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HTS Code Product Description
  8516Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus; electrothermic hairdressing apparatus (for example, hair dryers, hair curlers, curling tong heaters) and hand dryers; elect
          85161000Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters
          8516100040Storage water heaters
          8516100080Other water heaters and immersion heaters
          8516210000Electric space heating apparatus and electric soil heating apparatus: storage heating radiators
          8516290030Portable space heaters: fan-forced
          8516310000Electrothermic hairdressing or hand-drying apparatus: hair dryers
          85163200Other hairdressing apparatus
          8516330000Hand-drying apparatus
      851640Electric flatirons:
          8516402000Travel type
          85165000Microwave ovens
          8516500030Having a capacity not exceeding 22.5 liters
          8516500060Having a capacity exceeding 22.5 liters but not exceeding 31.0 liters
          8516500090Having a capacity exceeding 31.0 liters
      851660Other ovens; cooking stoves, ranges, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters:
          85166040Cooking stoves, ranges and ovens
          8516604060Microwave oven combinations
          8516604070Other: portable
          8516604074Other: of a maximum width not exceeding 70 centimeters
          8516604078Of a maximum width exceeding 70 centimeters: containing a gas fueled cooktop
          8516604082Containing a radiant heated cooktop
          85167100Other electrothermic appliances: coffee or tea makers
          8516710020Coffee makers: automatic drip and pump type
      851680Electric heating resistors:
          8516804000Assembled only with simple insulated former and electrical connections, used for anti-icing or deicing
          8516900500Of heaters or heating apparatus of subheading 8516.10, 8516.21 or 8516.29
          8516901500Housings for the hand-drying apparatus of subheading 8516.33
          8516902500Housings and steel bases for the electric flatirons of subheading 8516.40
          8516903500Parts for the microwave ovens of subheading 8516.50: assemblies, incorporating more than one of the following: cooking chamber; structural supporting chassis; door; outer case
          8516904500Printed circuit assemblies
          8516905500Parts for the cooking stoves, ranges and ovens of subheading 8516.60.40: cooking chambers, whether or not assembled
          8516906500Top surface panels with or without heating elements or controls
          8516907500Door assemblies, incorporating more than one of the following: inner panel; outer panel; window; insulation
          8516908010Shelving and racks for cooking stoves and ranges
          8516908500Housings for toasters

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