 of 4 ml plastic tubes korkrm) -10sht.- Laboratory set according to invoice JB / 2735 / UKR / 470, which contains: -kombin of Old protective packaging for shipment of diagnostic specimens, 8 pieces; -plastykova box to reverse send samples in a refrigerated stani2-8S-8 pieces; -PLAST ovyy holder -60sht tubes, plastic -korobka SSB-60sht; -Plastic bags to maintain the temperature of chilled-60sht; -plastykova -40sht medical packaging; -plastykova Foamed inner part of the packaging for the medical-40sht; -plastykova protective packaging -40sht.Vyrobnyk Quintiles LaboratoriesTorhivelna mark QuintilesKrayina production GB "UNITED KINGDOM0UA125020781282.961218
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Маскіо-Гаспардо Україна"""
Importer Address
04119, м. Київ, вул. Зоологічна, 4А офіс 139
Exporter Name Maschio- Gaspardo S.p.A.,
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​seeders for agricultural equipmen.........
HS Code 8432900000Value 10513.28151
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 723.592
Origin Country ITALY

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