Ukraine Import Data of 250ml | Ukraine Import Statistics of 250ml

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of 250ml collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of 250ml imports.

250ml Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of 250ml

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of 250ml. Get Ukraine trade data of 250ml imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739233010001.Vyroby plastic packaging for transportation and goods containing not more than 2 liters, cylindrical bottle with lid (250ml capacity) - 6000sht.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhVyrobnyk: NINGBO DUNHUANG IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITEDKrayina production: China / CN.CHINA6000UA500060266577.2200113 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173305100000"1.1.Zasoby hair care, not aerosol packaging, packaged for retail sale series BOTHEA, art.8011935074792 Shampoo for damaged hair 300ml - 2064sht; art.8011935074815 shampoo for very damaged hair 300ml - 2064sht; art.8011935075645 Shampoo volume hair 300ml - 1548sht; art.8011935075690 with oil shampoo for hair 250ml - 621sht; art.8011935075669 Shampoo 300ml hair restoration - 1239sht; art.8011935075621 hair Shampoo 300ml AQUA THERAPY - 492sht; art.8011935075898 Shampoo hair kudryavoho 300ml - 492sht.Torhivelna brand: BOTHEA.Vyrobnyk: BRELIL srl.Krayina production: IT. "ITALY0UA2050202798.619343.47438
29/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care, not aerosol packaging, packaged for retail sale series BOTHEA, art.8011935074778 Hair Spray 150ml pH 4,5 - 1548sht; art.80584131 mask for very damaged hair 250ml - 1239sht, art. 80584124 mask for damaged hair 250ml - 1239sht; art.8011935075683 hair Mousse for volume of 300ml - 621sht; art.8058193 Revitalizing hair mask 250ml - 246sht; art.80584186 mask for hair volume 250ml - 618sht; art.80584179 mask hair 250ml AQUA THERAPY - 243sht; art.80600961 kudryavoho hair mask 250ml - 246sht; art.8011935074785 damaged hair mask 15ml - 1200sht; art.8 011935074365 mask for very damaged hair 15 ml - 1200sht; art.8011935074822 Hair Mask 15ml volume - 1200sht; art.8011935075705 Hair Mask AQUA THERAPY 15ml- 1200sht.Torhivelna Brand: BOTHEA.Vyrobnyk: BRELIL srl.Krayina production: IT. "ITALY0UA2050201659.514431.84344
28/Apr/201734022090001.Rozchyn designed for cleaning surfaces and acts to vatsiyi zastosuvannyamkleyu series SikaFast. Used in con struction. 423,804 Sika ADPrep Bottlecont.250ml Box with 6 bottles -6sht (2-propanol> = 50% - <= 100%, bis (methacnyloyloxyethyl) hydrogen phosphate> = 1- <2.5%, 1,3-benzenediol> = 1- < 2,5%, hexamet hylene diacrylate> = 1- <2,5%) VrobnykSIKA SUPPLY CENTER AGKrayina production - CH.Torhovelna brand Sika. .SWITZERLAND0UA1001301.227.74650412
28/Apr/20173305100000"1.Kontsentrovanyy viddtinkovyy shampoo KRASA tons of hazelnuts 20mlart. -576sht 8357. Viddtinkovyy Concentrated shampoo KRASA tonRozhevi pearl 20ml Art. 8358 -224sht. Shampoo for intense moisturizing hair" "DEEP AQUA" "Series" "Expert" " 250ml art. 8964-504sht. 2in1 conditioning shampoo for any hair type series EXPERT250ml art. 8988 -798sht. shampoo and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS Expert Series 250ml art. 8360-252sht.Torhovelna brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" not in aerosol packaging. "RUSSIA0UA100110479.831119.859994
