Ukraine Import Data of 2he | Ukraine Import Statistics of 2he

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 2he collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 2he imports.

2he Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 2he

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
03/Apr/201794051091901.Elektrychni osvitlyuvalni devices, which pidvishuyutsya or zakriplyuyutsya on stelichy on walls, metal intended for use with incandescent lamps, notcontains radio electronic devices and emitters V1008 / 5 Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) Art. V1008 / 5 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -6sht.V1049 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) Art. V1049 / 5 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -1sht. V1052 / 1A Wall Sconce metal (steel) art.V1052 / 1A ztekstylnym shade, 1xe14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -8sht. V1184 / 1A, Bra nastinnametaleva (steel) art.V1184 / 1A, 1hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -6sht. V1184 / 5 Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) Art. V1184 / 5 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -25sht.V1186 / 1A, Wall Sconce metal (steel) art.V1186 / 1A with a textile shade isklyanymy suspension, 1xe14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -20sht. V1186 / 3PL, Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) art.V1186 / 3PL, with textile shades and sklyanymypidviskamy 3hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -10sht. V1186 / 5PL, pidvisnametaleva chandelier (steel) art.V1186 / 5PL, with textile and glass shades pidviskamy5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -18sht. V1249 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) art.V1249 / 5 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -4sht. V1253 / 2A, Bra nastinnametaleva (steel) art.V1253 / 2A chornene gold color with glass pendants 2hE14,60 W (KSK-Elektro) -145sht. V1276 / 3, metal pendant chandelier (steel) Art. V1276 / 3,3hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -10sht. V1276 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) Art. V1276 / 5 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -10sht. V1276 / 8 pidvisnametaleva chandelier (steel) art.V1276 / 8 8hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -12sht. V1301 / 1A, Branastinna metal (steel) Art. V1301 / 1A color light beige with sklyanymypidviskamy, decor, green, yellow leaves 2hE14 60W (KSK-Elektro) -20sht. V1301 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) Art. V1301 / 5 with glass candle cups isklyanymy suspension 5xE14 maks.60 W (KSK-Elektro) -4sht. V1333 / 6 pidvisnametaleva chandelier (steel) art.V1333 / 6 6hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -12sht. V1350 / 5 Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) art.V1350 / 5 5xE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -20sht.V1350 / 8, chandelier pendant metal (steel) art.V1350 / 8 8xE14 maks.60Vt (KSK-Elektro) -10sht. V1372 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) art.V1372 / 5,5xE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -9sht. V1398 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) art.V1398 / 5 with glass pendants 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -17sht. V1400 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) Art. V1400 / 5 with glass pendants, 5xE14maks. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -28sht. V1410 / 3S, chandelier pendant metal (steel) art.V1410 / 3S with glass pendants 3xE27 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -28sht. V1426 / 3S, chandelier pendant metal (steel) art.V1426 / 3S, 3hE27 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -28sht. V1480 / 2A, Wall Sconce metal (steel) art.V1480 / 2A, 2hE14maks. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -7sht. V1480 / 3, metal pendant chandelier (steel) art.V1480 / 3 with glass pendants 3xe14 60W (KSK-Elektro) -9sht. V1480 / 5 chandelier hanging metal (steel) art.V1480 / 5 with glass pendants 5xe14 60W (KSK-Elektro) -9sht. V1535 / 1A, Wall Sconce metal (steel) Art.RUSSIA0UA1001201437.623511.44532 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
03/Apr/201794051050001.Elektrychni osvitlyuvalni devices, which pidvishuyutsya or zakriplyuyutsya on stelichy on walls, glass not include electronic means and vyprominyuvalnyhprystroyiv V1535 / 3PL, chandelier pendant metal (steel) Art. V1535 / 3PL with sklyanymyplafonamy 3hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -8sht. V1535 / 5PL, pidvisnametaleva chandelier (steel) Art. V1535 / 5PL with glass shades 5hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -5sht. V1536 / 5PL, chandelier pendant metal (steel) art.V1536 / 5PL izsklyanymy shades .5xE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -3sht. V2035-1 / 3S, Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) art.V2035-1 / 3S with glass shades .3xE27 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -37sht. V2036-3 / 3S, pidvisnametaleva chandelier (steel) Art. V2036-3 / 3Siz glass ceiling .3xE27 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -37sht. V3262 / 2A, Bra nastinnametaleva (steel) Art. V3262 / 2A with glass shades 2hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -13sht. V3262 / 6pl, chandelier pendant metal (steel) Art. V3262 / 6PLiz glass shades 6hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -19sht. V3269 / 4PL, chandelier pendant goal lion (steel) art.V3269 / 4PL with sklyanymyplafonamy 4hE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -3sht. V3348 / 3, metal pendant chandelier (steel) Art. V3348 / 3 of sklyanymyplafonam and, 3hE14 maks.60Vt (KSK-Elektro) -5sht. V3611 / 1A Wall Sconce metal (steel) Art. V3611 / 1A with glass shades, 1xE 14maks.60Vt (CSC-Lampadary) -4sht. V3611 / 3 chandelier hanging metal (steel) art.V3611 / 3 with glass shades 3hE14 poppy p.60 W (KSK-Elektro) -6sht. V3663 / 1A, Brapidvisna metal (steel) art.V3663 / 1A with glass shades 1xE14 max. 60W (KSK-Elektro) -5sht. V3675 / 6PL, chandelier pendant metal (steel) art.V3675 / 6PL izsklyanymy shades hE14 maks.60Vt 5 (KSK-Elektro) -45sht. V4215 / 5PL, Lyustrapidvisna metal (steel) Art. V4215 / 5PL, 5xE14 max. 60W with glass yplafonamy (KSK-Elektro) -1sht. V6004 / 1S, ZEBRANO chandelier hanging plastic art.V6004 / 1S with glass shades D35 1hE27 maks.100 W (KSK-Elektro) -14sht. V6013 / 1S, CAMOMILLA chandelier hanging plastic art. V6013 / 1S with glass shades D351hE27 max. 100 W (KSK-Elektro) -10sht. V6016 / 1S, Chandelier PETALA pidvisnaplastykova art. V6016 / 1S with glass shades D35 1hE27 max. 100W (KSK-Elektro) -30sht. V6188 / 1S, chandelier suspended plastic art.V6188 / 1S izsklyanym bubble D30 1hE27 maks.100 in T (KSK-Elektro) -5sht. V6224 / 1A, Svitylnyknastinno-ceiling metal (steel) Art. V6224 / 1A, 100W 1hE27 of sklyanymplafonom (KSK-Elektro) -15sht. V6225 / 1A, Wall Sconce metal (steel) art.V6225 / 1A, 1hE27100Vt with glass shades (KSK-Elektro) -15sht. V6226 / 1S, 1/2 sferaEtrusca chandelier hanging plastic art. V6226 / 1S with glass shades and D35 plastykovoyurehulyuyuchoyu handle 1hE27 max. 100 W (KSK-Elektro) -10sht.Krayina production - RUTorhovelna mark - VITALUCEVyrobnyk - KSK-ElektroRUSSIA0UA100120480.95591.768037
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2he Importer Sample

Date 03/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""РОС СВІТЛО ТОРГ"""
Importer Address
04119,м.Київ,вул.Зоологічна,б.4 А, офіс 139
Exporter Name "ООО""КСК-электро"""
Product Description
1.Elektrychni osvitlyuvalni devices, which pidvish.........
HS Code 9405109190Value 23511.44532
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 1437.6
Origin Country RUSSIA

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