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HTS Code Product Description
  8532Electrical capacitors, fixed, variable or adjustable (pre-set); parts thereof:
          8532100000Fixed capacitors designed for use in 50/60 hz circuits and having a reactive power handling capacity of not less than 0.5 kvar (power capacitors)
          85322100Other fixed capacitors: tantalum
          8532210020Metal case
          8532210040Other: dipped
          8532210050Designed for surface mounting (smd) by contact
          85322200Aluminum electrolytic
          8532220020Not exceeding 18 mm in diameter
          8532220040Exceeding 18 mm but not exceeding 35 mm in diameter
          8532220055Exceeding 35 mm but not exceeding 51 mm in diameter
          8532220085Exceeding 51 mm in diameter
          85322300Ceramic dielectric, single layer
          8532230040Other: axial leads
          8532230060Radial leads
          85322400Ceramic dielectric, multilayer
          8532240040Other: axial leads
          8532240060Radial leads
          85322500Dielectric of paper or plastics
          8532250010Alternating current (ac) service: less than 300 v
          8532250020300 v or greater, but less than 600 v
          8532250030600 v or greater, but less than 1,000 v
          85322500401,000 v or greater
          8532250045Other: leadless: designed for surface mounting (smd) by contact
          8532250060Axial leads
          8532250070Radial leads
          8532290020Mica dielectric
          85323000Variable or adjustable (pre-set) capacitors
          8532300010Mica, ceramic or glass dielectric

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