28/Apr/201732081010981.Farby not fire-retardant, glass containing polyesters days. Paint-primer (polyisocyanate to solvent osno ve) (etil acetate 50-75%, aliphatic polyisocyanate 5-10%, isophorondiisocyanate homopo- lymer 5-10%, tris (p-isocyanatophenyl) thiophosphate 5-10%, n-bytyl acetate <15 2-methoxy-1-metilatsetat 1-5%) 113422Sika Primer -206 G + P: Bottle cont.1000ml -32sht not in aerosol upakovtsi.Hruntovka for metal surfaces (n-butyl acetate 25-35% ethyl acetate in 2535 % trytsynk bis (orthophosphate) 0,25-2,5% zinc oxide 0,25-2,5%): 85113 Sika Primer-204N -120sht, Bottle cont.250ml Box with 6 bottles (equipped schitechkamy dlyananesennya) is not aerosol packaging. Paint-primer (polyisocyanate to osno virozchynnyka) (etil acetate 50-75%, xylene <12%, metha nol <3%, dibutyltindilaurate 0,25-0,5% 184,781 Sika MultiPrimer Marine Bottle cont.1000ml Box with 4bottles -16sht .Vyrobnyk Sika Supply Center AG.Krayina production - CH.Torhovelna brand Sika..SWITZERLAND0UA10013079.762338.718713
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "amber tone rusyy 115ml Art. 8823 -90sht.Krem-rinse" "Faberlic" "burning tons of chocolate 115ml Art. 8824 -4050sht.Krem, hair color tone Faberlic Champagne 115ml art. 8825 -150sht. farbadlya hair cream Faberlic tone agate cherny 115ml art. 8826 -120sht. Cream Faberlic tone paint dlyavolossya spelaya cherry 115ml art. 8827 -960sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" Scandinavian tone blond 115ml art. 8828-360sht. Cream hair color tone mocha Faberlic 115ml art. 8832 -420sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" natural blond tone 115ml art. 8833-240sht. Cream hair color "" faberlic "" mahogany tone 115ml art. 8834-270sht. Cream hair color tone Faberlic brandy 115ml Art. 8835 -210sht.Krem-rinse Faberlic tone lesnoy oreh115ml art. 8836 -270sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" tone cappuccino 115ml art. 8837 -360sht.Krem-rinse "" Faberlic "" Royal tons of mango 115ml art. 8839-180sht. Cream hair color "" Faberlic "" tone amethyst 115ml art. 8841-120sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 8.0Svetlyy blonde 145,64ml art. 8921-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine 8.8Svetlyy tone beige blonde 145,64ml art. 8927 -96sht. Stand SS cream paint dlyavolossya KRASA butter amly arginine and 3.0 tons of dark chestnut 119,44ml art. 8938-384sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly arginine and golden tone 4.3Kashtan 119,44ml art. 8941-72sht. Stand SS cream hair color with oil KRASA amly and arginine tone 4.5Kashtan mahahonovyy 145,64ml art. 8942-24sht. (Tubes of paint, a bottle of milk, a package with balm, a pair of gloves) Gel for hair modeling series EXPERT 100ml art. 8974 -770sht.Ekspres Conditioning, schr indelible "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8966-768sht. Elixir Hair Oils with AMLY EVERSTRONG series "" Expert "" 52ml art.8970 -400sht. Nutritive Serum for all hair types 30ml series SALONCARE art.8215 -336sht. Balm-conditioner shampoo with ekstraktomzhuravlyny-series sorceress "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8471 -84sht.Balzam-conditioner capacity for thin and weakened hair with poppy ekstraktompolyarnoho series "" bio Arctic "" 250ml art. 8477 -84sht. Mask for hair light iblondyruvanoho "" TOTAL BLONDE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8956 -360sht.Maska for intensive moisturizing hair "" DEEP AQUA "" Series "" Expert "" art.8965 -144sht 200ml. Air conditioning for perfect smoothness "" SHINE & GLOSS "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8972 -45sht. Mask for hair age "" BRILLIANT AGE "" Series "" Expert "" 200ml art. 8963 -504sht. Balm and curly hair weaves ICONICCURLS series EXPERT 200ml art. 8361 -180sht. Mask for hair obobhortannya SekretKleopatry series SPA 200ml art. 2417 -429sht.Torhovelna Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Faberlyk "" Not in aerosol packaging "RUSSIA0UA1001102057.6269595.380336
