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HTS Code Product Description
  6307Other made up articles, including dress patterns:
      630710Floorcloths, dishcloths, dusters and similar cleaning cloths:
          63071010Dustcloths, mop cloths and polishing cloths, of cotton
          6307101020Bar mops (measuring 46 to 57 centimeters in length and 38 to43 centimeters in width) of terry fabric (369)
          6307101090Other (369)
          6307102005Shop towels dedicated for use in garages, filling stations and machine shops: of cotton (369)
          6307102015Other (863)
          6307102027Dish cloths: of cotton (369)
          6307102028Other (863)
          6307200000Lifejackets and lifebelts
          6307903010Of cotton (369)
          6307903020Other (669)
          63079040Cords and tassels
          6307904010Of cotton (369)
          6307904020Other (669)
          63079050Corset lacings, footwear lacings or similar lacings
          6307905010Of cotton (369)
          6307905020Other (669)
          63079060Surgical drapes: of fabric formed on a base of paper or covered or lined with paper
          6307906010Perineal towels
          6307906800Other: spunlaced or bonded fiber fabric disposable surgical drapes of man-made fibers
          6307907500Toys for pets, of textile materials
          6307908500Wall banners, of man-made fibers
          63079089Other: surgical towels; cotton towels of pile or tufted construction; pillow shells, of cotton; shells for quilts, eiderdowns, comforters and similar articles of cotton
          6307908910Surgical towels (369)
          6307908940Cotton towels of pile or tufted construction (363)
          6307908945Pillow shells, of cotton (369)
          6307908950Shells for quilts, eiderdowns, comforters and similar articles of cotton: sleeping bag shells
          6307908985Other: containing 85 percent or more by weight of cotton
          6307908995Other (362)
          6307909825National flags: of the united states
          6307909835Of other nations
          6307909882Other: other towels of cotton (369)
          6307909884Other towels of man-made fibers (666)
          6307909885Furniture movers' pads of cotton
          6307909887Furniture movers' pads of man-made fibers

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