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HTS Code Product Description
  8716Trailers and semi-trailers; other vehicles, not mechanically propelled; and parts thereof:
          87161000Trailers and semi-trailers for housing or camping
          8716100030Less than 10.6 m in length
          871610007510.6 m or more in length
          8716200000Self-loading or self-unloading trailers and semi-trailers for agricultural purposes
          8716310000Other trailers and semi-trailers for the transport of goods: tanker trailers and tanker semi-trailers
          8716390020For use with the vehicles of heading 8709
          8716390030Other: for use with the vehicles of heading 8703
          8716390040Other: van type
          8716390050Platform type
          8716400000Other trailers and semi-trailers
      871680Other vehicles:
          8716801000Farm wagons and carts
          8716805010Industrial hand trucks
          8716805020Other: portable luggage carts
          87169010Parts of farm wagons and carts:
          8716901010Road wheels
          8716901020Wheel and tire assemblies
          8716903000Castors, other than those of heading 8302
          8716905010Axles and parts thereof
          8716905035Wheels: steel wheels measuring 30 to 42 cm in diameter, whether or not assembled
          8716905045Other: wheels
          8716905056Wheels with tires: wheels with tires for off-the-highway use
          8716905059Wheels with other tires

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