28/Apr/20173305900000"1. Spray for hair with spangles Cat Mango 50ml art 2345 -154pcs Spray for easy hair combing Cat Raspberry 100ml art 2346 -325pcs. Balsam-conditioner for dry and hard hair with an extract of Holarctica" Bio Arctic "series 250ml art 8473 -42pcs. Conditioner for giving the volume "3D VOLUME" "series" "Expert" "200ml art 8960 -675pcs Conditioner for ideal smoothness" "SHINE & GLOSS" "series" "Expert" "200ml art 8972 -630pcs. Balsamstrength from the roots to the tips of the series ETNOBotanica 200ml art 0867 -315шт.Маска against hair loss, warming up the series Expert Pharma 100мл art. 8349-840шт. IntensitiesCombined dandruff air conditioner for all types of hair extracts of mildew Bio Arctic series 250ml Art 8620-252pcs Curly and hair clippers ICONIC CURLS series EXPERT 200ml Art. 8361-180p. Nourishing balm for all types of hair SALONCARE series ( Probe) 10ml art 8295-350pcs Nutrition mask for all types of hair SALONCARE series (probe) 7ml art.8296 -350pcs .Three brand: FaberlicPrice of production: RU Producer: "Faberlik" "Not in aerosol packaging"RUSSIA0UA100110638.2812126.453117
28/Apr/201730023000001.VETERYNARNI VACCINE: Auskipra-GN (Auskipra-GN / A3 Solvent), in the form of lyophilisates and solution, up.50doz * 10 series 2Y12-5,2P88-2-10up.Termin life-to 06.2019r, 11.2021r .Erisenh Parvo (Eryseng Parvo), in the form of a suspension in fl.10doz., 2Z16-1-200up series. Expiration-to 12.2018r.Erisenh Parvo (Eryseng Parvo), in the form of a suspension in fl.25doz., 3G67-2-20up series. Expiration-to 01.2019r.Erisenh Parvo (Eryseng Parvo), in the form of a suspension in fl.50doz., 2J92-1-100up series. Expiration-to 11.2018r.Hiprabovis Somni / LkT (Hiprasusis Somni / Lkt), in the form of emulsions, up.10doz series: 2S97-1-20up.Termin life-to 06.2018r.Hiprabovis Somni / LkT (Hiprasusis Somni / Lkt ) in the form of emulsions, up.50doz series: 3B23-1-40up.Termin life 07.2018r.Hiprabovis-to-4 (Hiprabovis-4 + Disolv), in the form of lyophilisates and suspensions in fl.30doz series: 2Z97BM , 3P72-1 + solvent -397up.Termin life 08.2018r.Hiprabovis-to-4 (Hiprabovis-4 + Disolv), in the form of lyophilisates and suspensions in fl.5doz series: 0Z98B8,3Q91-1 + solvent - 400 n up.Termi life-to-08.2018r.Hiprasusis Hlesser (Hiprasusis-Glasser), in the form of a suspension in fl.50doz series: 3K60-1-200 in p.Termin life-to 02.2019r.Hipraviar B1 / H120 (Hipraviar B1 / H120), in the form of lyophilisates in up.2500doz * 10 Series: 2D18-N-128up.Termin life-to-10.2018r.Hipraviar Clone / H120 (Hipraviar-CLON / H120), in the form of lyophilisates in up.1000doz * 10 series: 2N69-D-15up.Termin life 09.2018r.Hipraviar-to-SHS (Hipraviar-SHS), in the form of lyophilisates, in pack .1000doz * 10 series: 3R61-4-15up.Termin life 09.2018r.Hipraviar-to-SHS (Hipraviar-SHS), in the form of lyophilisates in up.5000doz * 10 series: 1B06-5-40up.Termin life 09.2018r.Hipraviar -to-TRT (Hipraviar-TRT), in the form of emulsions in fl.1000doz series: 3N12-1-200up.Termin life-to 02.2019r.Startvak (Startvac), in the form of an emulsion, in f .25doz series: 3C87-3-40up.Termin life-to 01.2019r.Startvak (Startvac), in the form of emulsions in fl.5doz