Ukraine Import Data of 28mm | Ukraine Import Statistics of 28mm

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 28mm collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 28mm imports.

28mm Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 28mm

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of 28mm. Get Ukraine trade data of 28mm imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178482101000"1.Kulkovi bearings zovn.diam. No more than 30mm, -pidshypnyk ball type 6000-2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.26mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 6001-2RS-MTM- 800sht.-zovn.diam. 28mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 606-2RS-MTM- 50sht.-zovn.diam.17mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 607-2RS-MTM- 300sht.-zovn.diam.19mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 608-2RS-MTM- 200sht.-zovn.diam.22mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 609-2RS-MTM- 300sht.-zovn.diam.24mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 609-ZZ-MTM- 300sht.-zovn.diam.24mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 618 / 8-2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.16mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 618/8-ZZ-MTM- 50sht.-zovn.diam.16mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 61802 (6802) -ZZ- MTM- 30sht.- zovn.diam.24mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 619 / 5-2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.18mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 619 / 8-2RS-MTM- 50sht.-zovn.diam.19mm; -pidshypnyk ball type sixty-one thousand nine hundred (6900) -2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.22mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 61902 (6902) -2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.28mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 61902 (6902) -ZZ-MTM- 50sht.-zovn.diam.28mm; -pidshypnyk ku lkovyy type 61903 (6903) -2RS-MTM- 20sht.-zovn.diam.30mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 628-ZZ-MTM- 500sht.- zovn.diam.24mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 629-2RS-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.26mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 635-2RS-MTM- 30sht.-zovn.diam.19mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 51103- MTM- 50sht.-zovn.diam.30mm; -pidshyp nickname ball type 6200-ZZ-MTM- 100sht.-zovn.diam.30mm; -pidshypnyk ball type 638-2RS-MTM- 5sht.-zovn.diam.28mm, zero class accuracy meets the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000 for use in s / g and industrial engineering ustatkuvannya.Vsoho: 3435sht.Vyrobnyk: no data CN.Torhovelna brand: MTM. "CHINA0UA20509053.3585588.5998028 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178482101000"1.Pidshypnyky ball with an outer diameter less than 30mm for promyslovohoobladnannya: zovn.diam. 28mm 638 LLUAXCS25 / 5K-20pcs, zovn.diam. 6704-10sht 27mm, zovn.diam. 27mm R 6 LLU / 2AS-10pcs class accuracy "to" 0 "." trademark NTN.Vyrobnyk company NTN-SNR Roulements SA.Krayina vyrobnytstva- JP.. "JAPAN0UA8071700.84129.0486814
28/Apr/20178205598090"1. Hand tools free of precious and semiprecious stones organogenic (diamonds) with a working part of metal, tools for service valves (7od. D14-28mm), art.: JGAI0702-1 sht.rukoyatka for nozzles (vorotok articulated 1 / 2 "" H30 "" 760mm), art.: CFBC1630-1 sht.rukoyatka for nozzles (vorotok hinge with 1/2 "" 250 mm) art.: CFAC1610-1 sht.rukoyatka for nozzles (vorotok treschitkovyy 3/4 " "length 20", "24 tooth), art.: CHFS2451-1 sht.rukoyatka for nozzles (treschitka 1/4 '' with a hinge 72 teeth), art.: CJKN0818-1 sht.ruchka (vorotok articulated 1/2 '' 250mm), art.: CTCK1625-1 sht.rukoyatka for nozzles (Woro Talk 1/2 '' 300mm floating head), art.: CTCK1630-1 sht.k t-vybyvachiv metal (10pc.), Art.: GPAQ1001-2 sht.k-ton instrument (Kt for z'yemnykiv maintenance of bearings (30-50mm, 50-75mm), art.: JGAD1201-1 sht.prystosuvannya (puller ball joints, 22 mm), art.: JEAB0216-1 sht.instrument for the treatment of head and valves, art.: JDAN0143- 1 sht.shpryts-mastylnytsya manual, lever-plunger-type metal designed to lubricate various surfaces 400ml, art.: JJAA1440-1 sht.shpryts-mastylnytsya manual, lever-plunger-type metal designed to lubricate various surfaces 12 '' , art.: JGAE0203-1 sht.shpryts -mastylnytsya manual, lever-plunger-type metal designed to lubricate various surfaces 400ml, art.: JJAA1440-1 sht.prytyrka valves with suction cups Art.: JGAR0201-1 sht.pistolet sealant, art.: JJAY0903-1 items .Torhovelna mark TOPTULVyrobnyk ROTAR MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTDKrayina production TW "TAIWAN0UA40003023.463209.6815568
