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HTS Code Product Description
  1209Seeds, fruits and spores of a kind used for sowing:
          1209100000Sugar beet seeds
          12092100Seeds of forage plants: alfalfa (lucerne) seeds
      120922Clover (trifolium spp.) seeds:
          1209222000White and ladino
          1209224041Red: double cut
          12092300Fescue seeds
          1209230031Creeping red: certified
          1209240000Kentucky blue grass (poa pratensis l.) seeds
          12092500Rye grass (lolium multiflorium lam., lolium perenne l.) seeds
          1209299120Bent grass (genus agrostis)
          1209299125Bermuda grass for sowing: husked
          1209299130Birdsfoot trefoil
          1209299136Bromegrass: meadow
          1209299140Orchard grass
          1209299160Sudan grass
          1209299171Wheatgrass: crested
          1209299176Wild rye
          1209299179Other grass
          12093000Seeds of herbaceous plants cultivated principally for their flowers
      120991Other: vegetable seeds:
          1209916010Sweet pepper
          1209918008Cabbage: green cabbage
          1209992000Tree and shrub

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