series: 2S96-2-20up.Termin life-to 12.2018r.Suisenh (Suiseng ) in the form of a suspension in fl.10doz series: 3C77-1-200up.Termin life-to 06.2018r.Suisenh (Suiseng), in the form of a suspension in fl.25doz series: 3C77-2-40up.Termin life -to 07.2018r.Suisenh (Suiseng), in the form of a suspension in fl.50doz series: 3K13-1-140up.Termin life-to 07.2018r.Toksipra plus (Toxipra plus), in the form of a suspension in fl.100ml, series: 2V90-1-150up.Termin life-to 11.2018r.Toksipra plus (Toxipra plus), in the form of a suspension in fl.250ml series: suitable 2Z37-1-120up.Termin those 12.2018r.Unistreyn-to RRSS (Unistrain PRRS IM / Solvent), in the form of a lyophilizate and solvent in fl.50doz * 10 series 2Y18-3,1G30-2-1up.Termin life-to 02.2019r., 06.2019r .SPAIN0UA125100450.73276098.65004
28/Apr/20178474200000"1.Vibromlyn disk TS 1000 (181370) - 2sht.Kozhnyy comes with: - grinding chamber, 100ml, tungsten carbide (112841) - 1pc - steel ring adapter (33,175) - 1sht.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding minerals, organic ikeramichnyh materials, various metal brittle splavivdo necessary krupnosti.Osnovnyy working body - kamera.Rozmir grinding material loaded, depending vidobranoho preconceived milling blends volume chamber and type of material should not exceed 5-15mm. depending on the amount of preconceived milling blends in camera to process samples of up to 250ml. For use preconceived milling blends camera smaller capacity (100 ml) adaptera.Produkt steel ring used to be grinding, grinding fed into the chamber where the result mainly horizontal vibration test material using shock and friction, usually in the range of a few minutes, while crushed homohenizuyetsya.Maye management system with a timer and sound-proof enclosure, made of stali.Habarytni size: 600h1125h674mm.Dlya easy transport supplied disassembled disk vyhlyadi.Mlyn cast SBM 200 Steel (315225) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 wheels made from cast stali.Mlyn disk tungsten carbide SBM 200 (315 226) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 discs made of carbide volframu.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding materials with hardness on the Mohs scale 8 (agglomerate ore) .Osnovnyy working body - rubbing dysky.Podribnennya made between two grinding discs with large teeth. One disc is stationary and the other rotates via gear motor, the material subjected to grinding action. The gap between the grinding discs determines the size of milled material. The size of the gap between grinding wheels can be adjusted using the regulator with built-in scale that changes the position of the real disk. The shredded material falls into a glass container below the grinding wheels. For convenience and safety of transport supplied unassembled - a glass container separate from mlyna.Habarytni size: 400h825h600mm.Diametr grinding discs - 200mm.Maksymalnyy amount of material that is loaded - 20mm.Vyrobnyk: Siebtechnik GmbH, Nimechchyna.Torhovelna mark: Siebtechnik. "GERMANY0UA70006088565872.48577
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250ml Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

250ml Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
65012, Україна, м.Одеса, вулиця Отрадна, будинок 12, квартира 3
Product Description
1.Vyroby plastic packaging for transportation and .........
HS Code 3923301000Value 577.2200113
Quantity 6000Unit UA500060
Net Weight 266
Origin Country CHINA

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