Ukraine Import Data of 304 Pipe | Ukraine Import Statistics of 304 Pipe

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 304 pipe collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 304 pipe imports.

304 Pipe Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 304 Pipe

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of 304 pipe. Get Ukraine trade data of 304 Pipe imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201773064020901. welded pipes with corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, round poperechnohopererizu without fittings, cold drawn or cold rolled (compression in holodnomustani) without thermal insulation, new art. 9127498 in long periods of 5850mm, wall thickness 0,40mm, diameter 12mm, standard AISI 304 - 7000sht.Vykorystovuyutsya in production elektrych- them akumulyuvalnyh water heaters. Touse in his vyrobnytstvi.Torhovelna Brand: No data. Company manufacturer: TIEN DAT TRADE IMPORT EXPORTCOMPANY LIMITED, V'yetnam.Krayina production: VN. .VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA500030493019272.30997 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178539311000"1.Lampy discharge, fluorescent, ztermokatodom, dvotsokolni, dlyazahalnoho lighting (household not yevybuhonebezpechnymy new): lampatrubchasta, tube diameter 16mm, napruha230V, 6 W power, light potik270Lm, cap G5, enerhospozhyvannya7kWh / 1000h: L 6W / 640 25X1 OSRAM art.A14652A1579, EAN: 4050300008899 - 200sht .; lamp tube diameter 16mm tube type cap G5, 230V voltage, power 39Vt, luminous flux 2850Lm, 6500K light t emperatura energy consumption 42kWh / 1000h, enerhospozh class A, light efficiency 75Lm / W: HO 39W / 865 20X1 OSRAM art.A27516C1079, EAN: 4050300591681 - 20 pcs .; lamp tube diameter pipes and 16mm type cap G5, voltage 230V, 8W potuzh ness, luminous flux 385Lm, energy 9kWh / 1000h: L 8W / 640 5X1 OSRAM art.A1369533379 2, EAN: 4050300008912 - 400sht .; hundred trubcha lamp, tube diameter 16mm, Type cap G5, 230V voltage: L 8W / 765 25X1 OSRAM art.A 8334430479, EAN: 4050300035475 - 600sht .; lamp tube diameter 16mm tube, you n cap G5, voltage and 230V: L 8W / 765 25X1 OSRAM art.A8334430479, EAN: 4050300 035475 - 500sht .; Country of origin: IT; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "ITALY1720UA12523060.7681100.946152
28/Apr/20177307998000"1.Fitinhy for connecting pipes and tubes of iron or steel, not deposited rizbydo a / m purpose: art.850.1303048-01 sleeve with" "yednuv. (Truboprovodivsys mi cooling) - 2 pcs; Country of production - RUTorhovelna mark - YaMVyrobnyk - PAO "" Autodiesel "". "RUSSIA0UA8072000.211.99444716
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes, bells ring zuschilnyuyuchym PEHD QS 40 S12,5, art.3258924203-2sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. Ext. .; d32h32 channel / kut45, art.3061430804 -20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-80sht. Funnel drain, d100 / 75; white art.3060242305-28sht. Revision of the VT / PVC, d75, art.3060481805-30sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi sewerage ; d32 / kut45, art.3061330845-360sht. Disqualification of PP vnutrishnoyikanalizatsiyi; d32 / kut67, art.3061330855-40sht. nasuvna Socket class N; d110, art.3062662426-25sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / 45 angle, art .3060341241-1100sht. KolinoROSA d90hkut 67 brown art.3060102254-60sht. Disqualification dvoroztr ubnyy; d90 / kut67; Ćorić, art.3060112254-306sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060112255-240sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060112455-20sht. Tee tees, d90h90 / kut67 ; Ćorić, art.3060172205-6sht. Plug inside, 100 left, brown art.3060202374-4sht. Plug foreign law, d130, Ćorić, art.30 60202604-200sht.Zahlushka outer left, d130, Ćorić, art.3060202694- 300sht. Cap zovnishnyaprava / left d160 (with glue); Brown, art.3060203414-20sht. ROSA pipe clamp d90korychnevyy, art.3060232240-50sht. Funnel drain d100 / 75; Brown, art.3060242304-28sht. Funnel drain, d130 / 90; Ćorić, art.3060242604-108sht.Liyka drain, d130 / 90; white art.3060242605-96sht. Funnel drain d160 / 110, brown art.3060243404-15sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, Ćorić, art.3060252254-300sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060252255-60sht. Disqualification with one bell, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060252455-20sht. Elbow external gutter, d130 / kut90; Ćorić, art.3060262624-40sht. Internal gutter angle, d130 / kut90, brown, art.3060262634-10sht. Internal gutter angle; d130 / kut135, brown, art.3060262657-4sht. Coupling pipe; d110, brown, art.3060302404-24sht. Muftazholoba of the insert (set), d130 Ćorić, art.3060302614-108sht. Coupling zholobaiz liner (set), d130, white, art.3060302615-120sht. Coupling izvkladyshem trough; d160 white art.3060303415-15sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-100sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 88 art.3060341281-100sht. VidvidVT / PVC; d110 / angle 30 art.3060342431-50sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 45 art.3060342441-225sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 88 art.3060342481-20sht. Kutnykzholoba external d130 / kut90, graphite, art.3060352609-2sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut45, art.3060421204-150sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut88, art.3060421208-50sht. Tee W / PVC; d110x110 / kut88, art.3060422408-210sht.Triynyk W / PVC; d110x50 / kut45, art.3060422424-40sht. Revision of the VT / PVC; d110, art.3060482405-60sht. Go W / PVC; d110xd50, art.3060542425-50sht. Coupling PVHnasuvna ext. sewer. d110 siryy.VT, art.3060662421-25sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi drain; d32 / kut88,5, art.3061330885-320sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. ext. channel.; d32h32 / kut45, art.3061430804-20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 45 art.3060341241-400sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna brand - "POLAND0UA125110981.693301.742846
27/Apr/201739173900901. Plastic pipes, flexible, not reinforced, to home appliances LG: shlanhplastykovyy flexible household washing machine models F1256QD1art.5214EN3042S-1pc., Flexible plastic tube extractor models VK89383HUart.AEM73513017-5sht., Flexible plastic tube extractor models VK89383HUart.5214FI2163Z-1pc ., Country of origin - KR Trademark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1000104.8467.22999498
27/Apr/20178413705100"1. Pumps centered exhaust pipe with a diameter of more than 15mm for pumping food liquids (milk), manufacture of food stainless steel grade AISI 304, dairy-type (SCP-B25) at 4 hrehulyuyuchyh bearings, radial flow, single-entrance pipe -1.5 "" (38,1mm) pipe output, 1.5 '' (38,1mm): -nasos milk production 3000l / h TESSA model 3000, 380, 50Htspotuzhnist 1,5kVt, serial number CD16122616-1sht -nasos milk production 5000l / h model TESSA 5000, the maximum-pressure 2,4bar, 1,5kVt capacity, serial number CD16080928, voltage-380V, 50Hz-frequency-1shtP ryznachennya reception of milk, milk pumping unit to unit. TESSAVyrobnyk-trademark-Dairy Machinery Ltd Country of-IL. "ISRAEL2UA4010508610799.99997
26/Apr/201773072980001.Vyroby metaliv.Fitinhy ferrous pipes, stainless steel pipes to hold -homut w / 150mm, EN 1.4301 / 304.rozm: 51,0mm-4shtVsoho-4 pieces, weight-2khFitynhy not be used for at tyskom.Pryznachena manufacture of parts and components for production lines shokoladu.Ne military pryznachennya.Krayina production-TW. .TAIWAN0UA101020230.05012948
26/Apr/20173917231000"1.Truby rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), seamless, cut into pieces, dovzhynayakyh exceeds the maximum size of the cross section: drainage pipe. PVHhofrovan.iz synthetic. 180h40m filter, art.3068153638-200 m. Pipe drainage. PVHhofrovan.z holes 1, 5mmh5,0mm, (diameter, length) 145h50m, art.3068013040-1100m.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - WavinVyrobnyk - Wavin Polska SA. "POLAND0UA1251101336.72536.065863
26/Apr/201773072310001.Vyroby metaliv.Fitinhy ferrous pipes, stainless steel, -DS / SMS knee 90 *, 1D straight ends EN 1.4301 / 304, zovnishnopolirovane R: 38,0mm / A 70mm scale: 38,0h1,2mm-2 pcs -DS / SMS knee 90 *, 1D straight ends EN 1.4301 / 304, zovnishnopolirovane R: 51,0mm / A 82mm scale: 51,0h1,2mm-3pc-DS / SMS tapered transition EN 1.4404 / 316Lzovnishnopolirovanyy L: 40.5mmrozm: 51,0h38,0h1,2mm-2pcs-DS / SMS tapered transition EN 1.4404 / 316Lzovnishnopolirovanyy L: 39,6mmrozm: 51,0h38,0h1,2mm-2shtVsoho-9sht weight-4khFitynhy not be used during the manufacture of parts for tyskom.Pryznachena and components for chocolate production lines adu.Ne military pryznachennya.Krayina production-DK. .DENMARK0UA101020438.82984843
26/Apr/201784137075001. multistage centrifugal pumps with a diameter exhaust pipe ponad15mm radial flow systems and increase vodopostachannnya tyskuMHI402-1 / E / 3-400-50-2 (Ref. 4024293) -3sht., MVI807-1 / 16 / E / 3 -400-50-2 (Ref. 4024733) -3sht., MVI107-1 / 16 / E / 3-400-50-2 (Ref. 4070473) -4sht., HELIX V1609-1 / 16 / E / KS / 400-50-FF240 (Ref. 4182514) -1sht., HELIX FIRST V3602 / 1-5 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (Ref. 4183386) -2sht., HELIX V5202 / 2-4 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (Ref. 4183428) -2sht., HELIXVE3602-7,5-4 / 16 / E / S-FF240 (Ref. 4183461) -2sht., HELIX V1010-1 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (Ref. 4201304) -3sht., HELIXV1013-1 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (Ref. 4201310) -3sht., HELIX V1605-1 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (art . 4201325) -1sht., HELIXV1607-1 / 16 / E / S / 400-50 (Ref. 4201331) -3sht., MHI205-1 / E / 3-400-50-2 / IE3 (Ref. 4210718) - 6 pcs., MHI206-1 / E / 3-400-50-2 / IE3 (Ref. 4210722) -4sht., MHI803-1 / E / 3-4 00-50-2 / IE3 (Ref. 4210743) -4sht.Krayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - WILOVyrobnyk - WILO SE.FRANCE41UA1251101883.05818604.3799
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304 Pipe Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""УКРАТЛАНТІК"""
Importer Address
67663,Одеська обл.,Біляївський р-н, с. Усатове, вул. Агрономічна, 225
Product Description
1. welded pipes with corrosion-resistant (stainles.........
HS Code 7306402090Value 19272.30997
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 4930

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