27/Apr/20173917400090"1.Vyroby plastic, bushings, Kab.vvid M20 thread 15mm 8-13mm plastykart.1218200030 -50sht .; Kab.vvid 8-13mm thread M20 9mm plastyksiryy art.1218200050 -150sht Kab.vvid M25 11-17mm .; carving 10mmplastyk art.1218250050 -100sht .; Kab.vvid HSK-M20 thread 9mmplastyk 5-9mm gray art.1209200051 -200sht .; Kab.vvid HSK-M40 thread 22-32mm 13mmplastyk art.1209400050 -20sht Kab.vvid M32 .; 11-21mm 10mm plastic thread art.1218320050 -50sht .; Kab.vvid 19-28mm M40 thread 12mm plastic art.1218400050 -20sht .; Kab.vvid HSK-M40 thread 22-32mm 13mm plastic art.1209400050 -10sht.Torhovelna mark HUMMELVyrobnyk HUMMEL production AGKrayina DE. "GERMANY0UA1250207.5506.4799898
27/Apr/201783023000901.Elementy fastening of steel for vehicles: - worm clamp 50-70mm (number sklad.obl. OPZ010) -100sht.- metal clamp 26-28mm (number sklad.obl. OPZ017) -50sht.Torhovelna mark HICO manufacturer HICO GROUP sp.z oo.CHINA0UA4000305.341.53391065
27/Apr/20173923501000"1.Products made of plastic for the sealing of PET bottles, colored with a logo and without: caps (caps) round, polyethylene one-two and three-component (not for medical purposes): Safe Cap 501/2804 diameter 28mm-502000pcs; Safe Cap201 / 2000 diameter 28mm-180000pcs; SPORT CAP diameter 28mm (three-component consists of the base of the stopper, turning valve and protective cap Has three stages of casting) -84,000 pieces. Production-PL. Brand Safe-Cap. Manufacturer: "BYARS INDUSTRIES POLAND Sp.z. Oh "". "POLAND0UA10021022456329.751209
27/Apr/201794051098901.Elektrychnyy LED ceiling lamp, general napruhoyudo 240V aluminum body with a complete set for installation: DL Round 5W / AC230V / 50HzAlu body W / driver 99 * 28mm -2200sht. DL Round 7W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver108 * 28mm-2500sht. DL Round 9W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 116 * 28mm -2010sht. DL Round12W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 142 * 28mm -720sht. DL Round 15W / AC230V / 50HzAlu body W / driver 170 * 28mm -1020sht. D / L MR16 Max.50W / 12V / GU5.3 Alu body92 * 92 * 25mm -2500sht. A / L 220-240V / 50Hz / 6W + 3W Alu body W / driver 142 * 30mm-2010sht. A / L 220-240V / 50Hz / 18W + 6W Alu body W / driver 240 * 30mm -600sht. DL Round5W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver? 100 * 35mm-7000sht. DL Round 6W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 93 * 28mm -3500sht. DL Round12W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 143 * 28mm -510sht. Square 16W / AC230V / 50HzAlu body W / driver 145 * 145 * 26mm -510sht. Square 22W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu bodyW / driver 170 * 170 * 26mm -500sht. Round 5W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 75 * 26mm-560sht. Round 16W / AC2 30V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 145 * 26mm -510sht. Round 7W / AC230V / 50Hz Alu body W / driver 80 * 30mm-800sht.Krayina production - CNVyrobnyk - NINGBO YUSING LIGHTING CO., LTDCHINA0UA1000304656.9914040.69995
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts designed for auto biliv,-metal cuffs: 17,628 Oporaamortyzatora 02 MB / VW Sprinte (901-904) / LT 28-46" "F up" "95 -" "06- 8 pc; 02 17 629 Reliance damper MB / VW Sprinter (901-904) / LT 28-46 "" F down "" 95 - "" 06 - 5 pcs, 01 34064 Bushing hundred bilizatora HYUNDAI / KIA Sonata (EF) / Magentis "" R "" D = 11mm " "01 -" "10- 2 units; stabilizer bushing 01 13449 MERCEDES C140 / W140" "F" "D = 28mm" "91 -" "99 - 2 pieces, 01 33875 Pillow Gearbox MERCEDES W202 / W210 / W211" "93 - "" 13 - 8 units, 01 33876 Pillow PPC MERC EDES W202 / W210 / W211 / W463 "" 93 - "" 09 - 2sht.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - LEMFORDERVyrobnyk - ZF Friedrichshafen AG. "INDIA0UA1002109.53174.748643
27/Apr/201784821010001.PIDSHYPNYKY ball with ZOVNISHNIMDIAMETROM FROM 15mm TO 28MM. linear bearings (linear motion) Art: LM12UU- 20pcs, 20pcs, LMF16UU, LMK10UU -20sht, SME12UU-10sht.VYKORYSTOVUYuTSYa in metal and woodworking machines. .CHINA0UA2060107.8128.2513785
27/Apr/201782053000001.Stamesky hand on a tree with a working part of steel (without diamond coating): chisel Wood Chisels 14mm art.281.135.014 -50sht, chisels Wood Chisels 16mm art.281.135.016 -50sht, chisels Wood Chisels 18mm art.281.135.018 -100sht, chisels Wood Chisels 20mm art.281.135.020 -50sht, chisels Wood Chisels 25mm art.281.135.025 -50sht, chisels Wood Chisels 28mm art.281.135.028 -50sht, chisels Wood Chisels 32mm art.281.135.032 -50sht , chisels Wood Chisels 38mm art.281.135.038 -50sht manufacturers, S & R Industriewerkzeuge GmbH Trade mark S & R Country of origin CN Total: 450sht. .CHINA0UA125110113.61101.500116
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28mm Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

28mm Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПМП ""Торговий дім ""Експрестехпостач"""
Importer Address
м.Луцьк вул.Ковельська,70, Україна
Exporter Name """VERVO"" SP. Z O.O."
Product Description
"1.Kulkovi bearings zovn.diam. No more than 30mm, .........
HS Code 8482101000Value 588.5998028
Quantity 0Unit UA205090
Net Weight 53.3585
Origin Country CHINA

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