Search US HS Code List of Gelatin (including Gelatin In Rectangular (including Square) Sheets, Whether Or Not Surfaceworked Or Colored) And Gelatin Derivatives; Isinglass; Other Glues Of Animal Origin, Excluding Casein Glues Of Heading 3501:

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HTS Code Product Description
  3503Gelatin (including gelatin in rectangular (including square) sheets, whether or not surfaceworked or colored) and gelatin derivatives; isinglass; other glues of animal origin, excluding casein glues of heading 3501:
          3503001000Fish glue
          3503002000Inedible gelatin and animal glue: valued under 88 cents per kg
          3503004000Valued 88 cents or more per kg
          3503005510Edible gelatin
          3503005520Photographic gelatin

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