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HTS Code Product Description
  9305Parts and accessories of articles of headings 9301 to 9304:
      930510Of revolvers or pistols:
          93051020Of heading 9302
          9305102010Frames and receivers
          9305104000Other: of revolvers or pistols designed to fire only blank cartridges or blank ammunition
          9305106000Of muzzle-loading revolvers and pistols
      930520Of shotguns or rifles of heading 9303:
          9305200500Rifle stocks
          9305208004Shotgun barrels: of muzzle-loading shotguns
          9305208020Other parts of muzzle-loading shotguns or rifles
          9305208031Other: of shotguns, including shotgun-rifle combinations: stocks
          9305208060Of rifles
      930591Other: of military weapons of heading 9301:
          9305911000Of rifles
          9305912000Of shotguns
          9305913010Of artillery weapons of 9301.10
          9305994000Of articles of heading 9303 other than shotguns or rifles
          93059950Of articles of subheading 9304.00.20 or 9304.00.40
          9305995010Parts and accessories of paintball markers

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